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The Tale of Naton



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June 11, 2014

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book Two: Light

Chapter Three: Going Undercover

Previously on Naton

After crashlanding in Republic City, and Ben Hai meet with President Raiko. They prepare to investigate the city for bending spies. Meanwhile, Naton meets Tenzin, Korra's former master. He gives Naton Korra's armband, saying Korra might tell him something. Naton begins to doubt he can defeat the Dark Lord.

Chapter Three- Going Undercover

"Good morning Republic City! President Raiko has met with the Ben Hai again. They say they will ally with rebels from the Fire Nation. Also Chief Han Beifong says there are spies in Republic City. Mr. Beifong, what do you mean by spies?"

"The Ben Hai told us that there are some benders who work for the dark nation. There are probably some spies in Republic City, waiting to attack."

"How do you think you'll be able to find these spies?"

"We don't know. But we'll try as hard as we can."

Beeno crept over to Naton's side of the bed, and grinned. "Wake up, Avatar!" He leaped up and landed on him. "Wake up time! No more sleeping! It's time to explore the city!"

"Ow! Beeno, watch it! My leg's not completely healed yet!" Naton cried, and fell onto the floor.

"Heh heh. Sorry." Beeno helped Naton up. "Come on. Republic City's the best place in the world!"

Naton pulled his hand away. "No way. We can't be distracted right now. Especially you."

"What? Come on. Just today. Please?" Beeno begged.

"No, Beeno," Onza said. "We may be recovering still, but we have no time to explore. The police will soon issue the investigation, and we have to help them."

Beeno groaned. "But that won't happen until next week. Besides, I haven't seen my parents in years. Please? Pretty pretty please?"

Onza raised an eyebrow. "Don't give me that look."


"Fine," Onza sighed. "But don't get into any trouble."

"Great! Thanks, master! You're coming too, Naton!"

Beeno and Naton ran out the door and down the staircase.

"They'll probably get into trouble," Gardie commented.

"When I was a pro-bender, I had my own fan club. They called themselves, 'Beenoers'," he bragged as they drove down the busy streets. "Did I tell you that the President once recognized us as 'the best pro-bending team ever!'?"

A few citizens looked at them. "Look! It's the Avatar!" They began to cheer. "Avatar! Avatar! Avatar!"

Beeno stood up. "Hey! He's doing Avatar business! Get outta the way!" Naton pushed him aside.

"It's okay, Beeno." Naton turned to the citizens. "Hello, citizens of Republic City. I am Avatar Naton. I know I'm a bit late, but I promise you, I'll make it up for you guys. I'll stop this war as soon as I can." The crowd cheered. A reporter approached him with a camera.

"How are you going to defeat the Dark Lord? Are you going to take his bending away like Aang?"

"Or are you going to use spiritual power stuff like Korra?"

"Do you have any ancient technique you will use against Eljero?"

"Will lightbending do anything to him?"

"Do you know where the Dark Lord lives?"

Naton frowned. "Sorry. I don't know how to beat him. "I don't know where he is, or who he is. All I know is that he's a ruthless, evil ruler who has to go down!" The people cheered and threw off their hats. Beeno drove past the crowd and continued driving towards downtown.

"That was nice, Naton. I got some of the feels, too," Beeno said.

Naton sat down. "Yeah."

They stopped in front of an apartment building. There were police tape all around, and part of the building was burned and destroyed. "Your parents live here?" Naton asked.

"Oh no." Beeno slipped past the police tape and ran into the building. Naton followed after him.

A pair of police guards stopped them. "Hey! No commoners allowed! This is a closed crime scene!"

"I'm the Avatar, and this is Beeno, a member of the Ben Hai," Naton said.

"What happened here? What happened to my parents?" Beeno asked.

Han Beifong stepped into the hall. "There was a burglary a few days ago. We rushed over as soon as we could, but when we got there, they were gone."

"Who?" Naton asked.

"The criminals. They disappeared," a policeman replied.

"What about my parents?"

"I think the criminals took them away."

"I'm sorry. We've tried to find traces of them, but they covered it up pretty well," Han answered.

"Let us investigate The Ben Hai will help Republic CIty as much as we can," Naton said.

Han led them into Beeno's parents' apartment room. The door was blasted open, and the furniture was a mess. There were black marks all around the room. "Probably darkbenders," Beeno said.

"Or firebenders," an officer added.

"Not firebenders. These aren't burn marks," Naton said, and touched the marks.

"We suspected it was darkbenders, but that's not very helpful," Han said.

Naton walked over and ran his hand over a bookshelf. He sensed something. "I think there's something behind here!" He stepped back, and earthbended the shelf. It was pushed to the side, and a giant hole opened up underneath.

"Nice catch," Beeno said. As he stepped in, Han pulled him out.

"Whoa, watch it. You don't think the two of you can catch those criminals on your own, right?"

"Hey, calm down. We have the Avatar."

"Still, we don't know who these guys are. Get the rest of your Ben Hai. We'll keep watch."

'Thanks, chief."

"I understand you are worried about your parents, Beeno, but we can't get off track," Onza said.

"I'm not getting off track! They could be darkbenders, or even better, they could be those spies we're looking for!" Beeno protested. "I'm helping!"

"He does have a point," Gardie said.

"Can we help, Onza?" Aeron asked.

"No. We still have to do business with Raiko. I will stay here," Onza said.

"Count me in, guys!" Karrie said.

"Me, too!" Aeron added.

Naton turned to Gardie. "Are you going to stay with Onza?"

"Yes. It is my job to keep order in Republic City," Gardie said.

"Thanks guys. We won't be gone for long, Onza!" Beeno cheered.

They all rushed out the door. "They're still kids, Onza," Gardie said.

"Kids? They're over 20. They should be young adults," Onza replied.

The Ben Hai gathered at the crime scene. "You guys will go down there and investigate. Be careful. It could be a trap," Han said.

"Will you come with us?" Naton asked.

"Yeah. I'm the chief of police. I should," Han answered. "I'll issue a message to Captain Meelo. He'll understand."

"Well then. Let's do this!" Beeno jumped into the hole, and the rest followed after him. They slid down a long chute, and they landed in a dark, smelly, liquid. "Agh! Gross! What is this stuff?"

"Sewer water. So much for hygiene," Han said. "Come on. Those criminals are around here somewhere."

"Come on, I just washed these clothes yesterday!" Karrie cried.

Naton created a small flame, and lit up the sewer hall. "Han, can you sense them?"

Han slammed his foot into the ground. He used earthbending to scan the sewer's earth. "There are people that way. Come on." They ran down to the right.

"This would've been a lot more fun if it wasn't for sewer water," Aeron groaned.

"Shhh. They're close," Han said. He pressed himself against the wall.

Naton listened carefully. He could hear voices.

"Man, Republic City looks so clean on the surface."

"I smell seaweed noodles."

"Shut up! The police could catch us any minute!"

"Ready, guys?" Naton whispered. They nodded.

Naton lifted the sewer water and subdued the criminals. Beeno trapped them in earth, and Aeron knocked them out with a blast of air. They rushed forward and confronted them.

"Darkbenders," Beeno said. The darkbenders struggled, and then gasped.

"We're dead."

Han grabbed one of them by the collar. "All right. Spit it out. Did you guys break into the apartment building a few days ago?"

"What apartment building? I don't know!"

Beeno bended the earth, and began to crush the darkbender. "Say it. You know you kidnapped my parents? Where are they?"

"I don't know-"

"Where are they?!?!"

"Stop it," Han said. "He's telling the truth."

Naton approached the darkbender. "When did you guys get here?"

"We got here yesterday!"

"Huh. Have you done any crimes yet?"

"Nope. Just wanderin' the sewers."

"How did you guys get into Republic City? Through the sewers?" Han asked.



"There's a manhole near the port. We snuck in."

"Show us."

The darkbenders led the Ben Hai around the sewer halls. They showed them a ladder, and they climbed up and busted the lid off. The nighttime sky filled their view. "A secret passage," Aeron said.

They climbed out, and hid in an alleyway. The darkbenders fell to their knees. "Please down report us, Chief Beifong. We haven't even hurt anyone." Han looked at Naton.

"Keep them here," Naton said.

"Shhh. People are coming," Karrie hissed.

Two figures stepped onto the harbor. "It's so funny. We haven't been caught yet."

"Don't jinx it. The Avatar's in Republic City."

"So? He's probably got a broken back."

"Did you not hear? The police know there are spies. We have to be careful."

"Come on, Bai. Let's have some fun while it lasts. I know a bar near here."

"A bar? It's dangerous."

"A villain's bar."

"Oh. In that case, count me in."

The figures walked towards the city.

"It's Shin and Bai," Naton whispered. "We should follow them."

"What about these darkbenders?" Beeno asked.

"I have an idea," Naton replied.

The Ben Hai and the darkbenders switched clothes. Han trapped them in a tent of earth. "I'll keep watch. You guys follow those crooks," the police chief said.

They closely followed Shin and Bai towards the bar. "These darkbending clothes are itchier than a gorilla-dillo," Karrie complained.

"Shhh. Act like real darkbenders," Naton said.

Beeno grinned. "Along with a pro-bender, I'm also a credited actor."

"Oh, tell us how our first mover was a critical success," Aeron said sarcastically.

Beeno punched Aeron in the arm. "So, how was the robbery last night?"

"We didn't rob anything!"

Beeno punched him again. "Just pretend."

Aeron cleared his throat. "Yeah, it was sweet. The people were like, 'Oh, please, don't steal our stuff!'. Then, we took all of their stuff!"

"Oh yeah? Me and my dudes raided an entire village!" Karrie chimed in.

"Hey, look! It's the bar!" Naton called. They approached the club. Shin knocked on the door. The slit opened.

"Vat is ze passwurd?"


"Good. Welcome, Shin."

The door opened, and Shin and Bai entered the bar. Beeno knocked on the door.

"Vat is ze passwurd?"


"Good. Welcome, darkbenders. Your table is reserved."

Beeno smiled. "Thank you." He pushed his way to the table. All around, crooks, robbers, and triad members drank beer and wine. Ragtime music played in the background. They sat down and drank some water.

"So this is how they live," Naton said.

"I'd like a small beer, thank you!" Beeno called out.

Aeron poked Beeno in the shoulder. "Let's not attract too much attention."

"Too late," Karrie said. "It's Shin and Bai."

The two benders sat down next to Beeno. "Hey, darkbenders. Did you hear about Kaaju, that dark spirit?"

Beeno cleared his throat. "Yeah. I heard the Ben Hai crashed into the bay."

Shin laughed. "Tell me something I don't know. Tell me, how did you get into Republic City?"

"We went through the sewers," Naton said.

Bai sniffed the air. "Yup. It's smelly, but that's a great plan. We should try it, Shin."

"I'm fine. Come one, let's get drunk! One more drink, please!" Shin yelled.

"I think we're okay. We have a big day of criminal stuff tomorrow," Aeron said.

"Tomorrow. How about today?" Shin grinned. He held up a beer mug. "For the Dark Lord!"

As Shin and Bai chugged down the beer, Naton leaned over the Beeno. "Should we ask?"

"Yeah." Beeno tapped Shin on the shoulder. "Excuse me. Do you know anything about the break in a few days ago?"

"Break in? Nu-uh."

"You know. Apartment building. Mr. and Mrs. Rokkai?"

Bai lifted his head. "Oh yeaeeaaahhh. We did that. We kidnapped them. Ha ha ha!"

"Uhhh... just curious. Where did you take them?" Naton asked.

"To the SEA base. It's the benders who work for the dark nations' base. It's under the President's building," Shin said, drool spilling out of his mouth.

"Under the President's building? The spies are right under our nose!" Naton whispered to Beeno.

Beeno nodded. 'Thanks, fellow, villain. We'll see you again!" The Ben Hai stood up and walked towards the door.

"Whoa whoa. Wait!" Shin hobbled over to them. "The Dark Lord said he'd send darkbenders to Republic City when it was time to attack. Where are the other dudes?"

"They're coming. We gotta go."

"But what about the attack? We gotta take over Republic City as soon as possible!"

"Sorry. Busy darkbender stuff."

The Ben Hai rushed out of the bar and headed for the port. Shin and Bai followed close behind them. "Those guy are getting annoying," Beeno growled.

"Agreed," Naton said. He spun around, and trapped Shin and Bai in walls of earth.

"Hey! What the-?" Shin jumped over the walls and flung boulders at the Ben Hai.

"You guys aren't darkbenders!" Bai created a water whip and attacked them.

Aeron shot an air blast at the two. "Come on, call the police!" Karrie rushed over to the alleyway.

Naton ducked under and froze Shin's feet. Shin gasped.

"He's the Avatar!"

"Get him!" Bai lifted his hands, and several streams of water hit Beeno in the chest. Then, metal cords lashed out and restrained Shin and Bai. "Hey!"

Han Beifong pulled his arms back, and the two criminals were flung into a truck. "Thanks, guys. We'll interrogate them tomorrow."

"No problem," Beeno grinned.

Naton walked over to Han. "We found out something. There's a base underneath the President's building. It's where all of the bending spies are."

"Under the building? How?"

"No idea. But we should do something about it."


After Shin and Bai were put behind bars, Onza and Gardie gathered the Ben Hai at the police station. "You caught them? How?"

Beeno smiled. "It's a pretty cool story, Onza. It all started-"

"Not right now. Onza, there's something going on in Republic City. Dark benders are supposed to attack the city in a few days, and there are a lot more bending spies then we thought. They're right under President's nose."

"That's not good. We must tell the President immediately."

Han Beifong quickly drove the Ben Hai over to the President's building. They rushed down the hall. "Mr. President! We have something to tell you!" As they opened to the doors to the President's office, Naton's eyes widened.

In place of the President, a bald man with tattoos sat behind his desk. "Hello, Ben Hai. The President cannot see you right now. How may I help you?"


Writer- GretriXcape

Illustrator- GretriXcape

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