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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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October 29, 2012

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Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village

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Chapter 16: The Airbending Master


Rong Yan finally reaches the Southern Air Temple, and has an audience with the Southern Council of Elders.

Chapter 15: The Council

Book 1: Air

Chapter 15: The Council

The autumn morning lit sky, was light blue like every morning would have been like. The sun, though not as hot as it was during summer, it still had withstanding heat, around a possibility of 77 degrees.

Appa soaring

Jippo flying.

Birds flying along Jippo the flying bison, in the distant there was a shadow in the shape of a large tower, covered by dense fog. Yong Ten snaps on the reins of his bison, steering it towards the shadow like structure, Rong Yan asleep in Jippo's saddle, resting his head on the bundle of sleeping bags.

"We're home, Jippo...we're home." Yong Ten said, as he ran his fingers through Jippo's fur, and lightly padded Jippo's head. The bison made a grunt as they came closer to the structure.

Rong Yan had just awakened from his nap, he then looks off to the sides and he sees people flying in the sky, turning his head to look up ahead he sees a large temple, with two smaller ones on both sides, connecting them to the larger one by the use of bridges.

On the stone-floor he sees men in red, brown, yellow, and/or orange vests, trousers, boots, or robes. Jippo lands on a landing spot where most sky bison land on.

Southern Air Temple courtyard

Monks were walking about on the temple grounds.

Getting off the saddle, he slides down Jippo and falls on his rear, Rong Yan rubs his rear and slowly turns his head. There in front of Rong Yan, stood two boys with no hair, wearing orange vests, yellow under shirts, yellow trousers, and brown boots.

One of them bows to Rong Yan and asks, "What brings a Fire Nation citizen to our air temple?"

Yong Ten coming from around the back of Jippo replies, "Not just any Fire Nation citizen..this is the Avatar!"

Both boys eye each other, then back to the firebender, they both rub their eyes, point at him, then faint. Rong Yan chuckles to the young monks reactions, and walks towards Yong Ten.

"Come Rong Yan, you should meet some of the monks here. Maybe you can make friends here." Yong Ten said, putting his left arm on Rong Yan's back leading him towards the courtyard.

There was an Air Nomad sitting down on a small bench eating some rice, he was bald like the others, had no arrow tattoos so he wasn't a master, he wore yellow trousers, brown boots, and a red sash running across his torso.

Calmly, eating he looked up as he saw Monk Yong Ten, and a stranger with a red hat and a red outfit. Setting his small rice bowl aside, the monk stands to his feet and bows to his elder, Yong Ten does the same in return to the young airbender.

"Monk Yong Ten, it is so great to see you!" Senge said excitedly, giving a hug to Yong Ten. Senge looks over at Rong Yan curiously.

"Who's this?" Senge asked.

"Senge, this is Avatar Rong Yan." Yong Ten replied, Senge got to his knees and bowed to Rong Yan.

Air Nomad boy

Monk Senge.

"It is truly an honor to be in your presence, Avatar." Senge said.

Yong Ten looks down at Senge then says, "Well I was wondering if you'd like to show Rong Yan around, Senge."

Senge looks up at Yong Ten, then goes back onto his feet and wipes the dirt off of his trousers, and signals Rong Yan to follow him. Rong Yan follows Senge, because obviously Senge knows where he's going. They both stop, as Senge then says, "Forgot to mention, this is the courtyard." Rong Yan replies to Senge with a nod.

Continuing to walk they enter a hallway, and out onto another courtyard, where there is large racks holding staves. Farther out there is a spot where there are several wooden poles and two larger poles holding goals shaped like squares.

"This here, is the Gliding Training area, and out there on that small mountain is where we play airball." Senge said pointing at the airball court.

Airball court

The airball court, that Senge had pointed out to.

Walking to the other side of the eastern courtyard of the air temple, they saw three or four Air Nomads on their sky bison carrying large wooden sticks, while flying in the air. Pointing at the Air Nomads playing the game Senge says, "Way over there is where the sky bison sleep, and in the sky over there is where we play bison polo."

"You Air Nomads, sure know how to have fun.." Rong Yan said.

Senge looks at Rong Yan and replies, "Of course we do, we believe in non-violence, peace, and freedom. That is what makes us Air Nomads."

They walk back into the hallway, and this time up a set of stairs, as Rong Yan and Senge reach the top of the second floor, they see a taller, but chubby looking monk.

Like Senge he was also wearing yellow trousers, brown boots, and a red sash running through his torso, and he did not wear tattoos either. Senge walks up to the tall, chubby airbender and brings Rong Yan along with him.

"Rong Yan, this is my good friend Jampo. Kind-hearted and gentle Air Nomad, his appearance makes him look intimidating but he's not." Senge said.

Rong Yan stretches his hand out to shake Jampo's hand, but Jampo just picks him up and bear hugs Rong Yan. "Its nice to meet you, Rong Yan." Jampo shouted.

Squeezing Rong Yan, Rong Yan begins to muffle a scream, "!!"

"Jampo!" Senge shouted.

"Stop!" Senge shouted once more.

Jampo, lets go of Rong Yan, who falls down to the floor coughing and gasping for air. "Sorry.." Jampo quietly apologized.

Yong Ten walks up the stairs, carrying Air Nomad clothing, though Rong Yan's was different from Jampo and Senge, it was similar to the style that the two boys were wearing when Rong Yan had first arrived to the temple two hours ago. Handing them to Rong Yan, Yong Ten says, "Here put these on."

Rong Yan, takes the cotton clothing off Yong Ten's old wrinkled hands and walks into his new room and begins to change. In a matter of seconds he comes out of the room with his new clothing and his red hat. With a large smile on his face, he slides out and says, "Viola!"

Senge walks up to Rong Yan, and takes off the red hat off his head and places it inside the room on top of a cabinet. Rong Yan at the same time touches the top of his head several times noticing his hat is gone.

Looking over at Senge with a sad look on his face, Senge points his finger at Rong Yan then quietly says, "Sorry Rong Yan, no hats. It just wouldn't look good on you while wearing our society's clothing."

Frowning, and slouching Rong Yan replies, "Oh."

"Come Rong Yan, the Council of Elders are awaiting for your audience." Yong Ten said.

Monk Gyatso

Yong Ten telling Rong Yan about the preparation of the Council of Elders.

With that Rong Yan still slouching followed Yong Ten towards the sacred room of the Council of Elders on the other side of the Southern Air Temple. Walking their way to the room, a bunch of monks and children are greeting Monk Yong Ten as they go on to their chores or errands.

Apparently, Yong Ten is a popular monk at the Southern Air Temple, and loved by all. Finally, reaching their destination they arrive and in the front of them is a large stone wall, that has a stone arc. Covering the inside of the arc is an orange curtain, Yong Ten opens the curtain and Rong Yan walks in.

Inside, Rong Yan sees five elder Air Nomads sitting upon wooden boxes, in a meditative pose. The one in the middle has an umbrella giving him shade, so that the shining sun does not bother him.

Each man there looked really old, the head monk, the one to his right and left, but the last ones to the right and left looked pretty young for their governmental positions.

"Welcome, almighty bender of four," said the elderly man to the left of the one in the middle.

Air Nomads

The Southern Council of Elders.

He was old, wore a long white mustache, a short white goatee, a wooden necklace with the bending symbol of the Air Nomads, he wore a yellow vest, an orange cape, an orange belt, yellow trousers, and brown boots. Not to forget the mark of a master, the Air Nomads traditional tattoos. While sitting down, he also carried a book on his hand, looking up at the Fire Nation Avatar, he set the book down.

Shang xi

Shang Xi welcome Rong Yan.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep within the Earth Kingdom, citizens are running, screaming is heard, the smell of sulfur and death had began to make the Earth Kingdom town stink of it.

Children hiding in small crevices, hugging and holding each other close, crying and burying each other's faces in their siblings clothing. There on the wall was a shadow of a man fighting with his fists, fighting off and protecting his family.

The man he was fighting off had thrust his blade forward, the family man cried in pain, then his cry of pain fell silent. The bladesman kicked the body of the family man off his sword and continued to walk on to find more victims. Laughing.

Jet's village burns

Villagers running away from the burning village.

People in dank, and soaked greenish clothing running in all directions, some being killed by arrows, as the projectiles lodge into their flesh and killed them. Some of the men in blue through blueish, and/or purple ranging clothing, have dark red stains on their vests, some carrying blades with blood still dripping from them.

Boulders are flying in all directions as well as water, walls of earth rising, walls of ice are forming, men in blue and men in green are falling. They're now mourned by their loved ones, they're known as the fallen. The men of green are few, and the men in blue are advancing. Palartok, hears the cries of a baby in the distance.

There lying on the ground he sees a sheet of green covering, and wrapped around what seems to be a new born child. Next to the new born is a woman in a light green dress, with an arrow lodged in her chest. She just laid there, perfectly still, not moving a muscle, or breathing.

Palartok bends over beside the woman, and with two fingers he closes her opened eyes. He walks over to the baby, who is wrapped around in a green sheet, picking it up the baby is still continuing to cry.

Senlin arrives, and sees Palartok with an Earth Kingdom baby in his arms. Palartok turns around and looks at Senlin shocked at his arrival. Then in a quiet tone says, "General.."

"Admiral." Senlin replies.

"I found a newborn child. What should we do with it?" Palartok asked.

Thinking for a few seconds Senlin replies, "Let's take it with us. We'll leave the child in the next town. I will....I will leave it at a doorstep of home..that is the least I can do..then we move on.."

"As you wish, General." Palartok nodded walking away with the baby.

Bending pillars out of the ground, he launches himself into the air and jumps a couple of feet and lands back onto the ground causing a small earthquake. He eyes a large wooden house on one end of the town, and sinks into the earth.

Inside the home there was man, in a golden vest and trousers wearing black shoes. He ran with his daughter who was clutching onto a small Earth Kingdom doll. The man picked up his daughter and hid her inside a large closet. "Whatever you do, sweetheart do not get out of the closet until I tell you to okay?" the mayor said.

Lao Beifong

The mayor of the burning village.

His daughter nodded and replied, "Yes, daddy."

"Good girl, I'll be back soon, okay sweetheart?" the mayor said to his daughter.

"Yes daddy." the little girl replied.

"I love you, sweetheart." the mayor says.

Closing the door to the large closet, the little girl sat there in the dark of the secluded area, looking through the keyhole she could see her father putting on his kimono on and unsheathing his blade.

The man began to practice with his sword, all of a sudden the floor boards break and out comes General Senlin. Grabbing the mayor's left arm he twisted it behind the mayor's back and broke it at the elbow. The mayor shouts in pain, Senlin grabs the blade, and from behind Senlin backstabs the mayor.

Letting go of the slain mayor the sword falls along with the dead man onto the bloodied wooden floor. The little girl wanted to scream but she knew that if she did scream, that the muscular bad man would find her and slay her. The little girl stayed strong, she took deep breaths, and tried to ignore what she had just seen.

General Senlin, stays in one spot, standing still, waiting. Listening. Stomping his right foot to the wooden floorboards, everything goes black, and a muscular figure is seen. A few feet from the large figure, a small figure is shown, and white circles like seismic waves are shown as well.

Toph's seismic sense

The little girl in the closet. As seen by General Senlin's seismic sense.

General Senlin then grins, circle his left arm quickly, as a row of spikes form out of the bare earth where he had emerged from, a large spike forms and breaks through the wooden door, and small cry is heard.

After that sound, nothing is heard. The house was dead silent, with that Senlin jumps through the hole, and emerges from the home, cackling maniacally and walking on.

Several men in bluish colored clothing begin to find survivors and bend the puddles of water that are still on the stoned floors of the streets of the once peaceful village. Some puddles were stained red, but the waterbenders decided to bend the water anyways.

A man in green clothing was seen, a large muscular waterbender bending the water from nearby puddles turning the water into a small sphere the size of any man's head. Wrapping it around the Earth Kingdom man's head, there he held the water sphere, several seconds had passed by and he drops the water from the man's head.

The man falls to his knees, then face plants to the ground, the waterbender bends over on the freshly drowned man and loots his belongings and carries on. There just a few feet from the waterbender stood Admiral Palartok with the baby in his arms, the child still crying its eyes out.

An Earth Kingdom man, was running with a small brown courier satchel carrying various important scrolls. In the short distant a Water Tribe rebel was chasing the poor courier.

Ba Sing Se student

The courier that General Senlin and Admiral Palartok found.

The courier trips and falls to the ground, picking up his glasses that had fallen off when he hit the floor. The warrior raises his club, about to slay the courier, then Senlin walks over and stops the warrior before his action was committed.

"Stop!" Senlin shouted at the warrior.

The warrior put down his weapon, and places it on the side of his waist. The courier looks up at Senlin, still frightened, fear had consumed the man's soul as he looks at the general's face.

"You, you're a courier yes?" Senlin asked.

The frightened courier looks at Senlin, and makes a slight nod.

"Fantastic! You will travel to the Southern Air Temple for me. Find the Avatar and tell him that General Senlin is on the search for him. If you do so, you're free to go! Simple as that!" General Senlin said, chuckling.

With that the courier turned over and shakily collected his things and placed them back in his satchel and ran to the south towards the air temple.

Meanwhile back at the Southern Air Temple:

The Air Nomad in the middle began to speak, this man looked ancient he was the oldest of the five and wisest at that.

"Hello, Avatar Rong Yan, I am High Monk Geetsan. Head Monk of the Southern Air Temple's Council of Elders and a spiritual mentor." Geetsan said.

High Monk Geetsan

High Monk Geetsan.

The last one on the left stands up to introduce himself to the Avatar. "I am High Monk Shaohao, the historical high monk of our society." Shaohao introduced.

The last one on the right stands up to introduce himself to the Avatar. "I am High Monk Li Shen, the sociable high monk of our society." Li Shen introduced.

The one to the left of the head monk stands up to introduce himself to the Avatar. "I am High Monk Ji, the geographical high monk of our geography and that of the world." Ji introduced.

The one to the right of the head monk stands up to introduce himself to the Avatar. "I am High Monk Shang Xi, the literal high monk of our society." Shang Xi introduced.

All of them then altogether said, "Welcome to our Southern Air Temple, Avatar Rong Yan."

They all sat down on their seats and all stared at Rong Yan, who sat down. Yong Ten walked out and waited outside.

Shaohao looks at Rong Yan and then begins to speak, "An old enemy of yours, has escaped prison. You may not remember him but his name is General Senlin. He was part of the Council of Five, and the Earth Kingdom army along with a past life of yours. General Senlin, is on a personal vendetta on the Avatar for imprisoning him for life in prison."

Old Earth Kingdom general

Flashback, of Avatar Ku Tei.

High Monk Geetsan then lifts his finger and speaks, "Monk Yong Ten, will be your airbending teacher, but you will have other teachers who will teach you other techniques as well."

"You will be taught in all thirty seven levels of airbending, but you must pass all the tests. If you fail you will repeat the same levels again until you complete that test." High Monk Geetsan said.

"When needed you can go to sanctuary and speak with a past life through meditation, if you need assistance on anything that is, or just need wisdom it'll be available to you." Geetsan said.

All five of the high monks, stand up and bow to Rong Yan, he as well stands up and bows back to the Council of Elders. Rong Yan walks out through the curtains and looks at Yong Ten who then asks, "How'd it go?"

"It was good, though I kind of already knew the first part. But the rest I will be prepared for." Rong Yan replied.

"Good, tomorrow we begin your airbending training." Yong Ten said.

Rong Yan, opens the door to his dorm room, and sees that Jampo and Senge are already sleeping. Rong Yan slips into his covers of the empty bed and closes his eyes.

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