Sounds of Deception
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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December 6, 2013

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Chapter 14: The Hermit

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Giman trains Rong Yan in Soundbending.

Chapter 15: Sounds of Deception

Book 2: Water

Chapter 15: Sounds of Deception

It was early in the morning when Unaraq was preparing for a day in the town, and Tanaraq was dressing outside of the shack just a few feet away behind some bushes. Tanaraq had already finished when she had approached her brother, and spoke, "I'm ready, brother."

"Yeah me too, I just grabbed some Earth Kingdom money from our coin packs before heading out. Also left a note for Rong Yan and Aloi to let them know of our absence." Unaraq said.

The sun was rising from one side of the land, slowly but it was not as warm as yesterday, it was getting even colder since the winter had hit almost a month ago. Every day, it would get a little colder some days would get much colder when a storm hit or when it rained but most of those days the gang was sheltered in a nearby inn.

Giman, awakens first preparing a meal for Aloi and Rong Yan, he stumbles upon the letter and begins to read it. Setting it back down on the table he awakens Aloi and Rong Yan for breakfast. Coming in from outside with some fruit freshly picked from the garden and slices of bread, he placed the plates down the table next to the letter.

Tapping both of his guests on the shoulders, they wake from their slumber, and yawn. Walking over to the table where they smell the strong scent of freshly baked bread and sliced fruit. Rong Yan, walks over to the table and sits down, Aloi right behind him.

"Rong Yan, there's a letter right there next to you, its from Unaraq and Tanaraq." Giman mentioned. "Oh thanks." Rong Yan responded.

Opening the letter he began to read the message that Unaraq had left behind, Aloi asked, "What did it say?"

"Unaraq and Tanaraq are spending the day in town, relaxing themselves from reality." Rong Yan answered.

"Well they can do that if they choose, while we are stuck with training. Its well worth it!" Aloi said.

"I agree!" Rong Yan agreed happily.

When they had finished Giman had taken their plates and put it in a small bin. There was a small creek just down the mountain path, there he washed his clothing and dishes. Giman, lead them to a large greeny area where he spends most of his days enjoying the environment there. It was large enough for at least two houses although it was empty.

Grass was underneath their feet along with other plants that were part of the terrain, small critters ran around here and there. The creek was on one side of the large piece of land, the rocks surrounding its shores were caressing the water as it flowed down into waterfall that lead to a small body of water that was a few yards away from the town of Nuo Ju.

Standing before them he began the lesson by explaining what the stealth specialization of Soundbending was useful for. He began, "The Vibrant Ones, often used deceptional side of Soundbending, for things that need to be explained or solved. If there was a crime that had occurred or even an incident, the Vibrant Ones before me used their abilities to solve these problems. Some were used by other nations as scouts, and/or spies. Some Airbenders left the temples to become something with which our society has frowned upon. Those few became assassins and used their deceptional side to mimic other people or even mute the sounds they create to make their mission much easier to complete."

"Your first lesson begins with, stealth. While stealthing you should be able to bend the sound within the air currents under your feet and around yourself to mute the sound but also you must remain undetected. Because, even though someone cannot hear you with their ears they may see you with their eyes." Giman explained.

"Although, Aloi should know this I doubt, Rong Yan knows how to do this." Giman finished.

"It is that correct?" Giman asked.

"Yes, I only learned the basics from Aloi. I can bend sound." Rong Yan answered.

"Aloi and I will, look the other way, I want you to sneak from behind the bushes and tap one of us on the shoulders. Be wary though, I will turn in any direction if I hear any soundwaves coming from your direction. If I see you, you fail and must start over. Understood?" Giman explained.

Rong Yan nodded in agreement, as he ran behind some bushes Aloi and Giman were looking at the stream and enjoying the ambiance of the surrounding environment. Rong Yan, began to sneak towards Giman, the steps he made lightly he began to bend the air away from underneath his feet, in attempt to mute the sound. He also began to bend away the air from himself although still being able to breathe it seemed like he succeeded in muting himself from the area. Only now he had to keep himself from being seen by Giman.

He snuck closer to a tree, as he accidentally stepped and broke a scattered tree branch, he winced his face, and expected to be caught by Giman, and quickly hid behind a tree. Apparently, Giman has outstanding hearing and heard the snap, he turned to look at the tree.

Rong Yan, stood there and became part of the tree if you will. Giman lost attention on the tree and turned back to enjoy the scene of the creek, Rong Yan stuck his head out to take a peek, only to see Giman was back staring at the creek.

Sneaking from behind the tree, Giman turned around but Rong Yan hid behind Giman, every time Giman turned to look in a direction. Rong Yan, was undetected by Aloi as she was not paying attention to Giman's movements, when Giman turned back to look at the creek, he felt tapping on his shoulders. And let out a hearty chuckle, turning around to the see the firebender right behind him.

"Well done, Rong Yan. Although, you may want to be more cautious where you step. I heard the tree branch snap." Giman said.

Giman added, "After these few lessons. Before your departure tomorrow I'm going to lend you two some Soundbending scrolls, keep them and use them on your travels and train. In a few months you should be able to successfully do every move on those scrolls. A letter on your progression would also be nice. I would love to hear from you two in the future."

"Your next lesson here Rong Yan, is keeping the sound of my clap in your hands. I'm going to clap and I want you bend my clapping sound before muting the sound out. This is a simple technique." Giman explained.

Giman clapped once, Rong Yan had wrapped an air ball around the sound that emitted from Giman's hands. It was a continuous clap, and started to get a little annoying, Rong Yan began to disperse the sound from out of the ball of air. The clapping sound began to get lower and lower before it was no longer heard, although he kept the air ball still spinning in his hands.

Giman then said, "Great continue to keep it there, now for your third lesson you will get to amplify this sound as you release the air ball in the sky. Just like a regular air blast, you will explode the airball and the sound will automatically sound louder."

Continuing to spin it, he used his free hand and bent a little more air, Giman only wanted a certain volume of sound. As Rong Yan, releases the sound ball, Giman quickly bent sound around them to shield their ears and themselves from the large and dangerous soundwave Rong Yan had accidentally let out. The soundball flew off a little high just above the ground before going past the trees it exploded, Giman, Aloi, and Rong Yan hadn't heard anything although they saw one of the trees fall over from it.

In Nuo Ju, Unaraq and Tanaraq, were walking towards a spa within the town, and heard a deafening sound coming from the mountains, it was so loud it startled everyone within the town. The guards had jumped and brought out their armaments.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" one of the guards yelled.

"I DON'T KNOW BUT IT SCARED ME TO DEATH!" another guard yelled.

"I think it came from the forest! Or maybe the mountains!" a citizen shouted.

Unaraq maybe knew what had came from the mountains, he looked over at Tanaraq and whispered, "The sound..."

"What about the sound?" Tanaraq asked confused.

"I think Rong Yan, Aloi, and Giman are soundbending. That's why this sound came from the mountain." Unaraq answered.

"I know what to do..." Unaraq added.

"Calm down, it must be a thunderstorm in the mountains or something." Unaraq notified one of the guards.

"Really? There's no storm clouds on the mountain, genius..." The guard was alerted with suspicion.

"It has to be that damned hermit!" an old woman yelled.

"My brother and I were just there this morning. We assure you there is no hermit. We wanted to know if the town legend was true. But we found nothing." Tanaraq shouted to the guard.

"What are you doing?!" Unaraq whispered to Tanaraq.

"Well the guard didn't believe you. I'm helping you out!" Tanaraq replied.

"Fine, but if I hear those booms again, and I see no clouds I'm taking a party of guards up there." the guard said.

Beiyin, emerged from his home, hearing the commotion outside and helped Unaraq and Tanaraq out with what was occurring. Beiyin went over to the guard and calmed him down. "He's right...thunderstorms do not need clouds to send lightning and thunder crashing on that mountain top." Beiyin said. The guard nodded, and Beiyin passed by Unaraq and winked at him.

Meanwhile, back on the mountain top Rong Yan was finishing a soundbending move. After successfully, finishing the move Giman walks forwards clapping at Rong Yan's success in the past hour. "This next lesson should be much funner. We're going to perform long distance whispers. Aloi had already stopped by that tree down over there. Now I will demonstrate, I'm going to whisper something as if I'm whispering into her ear, and with airbending I'm going to push this sound toward her direction. When it reaches her she will be able to hear my message. After that the sound will disperse and you can begin." Giman explained.

Giman cupped his hands around his mouth and whispered something, with a small gust of wind he blasted it toward Aloi, who was leaning against a tree looking over here where Giman and Rong Yan were standing. A few seconds later, the whisper had reached Aloi, right in her ear she had heard Giman's voice like if he was up close he said, "I bet this freaks out non-Soundbenders."

She chuckled, and returned a message back. When it reached Giman he decided to amplify the sound just a bit for Rong Yan to hear it as well. Aloi whispered, "I agree." followed by a giggle.

Rong Yan, was shocked and a little freaked out, "That...was AMAZING!" he shouted.

"Well you too can do this. Just give it a try." Giman replied.

Aloi ran back towards the tree, waiting for Rong Yan's attempt at the long distance whisper. Also known as the Wind's Whisper. Why was it called that? Well simply because, the wind carries sounds with it. She couldn't wait until they were able to learn Siren's Mimicry. She tried doing it before but has always failed maybe doing it this time with the wisdom of Giman she may be much more successful.

Rong Yan, had sent her a whisper, as it reached her she jumped back a bit as she heard like he had yelled in her ear. Startled she blasted an air wave towards Rong Yan, the wave of charged toward the firebender. Bending some air, he had created a shield of air, though it did stop him from flying back a few feet and getting hurt, it only knocked him to the ground.

"HEY!" Rong Yan yelled at Aloi.

"You shouted in my...EAR!" Aloi retorted.

"SORRY...!!" Rong Yan shouted in an apologetic tone.

"Yeah, you should use Wind's Whisper on me this time, Rong Yan. I'll be able to hear it if you amplify it from afar. And lower its volume before it reaches me." Giman said.

"Okay!" Rong Yan responded.

Again Rong Yan, had whispered and gently blasted the sound towards Giman's ear, although this time he succeeded because, Giman did not hear the whisper until it reached him. He walked back and gave Rong Yan a thumps up.

Meanwhile, back in Nuo Ju, in the local spa, the workers were pampering the Southern Water Tribe princess, while Unaraq was enjoying a cup of apple juice.

She was laying on a table, on her belly when a muscular and handsome masseur arrived to give her a massage. Unaraq eyed the massage therapist, and someone opened the room, a beautiful girl walked inside, and walked towards Unaraq who had his gaze on her.

She gestured him to follow her to the other room, where he laid on his stomach as well, closing his eyes he then asked, "Will you be massaging me?"

A manly voice replied, "Yes, now keep still!"

He opened his eyes and looked up to see a hairy gorilla of a woman, who was tall but thick with a nasty mole on her chin, that had two or three hairs on it. She had grown a ladystache as well. From Unaraq's room, all that was heard was struggling sounds and screams.

"Hold STILL!" the manly woman shouted.

He screamed in pain, Tanaraq could not hear a thing as she was well relaxed. After their massages they relaxed in the sauna, Unaraq placed a rock on the heater in the middle of the large room, while Tanaraq water whipped the steaming rocks. More steam was produced.

After the spa, there had been a smith shop across the street, Unaraq after glancing at the shop had walked over to the shop with Tanaraq. Unaraq had paid the smith to sharpen his whale tooth blade. As the smith had begun the process of sharpening the blade, Unaraq ran off within the shop like a spoiled child.

He had looked at all of the different weapons with curiosity, pointing at each one though Tanaraq had shaken her head in disagreement. He walked to where there was a Water Tribe dagger on display. The smith was done with Unaraq's blade, Tanaraq then asked, "Where did you get this weapon?"

She lifted it up from display feeling the fur around the handle. The smith walks towards the two and replies, "I actually made it myself, back when I lived in the Northern Water Tribe five years ago. I was hunting with a local huntsman and he taught me how to carve animal bones into weapons just like the Water Tribes have been doing so since the beginning of time."

"I'll sell it to you for ten gold pieces, if you want it?" the smith offered.

"...PLEASE?" Unaraq asked, looking at Tanaraq with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. But you owe me something," Tanaraq replied.

Unaraq squeezed his sister in a big hug. "Okay, big brother..." she replied.

She reached into the coin pouch and gave the smith ten gold coins, he wrapped it around in a blue cloth and tied it with a thick strand of string. Handing it over to Unaraq. Who kissed the weapon and caressed it in his arms like he was carrying a baby and walked out of the smith shop. The blacksmith, whispered to her, "Uhh...what's wrong with that guy?"

"He's a little weird when it comes to weapons..." Tanaraq said embarrassed.

"Ahh I see." the blacksmith replied.

Rong Yan and Aloi, were being tested so far on what they had learnt from Giman throughout the entire day. He had clapped for them, and had waved at them to stop, he placed each of his hands on one of their shoulders and said, "I am very proud of you two, I feel you will continue to impress me as you train."

"Let's go eat dinner, I bet you two are starving." Giman said.

They both nodded and Giman led them back to the shack, while eating Unaraq and Tanaraq arrived from their day out in Nuo Ju. They were stuffed with food in their bellies, and were carrying a bunch of supplies for the trip towards the Northern Water Tribe.

After Giman, Aloi, and Rong Yan had finished eating dinner, everyone headed off to bed. In the morning they were leaving Giman's home and heading to the North Pole. The next morning arrived, and everyone were packing things on the back of Shen.

Giman, began to search through his belongings and had found a small chest, opening the chest, it contained every Soundbending scroll having to do with the Stealth specialization of the sub-type of the bending art. He handed it to Rong Yan who strapped it onto Shen's back nice and tight so that it wouldn't fall off while traveling in air.

Giman, shakes Unaraq's hand when Rong Yan came to shake Giman's hand, he instead pulled the Avatar into a hug. And gave the girls' hugs as well, they got on top of Shen. Rong Yan, snapped the reins on Shen and he skyrocketed into the sky. They waved goodbye and Giman returned the favor.

They flew north.

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