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Avatar: The War of the Worlds


2: Escalation



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Chapter 14: Goodbyes, Part Two

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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly load: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end, one that threatens to consume the worlds involved.
And the question everyone asks is: Will there still be a world, a mankind to save?

Previously in Avatar: The War of the Worlds

Kiruya, Zolu and Asura say goodbye to their respective parents, only that in Zolu's and Asura's case, the goodbyes are forever. Now, the Team is headed for Earth.

Out of Hyperspace...

Mike pulled a small lever and a red light labelled "Space Travel" lit up. They left the planet beneath behind, and only took sorrow with them. The sight all around them could've been described as beautiful, but not today. This day was one not to be remembered, it was bleak, and so also seemed the future. Mike switched the lever to the previous one's right, and a light labelled "Hyperspace" lit up. Kiruya typed the coordinates he had told her before, and a mealstrom formed in the space before their spacecraft, seemingly deforming everything in sight outside the Valkyrie. Inside, a vortex of clouds and lightnings with two spirals running at its border like the DNA's double-helix, everything in shades of bright blue and white. It sucked them in and they flew through the wormhole before the vortex suddenly changed its colour to reddish shades. Beautiful, Asura thought in mental agony, if only mum and dad could see this... After a flight of (seemingly) a few hours, the vortex changed its colour again, to a colour darker, if it was possible, than black. The cracking of lightnings had ceased and nothing could be seen except the Valkyrie. The minutes passed and soon became hours, silence persisting until a huge lightning shot right through the ship and they dropped out of hyperspace. They had flown for what would have been twenty hours, so they had to be close, as the first flight to Avatara had taken the Nemesis a total of twenty hours and fifteen minutes. Mike looked around, briefly blinded by the sudden lightning strike, and took as much in as he could. One star shone brighter and bigger - or closer - than all others - Sol A, the Sun. He could barely make out a small blue dot near said star, their destination. Cursing under his breath, his companions wondered why he did so.
"Oh, why? Guess! Because Johnston's set up a blockade to keep allied forces to reach the Earth, and y'know what we are? Allied forces. I would've planned to jump directly to Earth, but now... We have to break through, because sneaking won't be possible. Dammit. I don't want to cause much trouble, so we'll speed up to the limit - which is light-speed. Well, almost. Light-speed is impossible to reach, so we'd only travel with ninety percent of its speed. Kiruya, Malu, I need you ready to turn everything off, just in case. Luo, watch out, shoot every approaching minor spacecraft down."
He looked back at his companions. Malu was sharing his confident look, as was Luo. Kiruya put up her headset and then nodded confidently, but when his gaze came to rest on Zolu and Asura, the two looked away, Asura beginning to weep and Zolu trying to comfort her. With a saddened expression, Mike turned around and pulled the small lever to the 'hyperspace' one's left. With him and Malu pulling a pair of levers between their seats, the engines roared up and a green flame shooting out behind only said one thing: trouble. The ship shot forward at almost - literally - lightning speed and soon had passed the mighty gas giants Saturn and Jupiter, but now, they had to slow down. The Inner Solar System, firmly controlled by the Aryan League.
"There's no breaking through, is there?", Malu doubted at the sight of a patrolling frigate passing near them without taking notice. It's hull bore insignia they knew all too well, swastikas, and looming over them, its guns threatened shooting at them, but Mike ignored it. Instead, he sped up the Valkyrie and readied the missiles and cannonry. Peace never had been an option, not for them at least.

...into Battle

Mike's plan of ignoring and being ignored hadn't worked, obviously. The frigate and three of its fighters were chasing the Valkyrie soundlessly, being fired at by Luo. The bullets were drawn out of the barrel almost utterly quiet, and the fact that their lives were at stake was hard to comprehend with almost no other sounds but those of the engines. Malu was doing most of the work now, while Mike was trying to block any signals the frigate sent off, or intercept it. Kiruya was helping Luo to find his silent targets, and was having her own difficulties in doing so, since the enemy made no sound, or more correct, nothing could transmit it. Luo's twin-barrelled machine gun fired bullet after bullet at the fighters, which evaded them skilfully before Malu tried to outsmart at least two of them. Knowing at least one of the three would try to get before them and another hunting them in the meantime, she turned around mid-flight and flew towards one of the fighters head-on, another one behind her, just like she wanted them. When the one before them was close enough, she fired the cannonry and then sharply turned upwards, the one behind them crashing into the remnants of the other. The third one was on its way back to the frigate when Luo finally hit something, its propulsion to be exact. It noiselessly exploded and damaged the frigate's antenna, which made it impossible to send further messages - if there hadn't been the distress-signal, they would have had a quiet ride to Earth, but just when they continued their flight, two destroyers opened fire on them. Their missiles unfortunately were homing missiles, and chased after them, Luo being the only one who could do something about it. He fired at them until a single bullet detonated the first missile, and caused the next ones to follow. However, when a squadron of enemy fighters arrived, the magazine appeared to be empty. Nervous and not knowing what to do, he asked, almost panicking, "Mike! The mag is empty! What do we do now?!"
Mike walked over to him and handed him two boxes like the ones attached to the machine gun's sides, and he changed them immediately, while Mike assumed control over the spacecraft again. The enemy squadron had reached them by now, and opened fire. Their coil guns' shells sore past them, and soon, their fighters as well, as Mike had suddenly stopped the Valkyrie and readied the missiles. Firing them followed a short pursuit followed by several minor explosions. The remaining fighters tried to get back to the three major ships, which now were chasing down the Valkyrie. To their right, a planet of reddish colour could be seen, glass bases shimmering in the sunlight. Mike decided to descend and take the fight where the three major ships couldn't manoeuvre - Valles Marineris, the greatest canyon in the whole galaxy, more than four-thousand kilometres long, two-hundred kilometres wide and seven kilometres deep. The agile Valkyrie shot through the canyon, mines dotting its edge, and three ships of the Aryan League behind her, still fully serviceable. Malu directed their ship farther down, near the bottom of the canyon, and the three ships followed. Noticing that they still were travelling with the space propulsion by the orange glow on the ship's nose, Mike pulled a little lever to labelled "Atmosphere" and the ship immediately slowed down. Both pilot and co-pilot pulling the lever between their seats, their ship sped up and together, they manoeuvred her through the canyon at high-speed. The two destroyers and one frigate followed them and soon enough, they saw their chance to blast the Team to Valhalla, and fired their cannonry and missiles. Evading them, Mike let them explode upon impact on the hard stone all around. The explosion crumbled the rock, and it collapsed, blocking the way near the ground. Taken by surprise, the three vessels' captains were not prepared for this, and simply decided to fly over the pile of rubble, taken by surprise by the oncoming Valkyrie, which fired a few missiles and hit the two destroyers into the bridge, while the frigate turned around to follow, and then got stuck in a rock formation, before Mike decided to fire another missile at the enemy, hitting, as before, the bridge. With no pursuers left, the Valkyrie left the planet Mars, heading on towards the sun. After minutes of flight, they passed the moon, half space station by now, and caused an alarm by their simple appearance. Missiles and AA-guns from all over the moon shot at them, hoping to hit something. And something they hit.


Panicking as the air streamed out through the hole a shell had cracked into the hull, Kiruya sent a stream of water there and froze it. Breathing heavily, everyone shivered as cold crept in, and Mike pressed harder and harder to get to Earth, until it came to his mind that the ice covering the hole would melt when they reached the atmosphere and they would freeze, burn or suffocate in the process. He slowed down while Luo tried to fire the machine gun at oncoming fighters, but it didn't react when he pulled the trigger.
"Won't work. The shell cut the wires and pipes in the hull, we'll freeze or suffocate, or both if we don't act fast.", their pilot stated calmly.
"You always get us into trouble! You fuck will get us killed!", Asura shouted, hauling a fireball which Malu took care of.
"Whoa, keep calm and let me do my job. Malu, turn everything off."
"Everything?", the airbender asked as she pushed buttons and turned off the weapon and shield systems, the propulsion, gravity, the communications and radar, the lights, but hesitated when the last button was labelled "Life-support".
"Everything.", Mike stated, pushing this last button, "They mustn't find us. So we'll fake our death."
Everyone stared at him baffled before he replied, "Never done this in a submarine before?"
The five nodded as they had understood what he had meant. "Now let me grab my stuff."
He walked over to a wooden crate Zolu had sat himself upon before, and opened it, revealing a huge, dusty suit. He took out a coverall and, after laying his holster including revolver and his beret aside, clothed himself in it. Its twenty millimetre-thick fabric made it stiff, and almost impossible to bend, but after half an hour of struggling, he could finally close it before taking out a pair of boots. After he had managed to connect the boots with the coverall, his legs were hermetically sealed and he proceeded with a pack of oxygen bottles and a portable electric generator, which he wore like a backpack before he took out an enormous helmet that probably could withstand shells like the one that had hit the Valkyrie, which looked like a diver's helmet from the nineteenth century, and put it on, connecting it with the oxygen bottles with a few hoses, and gesturing Malu to give him the last piece of his suit that was missing, his gloves. After struggling to put them on for a minute, he succeeded and put up his helmet's visor to talk to the others.
"I need four ten centimetre-pieces of twelve point seven millimetre pipes, one red, one blue, one gree, one yellow, all of 'em chromed. Then, I need insulation spray, two cans of it. Oh, and, of course, two hundred-square-centimetre plates of nickel-niobium super-alloy, gauge of ten centimetres. Then, I need a coil of copper wire, insulated please. And last, I need a piece of composite armour, gauge of two-hundred fifty millimetres, hundred square-centimetres of it. All of these are in the box under the turret.", Mike ordered Malu, who was flying around alike everything and -else, except Kiruya, who had bound her feet to the hull with ice, bending all the water around her to keep the hole shut. Malu handed Mike the material he had requested and thrust it into his direction, before he took it with him to the cockpit, where he instructed the others briefly, "So, Kiruya, bend all the water you can find and cover the area all around the hole with it, but keep it fluid - it needs to adapt to the surface until I've replaced the damaged inner hull with my new one here. Malu, help her and do whatever it takes to keep the air inside, we've only got 'round forty-five minutes of air left. Use it. For the others: don't do anything that wastes breathable air. And off I go!"
Asura was about to shoot another fireball at him, but slid open a door in the floor, revealing a fold-out airlock. He pushed it up and separated the cockpit from the rest of the ship, sealing it hermetically. He closed his helmet and turned on his very own life-support system, and turned the last working thing on, an air-pump, which sucked the air out of the cockpit and into the ship's rest, leaving only vacuum behind. After the air-pump had finished its work, the cockpit's glass cover popped open and let Mike out into space. Getting hold of the glass cover, he hauled himself towards the ship's tail, but stopped himself by an icicle that jutted out of the hull. He burst it off and looked at the damage the shell had done. Its crater, if it could be called like that, had the shape of an elliptic paraboloid and its surface had been molten, and so, couldn't be used for much anymore. From his backpack, he took an attached angle grinder with a brush saw and one of his plates, with the other ones still in the cockpit. Turning the angle grinder on, he marked where he had to cut the hull and did so. The brush saw cut through the metal and insulation material like through butter, and soon enough, a quadratic piece of spaceship hull with a crater in it was removed from there. Acting as quick as the weightlessness and his clumsy suit allowed him to, Mike took the plate he had taken with him and positioned it in the quadratical hole and took, as well as the angle grinder before, a welding apparatus from his backpack. The high resistance in combination with the high amperage caused the metals to melt and connect and, centimetre by centimetre, Mike sealed the interior off hermetically. After a mere five minutes, he rushed to take the pipes and one can of the so-called insulation spray, which, in fact, was a kind of foam. He rushed back to the gaping hole and quickly welded the four pipes to the built-in ones of the same colour, before he sprayed the foam all around the pipes and in the space between them and the inner hull. After that, the can was empty and he had to hurry for the next parts he needed: another plate of super-alloy, the coil of copper-wire and the other can of insulation spray. First, he took out his angle grinder and cut off several pieces of wire of the exact length of ten centimetres, and then connected them to the built-in cables by welding, which took almost as much time as for all the four pipes. When he had finished, he used the insulation foam once more before he took the final layer of inner hull, put it into place and welded once again. After he had finished, he noticed that he had used up fifteen minutes already, and rushed himself to take the final layers of hull, the armour, with a thickness of two-hundred fifty millimetres. It was composite armour made from different super-alloys, ceramics and classical steel and lead to guarantee maximum security - in which it had failed. As it was composite, it was not tightly connected, it rather were separate plates pressed together by years of storage and dust. He took the undermost of the layers, one of steel and only a mere twenty millimetres thick, and welded it into the hole, but with some distance to the last layer of inner hull, so a few centimetres of vacuum stayed between the two layers of metal and could be used as insulation. Ripping off the next layer, a plate of lead to protect against radiation, he pressed it into place and proceeded as before. Layer after layer, until it turned out that the last fifty millimetres were one single plate with slightly tapered sides. It took him five minutes to weld this plate alone before he returned to the cockpit after twenty-five minutes and closed it. He activated the air-pump again and filled the compartment with air, before opening the airlock again and searing, his helmet taken off, to his companions, who all had relieved looks on their faces, even, though only briefly, Asura and Zolu. After having swiftly gotten out of his suit and stored it in the crate he had taken it from and closed said crate before returning to his seat in the cockpit.
"Now everyone please hold on something tightly, and also hold the two crates!", he requested before turning gravity back on. The five of them crushed down on the floor alongside the crates, which now could be used as seats again. Next, he turned the life-support systems back on, before he did so with the propulsion, communications and radar, the weapon and shield systems, only the lights not working. After everyone had got back into their respective places, Mike announced, "Alright, lads! Czechia, here we come!"
"Uh, er, Mike, I think they noticed us... ", Luo stated as he caught sight of three fighters approaching.
"You weren't talking about that area where the thunderstorm rages above, were you?", Malu asked, pointing at an accumulation of dark clouds over Central Europe as they were coming closer.
"Oh yes, I was... ", Mike smiled as he sped up the Valkyrie a last time on this day.

Notes and Trivia

  • The last part of this chapter was the second of two Das Boot references in this fanon, when Mike repairs the Valkyrie, only to get to Earth, much like in said film, when the LI (leading engineer) repairs U-96 from heavies damages within only a few hours after being sunk in the strait of Gibraltar.

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