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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 16, 2013

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Chapter 13 - Crooks

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Chapter 15 - The Nightmare


Toph gets information from the crook about a secret hideout where crooks keep the stuff they steal.

It's the next day. The Gaang and kids are on Appa flying above Republic City. Aang is sitting on Appa's head and everyone else is sitting on his saddle.

Katara: So where exactly are these group of crooks?

Toph: I'm not sure, but what I do know is that if we stop by the police station, I can get the crook from yesterday to crack, or at least ask him questions to see if he's lying or not.

Appa lands just outside of the police station. Everyone gets off of Appa. Toph starts walking to the police station.

Aang: Do you need any back up?

Toph: I guess I could use some extra help, come with me, Twinkle Toes.


Toph: There's no such thing as enough with nicknames, especially Twinkle Toes. Sokka, you stay outside guard the door just in case something happens, Katara, come with us, we'll need back up near the prison bars. 

Bumi: What about us? I know we're kids, but we can help too.

Toph: Hmm...Kya, help your mother guard the prison bars. Bumi, help your uncle guard the front door. Tenzin and Lin, you can come with us.

Aang: Toph, they're the youngest ones! Are you sure?

Toph: Lin has to learn how to handle people if she's gonna be the Chief of Police someday, and Tenzin needs to learn how to fight like a true airbender in a situation.

Aang: *sigh* I guess you're right. 

Aang, Toph, Katara, Kya, Tenzin and Lin walk inside the prison and towards the cell where the crook is.

Toph: Katara and Kya, just stay right outside this area. If we need you, we'll let you know.

Katara: Be careful, Aang. 

Aang stops walking and turns around facing Katara.

Aang: I will.

Aang leans in and gives Katara a quick kiss on the cheek and walks away. As he walks away, Katara frowns and her head goes down. Aang and Toph walk into the prison cell, but Tenzin and Lin watch from outside the cell.

Toph: Where is the secret hideout of crooks?

Crook: There is no secret hideout. Crooks just steal!


The crook looks at Toph with fear in his eyes.

Crook: The hideout is in a building next to the shop I stole from I SWEAR!

Toph gives the crook a smug smile and nods at him.

Toph: See, doesn't sticking to the truth make everything better? Lets go, Aang.

Aang and Toph walk out of the cell, and Tenzin and Lin follow behind them. The four walk out of the area and meet up with Katara and Kya.

Katara: So where's the hideout?

Aang: It's next to the shop he stole from. It all makes sense now. That's how the crooks get away so fast.

Toph: We've got no time to talk about this! It's time for action!

The six all rush out of the prison. Once they exit the prison doors, they meet up with Sokka and Bumi.

Sokka: Where's the hideout?

Aang: Next to the shop he stole from!

Sokka: I knew I was right about the hideout!

Aang: We'll thank you later Sokka, we've got a criminal group to catch!

The Gaang and kids run to Appa and climb on him quickly. Before Aang has even gotten to his head he yells 'yip yip' and Appa starts to fly across the city. Sokka looks down below and sees the shop from the previous night. He points at it.

Sokka: Down there!

Appa lands and the Gaang and kids get off of Appa.

Katara: Which building did he say was the hideout?

Toph puts her head down in shame.

Toph: He didn't.

Sokka: We should split up. Aang, Lin, Kya, and I will take the building on the left. Toph, Katara, Tenzin and Bumi will take the building on the right.

Katara: Okay.

Katara runs to Aang and gives him a quick side hug.

Katara: Please be careful. We have no idea what those crooks are capable of.

Aang: You be careful too. If those horrible crooks ever got the better of you, I'd never let them hear the end of it.

Aang leans in and gives Katara a quick kiss. After the kiss, he runs towards the building on the left and waves at her.


Katara looks down; glum.

Katara: *to herself* Right back at you. 

Toph: Katara! Are you gonna stand around worrying about Twinkle Toes all day, or are you gonna help me knock some heads!?

Katara: I'm coming!

Katara runs to Toph and they run towards the other building. Back at the building on the left, Aang air slices the door open and he, Sokka, Kya and Lin enter inside.

Sokka: I will never get tired of you using the airbending slice!

Aang: No one is here.

Sokka: It's way too quiet. Someone has to be here.

Suddenly, a shopkeeper comes from downstairs in panic.

Shopkeeper: What do you think you're doing?

Aang: Who are you?

Shopkeeper: Avatar Aang? Councilman Sokka?

The shopkeeper falls to his knees and bows down.

Shopkeeper: It is an honor to have you at my little shop, I had no idea you were coming.

Sokka, not believing the shopkeeper, runs over to him, picks him up, and slams his back to the wall.

Sokka: Save your bowing down for later bub! You're a suspect until we at least find out you're innocent.

Shopkeeper: I'm just a shopkeeper. I'm surprised I haven't had anyone steal from me yet.

Kya and Lin come from downstairs.

Kya: Lin and I just checked upstairs, this isn't the hideout. 

Sokka, embarrassed, slowly puts the shopkeeper down.

Sokka: My apologizes Mr. Shopkeeper sir. I didn't mean to get all...suspicious on you.

Aang: The others! They're at the hideout! We have to help them!

Sokka: Everyone there can take on a few crooks.

Aang turns around and faces Sokka with a serious facial expression.

Aang: Are you saying you wouldn't help your own sister in this situation!? Our friend? Your nephews? They'd be expecting us by now!

Aang turns around and rushes out the shop.


Sokka runs after Aang and is followed by Kya and Lin. Inside the other building is Katara, Toph, Bumi and Tenzin. They're all exploring different parts of the shop.

Katara: I guess the crooks are at the other building.

Suddenly, something falls from above and lands on Katara's head.

Katara: Ah!

Katara falls to the ground and she is out cold. Toph gets into her fighting stance.

Toph: Alright, who's here?

One by one, comes seven crooks out of nowhere. They surround Toph.

Crook: How did you find our hideout, Chief Beifong?

Toph: Another crook told me so, but it doesn't matter. You're all under arrest. 

Crook: Not if we take care of you first!

Suddenly, the door is sliced open. Aang, Sokka, Kya, and Lin rush into the building.

Aang: Not so fast!

Aang earthbends three big earth-like squares under three of the crooks, causing them to fly in the air and fall down. Toph does the same, but with the other four. A few minutes pass and Toph's officers show up, escorting the seven crooks to jail. Aang starts looking around scared.

Aang: Where's Katara? 

Toph points inside the building and Katara is still laying on the ground knocked out.


Aang rushes inside the hideout and picks her up.

Aang: KATARA! Are you okay?

Katara, still knocked out, is unresponsive, making Aang panic.

Aang: She's not waking up! This is all my fault! If I went with her, I could have been there to save her from this!

Aang carries Katara onto Appa. The rest of the group climbs on Appa quickly. Aang is holding onto Katara on Appa's head.

Aang: We have to get Katara home! YIP YIP!

Appa takes off and flies over the city and Yue Bay. He lands on Air Temple Island. Everyone gets off of Appa and Aang, holding Katara, airbends himself off. He fastwalks as he carries Katara to and inside the temple. He walks up the stairs and enters their bedroom. He places Katara on her side of the bed and kneels down looking at her with fear. He grips onto her hands.

Aang: Katara, can you hear me? 

Kya: Maybe some water will help.

Kya waterbends from a cup of water on Katara's nightstand and waterbends it around her face. Katara starts to slowly wake up. As she awakens, Aang starts to smile.

Katara: What happened?

Aang: Katara!

Aang wraps his arms around Katara and squeezes her tightly.

Aang: You're okay! 

Katara: Aang? 

Aang: Yes sweetie, it's me.

Katara: What happened to me?

Aang: You were knocked out by a crook. We brought you home as soon as possible. Is there anything I can get for you?

Katara: Ugh. My head hurts.

Aang thinks for a second and smiles thoughtfully. He waterbends the water from the cup and puts it on Katara's head. The water starts to glow and he starts healing her. Katara is amazed.

Katara: Aang? I never taught you how to heal. How do you know?

Aang: When you love someone, you'll do anything for them.

Aang waterbends the water back into the cup and looks at Katara with adoration in his eyes.

Aang: How do you feel now?

Katara: Perfect. 

The two smile at each other lovingly.


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