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Xi Tong Village
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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October 12, 2012

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Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

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Chapter 15: The Council


Before heading on to the Southern Air Temple, Rong Yan and Yong Ten make a pit stop at a village.

Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village

Book 1: Air

Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village

The autumn morning sky carrying a gentle breeze, the leaves of trees are already falling many trees have piles of leaves beside them, some scattered around as the breeze of air is caressing the leaves around the Earth Kingdom village, that our heroes are just above.

Appa flying

Rong Yan and Yong Ten, flying on Jippo.

Yong Ten, jerking at the reins of his companion Jippo the Sky Bison. Jippo roars and flies spiraling downwards. Citizens wearing green, and teal colored clothing looking up at the sky, as a large shadow surpasses them. Looking in awe, they then continue their daily routines.

The sky bison, lands in a stable near the bazaar area, which is bustling with folks walking about buying products from vendors and such, to children running about with toys in their small hands. Rong Yan jumps off the saddle, and wipes himself off of any dust.

Yong Ten, jumps off Jippo's head, and blasts air on himself, cleaning himself from dust, and other debris. Yong Ten, walks over to a man in a teal set of clothing, and a green apron who is sweeping around the stables, and placing stacks of hay into different pens from his cart.

The stable keeper looks at Yong Ten and begins to say, "Ahh, what brings an airbender to these parts?" bowing to Yong Ten.


The stable keeper, cleaning droppings, and what not.

Yong Ten bowing back in respect to the man replies, "I bring forth the Avatar, he's my student. I will be training him at the Southern Air Temple tomorrow."

Looking behind Yong Ten, the stable keeper covers his mouth with his hand and kneels to the ground. He raises his head a little to see Rong Yan, holding his hat in his left arm, and picking at his ear with his right pinky. Quickly, pulling it out letting out a giant smile, wiping whatever he found in his ear on Jippo's fur, and places his hat back on his head. Getting back up to his feet again, he bows to Rong Yan and continues to sweep around the pens. Opening the door Rong Yan walks out into the village's bazaar.

Meanwhile, somewhere within the Earth Kingdom, the winds are a little rough where from far away, large feet are heard hitting against the rocky ground, Senlin is slouched, riding the ostrich horse that was given to him.

Wearing a straw hat to give his head shade, carrying a large water skin on the side of the ostrich horse which contains water, every now and then he'd stop the ostrich horse at a nearby river. Just so he can feed it, and rest himself, but it looks like General Senlin hasn't slept in days.

Ostrich horse

Senlin's horse, drinking at a nearby river.

Finally, in the distance he straightens his back to see smoke rising from afar, clenching his fists on the reins of the ostrich horse, he gives them a good snap. The animal yelps and runs faster towards it.

Upon reaching the camp, the smoke still rising from a large burnt out bonfire, looking at the long blue draping banners with the Water Tribe insignia on them, and spears with the skulls of animals on them. Senlin knew he finally found the camp, the camp of his old squad of Water Tribe soldiers he worked with when he betrayed the Earth Kingdom.

Dismounting from the ostrich horse, he grabs onto its reins and walks it into the camp, tying it to a large tree. A patrol walking by in a light blue attire, with two small scars on his left biceps notices Senlin, and approaches him and salutes him.

Water Tribe camp

Water Tribe rebel camp, that Senlin stopped at to find Palartok.

"Palartok, is expecting you, general." the guard said. Signaling Senlin to follow him, the guard leads him to large blue tent.

Opening the covers to the tent, Senlin walks in. The leader of his old squad, is sitting in the middle of the large tent eating, Water Tribe cuisine, placing the bowl aside, he signals Senlin to sit down.

"..Palartok" Senlin started.

Southern Water Tribe warriors meeting

Palartok inside, with several men minding their own business.

"I'm glad you arrived Senlin, we were thinking you were dead, old friend." replied Palartok.

"As if, what is your report on the Avatar?" Senlin asked.

Palartok grabbed another bowl, and dipped a wooden spoon into the pot of stew. Pouring it into the bowl, and putting the same wooden spoon into the bowl. Palartok, hands it to Senlin.

"Sea prunes. The Avatar, well last I saw him he was in the city of Taku, celebrating the end of the Thirty Year War." Palartok replied.

"Thanks." Senlin, begins to eat the stew of sea prunes, then asks Palartok, "Anything else?"

Suddenly, a young man in dark blue clothing, and a waterskin by his waist enters the tent. "Palartok, sir. Sightings of the Avatar says he's heading to the an air temple in the south, sir." the young man said.

"The Southern Air Temple, eh? That ash maker is going to master airbending." Palartok said. "If we leave now and find the other group of Water Tribe rebels, we should be able to make preparations and get there in one week's time. We must leave now!" Palartok said, finishing his lunch, grabbing a large pack slapping it on his back, and heading out of his tent.

"Men, pack up camp we're heading for the South." Palartok demanded.

One man, pulled water out his waterskin, and water whipped the bonfire, to turn off the flames. Bending the water back into his waterskin, and walking off. Senlin walks out, and begins to help Palartok and his men pack up their camp.

Meanwhile back in Xi Tong Village, Yong Ten and Rong Yan are in the center of the village. A man in green robes looks at them as his eyes bulge as he sees the tall firebender, making a squeal he runs and begins to kiss Rong Yan's boots. Raising an eyebrow Rong Yan says, "Uh..."

The man looks up at him, and then replies "It is truly an honor for you to visit my village, Avatar. My name is Zhuyao, I am the mayor of this beloved and peaceful village." Zhuyao replied.

Removing himself from Rong Yan's feet, Zhuyao bows at him, shaking his foot Rong Yan, wipes the man's saliva off his boot. "You may rise." Rong Yan ordered.

The mayor stands back onto his feet, then replies "Ahh, a living relic you truly are, Avatar."

"Thanks.." Rong Yan said.

Eyeing a statue in the middle of town square, the statue was made of earth. Pointing at the statue Rong Yan asks, "Who's this man?"

Looking at where he is pointing at, the mayor walks over and points then replies, "Tis you Avatar. Well not exactly you, but you in a past life. This is Avatar Xi Tong, or as most folks also call him Earth King Xi Tong. This village is named in his honor." the mayor proudly replied.

Putting his index finger on his chin Rong Yan asks, "I was an Earth King?"

"The 37th to be exact, Avatar." Zhuyao replied.

"Great!" Rong Yan said excitedly.

Off in the distance, on an ostrich horse arrives an Earth Kingdom soldier, stopping by Yong Ten. "Are you Monk Yong Ten?" asked the soldier.

"Yes, I am. What is the matter?" asked Yong Ten worryingly.

"It is a scroll from the Council of Elders. From High Monk Geetsan." the soldier replied. Handing a scroll to Yong Ten.

Yong Ten, takes the scroll from the soldier he opens the scroll, and begins to read.

"Monk Yong Ten, if you receive this scroll from me. That means you should be here in Xi Tong Village already. I request audience with the Avatar hailing from the Fire Nation. We the Council of Elders, need to speak with him and his progress as the Avatar, and begin his airbending training.


High Monk Geetsan"

Closing the scroll Yong Ten, places it in his robe pockets, and looks over at Rong Yan. "High Monk Geetsan, requests an audience with you Rong Yan. We must finish up what we have here in the village, and head on to the Southern Air Temple." Yong Ten said.

"When are we heading to the Air Temple?" Rong Yan asked.

"Tomorrow, at dawn. Hopefully. Enough not, today." Yong Ten replied.

The afternoon orange lit sky, now had the clouds emanating a pinkish tint. The sky was turning darker by the second and it began to get a cold, the autumn sun setting down.

All of a sudden a wave is heard crashing into houses and people are screaming. Yong Ten quickly turns to look at the houses but sees nothing, the soldier that had given him the scroll then sees an Earth Kingdom guard that is positioned at one of the streets in the village come running towards them.

"Sir, the rebels are attacking our village!" the guard yelled.

"Avatar, you have to help us fend off the rebels!" the soldier demanded.

"Let's do it!" Rong Yan replied, giving a small grin on his face.

Yong Ten jumping on glider and flying off to the scene, as Rong Yan, the guard, and the soldier run off towards where the waves and screaming is heard. Yong Ten hovers above the air spinning his staff, lands slowly to the stone patterned streets.

Four warriors circled Yong Ten. Moving his arms around him and then in circular moves, closing his arms in, a large sphere of air appeared and blasted the rebel warriors in all directions.

Earth columns began hitting several warriors, making them fall back, and wheel fire appears as a waterbender blocks it with ice, and the ice shatters like glass. The waterbender pulls water out of his waterskin and water whips Rong Yan in the face.

Rubbing his cheek, Rong Yan places his hands together and blasts a torrent of fire at the waterbender, knocking him back as he hits a wooden home. Spin kicking fire with each leg once or twice, Rong Yan kicks them at the waterbender.

Hitting him, one shot hits him in the face, and the others in torso. Flinching the waterbender covers his face, and screams, Rong Yan blocks a warrior's strike and kicks him in the chest and punches fire in his face, the warrior screams.

More waterbenders and more warriors keep on coming to the street they're coming in. Another waterbender throws an icicle at Rong Yan, the soldier lifts an earth wall to block it for him, the icicle shatters like glass, as the tip only stays intact and sticks to the earth wall, the soldier kicks it down and with his left foot, he slides his foot and punts the wall.

The wall slides towards the other waterbender and two warriors, and knocks them to the ground. Yong Ten runs, to bazaar looking for Jippo, roars are heard from a distance.

"JIPPO!!" Yong Ten shouted.

The bison responses with a roar, a group of rebels tries to attack Jippo, but he retaliates with a slam with his tail, a strong air blast, sends them flying back where they came from.

Jippo roars, and Yong Ten jumps on top of him. Rong Yan, is blasting, punching, and kicking fire in all the directions that the rebels are coming in. A guard blows a horn, it was real loud.

In the next block you can earth flying into the air, and water falling down into the street. All of a sudden it all stopped and guards poured into the street Rong Yan was in.

Yong Ten comes around with Jippo, Rong Yan looks up at them hovering in the sky. "Avatar, flee from Xi Tong Village. We can fend them off! Go NOW!!!" the soldier yelled.

Appa flying at night

Yong Ten and Rong Yan flee as told by the Earth Kingdom soldier.

Rong Yan nodded in response, with the use of his hands he shot himself like a rocket into the sky, and landed in Jippo's saddle. The night sky came, Yong Ten snapped the reins, and Jippo grunted as flew south towards the Southern Air Temple.

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