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Trapped in a Blizzard
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Chapter 13: Achieved my Goal

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Book 2: Chapter 1: Brother vs. Sister Showdown

Chapter 14: Trapped in a Blizzard

I finally had the Avatar, but I was trapped in a blizzard. No way out. No one to help. I should have thought things through. I accidentally stepped on thin ice and the ice began to crack. I made a run for it. Fortunately, I made it across the ice and found shelter. I tied the Avatar and blew on my hands to warm them up.

"I finally have you. But now I'm stuck in this blizzard. Not that you would worry. You're just like my sister Azula. Everything just came to her. She is a Firebending prodigy, and everyone adores her. My father says she was born lucky. He says I was lucky to be born. I don't need luck though. I've always had to struggle. It's made me strong. It's made me who I am," I said. It was true.

It looks like we will be in there for a while. Until the blizzard settles down, there was no hope of escaping. All of a sudden, the Avatar woke up and tried to escape. I managed to catch up to him but his friends came right then.

"Here for a rematch?" I asked the Waterbender.

"Trust me Zuko, it's not going to be much of a rematch this time," was all she said to me. And that was the last thing I remember before I slipped into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, the sky was black. I was tied up and in the saddle of the bison. I managed to get my knife into my hands and cut the ropes. I ran out and I saw none other than Zhao. I shot a fireball at him.

"You tried to kill me!" I yelled.

"Well, you had disguised yourself as the Blue Spirit and saved the Avatar!" Zhao argued.

"I had no choice," I said grimly. We continued to fight. The revenge I had longed for, I finally would get. All of a sudden, the moon came back. Right then, the Ocean Spirit grabbed Zhao. Despite the intense hatred I had, I offered my hand. The idiot, he refused to take it.

Later on, I finally rejoined Uncle on a raft. By then, the Avatar didn't matter to me. I was tired. Like Uncle said before, a man needs his rest.

Author's Note

So sorry about the length

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