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March 28, 2012

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Introduction: The Legend of Zu Yang

This is the fourteenth chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of what happened to Mel and to Hope after the hunt for the Fire Mistress. It is told from Mel's perspective.

Chapter Fourteen

I ran as quickly as my feet would allow me to. Hope was in trouble, and I knew it! Why didn't she ask me before going? I would have never let her go! (Well... I guess that is why she didn't ask me.) But hunting the Fire Mistress? That was just plaid... stupid! How could she go alone? The Fire Mistress would have hundreds of guards with her!

I followed Hope's trail of steps, something she hadn't noticed. That was very strange, but she was in trouble, and it was no time for logic. The trail led to a pair of giant gates that were guarded by two men. As I was planning what to do, a car neared the gates. The guards went to check if it was safe. But it was taking them far too long. I had to do something. I had to save Hope!

It didn't require a further thought – I just jumped out of behind the rocks and hedges and blasted the guards off the bridge. Then I just ran to the gate, stomping my feet every two feet. When I reached it, I just slammed my fists into the ground. The whole bridge and the gates collapsed. My well thought strategy was working out for now. I headed for the temple, but was thrown backwards by an explosion of electricity. Thanks to my bending I could balance well enough to keep a firm stance on the edge of the cliff, but that was the least of my cares – the metal factory was shot full of lightning, and Hope was still in there. What if she didn't make it out?

I bended rocks and fireballs at the factory but nothing helped; they just exploded when they met. At last, the lightning stopped. I just sent a humongous airblast and the inner gates collapsed. I dashed inside looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Then I heard a scream; a very familiar scream. Hope!

I headed to the spot where the scream had come from. I had to make my way through bodies and armor. Then I finally spotter her. She was on the ground and was not moving.

"Hope!" I screamed. "Hope! Are you alright?" This question required no answer, for just her position gave one clear enough.

"I failed," she started crying. "I failed, Mel, I failed."

"No. You aren't dying on me Hope. You can't! You can't!"

The tears were rolling off my cheeks and were slowly hitting the floor. There... they just stood very still... like death itself.

"She escaped untouched," Hope said; I looked up. "Finish the Mistress off. Promise me." Her eyelids fell, "Promise me."

I checked her pulse, but there was nothing. Her breathing had also stopped. It was over... She was dead.

"No!" I all the energy I had explode into an air blast, and the building around me was slowly collapsing under this continuing disaster. Then, one by one, hundreds of different humans appeared, all blue, just like Yangchen...

More and more Avatars appeared, all looking different but sharing one trait – utter confusion. Then one finally stepped up.

"Who are you?" he asked. "And why have you disturbed our peace?" How did he dare? It required a second for me to take his throat and throw him out.

"I am the living Avatar," I said. I still could not believe these cowards. "And you are traitors of the name of the Avatar!"

Another Avatar asked, "The living Avatar? But wasn't all communication with the living world locked off?"

"Indeed!" I yelled. "You betrayed human kind for your safety."

"No," a third Avatar said. "We ended any contact with the living world for its own good. Do you know what would happen if the Avatar died in the Avatar State?"

"I am very aware! But I am also aware that this is not the reason why you blocked all communication. The true reason is that you are afraid of losing your miserable life and comfort!"

"How dare you accuse—"

But I did not let her continue, "You should be ashamed to have ever been honored and respected!"

They all began to protest, but I could not care less.

"It matters not," another one came forward. "What we have done. It matters that you betrayed your past lives by ignoring the rules."

There was murmur of agreement.

"I was not even informed about your fake, cowardly rules, because I was never considered an Avatar by you! You failed the world. And now I shall make you pay..."

I stood up and walked to the edge of the collapsing building. There was plenty of space between me and the ground. As the tears fell, they fell the hundreds of feet and, finally, separated into millions of drops, I would, too, come to an end.

"What are you doing?" one of the Avatars asked.

"I am putting an end to you," I answered.

It seemed as if it took him a moment to realize what I was talking about.

"No!" he yelled. "You cannot!"

"Why?" I asked. "You aren't what you were supposed to be. You aren't the saviors of the world. You are just a bunch of cowards afraid of losing their peaceful life. And since there is no need of your existence, I shall end you. It doesn't matter if you are truly with me. The Avatar State unites us all and kills us all. Now it is your turn to die!"


All of the Avatars jumped closer but did not dare come to close, for their fear was overwhelming.

"Uh... what can we do to make it up?"

"What can you do to make it up?"

This was just it!

"You want to know what you can do? Well maybe you could save the world instead of me, or at least be here when I need you; when she needed you!" I looked at Hope. They mirrored.

I did not look up. It was painful seeing her dead, yet it was so much more painful not seeing her at all.

"If this is what you want, we can help."

I looked up. A few Avatars, mostly female, came forward.

"We are healer Avatars," one of them said. "She still alive, but we need to hurry if we are to save her. Is this what you truly want?"

I nodded. Then they just evaporated. My eyes popped wide-open. I was filled with energy; the energy of multiple people.

I could feel (but not fully control) myself collecting water from the air and the near plants. Then I put my hand (and all the water around it) on Hope's wound. The water light up and started disappearing. With my other hand I was simultaneously collecting more and more water. Then a miracle happened – she slowly started opening her eyes. She was alive! She was alive!

One by one all the Avatars vanished, and the abnormal amount of energy disappeared.

"Mel?" it was Hope.

"Hope!" I hugged her.

"Uh... what happened? How did I—"

"I'll explain later."

I could barely stay on one place. I was so happy I just wanted to jump! Then I helped Hope.

"We have to go," I said. We couldn't stay here for very long, or else someone would find us.


"What is it, Hope?" I turned around, but before I had time to switch between thoughts, she had hugged me and was kissing me. My sweet little girl was back!


  • This is the second (and final) chapter of the Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom finale.

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