To the Tunes of The Blue Danube
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and almost didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

The Team arrives at Full Moon Bay, and, after a few strange happenings, gets command over all of the troops in the surrounding area, forging a plan to encounter Johnston's 6th Shock Army, which is nearing.

Those aren't fireworks...

Mike sat in the commander's place of his tank, the AA-machine gun right in front of him, he himself holding his binoculars, interrupting his observance every few minutes to check on a watch he had recently added to his equipment. The sun had set hours ago, leaving the snowy landscape to the coldness of the continental winter.
"The fleet is in position. Awaiting further orders. Zolu out.", sounded from the radio unit in the command tank.
"Transport aircraft and airborne division in position and ready for take-off. Asura over.", sounded the former's sister's voice unclearly.
"Mechanised and motorised infantry, as well as artillery, in position. Luo out.", resonated, much more understandable than the first two times, a second male voice.
"Bombers, fighter-bombers and fighters ready for take-off. According to other commanders, the flight will take half an hour, including take-off. Malu out.", could a second female voice be heard.
"Naval aviation ready for take-off. The flight will, according to a few experts here, take us half an hour. Kiruya out.", the last voice Mike had been expecting, stated through the radio unit.
The Grand Admiral looked at his watch, ordering a soldier in the tank's turret, "Send following message to Naval Aviation and Air Force: Take off. Strike enemy positions as discussed before, but wait for the artillery."
The soldier only nodded and sent the message to the two female commanders, as well, though not mentioned by the Grand Admiral, to the Avatar. Again, as the hours before, he waited, saw the - surprisingly silent - aircraft flying to destroy above their heads, and waited for both hands of his watch to point at the twelve of the watch's clock-face. As it happened, he looked at the soldier below him, and calmly said, grinning evilly, "Happy new year!"

The dive bombers and the fast bombers released their freight, which, at contact, unleashed its deadly and destructive nature. Malu watched as they bombed the huge sea of tents, which contained the 6th Shock Army. Just as the first bomb of their detonated, an artillery shell did the same. But as she, who steered a night fighter, thought that they would have an easy flight, a small, much more modern fighter, obviously of the 6th Army, fired its forty millimetre guns at her plane. Grabbing the control stick tightly and leaning forward, she aimed the plane at her opponent, yelling, as if her opponent could hear her, "Come and get me!"

Luo looked over the edge of the halftrack vehicle he had chosen to make his commanding vehicle, catching sight of the artillery the troops had dragged along all the way through half of the Earth Kingdom, and saw howitzers, field guns, so-called Katyushas, Mortars, AA- and AT-guns, even mountain artillery, every single piece of them aiming at the sea of tents south of them. Another soldier, who looked at his watch, counted down, "... three... two... one... "
Everyone glanced at Luo, who ordered, "Give 'em the fireworks they want... "
Following this order, thousands of guns and rocket artillery roared, bringing doom upon everything and everyone that stood in their way. The even bigger mass of infantry, though mechanised, began to move towards the artillery's target slowly, but yet frightening for everyone who stood in their way. Luo himself looked around and spotted enemy tanks moving fast towards the huge mass under Luo's command, who only commented, "So you like to play, as it seems... "

The relatively big transport aircrafts roared through the, save for the Malu's and Kiruya's aircraft, silent night, transporting an entire airborne division of benders to their destination, which was a canyon, or, to be exact, a kilometre above it. Half an hour passed until the immense force of aircraft had reached the place from where on the paratroopers were planned to be dropped. Asura stood up, just as anyone else except the pilots, went to the rear of the plane and opened the doors to both sides of the aerial vehicle, and shouted commanding and sharply, "Okay, everyone ready? Good! Move out! Go!"
She herself jumped without previous practice, just in case she still had her air- and earthbending, but not everyone of them had it. The free fall through the cold air itself almost hurt her, let alone the enormous velocity with which it happened. As she glanced around, she could see thousands of people falling freely, some already opening their parachutes. As she looked down again, she realised how fast she was falling and how near to the ground she was, so she opened the parachute as well. Just as she did so, enemy AA-guns began to fire at the aircraft and the paratroopers, catching a dozen out of a hundred ones. After a few minutes, she, as well as many others, had landed, detached her the device that had saved her from crashing into the ground, took out her radiophone, something every squad-leader in this division had, and commanded her division via radio, "Alright, gather in squads and dig yourselves in to face the enemy when they come. Surprise attacks, and nothing else! Asura out."

The former Captain, and now, as it appeared, Grand Admiral, walked through the Nemesis' bridge, as if checking if everything was working. The target they had to distract, or, to be exact, bomb, was the Fourth Reich's 2nd Fleet, which was streaming north of and just had passed through the Serpent's Pass, even now a very dangerous passage. Messages from and to all the other ships, especially the aircraft carriers and the submarines, which were key elements in this battle, were transmitted, but Zolu didn't listen. He nervously waited for the moment it was midnight, in which their ships' guns would tear the night's peace and silence apart. And then, there it was! He quickly ordered to fire all batteries at the distant enemy, who still was kilometres north of them. The muzzle flashes of thousands of guns made the night brighter than the day that preceded this fateful night for a split second. Observing the enemy through his binoculars, he caught sight of a few ships being heavily damaged by the many submarines and naval dive bombers that had attacked the huge, powerful force north of them. All of sudden, an enemy ship previously known as the Schleswig-Holstein exploded in an enormous ball of fire and smoke, throwing its parts through the air and at other enemy ships. The cloud of smoke that was left behind slowly turned into the shape of a mushroom, which commented Zolu with the words, "What in Koh's realm... How... I mean, the mushroom cloud... This wasn't an ordinary explosion... "

She steered her dive bomber through the dark night, a dive bomber that was made to command, not to fight, as its rear machine gun had been changed for a radio unit, thus, she, Kiruya, had to avoid any danger that was more dangerous than the ordinary bombing of ships was. Just as she thought of this, the ships her unit, the naval aviation, had been sent to destroy. The blue-painted dive bomber of hers turned around its horizontal axis and fell downwards at her command. She grabbed the control stick tightly, as she released the bombs, alongside a few big-calibre rounds of her autocannons, just before what would've been her dive bombers' impact. However, it weren't all of the bombs, she wanted to save some for the enemy's flagship, a ship that apparently bore the name Schleswig-Holstein. Just as her unit had withdrawn from the ship they had attacked now, Kiruya directed her aeroplane right at the enormous enemy's flagship, leaving her wing in confusion as they departed to their carrier to reload their aircraft. She was being chased by a fighter, but she knew exactly how to eliminate both, the fighter and the flagship. She avoided as many of the fighter's shots as possible, by rotating the aircraft for a split second. The aircraft was exactly above the Schleswig-Holstein's engine block, when she dropped the remaining bombs, not considering she would need a way out as well, but as the dropped freight detonated, it was too late. The small bombs which exploded at impact caused the huge reactor that formed the ship's core to overheat within seconds, which heated the near ammunition depots and caused the ship to explode. As the chain reaction showed its result, Kiruya was already a few hundred metres afar from the fiery hell she had created, but it helped little against the debris, former parts of the Schleswig-Holstein, that flew through the air and made it difficult to manoeuvre through. As a former turret appeared just a dozen metres in front of her, she screamed madly into the radio unit, "SOS! Aircraft colliding with gun turret-"
Before she could finish her sentence, her aircraft's nose had touched the flying piece of debris, which started a similar chain reaction as before.

The soldiers of the 6th Shock Army crawled out of their tents, tired, but tonight, the Marshal allowed them even to drink, as they were earlier that near to the impenetrable City, Ba Sing Se, than planned. A small radio stood at the entrance of one of the tents, the waltz The Blue Danube sounding out of it. In the centre of the small circle of tents danced a few soldiers a sloppy waltz. Just as the others ended their countdown to the year 2164, one of them, the one who watched for enemy activities that never seemed to occur, found his assumption as false, as thousands of missiles and artillery shells shot right for their camp. Like stunned, none of them moved, just staring in disbelief and muttering, "Those aren't fireworks... "

In the new year's dawn

The tanks rumbled through the rough terrain, nearing their enemy counterparts. The Legion's spearhead, the tanks, were led by a, compared to the Four Nations' tanks, modern, URN one, atop which Mike stood, observing the enemy through his binoculars. As the enemy tanks were in range, he positioned himself in the turret where he would normally belong, closed the hatch and aimed the main gun at the nearest enemy tank, which appeared to imitate the action. The surroundings were formed by a hilly, rather arid region with a lack of trees, which was an ideal area for tank operations. Mike ordered to speed up a little and aimed the main gun at the enemy tank's engine compartment, before the gun fired an armour-piercing round. The shell hit the armour and penetrated it with the following explosion, which caused the engines to stop and left the tank dysfunctional until the fire ignited by the shell reached the tank's fuel, which resulted in an even greater explosion. However, another tank already was aiming at Mike's and raced directly at Mike's, only offering him the front part to shoot at. The reloading process took too much time and it would have been Mike's end, if another tank wouldn't have come from the right side and imitated Mike's action of before. The result was the same, but the enemy tanks kept coming. The huge unit of the Fourth Reich's tanks attempted to press through the Legion's lines, which turned out to be futile due to the technique Mike showed his unit to eliminate the - technologically - superior tanks. Though reports of the company leaders such as "Unit lost!" or "We've lost one!" accumulated, the enemy seemed to loose much more of his ones, until Mike decided, to avoid further losses, to retreat to an area in which they would be relatively safe - a near ravine. All of his commanders were very surprised, but managed to bring their units out of danger within a few minutes. As the enemy had spotted them again, Mike contacted Luo with the words, "Luo! I need artillery support down here! Enemy tank unit thousand five hundred-something metres south-south west of us! Every piece of artillery you can get in such short time, fire! Mike out!"
A minute after the message had ended the night was again lightened by the muzzle flashes of the artillery, but the enemy didn't seem to notice the thousands of artillery shells and missiles raining upon them. Tank after tank exploded and/or was shot burning and indicated the nearing defeat of the 6th Shock Army's tank division. Mike's tanks turned around almost simultaneously and laid the remnants of the most successful tank division of the Fourth Reich under fire. Shell after shell penetrated the armour, fired from the tanks as well as from the artillery. The Legion's tank division moved forward as almost the entire Four Nations' Legion turned offensive. The tank hunt had begun.

The air offensive encountered heavier defence than they had planned, even Malu herself now had to fend off an enemy fighter. The Air Nomad's night fighter evaded the bullets that escaped the enemy's muzzles, but sooner or later, the airbender had to strike. She turned her aircraft around to face the enemy fighter and began to fire her fighter's cannonry. A few of the bullets hit the enemy's wings without an obvious effect on the flight, as it kept flying - and shooting - at Malu's fighter. Evading the bullets now was far more difficult than before, since she flew right into them now, but she didn't care, even as one shot through the cockpit's glass, just millimetres above her head, as she tried to get higher than the enemy. It seemed to work, as the atmospherical fighter flew further in the same direction as before for the next minute, which Malu used to bring herself into position above her opponent. Being a hundred metres above him, she took the chance and dove her night fighter down, firing the cannonry all the time. By the time she had reached the same height as the enemy fighter had before, the latter was shot down, burning and smoking heavily. As another one appeared behind her, trying to imitate her manoeuvre, she sighed, "Oh, come on... Not again... "
After asking her radio operator, who sat behind her, if they still had bombs, the latter answered with something that could be taken as a yes, which caused Malu to dive her fighter through the darkness of the surrounding cloud. As she was just a mere hundred metres above the ground, her recent opponent appeared behind her again and fired his cannonry. Malu steered the night fighter upwards very surprisingly and fast, only to drop the fighter's only left bomb when her opponent still flew straight ahead, not realising what Malu had done. The bomb found her way to the small, fast and agile atmosherical fighter, where it detonated atop the fighter's propulsion, which resulted in the fighter's explosion. Just as she had witnessed the explosion, she observed the Legion's fighters taking the bombers' place in the aerial battle.

Luo's halftrack rattled over the rocky plain, being accompanied by the entire (motorised and mechanised) infantry of the Legion, which advanced in an arrow formation, other than the rest of the Legion, struggling to find any opponents. Or this was thought by many until a rocket launcher fired at the huge unit as the sun rose in the east. The machine guns released their deathly nature rattling loudly, which gave away their position. From a few small hills around, gunfire occurred, being aimed at the first and farthest formation of halftracks, which included Luo's. At the same time, a radio message of high urgency came in, "Sir! All our halftracks but a dozen or something are stuck! What shall we do?"
"Try to get a few more moving and get here immediately! We're under attack here! Luo over!"
Luo himself got out of his halftrack, or at least wanted to, but found himself hindered by the halftrack's driver's hand.
"Sir! Please, stay here, here it's relatively safe!"
"Did you notice I wear a freakin' metal armour and am a metalbender?", the former police captain answered, pulling the driver's arm off and opening the vehicle's back door, escaping into battle. With a casual swing of his hand, he sent a bullet back to its origin, a coil-assault rifle, before he kicked boulders into the direction the bullets came. Soon, his soldiers began to advance themselves, while most of the halftrack drivers saw themselves confronted with the same problem as their comrades in the second wave before. Snipers positioned behind within several holes between the large rocks and the huge, overwhelming numbers of the Legion's soldiers soon put an end to the fight, however, only a quarter of the halftracks weren't stuck, which would slow their advance down.
"Sir! We can't possibly all fit in these halftracks! What are we gonna do now?", a soldier asked Luo, who was working on localising the last of enemy resistance using his seismic sense.
"Well, why was the plan not planned out in every detail? We've gotta improvise. Just... hurry up a little and grab on on the outsides of the halftracks.", the latter answered, his eyes still closed to get a better look with his feet. The former simply nodded, while Luo walked back into his commanding vehicle, as the second and third wave, or their centres at least, joined the first one. United, the ten thousands of soldiers, partially in halftracks, partially on foot, moved south to help encircling the enemy. The further ride, however, was not a quiet one, since, as soon as they halftracks moved again, fire from another few hundreds of coil-assault rifles rained down onto the first wave's centre. This time, the snipers and machine gunners suppressed every resistance, and overwhelmed the enemy alongside Luo's metalbending skills. While Luo's halftrack passed the enemy positions, a few stopped to eliminate any remaining opponents. However, they set up these as their own when they saw the enemy's IFVs unloaded the soldiers they had been carrying. The rest caught sight of it as well, but this time, it were more than a company or two of enemy soldiers, this time it seemed to be an entire division. Luo bended a protecting earth armour around his command vehicle, omitting the back door in case he had to come out and help. Soon, grenade launchers of his own unit were shot at the - surprisingly near - IFVs, damaging every single one, but destroying none. The enemy now opened fire at the Legion's infantry, which threw grenades due to the short distance. After half an hour of the same procedure, which consisted of ducking, leaning out and shooting every moving thing and ducking again before the latter shot back, the commanders decided this wasn't leading anywhere, so several squads with at least a light machine gunner were led to outflank the enemy, who was positioned in trenches. As they were fired at from three directions, confusion spread itself between the Fourth Reich's soldiers like a wildfire. Soon, they were even encircled, but every single of them refused to surrender, as they had sworn an oath to always fight to the last breath, which now lead to their destruction. This, however, was noticed by the 6th Shock Army's leadership, who sent two more infantry divisions to crush the Legion's infantry. The latter positioned themselves atop a small ridge to rest in the warming sun, but as every one of theirs caught sight of the immense mass of soldiers and IFVs moving towards them, they realised they had to stay at the ridge for a little longer - to fight.

Asura found herself again with each a squad of earthbender and firebender soldiers, who had dug themselves in at both sides of the canyon, which turned out to be rather a conglomerate of separate ravines than a single, huge one. the earthbenders had dug trenches for the firebenders to use, while the earthbenders preferred the ravine's walls, hanging there as if they were Dai Li agents. The first attack soon came, as a patrol of a mere dozen of soldiers marched in and found themselves confronted by streams of fire from the front and boulders aimed for them from behind, not giving them any chance to even aim properly. Just after the first one had been finished off, Asura realised what huge mistake they had made as they heard someone through one of the helmets' radio units asking for a status update. The firebenders hid themselves, as ordered my Asura, in small, man-made caves to the ravine's sides, while the earthbenders covered the patrol's tracks, as Asura decided to do some reconnaissance, speeding herself up with both, fire- and airbending.
"We've got a second patrol moving in... Heavy armament: a rocket launcher and an IFV... 'round three squads, two machine guns... ", she panted, positioning herself atop the ravine again. Soon, the loud noises of the second patrol could be heard, who marched in with their coil-assault rifles in aiming position, ready to shoot everything moving. Asura prepared herself before she loosened boulders at the ridge's other side, crashing them down at and behind the IFV, eliminating every chance of a fast escape. The rocket launcher and both the machine guns were fired at whether position she currently had, but they only wasted ammunition, as she was able to change it very fast due her airbending. This, however, left them unprepared when the fire- and earthbenders struck at once, crashing boulders down and shooting fireballs at their enemy, who didn't seem to be able to defend themselves, as they were very surprised. This led to their fast defeat, and just as Asura had reached the ground to finish the last one off, he sent his last status report, which was, "Under attack by earth... and firebenders... Send... in... reinforcements... "
Asura hesitated to do it, so another firebender shot a fireball at the soldier's head, which killed him almost instantly. However, she turned away fast and summoned the two dozens of bending soldiers, ordering somewhat tired, "Okay, well... I believe we won't be able to fight 'em off like this the next time... Earthbenders and me, we go or climb up to the edge and... No, wait, I've got a better idea. I stay down here, and you guys position yourselves up on the edge to cut off their route back to their camp, while I am the bait... And prevent 'em to get farther than this point."
The soldiers nodded silently and sped off to the ridge's walls, where the benders sped up the wall using earth platforms, each six benders of both elements per side. Asura earthbent a foxhole in the centre of the usable way in the narrow gorge. Soon, the reinforcements the enemy soldier had called for were visible as they marched forward, being accompanied by, as the patrol before, an IFV. Their leader, a Lieutenant, jumped off the armoured vehicle and walked right to the foxhole Asura was sitting, now meditating in, and aimed his rifle at her forehead. As he did so, her expression changed from inexistent to a smirk, while she rose, and while she did it, grabbed the rifle's muzzle, got control over the rifle and thrust it, butt forth, into the Lieutenants stomach. Instantly, his soldiers aimed at her while the Lieutenant got up again shouting at her. She just kept smirking and after a few seconds of being threatened to be shot, she saluted with her right hand's middle and index fingers, signalling the benders to strike. Soon, confusion spread among the soldiers. Some decided to shoot at where Asura had been just a split second before, but she now leapt through the air, unleashing the four elements at the small force of soldiers. Boulders, fireballs and streams of such, air swipes and ice spears struck the platoon almost at once, always striking a few soldiers at exactly the same time. After a minute, the former platoon only had the strength of a squad, and Asura decided to finish the Lieutenant, who was skilled in material arts, herself. The officer saw that weapons such as his rifle were useless in this fight, and he ordered another wave of reinforcements before engaging the Avatar, who now only used fire daggers, in battle. He clenched his fists and took the opportunity of Asura not striking and raced towards her, before he struck into her stomach as an act of revenge. Asura, who had foreseen this, scorched the officers uniform with her fiery daggers, but found her opponent too fast to be struck down so easily, so she remembered one of the principles of airbending: avoid and evade. As the Lieutenant charged at her again, she evaded the strike with ease, a procedure she repeated several times, before she was angered by a single, successful strike her opponent had managed, as he found out how she moved to evade him. She narrowed her eyes, before she herself charged at the latter, impaling him with a fire dagger through the stomach, before she thrust him up into the air and to her left side with her airbending, before she realised she had made, again, a mistake by hesitating to kill someone: now, they would send an entire division.

Even after the destruction of what seemed to have been their flagship, the 2nd Fleet still was a tough opponent, one that had all kinds of weapons against everything Zolu could mobilise, everything of his could be shot into pieces. So, saddened and driven angry by the presumed death of his friend and the commander of the naval aviation, Kiruya of the Southern Water Tribe, he decided to utilise a rather unusual tactic. While the 2nd Fleet had formed a - perforated by initial air- and submarine strikes - line of battle, while the Legion's naval force formed two lines, both planned to penetrate the one of the 2nd Fleet and eliminate the latter, constant submarine and air attacks providing the enemy's confusion. Now, the Nemesis was streaming in front of all the other Legion's ships, being not only the first one of the first line, but also the first one at all to engage the enemy. All guns were loaded, the aircraft carriers stationed behind and the submarines beneath the enemy were just waiting for the signal to strike. He stood at the outside section of the bridge, where the new Captain of the ship reported, "Sir, the subs and the air force are awaiting your orders."
"They have their orders.", Zolu answered matter-of-factly.
"Indeed, but-"
"Not buts! Strike in.. don't know, five minutes! And speed up a little!"
The Captain transmitted the orders, and five minutes later, as ordered, the first torpedoes and bombs exploded at the hulls of the enemy ships. Just after the submarines and aircraft were gone, the entire Legion's ship artillery opened fire at the high-tech ships in the west. The enemy line of battle turned to face the Legion's force, but as they did so, they forgot one important fact: the rising sun, which almost blinded them for a few seconds. This short time was used to attack the 2nd Fleet once again, which was - more or less - a success. Another four enemy ships could be seen burning, two of them even sinking. Deciding to change his plan a little, Zolu ordered the Captain to transmit another message, this time allotted to the second line, "First line, naval aviation and submarines engaging enemy. Second line: lie in reverse to join the fight if necessary."
The first line, however, had certain difficulties even holding the line, even with the submarines and the aircraft supporting them. The Nemesis fired broadsides as fast as possible, but could hardly do any damage to the enemy ships - they were just too heavy armoured. As the guns of one enemy ship passing by aimed at the Nemesis' bridge, Zolu just couldn't stay in there anymore. He went out and swung himself onto the enemy ship, unsheathing the legendary Space Sword in the one hand and his electrified glove in the other one. A few sailors tried to encounter him - tried - but soon met the sword's and its wielder's fierce nature, the former cutting right through them. He ran to the turrets, eliminating every resistance by casually electrifying it. After a short sprint of less than a minute, he had reached the - semi-automatic - turret armed with twin coil guns that could easily penetrate their carrier's armour - something Zolu would employ now. After he had eliminated the real crew of the turret, he seated himself in it and aimed the twin guns at the ship in front of this one, a cruiser, loading armour-piercing shells, which he then shot at the cruiser. As planned, the shell penetrated the thin armour at the ship's back and made, somehow, its way into the cruiser's reactor, detonating just as it had pierced the last barrier between it and the reactor. The latter detonated as well, tearing the ship apart in the progress. Zolu, proud of himself, placed several shells around the turret's inside and then planted a small piece of time-fused explosives he had found on the way in the turret's centre. Unsheathing his sword again, he burst out and leapt back to his flagship again, landing on the ceiling just beneath the bridge. Before he was pulled up by several ordinary sailors, he witnessed the explosion in the turret triggering a chain reaction that eventually led to the reactor's overheating and bore the same result as his shot at the cruiser before. After he arrived at the bridge again, he could see something none of them had considered: enemy reinforcements, being engaged by the second line.

Kiruya formed a water shield from her water skin's water to protect her and her radio operator from the exploding engine, but could do little to stop their fall - inside the cockpit. When the burning wreck fell, she took the same water as for her shield and cut her and the operator's seat belts, before doing the same with the cockpit's glass, which she threw away afterwards. She took the radio operator's unconscious body and fearlessly leapt over the edge of the cockpit, her head first to accelerate their fall. After a mere two minutes of free fall, she formed a water vortex into which she directed both their bodies. After a few seconds underwater, the healer and her patient reached the surface again, the battle heating up in the north. Here, however, still floated fragments of the Schleswig-Holstein, of which one, a former turret, was very near to the two. The waterbender used another vortex of water to transfer the two atop it, and once there, the - herself wounded - healer rested to gather her strength before she healed her temporary companion. She moved beside him and immediately caught sight of three bullet wounds, whose bullets still were stuck in the soldier's body. She only knew one technique that would save him, but this was no ordinary waterbending technique, it was illegal - bloodbending. She was of a branch lines of the strongest benders of her element who ever existed - of Katara's and Yakone's. She had performed her healing type of bloodbending often, but never so obvious. She prepared herself for it nonetheless. Her hand went up as the three projectiles did the same, being pushed up by the surrounding tissue, until they shot out of the body they had hurt badly. Blood gathered itself in the three wounds at the healer's will, and began to glow as ordinary healing water would. Before she turned her head on her own body to search for the worst wounds, which were somewhat bearable, she caught a glimpse of her radio operator coughing, before he said, barely hearable, "You... bloodbent me... Anyway, thank you... "
She smiled at him, who now pointed into the sky, where a small aircraft, presumably a reconnaissance aircraft, bearing Fire Nation insignia, flew. The two were startled for a few seconds, until Kiruya spotted the URN insignia painted over the red-and-white surrounded black flames. Spotting the brown insignia as well, the radio operator raised himself, took out a signal pistol, which he fired once the aeroplane - a seaplane, apparently - was close enough to spot the crew of the former dive bomber. As they had thought, the seaplane circled their position a few times both to investigate them and to slow down so they could rescue them. Once the plane had come to a standstill, Kiruya waterbended the entire turret towards the reconnaissance aircraft, where they entered through a held-open door. There, a medic and a healer rushed to the two to heal any injuries, but the healer instantly recognised her former colleague, screaming, "Kiruya! You're alive!"
"Sure am. Or did you think a flying part of an exploding ship could kill me?"

Notes and Trivia

  • Just to clear possible ambiguities, the waltz The Blue Danube is played by the Vienna Philharmonic every New Year's Day.
  • The Schleswig-Holstein was a German battleship that initiated WWII by shelling a Polish depot at the Westerplatte near Danzig/Gdansk.
  • Aaaaannnnd here's another reference to the Battle of Stalingrad: the 6th Army... guess what happens to them... hehe.
  • And yes, Zolu and his "What in Koh's realm... How... I mean, the mushroom cloud... This wasn't an ordinary explosion... " is a reference to Sokka in the The Desert episode.
  • As you, dear reader, may have noticed, I'm trying to mix a little logic into my fanon and not a General who's just met the Team and already wants to kill them or similar.

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