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The Tale of Naton



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June 4, 2014

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book Two: Light

Chapter One: Dark Lord Eljero

Previously on Naton

After Avatar Naton and Tazen accidentally release the prince of dark spirits, Kaaju, the gang fly towards Republic City to meet the President. Along the way, they are attacked by Kaaju, and they crash land into Yue Bay. The Dark Lord greets Kaaju with satisfaction, and prepares to kill the Avatar.

Chapter One: Dark Lord Eljero

The darkness slowly opened up, and a bright white hospital room filled his view. Naton's eyed scanned the room. Onza, Aeron, Beeno, Gardie and Karrie were in beds, covered in bandages and asleep. Two doctors entered the room. "Oh look. He's awake." Naton looked over to them.

"What..... happened?"

"Your plane crash landed into the bay. You all are so lucky to be alive." The doctors helped Naton sit up. "Aside from minor injuries, your head is slightly damaged and your right leg is severely cracked." Another doctor entered the room.

"Are they all in good condition?"


The doctor bowed to Naton. "Greetings, Avatar." Naton bowed back. "You will recover in about a month."

"A month? We don't have that kind of time," Naton cried. Then he clenched his fist. His head hurt like crazy.

"Please, Avatar. You must rest." The doctors then exited the room. Onza opened his eyes, and turned to Naton.

"Naton. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. They said we'd recover in a month."

"A month? That's too long."

Naton groggily stood up, but his right leg caved in, and he fell onto the bed. "I have to get to the President. Kaaju's probably attacking Republic City right now."

"No. He will come to us," Onza said.

After a few hours, they were all awake, and they each received a healing session from the waterbending doctors. "A month? At least let us walk around in wheelchairs," Gardie protested. The doctor shook his head.

"I understand, but in your condition, you can't even operate a wheelchair. Please rest."

Beeno held his head. "I feel a bit dumber." Aeron laughed.

"You always were."

The head of the hospital gathered them up in the reception room. "The injuries are too great for you people to move around. But don't worry. I've requested for the president to visit you here in the hospital." Onza smiled.

"Thank you."

The doctor turned to Naton. "So you're the Avatar? Have you mastered all four elements?"

Naton nodded. "A spirit taught me. But I'll need more than four elements to fight the Dark Lord."

The doctor nodded. "We all have hope in you, Avatar."

The President's car drove up to the hospital. The head doctor greeted him. "Greetings, President. The Ben Hai are upstairs." They escalated the stairs and entered the large meeting room. The president sat on the end. On his sides were his secretary, and Meelo, head of the Republic Guard.

The Ben Hai bowed, and sat down. "I apologize for the sudden notice," Onza said. The president shook his head.

"I was waiting for the Ben Hai to come. Unfortunately it wasn't a warm welcome." The president turned to Meelo.

"The darkbenders have once again gained territory and influence. We've even seen posters of the dark lord around the city. He calls himself Dark Lord Eljero: Master of Darkness," Meelo explained. "I'm afraid there are some enemies in Republic City."

Onza raised his hand. "I knew him by Dark Lord Orchinar. He seems to have changed his identity." He turned to the president. "President Raiko, on our way to the Fire Nation, we met an earthbender and his friends, who apparently were working for the dark nation. I believe some benders in Republic City are working as spies."

Meelo nodded. "Sounds realistic. But we can't check every single citizen in Republic City."

"We don't have to," Gardie added. "The Flare Rebels have allied with us, and they will arrive in Republic City shortly. We can keep Republic City under close watch and keep an eye out for suspicious activity."

"Also, some darkbenders appear to have the ability to take away bending," Gardie continued. "Beeno lost his earthbending to one of them."

"But I got it back!" Beeno shouted. Tazen glared at him. "Sorry."

"It seems like the darkbenders have a ton of tricks up their sleeves," President Raiko said. "Most of my forces are up north. All I have is the Republic Guard. I'll need your help to track down these spies."

Onza bowed. "At your service, President."

Naton stood up. "Mr. President. Let me introduce myself. I am Naton Anoka, the Avatar. I will do the best I can to help the world of benders."

The President nodded. "I have heard of your stories in the Earth Kingdom. But why are you so late, may I ask?"

"Someone wiped his memory and redirected his chi paths. It could have been a darkbender," Aeron said.

"That reminds me!" Karrie butted in. "The prince of dark spirits, Kaaju, is also a huge threat. He's the reason why we crashed landed into the bay. He's the son of Vaatu."

The President's eyes widened. "Vaatu..... I remember now. Not long ago, Republic City was attacked by Vaatu. Do you mean his son has allied with the darkbenders?"

"That is what we think," Onza said. "He is extremely powerful, and very dangerous."

Meelo turned to the President. "Mr. President, the darkbenders have become too strong. It's about time we took action."

Raiko cleared his throat. "In this devastating war, as the President of the United Republic of Nations, I urge the Ben Hai to aid me protect Republic City."

"You have our loyalty," Gardie bowed.

Naton sat down. "President, if you excuse me, I must say something."

Onza looked over to him. 

"Many people outside Republic City are in great danger. You have heard about the great power that the Dark Lord has in his hands. They need people to protect them. I think we should also consider them."

The President nodded. "Yes, I understand."

The President and Meelo exited the hospital, and the group returned to their room. "Now that I think about it, the Dark Lord is a lot more powerful than I first though he was," Aeron said. Beeno slapped him on the back.

"You kidding? Your uncle's the head of the Republic Guard, your aunt and mom are out at war.. Dude, your family is everywhere!"

"That's beside the point. We can't do much in this condition," Gardie said. "We have to recover fast."

Naton sighed. "I hate waiting."

Meelo and Rohan met the Ben Hai after dinner. "Tomorrow you guys will move to a hotel not far from here."

"Finally!" Karrie said.

Onza stood up. "Have you heard any report of dark spirits, specifically Kaaju?"

"Not that I heard of. Little bro, have you heard reports of dark spirits?" Meelo asked.

Rohan shook his head. "None."

Meelo sat down next to his nephew. "The Republic Guard is stationed on the ports of Republic City. Soon we'll have heavy machinery to help us defend the city. A dark spirit wouldn't do much."

"Don't be so sure. Onza is a lightbender, and even he doesn't stand a chance against Kaaju. He is a real threat," Gardie said. "I'm afraid this has something to do with Vaatu."

"Stop making things worse. We already know the darkbender are growing stronger, and the President is doing the best he can," Rohan retorted. "But the Avatar gives us a chance."

Naton frowned. 'But I don't know how to beat the Dark Lord. I can't lightbend. If I do, I darkbend instead."

Meelo scratched his head. "The Avatar darkbending? That doesn't sound right."

"It's complicated," Onza replied.

"Once we get to the hotel, do you think you could hire your best healers?" Naton asked. "We don't have much time."

"Our best healers? You just met them today," Meelo answered.

"What?" Beeno cried. "That's your best? At this rate, we'll be fine in a month!"

"Settle down, Beeno," Onza said.

Rohan sighed. "Your wounds are very serious, and our healers are doing the best they can."

"But... I have to meet my fans!" Beeno protested. "I can't pro-bend with this body!"

"You won't. We have much bigger things to worry about," Onza said.

Outside the hospital, Meelo ripped off another poster off the wall. "These stupid posters are everywhere. If only they'd show the Dark Lord's face."

Rohan took the poster out of Meelo's hands. "His name might be a clue to his identity. Maybe it's an anagram. Jeroel, Jelore, Leejor.."

Meelo balled up the paper and threw it into a trash can. "Use your head, nerd! The Dark Lord's not gonna just put a clue right into the open!"

His brother walked past him. "I wish he would."

Naton stared at the empty ceiling. The room was filled with Beeno's loud snoring. "My head still hurts," Aeron groaned. "Why did Kaaju have to attack us then?"

"Get some sleep, everyone," Onza said. "You'll need it. We have a big day tomorrow."

"I hope the hotel has nice food. Maybe cake!" Aeron cried.

Naton pulled the covers over his face. "This is isn't right. We can't just stay in the hospital for a month while the world is being taken over."

"Easier said than done," Gardie said. "We can't even fight a few crooks with these bodies."

Naton groaned, and buried his face in the pillow.

"No one talk until tomorrow," Onza said.

Naton closed his eyes.

Ha ha ha ha! Got you again!

What's up, guys? Gonna catch a few pickpockets again?

It means courage! Now stop it!

He's not the same friend we used to know.

He's disappeared. He's not coming back.

Naton opened his eyes. His head was beaded with sweat. It was the voices again. Were they trying to tell him something? He tried to go back to sleep. Maybe tomorrow, things will get better....


Writer - GretriXcape

Illustrator - GretriXcape

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