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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 15, 2013

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Chapter 12 - Future Plans

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Aang, Sokka, and Toph try to find out why so many people are stealing from Republic City's shops

It's a quiet morning on Air Temple Island. Aang and Katara are sleeping. Aang and Katara's bedroom door opens, and Tenzin walks into their room. He walks over to his father and starts shaking his shoulder

Tenzin: *whispers* Daddy wake up.

Aang's eyes slowly start to open. He sees Tenzin and sits up quickly

Aang: What is Tenzin?

Tenzin: I want to learn more airbending. Can you teach me some more moves?

Aang: This wouldn't have anything to do with learning all the moves in time for the new Avatar, would it?

Tenzin: Well somewhat. I want to be prepared for everything, but most of it is having fun learning a new move.

Aang: Okay, but we can't make too much noise, your mom is still sleeping.

Aang gets out of bed and he and Tenzin walks down the halls and stairs to the front door. Aang opens the door and they walk over to the area where Aang teaches Tenzin how to airbend. Tenzin sits down on a rock and Aang walks a few feet away from him

Aang: This move is pretty basic. It's called the Air slice, or as your Uncle Sokka would call it, the Airbending Slice. This move can be preformed many different ways for many different reasons. 

Tenzin: When was the last time you used the airbending slice?

Aang: Against Yakone on my Air Scooter.

Tenzin: What did you use it for?

Aang: I used it to cut the rope he was using for his ostrich horse to escape. The air slice cut right through it. Tell you what, I'll demonstrate what I did, and then you can give it a try. 

Aang forms an airball in his hands and jumps on it. He spins around and forms an air slice which cuts right through a bush

Tenzin: Wow, the Air Slice is a lot more complicated that I thought.

Coming up the stairs is Katara with an annoyed facial expression

Katara: *annoyed tone* Aang.

Aang quickly gets off his air scooter and starts walking over to Katara

Aang: What is it sweetie?

Aang puts his hand on her shoulder and kisses her forehead. He smiles at her afterwards. Katara still has an annoyed facial expression

Katara: Why did you use your Air Slice to cut that bush? It takes a while to trim them you know.

Aang: I know, but what else was I supposed to do? Tenzin wanted to learn a new move.

Tenzin: Can I practice on the bush, mommy? Please?

Katara: *sigh* Fine, but only this one time. 

Katara walks back towards the temple

Tenzin: Do you want me to use the air scooter?

Aang: Not yet, just turn around and move your arms like I did.

Tenzin: Okay!

Tenzin moves his arms and creates an air slice. It goes towards the bush, but only slices through a couple leaves. A disappointed facial expression forms on Tenzin's face

Tenzin: Oh..I'll never be an airbending master.

Aang walks up to Tenzin and puts his hand on his shoulder

Aang: Yes you will, don't give up on what you are Tenzin. 

Tenzin starts smiling 

Tenzin: I'll try again!

Tenzin moves his arms around creating another air slice. This time, as it goes through the bush, it cuts right through the center

Tenzin: I DID IT!

Aang runs to Tenzin and picks him up

Aang: I knew you would

Aang, still holding Tenzin, hugs him tightly. Katara approaches the two; this time with a happier expression

Katara: How are my airboys doing?

Tenzin: I mastered the Air Slice! 

Katara looks at the bush which is now destroyed

Katara:*sarcastically* Lovely. Anyway, breakfast is ready, are you coming?

Tenzin: Race you to the table daddy!

Tenzin forms an air scooter, sits on it, and rides towards the temple

Aang: Hey no fair!

Aang quickly forms an air scooter and stand on it

Katara: Aang, stop it! He shouldn't ride an air scooter inside the ho--

Katara's sentence gets cut off by Aang grabbing Katara. Aang holds onto Katara tightly

Katara: AH!

Aang along with Katara make it to the temple, but Tenzin is already inside. Aang and Katara walk in and Tenzin looks at his father with a semi-smug facial expression

Tenzin: Ha! I beat you!

Aang: You got a head start, and I had a special someone to take with me.

Suddenly there's a knock at the door

Katara: I'll get it.

Katara walks to the door and opens it. Toph enters the house

Toph: What's up everyone?

Katara: Hey Toph, it's good to see you again.

Aang: What brings you here?

Toph: There's another trial going on, nothing terrible, just another guy trying to steal. 

About an hour later passes. Aang, Toph, and Sokka are at City Hall. It shows a guy getting taken away by Toph's officers. 

Sokka: That guy stole from almost every shop in Republic City. 

Toph: I don't understand. Why are so many people breaking laws and stealing? They know they can't get away with it forever.

Aang: I don't know, but we have to get behind the case of the crooks.

Sokka: Maybe the reason there's more than one crook is because its a whole group of crooks. We need to investigate in this more.

A few hours go by and it's night time. Toph is in disguise as a shopkeeper and Aang and Sokka are hiding from across the street watching

Aang: Are you sure it's a good idea to let Toph be the "shopkeeper?"

Sokka: She'll be fine Aang, she can take on anyone that approaches her, most of the time. 

Aang: There's a guy going in the shop! 

The guy walks into the shop 

Crook: Alright shopkeeper, your time is up!

Toph: What do you mean?

Crook: I'm taking over this shop and stealing what I can, and you can't do a thing about it. 

Toph walks up to the crook and handcuffs him before he can do anything.

Toph:  That's where you're wrong shoplifter.

Toph takes off part of her disguise. The crook looks surprised 

Crook: Chief Beifong? My apologies, I really didn't mean to--

Toph: Save you're apologies for later bub, you're under arrest for attempt of burglary and verballing assaulting a shopkeeper.

Crook: But you're not a shopkeeper!

Toph: No, but if I was, you would have said the same thing. 

A few minutes go by and Toph's officers escort the crook towards the prison

Sokka: Good work, Toph. 

Toph: Thanks, now what do we do?

Sokka: We have to find the rest of these crooks.

Sokka walks over to the crook and Toph's officers

Sokka:If I may ask you one question, is there a secret group of people that steal from shops in Republic City? 

Crook: No, that's ridiculous! Crooks only steal for themselves. 

Toph's officers continue to escort the crook. Toph and Aang walk up to Sokka

Toph: Well I have some good news.

Aang: What good news?

Toph: That guy was lying.


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