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"The Young Masters"
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September 16, 2016

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"The Young Masters" is the 13th chapter of Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

The Young Masters

It was the day before the opening, and since the Earth Guardians and their apprentices were going to guard the event together, they thought the young apprentices should get to know each other. They were therefore all sent to the Ba Sing Se University where they were going to study together in one day.

Miranda arrived in the class room. She was a little late, as the three other apprentices were there already.

The three were each sitting on a chair. Miranda wanted to shake hands with everyone.

One of them was a girl named Tara. She was the Si Wong Region Guardian's apprentice. Tara sat with her legs at the table and had a chewing gum in her mouth. Miranda tried to give her a hand, but Tara didn't seem to like Miranda much.

"Are you really the Avatar? That's so cheating!" she complained. Miranda didn't say anything.

"I am waiting for answer. Seriously, don't you have any explanation?" Tara asked.

"Um... Modern society?" was the only thing Miranda managed to say at that point. As Tara rolled her eyes, Miranda moved on to the next one.

She was a pretty fat girl dressed and painted as a Kyoshi Warrior. She was Bolin's apprentice. Miranda gave her a hand.

"Hello. I'm Miranda!" she said.

"Hi there, Avatar," the apprentice said back. This girl had a really creepy voice, making Miranda want to move on to the last guy.

This guy was Pei Qi, disguised as Guardian Su's apprentice Pong. He was the only one Miranda felt she could speak normally to.

However, Miranda was thinking that the Earth Guardians in general had done a pretty bad job at finding their apprentices.

In the evening, Miranda walked home again and told her friends about her great but a little weird day.

Elsewhere, in a dark house, the three other apprentices proved to meet without the Avatar. Pong and Tara sat around a table, while the fat girl was more in the shadow.

Pei Qi was no longer disguised as Pong, and the Kyoshi Warrior had just taken off her makeup. Her voice from the darkness was talking about a plan of revenge.

"Tomorrow, I will have complete control of the Earth Kingdom! Are each of you understanding what you have to do tomorrow?" she asked, proving to be the boss of the group.

"Off course we are, My Lady," Pei Qi said to her.

"Good. And Tara? Don't you disappoint me - again," she said.

Book One: Start (開始)
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