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That Long Road
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Dancing Shadows





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July 22, 2012

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Chapter 1 of Part 2 of Dancing Shadows.


Picking up three weeks after the finale of Part 1, That Long Road details Feng, Wei and Nekku as they journey to the Hu Xin Provinces, as well as introducing new characters and revealing what Rayu, Airan, Kayla and Ehan are doing.



Nekku hummed softly as he walked. Before long, he started to sing quietly.

"It's a long long way to Ba Sing Se, but the girls in the city, they are so pretty..."

Wei punched him softly in the arm.

"Shut up, Nekku," she said. "We're going from Ba Sing Se, not to it."

He sighed.

"Come on. It's been three weeks. Can't we just take a break for a week or so?"

"No," Feng said. "No way. The Dai Li and the Shroud both will still be following us."

"Alright, alright. But where are we going?"

"The Hu Xin Provinces," Wei said. "They're to the far west. Fire Nation territory. We'll be out of the Dai Li's reach there, and hopefully we can escape the Shroud while we're at it."

"I know that, but where in the Provinces?"

Feng shrugged. "We'll wander around, I suppose. Maybe we can even pick up some work."

The three of them had gone straight from the south of Ba Sing Se in the three weeks since they left, only stopping at night. They had crossed the central Earth Kingdom and gone west. They were now nearly at the channel that separated them from the Hu Xin Provinces. The region was marked by vast grasslands and small forests. At the moment, the three of them were walking on a road through one of said grasslands.

Feng wiped sweat from his brow.

"There," he said, pointing ahead of him. "That town over there. We'll stop there and rest. Got it?"

After a few more minutes of walking, they came up on the small town. Feng estimated around forty small buildings, made of sturdy wood from the surrounding forests. A stall sat propped against a wall, with a merchant inside selling fruit. The town housed a teashop and an inn, as well. A few children were playing a game with a hoop and stick, rolling the hoop through the town's square. A fountain sat in the middle of the town, gushing cool water.

"There's an inn, Feng," Nekku said as they walked into the town square. "Let's rest there, alright?"

"Sweet," Wei said. "I could use a warm bed and a cool beer. Let's go."

As they walked towards the inn, Nekku looked over, spotting a small girl around the age of eight. Two boys were near her, tossing a doll around.

"Hey!" the girl yelled at them. "Give her back!"

The boys didn't respond, just laughing as they tossed the doll to each other.

"You two go on ahead," Nekku said. "I'll catch up."

Feng nodded at him, and he and Wei went into the building.

Nekku turned, and walked towards the girl.

"Hey," he said, squatting down to talk to her. "You alright?"

She looked up at him, sniffling. "Those meanies took my dolly!"

He smiled, and patted her on the head.

"I'll get it back, okay?"

She nodded, and Nekku stood up.

"Hey," he said to the two boys. "Give her her doll back."

"Yeah?" the first boy replied. "And why should we?"

In one swift motion, Nekku snapped his hand out. Water shot out of the pouch on his hip, snapping at the boy's wrist. The doll fell out of his hand, and Nekku walked over and picked it up.

"Stay away from her. Got it?" The boy nodded, wide-eyed. Nekku turned around, and both of them ran away. He walked over to the girl, smiled, and handed her the doll.

"Here you go," he said. The girl smiled up at him.

"Thanks a lot, mister!" she said, before running in the opposite direction. Nekku turned and walked back towards the inn.


Airan stood easily on the sand below him. His black ponytail waved slightly as a small breeze rolled through. He wore a simple tan robe, which hung loosely on his body.

The desert town of Karas was likely the most prosperous near the Si Wong Desert. For most people, it was the last stop before venturing into the desert and, being on the very northern edge of the vast wasteland, it got a decent amount of passersby not venturing into the expanse at all.

Si Wong Desert

Airan walked forward towards a seedy-looking tavern. Ehan, who was accompanying him, followed close behind, his hands held lightly behind his back. Airan shoved the door of the tavern open and walked inside.

The building was packed inside. Thugs, mercenaries, sandbenders, and outlaws lined the establishment's seats, sipping mugs of ale and whiskey.

"They should be in here," Airan said. "A Sender and a Shadowblade. Some of our best reconnaissance guys."

"Gotcha," Ehan said, scanning the crowd.

"Hey!" someone called. "Hey, Airan, Ehan! My two favorite Elites, over here!" The two assassins saw the man who was talking. Sitting over in a corner were two men, one with short blond hair, and another, the one who called, with long brown hair.

Airan quickly walked over to their table.

"Please, do be quiet, Kayu. Not many know of our existence, but... Well, the ones that do are usually our enemies. Particularly the enemies of two Elites," he said as he and Ehan pulled out two chairs and sat down.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kayu said. "Anyways, me and Heyr have been scouting, like you asked. Found that Fire Navy admiral. Ruian, right? Blond woman?"

Airan nodded. "That's the one. My target."

"Alright, good." Kayu took a map out of a bag on the table. "Here you are. I marked her last position on here." He pointed to a spot on the coast. "Eavesdropped on some of her officers, and it sounds like they'll be staying there for about a week, so you should have time."

"Thank you," Airan said, and gave the man a bag of gold.

"Yeah... Hey, I know we have a truce with the guy, but... We saw Malice while we were out there." He pointed to another spot on the map. "He was around Viru last time we saw him."

"Thanks, but he's no trouble for us. Let him go."

Kayu nodded. "If you say so."

"Hey, if you don't mind my asking," the blond man, Heyr, said, "Why are you two all the way out here in our little haven of Karas? Weren't you hunting the Shadowborn?"

"Were," Ehan said. "Those damned Dai Li flushed us out before we could get him. Rayu continued hunting after him. Kayla is off to Kolau Fortress, and I'm going to take out a big-time governor. As for Airan, he's going to assassinate the general, and then meet up with Kayla, to do... Well, you know, whatever lovers do."

Airan coughed awkwardly, and Kayu and Heyr laughed.

"Barman!" Kayu called. "Bring two ales for my friends here!" The man at the bar nodded in acknowledgment, and brought the drinks over. Kayu flipped him a coin, which the bartender caught and stuck in his pocket.

"Alright, well, Airan, be careful with your target. Ruian's a tough one. Brilliant strategist, and a fantastic fighter. Hell, I've heard she took down the Fire Nation's hotshot general, Tyrus, in an agni kai."

"I'll be fine," Airan said. He pulled down one sleeve, showing a leather arm guard strapped on. "See this? Invention of mine. Poisoned darts on the side, hidden knife on top, and grappling hook on bottom. Perfect for a non-bending assassin. And besides, I find that when it comes to benders, the only challenge is getting close. Most fall apart at close range."

Ehan took a swig of ale. "Yeah, come on. Even an admiral is no match for an Elite of the Shroud."

"I suppose so," Heyr said. "At any rate, Abhiraja's called us back to Kolau. We're to do some more recon, I suppose. I'll say hello to Kayla for you, Airan." He and Kayu stood up. Airan nodded goodbye, and the two men took their leave.

"'Whatever lovers do', Ehan?" he said once they were gone.

The earthbender chuckled. "Well, you did make that son of yours somehow, right?"

Airan smiled.

"Heh, I hope he's alright."

"Yeah, how old is the little guy?"

"He'll be four years soon. Hard to believe it's been that long since I met her..."

Ehan sighed. "I had a girl of my own, once, you know."

Airan raised an eyebrow. "Oh? What happened to her?"

"She, ah... She went away, I suppose." He smiled, yet looked sad at the same time. His fist clenched slightly.

"Well, I'm sorry, friend. Anyways, we should go if we want to be gone by dark. We have people to kill, eh?"

"Haha, that is what we do."

"To balance."

"To balance!"

The two assassins bumped their glasses together, and each downed all the drink inside.

The Admiral

Admiral Ruian admired her ships. Twenty of her finest battleships. They had split off from the fleet a week prior, to scout out the channel dividing the Hu Xin Provinces and the central Earth Kingdom. Nothing exciting. The most they had encountered was a few smugglers.

Ruian was one of the Fire Nation's prodigies. Born into a peasant family, she had nothing to begin with. However, from an early age she began to show both firebending prowess and extreme tactical intelligence. While her two sisters spent their time sewing and cooking, she spent her early years getting in fights with the boys of her town, and drawing out battle plans. By the age of eleven she had defeated her first adult in an agni kai.

When she was twelve, her father had taken her on a trip to the shore. There, she saw her first Fire Nation ship and fell in love with both the sea and the navy. She worked to help her parents raise money, and, before long, she was able to go to the Fire Nation's prestigious navy school. She graduated at the top of her class.

Rising through the ranks, Ruian became an admiral at twenty two years old when she expertly commanded a group of ships to victory in the Battle of Coral Island, which would be the Eath Kingdom's last naval stand.

She was now twenty four years old. Her and her fleet were assigned to Supreme General Tyrus, becoming the Fire Nation Royal Hu Xin Fleet, assigned to the protection of the Hu Xin provinces, and expansion of territory around it.

Finally, her and her troops had stopped on the banks of the central Earth Kingdom to rest up. They would wait around a week, before moving back to the coat of the Provinces.

She turned from her ships, and began walking back to camp. Her blond hair, tied in a braid, swayed lightly in the cool afternoon autumn breeze. She smiled at a group of soldiers she passed.

"Evening!" she called to them. The group smiled and waved to her.

She continued walking until she reached a small group of people sitting in a circle near her own tent, eating. She sat down with them.

"So, people, enjoying your brief break?"

One of the soldiers looked up from her food and smiled.

"Evening, admiral. Yeah, it's nice to have a little time with something to look at that isn't endless water."

Ruian chuckled. "Yeah, I know what you're talking about. We'll ship out in around a week or so. Hey, has anybody been to the town nearby? I'd like to see if they have any mandolins."

A male soldier chuckled. "You play, chief?"

"Hahaha, do I play? Hell yeah, I play. Mom taught me as a girl."

"Well, then, I'll have to find you one, just so we can all hear you play. You can throw the company a little concert."

Ruian laughed. "Yeah, fat chance of that."

At that moment, a man popped his head out of the admiral's tent.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but you have a visitor here, who wants to see you."

She nodded, excused herself, and walked into her tent, straightening her uniform.

She gasped when she entered the tent. A man was sitting at a table. He had black hair, which was worn very plainly at medium length. He wore a red Fire Nation uniform, with five stars embroidered on either shoulder.

Ruian quickly straightened and saluted.

"General Tyrus, sir! What brings you all the way here?"

The man stood up.

"At ease, admiral. We have problems in the provinces."

"Problems, sir?"

"Earth Kingdom problems. Ever hear of the Hu Sang Forest?"

"Yes sir. The forest with the giant trees, correct?"

"Yes. We have a base situated there. It's on the northern border of the Provinces."


"It seems the Earth Kingdom has begun what Fire Lord Ozai predicted. They attacked our fortress in the Forest about half a week ago. Luckily, our men were able to fend them off. They sent a hawk to us, and I decided to come here personally to tell you. We've dispatched the Second Battalion to the north."

"Yes, sir. What do you need me to do?"

"Well, thanks to your brilliant efforts at the Battle of Coral Island, the Earth Kingdom is largely done in the sea. However, our spies are beginning to hear of a secret fleet hidden by the Earth Kingdom. We may have need of a brilliant sea commander yet. Even without that, the sea is the fastest way to transport troops, and you're as good a commander on land as on sea."

"Orders, sir?"

"For now, I want you to hold current position. We're not yet sure if this is to be a full-scale invasion. However, I do want you ready to move at a moment's notice. Understand?"

"Completely, sir. We'll be ready."

"Excellent." Tyrus got up from his chair. "I trust you won't disappoint, admiral. Before I go, I've got a gift for you."

"A gift?"

"Yes." He reached to his hip, and pulled out a long sword. Made of some incredible metal, it seemed to shimmer, alternating from black to red in the light. "You studied the sword as a child, yes?"

"Yes sir, I did."

"Good. I want you to have this. Its name is Widowmaker. It was first used by Ryos the Slayer, back in the War of Ash, and it's been passed down since then. I trust it will be in good hands." He put it in an exquisite leather sheath, which he handed to the admiral. The sword's name was engraved in steel at the top of the sheath.

"Thank you, sir. It's beautiful."

"Good day, admiral." He nodded, and left the tent.

As he left, she sank down into a nearby chair.

"This is gonna be a long next couple of months," she said to the soldier in her tent. He smiled.

"Don't worry, admiral, it'll all be fine."

"Ha, I do hope you're right." She stood up, and strapped Widowmaker to her left hip.


Wei couldn't sleep that night. Despite how much she had craved sleeping on a warm bed instead of the hard ground, once she sank into it that night, she couldn't seem to bring her eyes to close and her brain to rest. The morning light was already beginning to creep up over the horizon.

She sighed and turned from the window, turning towards Feng. To her surprise, he began to awaken, rubbing his eyes.

"Hey? Feng? You awake?" she asked.

He yawned, stretched, and got out of bed. "Yeah, I am now. You alright?"

"Couldn't sleep. You?"

"I slept, but I can't say I slept well."

"What's wrong?"

"The dream. Again."

"Aw, man, are you alright? You've had that dream almost every day since we left Ba Sing Se. Same as always?"

"Yeah. My dad... My dad's death, and then... Ba Sing Se, burning."

Wei crossed over to him, and hugged him. "You alright?"

He hugged her back, and they separated. "Yeah, I... It's tough."

"I know what you mean. My sister... I keep the grief inside, but... But sometimes it all just comes back, and..."

Feng smiled at her. "Come on, it's alright. We'll get through it, both of us, right?"

She smiled back. "You bet. Together, just like always."

It was then that a knock came on the door.

"Open up!" someone yelled. "Quick, open up!"

Wei ran to the door and opened it.

"Fire Nation!" the man yelled. "They're raiding!"

Nekku began to wake up, rubbing their eyes. Wei grabbed her two daggers, and Feng grabbed Shi.

"Fire Nation, huh?"

"Wei? What's happening?" Nekku asked.

"Fire Nation's come," she said, turning towards him. "Time to kick ass."

"What? No!" the man yelled. "Come on, we gotta run!"

"Screw that. The Fire Nation took my sister from me. Time for some payback."

Feng strapped Shi's sheath across his back, and pulled the sword out. Nekku, waking up, grabbed his bow, arrows, and what little money they had. The three of them ran downstairs, and the man ran after him, yelling "It's suicide, just run!"

The three assassins went out into the town square, where people were panicking.

"People!" Feng yelled. "People, listen!"

He, Wei and Nekku managed to get them under control and into the town square.

"Alright, people," Nekku said. "We are not going to just run, and let the Fire Nation have another town under them. This is your town, and you are keeping it! Any benders or non-benders who know how to and are willing to fight, please, step forward."

Six people stepped forward. Four were benders, and two were non-benders, one with a katana in his hand and one with a sword and a shield strapped to his back.

"Alright!" yelled Feng. "Everyone else, get in the inn."

"This is suicide!" someone yelled from the crowd. "We're all going to die, dammit! Eight people can't hold a town from a raiding party!"

"Listen, if you want to abandon us, you can leave. But we can and we will hold this town. You just have to trust us."

In the end, most of the town consented, and gathered in the inn. About fifteen people ran, but the rest stayed.

"Alright," Nekku said. "You four benders. I want two of you with us, in the front of the town. The other two of you will stay here as our last line of defense. You two non-benders. I want you with the katana up on the rooftops, ready to pounce and strike quickly, and then get back up. You with the sword and shield, I want you with the two earthbenders and us. Got it, everyone?"

The six of them nodded.

"Alright. Let's go."

Finally, Feng, Wei and Nekku stood together at the edge of town. The two earthbenders were on either side of them, and the sword and shield wielder was right behind them.

They saw the Fire Nation approaching. There were around thirty five of them, with five mounted on rhino lizards.

Wei gripped her daggers, hard.

"Easy, Wei, easy," Feng said.

She didn't answer, only staring at the approaching enemy.

Finally, the soldiers got to the town.

"You there!" one soldier yelled. "Surrender, now!"

"Screw you," Wei said. She flung a knife. It flew through the air, glistening in the early-morning sunlight. Until, that is, it buried itself through the man's visor, killing him.

The soldiers looked at the body, shocked.

"You... You'll pay for that one!" another firebender yelled. He punched twice and kicked, sending three bolts of fire, as did the other benders. Feng and the two earthbenders brought up walls to block the flames.

"Spread out and take them down!" another of the soldiers yelled, and the troops split apart, heading into the town.

Wei charged the wall, vaulting over it. She flew over the wall, towards three soldiers that had stuck together. She landed in front of them. Two lowered their spears towards her, and the firebender with them launched fireballs at her.

She dodged the fire, ran up, and slit the bender's throat.

"Payback, assholes!" she yelled, stepping to one side to avoid a spear thrust. She caught the second man's spear with her daggers, running up while fending the spear away, and safely lodging a knife in his heart. The other soldier slashed down. She caught the attack with her left dagger, and stabbed him with her right, killing him.

She stepped back over the three bodies.

"This is for you, sister," she muttered to herself, charging back into battle.

Feng and Nekku stood side-by-side, with three firebenders advancing. Feng launched several boulders at them, which they dodged, and launched fireballs. He brought up a wall from the right, blocking the fire, and then lowered the wall to the right. In the same fluid motion, he brought up a pillar, launching one of them. Nekku shot out ice spikes, impaling one soldier. The last one dodged, and continued his advance.

One of the earthbenders they had recruited came up from behind. He brought up a pillar, impaling the last man.

"Thanks!" Feng called. The man nodded, and ran back into the fray. Feng turned to the other side, where he saw the other earthbender fending off a mounted soldier and two firebenders. He ran forward, drawing Shi, and slashed sideways, sending off a wave of earth. He shouted a warning, which the earthbender heeded, propelling himself up. The wave shook the two benders up. The earthbender pulled up a boulder and launched it at one firebender, crushing him, and brought up a small wall in front of the second firebender. He launched the wall forward, then down, crushing the him as well.

Feng ran up to the mounted soldier. He jumped up to him, launching off the head of his rhino lizard, then slashed down, cutting his spear in half. Weaponless, the soldier threw down his now-useless weapon, surrendering.

"Thanks for the help!" the earthbender yelled up.

Feng nodded. "Take care of this guy, well you?"

"Yup, sure." He moved towards the defeated soldier while Feng turned towards the town.

Wei moved through the town's streets, coming across a mounted soldier. She jumped up from behind, and slit the man's throat. The beast ran off with the dead rider hanging from the saddle.

She jumped down. As she did, she heard a sound behind her, and turned around. The man with the sword and shield had his sword embedded in a soldier who was sneaking up on Wei. She nodded her thanks, and ran towards the battle.

Nekku ran through the town's streets, looking for the soldiers, who had fanned out throughout the town. He found one firebender, and impaled him with spikes before he could react.

Suddenly, a shriek came out. Nekku ran towards the sound, finally rounding a corner. Standing in an alleyway was the same little girl he had helped, fervently clutching her doll as if it was a protective ward. A firebender was standing in front of her, and two soldiers were advancing from the right.

Nekku ran forward. He slid in front of the firebender, and at the same time made a slashing motion with his right hand. Water flew out of his pouch in a slice, cutting the man from hip to shoulder.

The soldiers lowered their weapons and charged. Nekku sent his water out towards them, and froze it, impaling them both with icicles. He took his water back into the pouch and turned to the girl.

"Are you alright?" he asked. She nodded, then ran forward and hugged Nekku around his legs. He smiled and patted her head.

"It's alright. You're safe now. I need you to run back to the inn and hide in there with everyone else, okay?"

She nodded, and ran off.

Feng dodged a fire blast, rolling to the right of it. He retaliated with a punch, which sent out a string of pillars. The firebender jumped up, dodging it, as a mounted soldier charged Feng. He rolled to the side of his spear stab, and made a slashing motion diagonally up, which sent out a spike. It hit the soldier in the temple. The firebender jumped up onto the now dead rider's beast, and jumped down at Feng, punching with fire. Feng sidestepped, drew Shi, and killed the man with a slash down.

Three firebenders and a mounted rider charged up to Feng. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. The rider fell off his beast, blood spurting from his throat. The man with the katana stood on top of the rhino. He leaped down, killing a firebender. While the other two were distracted, Feng was able to launch a boulder at both of them.

"Quick," said the man. "They're approaching the town square. We must go help."

Feng nodded and ran towards the square, while the man jumped to the rooftops, and ran the same way.

There were eight left, with one mounted, all in the square. By the time Feng and the man got there, the two earthbenders were fighting. Wei and Nekku, with the two remaining earthbenders and the man with the sword and shield in tow, burst into the square.

"Drop your weapons and surrender!" Feng yelled.

"This town is Fire Nation now, kid. A rag-tag couple of fighters won't change that," said the mounted man.

"Seems to me we've done well enough. Eight rag-tag fighters did take out twenty seven or so of your trained soldiers, if I do recall."

The man spat. "Rookies. Green boys. Never seen blood. Luckily for you, these men here are my finest. Now, you can surrender, or you can die. Cho-"

The man was stopped short by one of the two earthbenders left to guard the inn. His small spike of earth went through his neck, killing him.

"He was worse then a book villain. Talking before a battle. Idiot," the man said.

The remaining soldiers, shocked, dropped their weapons and surrendered. Eight prisoners were taken in total.

"Come on, let's go get everyone from the inn," Feng said.

The eight defenders walked into the inn, victorious. As they entered, the scared townspeople looked up. There was a short pause, and a round of cheering.

"You did it!" exclaimed the bartender. "Holy hell, you actually saved us! Free drinks, all of you!"

A doctor stepped forward to care for the sword and shield man, who had a deep gash on his right shoulder, and the two earthbenders assigned to the inn, each of which had several burns and cuts.

Eventually, all the townsfolk made there way out of the inn. They had sent a messenger to the nearest Earth Kingdom Army base, telling them of the prisoners. The innkeeper came up to Feng, Wei and Nekku after everyone left.

"Thank you, all of you." He turned to the six other defenders. "And all of you, too. Free rooms, free food, free drinks, for all of you."

Two of the earthbenders and the man with the katana declined, taking their leave of the inn. The other two earthbenders and the man with the sword and shield took his offer, heading up to their rooms.

A woman bearing the clothing of a nun stepped forward.

"Thank you, children. You saved our town. Please, come with me. I have something for you."

They followed the woman to her small abbey on the outskirts of town. Inside a building, she pulled two beautiful shortswords, about two thirds the size of Feng's longsword, down from the wall. She held them out, showing intricate patterns engraved on the weapons.

"These two weapons are Oathkeeper and Oathbreaker. They're legendary. Made in Avatar Yangchen's day, and carried by many great heroes. Please, accept them."

Wei stepped forward, taking the weapons in hand. She threw them in the air, and caught them by the hilt, then slashed the air, testing the balance.

"They're perfect... Thank you, very much," she said, putting them in the two sheaths the nun offered and strapping both to her back.

The nun nodded, and Feng, Wei and Nekku exited the abbey. They made their way out of the town, cheered on by the townsfolk as they went.

At the edge of the town, with grassland stretched out before them, the little girl came running up to Nekku.

"You saved me, mister," she said, beaming up at him. He smiled.

"Nah, it was nothing."

"Mommy wants you to have this," she said, and offered up a small pouch of coins.

"Wow... Thank you!" he said. She nodded meekly, and then offered up a small bundle.

"Dolly and I want you to have this. We made them. They're rice balls."

He took the bag and smiled.

"Thanks a lot. Maybe I'll see you someday, alright?"

"Okay! My name is Pearl, like the gem. Don't forget it, okay?" she called, as she ran back to town, waving. Nekku smiled, and waved back.

"You saved a little girl, Nekku?" Wei asked, smirking.

"Heh, yeah."

"Ha, well, nice job, buddy," Feng said. "You saved a little girl and earned us some gold and food. Toss me a rice ball, will you?"

He took two balls out of the bag, tossing one to Wei and Feng, and then took one out for themselves. They ate them as they walked back towards the long road ahead of them, with the hot noon sun beating down.


The Fire Nation were his favorite victims. So cocky, so arrogant. They never saw it coming when they died, which made their screams all the more delicious.

Malice was in disguise. Wearing a firebender's uniform, he stood at the attention of a young sergeant, who had decided they would raid a town on the southern edge of the Hu Xin Provinces.

In the town, they had found people earthbending, outlawed by the Fire Nation in the colonies. The perpetrators had their hands bound behind their backs, lined up in front of the firebenders. The sergeant wasn't in a mood to take prisoners.

"These people have committed the crime of earthbending!" the young officer bellowed to the crowd that had gathered. "They will die for this!" At these words, several of the people in the crowd gasped. "Let this be a lesson to you all. Firebenders! Make ready!"

All of the benders but Malice got into a fighting position.

"You there!" the sergeant yelled, pointing at Malice. "Why aren't you making ready?"

Malice chuckled and stepped forward, breaking attention.

"Well, sir, I agree that these people should burn. But maybe, just maybe... Maybe you should, too."

"What... What are you talking about, soldier?"

Malice laughed, and took his helmet off, throwing it to the side. He shook out his black hair, letting it fall down.

"M-Malice?!" the sergeant exclaimed. "What are you doing here!"

The man smiled evilly. "What I always do, of course."

"Sir!" a bender yelled. "Who... Who is this?"

Malice laughed again, and walked in front of the man who had spoken.

"Why, my dear friend. What aren't I? I am the fly in your soup, the pebble in your shoe. I am the peel on which you slip, I'm the pin in every hip." He poked the man. "I'm the thorn in your side, makes you wriggle and writhe." He stepped back, spreading his arms wide. "In short, I am... Evil."

"He's a maniac," the sergeant said. "He's an insane killer, and a melodramatic one at that. Men, detain him immediately!"

"Sorry, sir, can't let you do that!" Malice said, his voice getting louder through the sentence. As he finished speaking, he slashed his right arm. Fire shot out, catching the sergeant and several civilians. He turned back to the line of firebenders, who were getting ready to fight.

Malice chuckled, and swept his arm horizontally. A fire broke out, sweeping across the line. He turned to the line of earthbenders ready for execution, and did the same to them. He then began to punch and kick, throwing fireballs into the crowd of civilians.

His slaughter lasted most of the afternoon. The sun was beginning to dip when he finally turned from the town, now in flames.

Malice mocked wiping a tear from his eye. "Oh, I do have that special touch."

He cackled as he walked away.


  • Malice's description of himself is all lines from When You're Evil by Voltaire.
  • Widowmaker actually has a long past and future. Expect to see it in fanons of mine taking place in the Shadowverse both before and after Dancing Shadows in its timeline.
    • Oathkeeper and Oathbreaker, the short swords given to Wei, also have quite a history. They are not as famous as Widowmaker within the Shadowverse, however.

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