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Arthur Keane

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April 22, 2013

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Chapter 12: The Banished

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Chapter 14: Fire Nation Earthbender

Lio woke with a start, her mind clearer than it had been in years.

"Alright, it's time for your breakfast," the nurse said with a smile as she walked in. Lio sat up and obligingly began to eat.

"Nurse," she began, a piece of toast still in her mouth. "When will I get out?"

"Probably not for a long time, sweetheart," the nurse replied sadly. "They said that you wouldn't be able to walk without hurting yourself at any rate."

Lio stood with only a little difficulty. "You mean like this?"

The nurse gasped. "Lay back down and don't do anything! I'll be right back!"

Kero bowed. "I understand. Good-bye."

Naera gave him a look but said nothing. Quir, on the other hand, was not so calm.

"Zeya! These are our guests."

She met his gaze. "Not anymore they aren't."

"I was banished too! But that doesn't make these two our enemies!"

"Damn you, Quir! Why are you so perfect!? You make me feel terrible."

Quir saw his sons coming down the stairs and shoved a stone wall in their path with difficulty; he didn't want them to see the argument.

"I'm sorry, honey. But you're being unreasonable."

Kero raised one hand. "I don't want to cause any trouble. Naera and I can leave. I'm sure we'd be able to make some sort of shelter. After all, the sky is clear."

Quir looked at him. "That's fine. There's a cave in one of the hills. You can't miss it and it'll be better than a tent."

Kero nodded. "Thank you." With that he bowed again and turned, pulling Naera by the wrist out the door.

"Not our fight," Kero murmured, when it seemed like Naera was going to ask something.

"She was blaming us for something we didn't do," Naera responded as they reached the top of the first hill.

"Yeah, that's her problem," Kero responded with a grin. "Look for a cave," he changed the subject abruptly.

Naera sighed and began to help look. Why had she gone with him again? She only wondered for a half-second. Since they'd run away, he'd grown up surprisingly fast and adapted to a huge number of situations... Without using his bending. She knew that they were both 18, but lately he'd seemed older.

"There!" she exclaimed, pulling at Kero's arm.

"Good eye!" he complimented, giving her a stomach-flipping smile. Though he'd never seemed attractive to Naera, lately her organs did a little dance when he looked at her. Since their leaving he had never made a move to touch her--that is, romantically.

The two slid down the hill and began setting up the tents.

Wulon was gardening again when his mechanic friend drove up in the car.

"What's wrong?" he asked, realizing after the question was out of his mouth that the mechanic wasn't the only one in the car.

"Lio!" he shouted, running up to the car and opening the door for her. She stepped out gracefully, but slowly.

"How...?" he began.

"I'm home. They let me leave."

Gre stood in his room messing with some rocks when he heard the loud car pull up.

"Guys!" he shouted, running down the stairs. "Aunt Lio's here! She's home!"

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