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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly load: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end, one that threatens to end the worlds involved.
Now, more than ever, ending the war is urgent, for that for both sides it is either victory or death, for that this war could be the end of all of mankind.

Previously in Avatar: The War of the Worlds

All of the Team except Mike have vanished. Having knowledge of their most probable fate, execution, he decides to face Johnston and Olizon alone, during which he gets injured, but then decides to battle on even if wounded.

The Power of Rage

The shot's sound echoed throughout the hall, the bullet hitting the surprised Dai Li agent in the chest. His comrades, from his own organisation as well as of the other two, immediately fired their weapons, be it sub-machine guns, rock gloves, or fire itself, at the shooter, whom they missed, as he had shifted from a standing into prone position to escape their weapons, firing another shot at an SS-soldier's foot to hinder his walking, before taking cover behind a near check-in counter. There, he sat, protected by a layer of steel, reloading his Lee-Enfield rifle, just as, soundlessly, a Dai Li agent emerged from the ground and fired one of his rock gloves at his opponent's mouth, readying the other to get hold of his hands, but by then, his enemy had aimed his rifle and pulled its trigger. The bullet struck the Dai Li, alike his comrade before, in the chest, making him fall to the ground. Having completed the rifle's reloading, Mike peeked his head over the counter to get a short look of the situation, but when he did so, three of the fallen one's comrades shot up simultaneously, two of them firing one rock glove each, but the Grand Admiral rolled out of the way, under the one who had positioned himself in the centre and shot him. Afterwards, he rose up and quickly dealt with the surprised agents, stabbing one, clubbing the other to death. As he had risen up again, he was in line of sight and of fire of both the SS-soldiers and the Royal Procession ones. Being under heavy fire, he quickly ducked again, and returned to his position behind a stack of crates, from where he could eliminate one of the SS, before one of the Imperial Firebenders, as the Royal Procession also was known, had the idea of burning all the crates again to destroy his cover, which he executed - and immediately, from the position behind the counter, was executed for. The next shot, aimed at, again, a Dai Li agent, missed, and, being the last one he had loaded, Mike was urged to reload once more. As he did so, one SS-soldier managed to sneak up on him, and opened fire while he himself was hit, and thus missed, though not entirely, as he hit Mike in the right foot, before falling from the rifle's bullet's impact. A second bullet made sure he didn't get up again, while Mike let his pain fuel his rage, the only thing that made the fight possible, that made it possible to endure the pain. He limped over to something smoking that once had been crates, and crawled around the object's edge to still have cover while shooting, which he immediately made use of. Unbeknownst to him, all the two brothers' guards have decided to attack him at once, and so he simply shot into the crowd, before throwing a grenade while changing his position again. Two less than intended began to encircle the European, who, upon noticing it, shot wildly around himself, caused by panicking. As he retreated further into his cover, which was the last stack of boxes not harmed by the fire, he had an idea and began fast limping towards the closing-in enemies of the Dai Li. He shot one into the belly, before having had to reload, until which he made excessive use of the bayonet and the rifle's butt. However, the second agent he tried to overwhelm with this tactic seemed unimpressed and prepared, and fired his rock glove's parts like bullets, of which several would've struck Mike, if he had not stumbled over a fragment of wood. Reacting quickly, he rolled over, made the agent fall with a kick of his unharmed foot, and shot him in the head. With this, he had three Dai Li agents, eight Royal Procession members, nine SS-soldiers and nine rounds for his Lee-Enfield rifle left. As he rose again, trapped between boxes and the wall, he found himself surrounded by the last three Dai Li agents, all of them ready to fire their rock gloves. After waiting a second, they did. Mike let himself fall again to escape them, but failed to notice that the agents fired both their respective rock gloves, each one at eye level and one aimed at his feet. As they pulled him up again, likely for execution, he noticed one was walking very close to him, and so, he spun around, his hands bound, and stabbed him with the bayonet. Making use of the element of surprise, he broke out of his shackles and shot the second one, and before the third registered what had happened, he suffered the same fate as his last comrade. Using the little time he had to catch his breath, Mike also examined his wrists. They had been somewhat injured as he had broken his shackles, more pain that weakened him, and yet strengthened him. That was until he noticed that the crates were on fire. He limped out of the little corridor, encountering a Royal Procession soldier, one who was more prepared than Mike, and fired two fire-jabs at the Grand Admiral's face. Mike tried to turn his face out of the way, but the flame left a lengthy line-like burn all across his face, while he shielded himself from the second one with his bare hands, which thus were burned as well, both hurting him enough to make him scream loudly. As he regained control over himself, he found his rifle to be too far away to reach in the little time he'd had, and thus, chose his Webley revolver, with which he fired six times at his enemy's chest, puncturing his lungs severely. After having reloaded the handgun, Mike took his rifle into his burnt hands, and aimed constantly at eye level, expecting any enemy to turn around the corner anytime. As one, one of the Royal procession again, did, his shot only barely missed the soldier's head, and Mike retreated back to fire another shot, which hit his enemy in the right hand. After having missed so often, Mike decided to try a melee attack, but his opponent charged as well and the two missed each other, while another of Imperial Firebender had entered the fight, and now faced Mike from the same side as the other. Mike then trusted his marksmanship skills, and fired, hitting the first one's head, before aiming down and charging at the other enemy of his, whom he then impaled and shot at once just before said man's fire-dagger could do the same to Mike. Exhausted, he leaned against the wall, noticing that his cover wouldn't hold for too long against the fire of the last five Imperial Firebenders. He inhaled deeply before limping onwards to the breach through which the second of those he'd just faced had entered.
The five hadn't expected him to come out from behind the cover, and wouldn't have noticed it all too early had he not fired a round, aimed at the nearest of the elite firebenders. A second of them suffered the same fate before the three remaining ones started a counter-attack, soon enough joined by the SS-soldiers from Mike's back. The three went right into offensive, following the very essence of their element, but, being far from Mike, failed to strike him in time, and shared their comrades' fate, receiving a bullet in each head. Meanwhile had the elite soldiers of the SS shifted to encircle Mike and opened fire. Nine sub-machine guns fired continuously at his position between a stack of ashes and two corpses, much to his dismay. He had a total of four rounds for the Lee-Enfield left, and about thirty for the Webley revolver, still having to face eleven enemies. He shifted into crouched stance and turned around, almost instantly encountering an enemy soldier, whom he'd shot in the belly before. A second round made it into the left foot of the soldier, and a third finally put an end to him. He crawled back into his little cover between crates and the wall, which formed a path he walked down, trying to flank the enemy. At the corridor's end, another soldier was waiting to shoot him, but Mike could shoot him first - hitting his hand with the first shot, the second striking his chest. Operating the bolt a last time, he tossed the rifle away, showing his position to the other enemies, who then opened fire at his little cover, which was a burning, tilted box. The Grand Admiral took out his revolver and tried to obtain his rifle's bayonet again, but found that the fire was too heavy. Waiting a few seconds, he rose and limped onwards, closer to the enemy, as some of them seemed to reload at the same time. He hurried to take cover at a counter again, where he decided to wait, until, however, a grenade bounced off his head and landed behind him, urging him to move. On the way, between the counters, he could fire a round at an enemy who approached fast, hitting him in the crotch. Grenade exploded, the shock wave pressing Mike to the ground, before one of the SS had the glorious idea of attacking him alone. The man had a bullet wound already, and tried to make Mike stand up, but the European shot his entire cylinder of the five rounds he'd left at the elite soldier, hitting him in the chest repeatedly. He then crawled over to the small walkway between the counters, reloaded and carefully took aim at one of the soldiers who talked to each other. He fired once, but missed either of them, before emptying the cylinder the same way again, hitting both in the heads. After having reloaded again, he took notice of one soldier advancing through the counters, slowly but steadily. Also did he notice the presence of one Mills Bomb hand grenade. He rose swiftly, much to his leg's dismay, to determine the enemy's position, pulled the pin and hauled it over. The grenade hit him in the chest like a stone at a stoning, before exploding, and killing him. Wanting Mike to suffer the same fate, one of the last three SS-soldiers threw a grenade over to him, and then opened fire at Mike's position. Being cornered by that Mike decided to retreat by attacking. He swung over the counter and sped across the half hall towards the soldier who had thrown the grenade, firing six rounds on the way, before reloading and killing the soldier with another six rounds. That, however, got him the attention of the two left soldiers, to one of whom he limped swiftly, before that exact soldier did what no other before had accomplished - he shot Mike in the chest. The bullet entered right to his sternum, and its impact blew the heavily - most likely fatally - injured Grand Admiral against the wall, to whose base Mike slowly sunk. The two SS soldiers and their commanders already turned to leave, when a hand grabbed the shooter and turned him to face Mike, who then stuck his revolver into his enemy's belly and fired. As he noticed the unbelieving looks of the other three people present, Mike could only think, I've got more luck than ever before... Let's hope this wasn't all my luck...
Making use of the element of surprise, he then fired the five rounds he had left in his revolver's cylinder at the last SS soldier, who then collapsed, bearing five bullet wounds in the chest. Mike positioned himself in the middle of the room and aimed at the Führer, but a click noise was all that followed the trigger's pulling. Tanook/Johnston then began to clap slowly as Mike's rage began to wear off, and his pain returned, commenting, "Congratulations, Grand Admiral, you've gotten further in killing me than anyone else. Too bad you already almost died fighting our guards... Completely aside from the fact that you must be the greatest fool of all history, a nonbender attacking the two best-guarded master benders in the world... You idiotic, desperate fool."
The dictator paused, while Mike tried his best not to collapse and bleed to death, before, however the Führer finished, "Too bad you couldn't save your companions from execution."
A flame lit in Mike's heart, or rather, a wildfire, one that took him over as he made himself stand upright again, speaking, fury written all over his face, "You're the fool here. I have nothing to lose and yet you make me reach my peak of power, rage, fury... "
The Grand Admiral lowered his head again, to hide the tears coming, as he whispered, "I love you Asura," wiping his tears off, raising his head again and shouting, "VICTORY OR DEATH!" as he charged at the two tyrants.


The five of them were escorted to a small backyard, having been dragged the whole way from the estate they'd been captured at. It was most certainly a military building they were at as they passed through a guarded metal door, which after them closed. In the backyard there stood eleven soldiers, ten of whom were arranged in one line, each holding an obsolete bolt-action rifle known as Karabiner 98k, the eleventh being their commander. Those who had escorted the Team there untied them and arranged them in one line alike the soldiers', Asura, who was quite beaten up, being the first in line. The few soldiers having dragged them the whole way then escaped the backyard through the same metal door, closing it afterwards. The officer took out a letter from his pocket and began to read it out loud, "Avatar Asura, Captains Zolu, and Luo Beifong, Masters Kiruya and Malu, you have been found guilty for crimes against the Reich, murder and numerous minor offences. The punishment for the two major ones is execution by any means given, as in this case by firing squad. The judgment will now be enforced."
Asura stepped forth and the soldiers readied themselves. The officer walked over to her to blindfold her, but she declined, and he returned to his previous position. "Laden!" he commanded, "Load!" The soldiers simultaneously inserted the ammunition clips and operated the bolt, before resuming their former stance, just as the officer's voice sounded again, "Zielen!", "Take aim!" They rose their rifles and had to look Asura in the eyes, into desperate yet determined ones, before, the next to last time, the officer spoke up, this time directed towards Asura. "Any last words to say?"
The Avatar was struck by that question like by a bullet that would strike her in the heart, and thrown back a bit, as her eyes teared up a bit, and she lowered her head, whispering, "I love you too Mike... "
This was unnoticed by the officer, and upon realising this, she shook her head silently.
"FEUER!", "FIRE!", was the last command. At the sound, the world around Asura seemed to slow down. She saw the bullets emerge the barrels. She looked at the metal objects and, almost immediately, got reminded of Luo's metalbending. She'd tried to practice it, to bend metal, but had failed every time. Now, she had no choice. She thrust her right arm forward at lightning speed, and the bullets stopped mid-air. As her hand continued its thrust, the bullets' lead inside turned out, and, as she extended her fingers, turned inside again, facing in the other direction this time. Repeating the action with her left arm, she sent the bullets towards those who originally had fired them. Time returned to its ordinary pace again and the soldiers' last look of pure shock and terror remained as the bullets struck their chests. The officer looked at Asura, astonished, before she sunk him into the ground and crushed him. The Team's rest though seemed astonished in another way, all of them congratulating her at her accomplishment. She approached the metal door, and parted it into two, sending both halves off the two ways of the building's corridor. They hurried to get back to the loory they had arrived with, where Asura then faced the others, "Lads, we must part again. Mike probably went to, stupid as he is, confront Johnston and Olizon alone, I'll hel- revenge him. You guys see that you help out somewhere... Probably find some spacecraft and try to keep them from leaving in case I fail."
She then headed off, and left Luo, Kiruya, Zolu and Malu alone.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, my sister... I guess she's right though... off we go, eh?" Zolu spoke, waving with his sword into the direction he had spotted the huge Space Port area before. He then sat himself at the driver's seat in the lorry, the other joining him, as they then drove off.

A Second Try

The Marshal of Central Europe stepped closer to his microphone in front of him, before being knocked aside by a wave the ship crossed. He then grabbed the instrument and began the speech he'd prepared some time ago. "Ladies and Gentlemen, soldiers, sailors and airmen and women of the Allied Expeditionary Force! The day is upon us, where we put an end to fascism and National-Socialism, once and for all! Today, Operations Hammer and Anvil will be executed, two simultaneous invasions at North America's East and West coasts. Today, the joint East Asian-European forces will embark upon the Great Crusade against tyranny, genocide, and oppression. The hopes and prayers of all those freedom-seeking people of this world, and all others as well are with us. We have the support of all those insurgents all over the Oceanian Commonwealth, the African Union, and the Latin American Republic, and of course of all those brothers - and sisters - in arms on all the other fronts. You may ask, what our goal is. It is, indeed, very simple. Victory. Total and absolute victory, and nothing else, for in such a devastating war, it can be either victory or death for both participants."
Jan paused shortly to take a sip off his glass, and then resumed his speech.
"Our task at hand, however, is by no means an easy one. Our enemy is well equipped, drilled and fanatic, furthermore does he not have anything to lose, and thus will fight with utmost determination, and until his last breath."
"Although much has happened that would make seem us inferior, such as the recent failed invasion attempt known as Operation Phoenix, this is not last year, the Reich cannot overrun us now, like they have done before, they are far past their peak of power. Our strong economies and our great confidence in the face of the enemy have restored us instead of them as the greatest military power on this planet. We must now face the wounded beast in its den, before it makes use of the last weapon they truly can harm us with. However, this mustn't discourage us, this must be the motivation for our crusade. We must defeat them before it is too late, comrades! But only united can we accomplish this, only united can we march to victory!"
Jan then tossed the paper his little speech was written at aside and hurried down to the landing boats to assume his usual position in his tank. The Allies' second onslaught against Washington D.C. began.

Notes and Trivia

  • Jan launches another invasion, should that not have been clear, and Asura now faces the two dictatorial brothers alone, while Mike... Well, is Mike.

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