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Achieved My Goal
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Chapter 12: Nearly Killed

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Chapter 14: Trapped in a Blizzard

Chapter 13: Achieved my Goal

I have survived the deadly explosion which was ordered by Zhao to kill me. Now, I have disguised myself as a guard on Zhao's ship. Fortunately, Uncle knows that I am alive. We met in the boiler room.

"We'll be landing soon. Do you have a plan?" Uncle asked. I took the cover off.

"I'm working on it, Uncle," I said. I placed the cover back on my face.

I remained in the interior of the ship, waiting for the time. Finally, the time came. I prepared a rowboat for myself. I am wearing white clothes and I have some rope. I am going to sneak into the city and take the Avatar. Before I left, Uncle came to say goodbye.

"If you are fishing for an octopus, my nephew, you need a tightly woven net or he will squeeze through the tiniest hole and escape," Uncle told me.

"I don't need your wisdom right now Uncle," I said.

"I sorry. I just nag you because well, ever since I lost my son..." Uncle said, his voice breaking slightly.

"You don't have to say it," I said sadly. He hugged me and I lowered the boat down.

I paddled the boat to an iceberg. I found a hole where arctic seals come up for air. I dove down into the freezing water and swam. Then, I resurfaced into another hole. I shivered and breathed fire to warm myself up. Finally, I reached dry land. I was extremely cold, however. Then, I arrived in a warm area. The Avatar was there, meditating. The Waterbender and a white haired girl were talking.

"No, he's my friend. I'm perfectly capable of protecting him," the Waterbender said.

"Well, aren't you a big girl now," I said sarcastically. She turned around.

"No..." she said.

"Yes. Hand him over and I won't have to hurt you," I said determined. We then fought. The Waterbender had much more advanced moves now and she imprisoned me in a case of ice.

Daybreak came. My strength came back to me. I melted the ice and blasted the Waterbender into a pole. I picked up the Avatar.

"You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun," I said. I climbed out of the oasis and into a blizzard above. I finally had the Avatar.

Author's Note

So sorry about the delay!

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