The Light Spirit
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The Tale of Naton



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May 22, 2014

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Chapter 11 - The Prince of Dark Spirits

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Twelve: The Light Spirit

Previously on Naton

After the Battle at Flare Fields, Tazen is teleported to the Spirit World. Gardie, Naton and Aeron enter the Spirit World to save him. In the Siq Swamps, Naton blacks out and hears strange voices. When they find Tazen, he releases the prince of dark spirits, Kaaju. Kaaju leads dark spirits toward the spirit portal, and during the fight, Master Onza returns as a light spirit. Kaaju escapes into the physical world, and Avatar Naton reunites with his master.

Chapter Twelve: The Light Spirit

They came out of the spirit portal. "Naton! Gardie! Aeron!" Karrie cried. "Onza?"

"Hello, Karrie," Onza smiled.

"You came back! Kian! Beeno! Onza's back!"

"Onza?" Kian stared at his old master. "Is it really you?"

"Yes. I'm back," he said.

"Ohmygosh holyrabbit-snake Onza you're alive!" Beeno rushed over and hugged Onza.

"Onza, what was that thing?" Karrie asked.

"That was Kaaju, the prince of dark spirits." Onza replied. "Did he attack you?"

"No," Kian said. "Is he powerful?"

"Very," Gardie said. "He's the son of Vaatu himself."

Beeno gasped. "Then what are we waiting for? He could be going on a rampage right now!"

"We're too late," Onza said. "Kaaju is long gone, and Naton is weak."

Naton looked up to the sky. Kaaju was nowhere to be seen. "Do you think he's headed to Republic City?"

The Ben Hai regrouped inside the fort. "We receive a message from President Raiko. He requests that the Ben Hai come to Republic City," Kian said.

"We should go. But what about the Rebels?" Aeron asked. "We can't exactly carry an army on Wushu."

"They'll stay here. I've already started the construction of another ship. Once it's finished, we'll come to Republic City," Kian said.

"You have to come quick," Gardie said. "Kaaju is a force to be reckoned with."

"So Republic City it is," Onza announced. He turned to Kian. "I wish you all the luck in the world. Lead your Rebels."

Kian bowed. "I will do it, Master Onza."

"Once we arrive in Republic City, we will have word with the President," Gardie explained. "He says he will join us in the war effort, but unfortunately, the darkbenders are gaining territory. They'll soon reach Republic City".

"What if we meet Kaaju?" Naton asked.

"We'll have to fight," Onza said. "The son of Vaatu wants nothing but war."

Naton and Onza took Tazen to the medical ward. He was rolling around in the cot, licking his pillow. "How long will he be like this?" Naton asked.

"For about a week," Onza said. "He'll have to stay with the Rebels. It's too risky in Republic City."

Tazen stood up, and began to waddle around the room. "Loo dee do.... happy bunnies...."

Onza, Gardie, Naton, Aeron, Beeno and Karrie boarded Wushu. Beeno took the wheel. "All right everyone. Ready?"

"Just go!"

"All righty. Welcome to Wushu Airlines. Hope you have a safe flight." Beeno hit the gas, and Wushu blasted off towards Republic City. Kian, Zaro and Lan watched as the plane flew into the distance.

Naton looked out the window. The Fire Nation was quickly zooming out of view, and then all he could see was the ocean. Aeron sat next to Naton. "Have you been to Republic City?" Aeron asked.

Naton shook his head. "I've never been outside of Guang."

Aeron laughed. "Well, Naton, Republic City is the future! It's probably the best city in the world!"

"Republic City is the safest place from the darkbenders. For now," Gardie said. "Most of Republic City's military are fighting in the north. The only armies they have are the Metalbending Police Force, Republic Guard, and a small remaining Republic Forces. It's not much."

Karrie handed out the food. "I'm worried about Kaaju. He's looks really strong. Plus, he's basically a mini-Vaatu."

"We should avoid Kaaju for now. He's too dangerous," Onza added.

"Republic City is about three hours away," Beeno called from the cockpit. The sky soon became dark, and rain poured down in torrents.

"I can't sleep!" Aeron groaned. "Is there a radio somewhere?"

Naton poked the radio. "It doesn't work."

"Out of all things, we didn't bring any form of entertainment!" Aeron moaned, and curled up in his blanket.

"Gardie, I can't see anything through his rain. It's hard to drive," Beeno said. "Plus, I'm getting the yawns."

Gardie took the wheel. "We can't be that far from Republic City. There are ports and buoys in the waters surrounding the city."

Beeno yawned. "But still..... It's so, boring...."

Karrie screamed. A dark bolt streaked past the plane. "What the-?"

Onza looked out the window. "It's Kaaju. Gardie!"

"Yes, Onza!" Gardie stepped on the gas, and the rockets propelled Wushu forward. Outside, Kaaju fired dark bolts at the plane. "Ha ha ha ha! You can't run forever!"

Naton opened a window, and fired fireballs at Kaaju. Aeron raised his hands, and an air vent behind him gave Wushu a boost.

"We have to get to Republic City as fast as we-" The plane shook violently. Onza ran down the isle to Karrie.

"One of the rockets are down!" she cried. Wushu began to tilt to the right. Naton quickly closed the window, and held onto his chair.

"Oops! Did I hit you? Ha ha ha!" Kaaju shot another dark orb, which hit the left wing.

"Everyone! Hold on!" Onza commanded. Gardie clenched his teeth, as he struggled to keep the plane balanced.

"Left wing down!" Aeron shouted.

Onza opened the emergency hatch, and pointed his staff at Kaaju. "I'll hold him off!" A bright flash of light blinded Kaaju.

"ARGGGHHH!" The prince of dark spirits fired dark bolts in all directions.

Gardie's eyes widened. "I see lights!" Then, Republic City came into view. He gripped the wheel.

"Land in the water!" Beeno said. "Karrie!"

She spun her hands, and the sea under them created a water pillow. "Once we hit the water, I'll make sure we won't hit the port-" The entire back part of the plane blasted into the sky. Naton looked up at Kaaju.

"Oh no! Looks like the plane's gonna have a hard landing!" Kaaju taunted, and fired a final dark beam. The beam struck the right wing.

Onza shot a light stream at Kaaju, and then closed the hatch. Air rushed through the plane. "Everyone! Hold on!" The plane crashed into the cold water, and then they blacked out. Naton could hear Kaaju laughing, celebrating his victory. Then, the frigid sea took over him, and then he saw nothing.

Kaaju flew to Pitch Peak, and the darkbenders opened the doors. He carried the unconscious Venja in his right arm. He set the darkbender on the ground. Shin and Bai stood beside him. "Hello, Dark Lord", Kaaju grinned.

Dark Lord Orchinar stood up. "Who are you? Are you a dark spirit?"

"I'm Kaaju Isawesome Andthesonofvaatu, but you can just call me Kaaju. I'm Vaatu's son, and I'm the prince of dark spirits," Kaaju bragged.

"The son of Vaatu?" the Dark Lord asked.

"Yes," Kaaju replied. "Your darkbending army failed to defeat the Rebels and kill the Avatar." Shin, Venja and Bai stared at the floor.

"They were too much!" Shin cried. "But, I promise you, just give me a bigger army, and I'll knock them to the ground!"

"Nonsense," the Dark Lord growled. "You three do nothing but waste my men."

Kaaju cleared his throat. "I chased the Ben Hai and shot them down in Republic City."

"You shot them down? Are they dead?" the Dark Lord asked.

"Yes. They landed in Yue Bay," Kaaju answered.

The Dark Lord grinned. "See? This is what I like."

Kaaju pushed Venja forward. "I'm the strength of your army times a hundred. Send me to Republic City, and I guarantee, I'll wipe them all out."

"No," the Dark Lord stopped him. "I don't want to destroy everything. I want the world to bow to me in reverence. I will make them trust me. Or else."

Kaaju smiled. "You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs."

"Or...." the Dark Lord added.

"You can't take over the world without killing the Avatar," Kaaju said.


Writer- GretriXcape

Illustrator- GretriXcape

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