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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 14, 2013

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Aang talks to Roku about his vision to find out if he was dreaming or if it really was a vision.

It's a peaceful morning at the North Pole. All the bags are packed and everyone is on Appa, ready to go back to Republic City. Katara, Sokka, and the kids are sitting on the saddle and Aang is sitting on Appa's head

Aang: Yip Yip!

Appa takes off into the sky and starts flying. The family waves goodbye to the people below. After they stop waving, Aang climbs into the saddle with his family

Aang: Well now that we're all settled on Appa, I have something to tell everyone. 

Sokka: Are you going to tell us about going somewhere else? I'm really not in the mood for another stop before we get back to Republic City.

Aang: No. Last night I had a dream, but it was more than a dream, it was a vision from the future.

Sokka: What did you see in this vision?

Aang: The next Avatar.

Kya: What did the next Avatar look like?

Aang: Well, the Avatar looked like a girl, she had these blue-aquamarine eyes, and she looked like a teenager at the time. It also looked like she was at the South Pole.

Bumi: What was her name?

Aang: I didn't hear a name. I didn't hear anything. All I saw was a fierce Water Tribe girl who isn't afraid of anyone. It's going to be really hard to show myself through her. 

Sokka: Well maybe your "vision" was just a dream and that's not going to be the next Avatar. Besides, no matter who this next Avatar is, they can't be any better than you. 

Aang: Yeah, maybe. I still think it was a vision from the future. The only person I can ask about this is Avatar Roku. Maybe he'll tell me what I saw was real or not.

A few days later go by. The family lands on Air Temple Island, where Toph and Lin are waiting for them. Everyone gets off of Appa and Toph and Lin walk over to their friends. Toph playfully punches Aang in his upper arm

Toph: Good to see you again twinkletoes.

Aang starts rubbing his upper arm

Aang: You're never gonna get tired of calling me that, are you?

Toph: Nope. It gets more fun every time!

Aang: It's great being back in all, but I have more important stuff to attend to.

Aang walks away from everyone near the area where he teaches Tenzin airbending

Toph: What important stuff?

Katara: He saw a vision of what could possibly be the next Avatar. He wants to talk it over with Avatar Roku to make sure.

Aang is meditating in the gazebo. He has a serious facial expression

Aang: Avatar Roku, I need your wisdom.

Suddenly, a blue cloud of smoke comes out of Aang. Its moves across him forming a human-like shape. The blue cloud turns into Avatar Roku. Roku is smiling.

Roku: It's good to see you again, Aang. What can I help you with?

Aang: Last night I saw a vision of who the next Avatar is. I want to know if this vision was real, or just a dream. Did you experience a vision of me before?

Roku: It's not a dream, it's a vision of the future. You will get these visions from time to time. When you get closer to death, you'll see the visions more often, but you'll never know their name, what elements are challenging and who will be close to them. I saw visions of you learning airbending, and you with the monks, but what I didn't see was you freezing yourself in a block of ice. 

Aang: This was my first experience with the visions. The next Avatar is a girl. She looks like she's not afraid to fight and loves being the Avatar. That's something I never wanted to be.

Roku: I know you never wanted to be the Avatar, but that was when you were a kid, it is your identity, and now that you're older do you like being who you are?

Aang: I do. It's not really a fun job for me all the time, but over the years I have gotten used to being the Avatar. What if the next Avatar is in trouble, how can I warn her? 

Roku: I'm not exactly sure, it depends on the Avatar, but I'm sure you'll find a way.

Aang smiles

Aang: Thank you for your wisdom, Avatar Roku. 

Roku: Until we meet again Aang 

Avatar Roku's spirit form fades into a blue cloud and disappears. Aang smiles even bigger. He runs out of the gazebo and down the trail back to the temple. He opens the door.


Katara: What is it Aang?

Aang runs over to Katara, picks her up and spins her around in joy.

Aang: The visions WERE the next Avatar!  

Aang puts Katara back on the ground and lets her go. Katara has a happy facial expression

Katara: That's great, Aang! 

Aang: I'll be seeing the visions from time to time. But when I get closer to death, I'll be seeing them more often.

Sokka: *slightly sarcastic* Well this is a heartwarming moment, but what exactly are you going to learn more with these visions?

Aang: Just stuff about the new Avatar. My spirit will have to warn her somehow if she's in any danger.

Sokka: But what if it's something you don't know about? You won't be very helpful then.

Aang: I'm not exactly sure, but I can find a way.

Kya and Bumi overhear this news from around the corner. They run into Kya's room very excited

Bumi: The new Avatar sounds awesome!

Bumi turns serious

Bumi: Of course not as awesome as our dad will ever be, but you get it.

Kya: Yeah, I can't wait to meet her, and teach her some waterbending and--

Suddenly, someone opens Kya's bedroom door. Katara walks into her room

Katara: So, you're bringing up you're father's visions again huh?

Kya: Yeah, this new Avatar sounds so cool.

Bumi: But at the same time we don't want a new Avatar. We want dad to live forever.

Katara: I understand. I want Aang to live forever too, but then I would die, and you two and Tenzin would die, and all the other family and friends would die. He can either live without us forever, or die one day and we would die one day.

Bumi: I guess the second choice makes more sense. 

Kya: Are you going to teach the new Avatar waterbending?

Katara: Of course I will. I promised Aang I would help the new Avatar anyway I could as long as I live. 

Kya: I want to help the new Avatar with waterbending too!

Katara: You say that now, but Kya, you're growing up and you might have other things to do.

Bumi: What about me?

Katara: You as well might have other stuff to attend to. It's Tenzin that's going to have the biggest destiny with the Avatar. He has to teach the next Avatar airbending.

Kya: What if he gets married to someone when he's like...I don't know, maybe 23 and he has kids and they're airbenders, wouldn't they teach the new Avatar too?

Katara: They could possibly, but Tenzin learned the airbending from not just any airbender, the Avatar. He has to be the one, but that shouldn't be for a long time.

A couple hours go by and Aang and Katara are getting ready for bed

Aang: So what did the kids talk about with you earlier?

Katara: Just stuff about the new Avatar. You're getting them more and more excited to meet her, but they keep saying they'll miss you more.....I'll miss you more.

Aang: Katara, you have no idea how much I'm going to miss you too. I have missed you every time I haven't been around you. I don't want to leave, but the new Avatar has a duty to the world that I can't take on because I won't be in any condition to fight someone off. Can we not worry about this until the time comes?

Katara: I'm sorry, but we don't know when the time will come. I only worry because I love you, Aang.

Aang: I love you too.

Aang leans his head towards Katara's. They close their eyes and share a quick kiss.

Aang: And I don't want to die, but think about it. One day you'll die too and you'll join me in the Spirit World, and one day the whole family will be dead, and we'll be a family again.

Katara: Okay. Good night.

Aang: Good night.


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