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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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September 28, 2012

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Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

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Rong Yan and Yong Ten visit Taku for the annual End of the Thirty Year War celebration.

Chapter 12: The Festival

Book 1: Air

Chapter 12: The Festival

As Rong Yan is chilling in the back of Jippo's saddle, while Yong Ten is steering Jippo. They make a landing as they see lights in a city, landing close to the town, they hop off Jippo. They read the sign on the wall that says, "Welcome to the city of Taku."

"Where are we?" Rong Yan asked.

"We're in the city of Taku, it is a city of commerce." Yong Ten replied.

"Why are we here anyways?" Rong Yan asked.

"Today here in Taku is the annual celebration they have of the end of the Thirty Year War." Yong Ten replied, as they both began to walk into the city.

"Welcome to Taku, tonight we are celebrating the end of the Thirty Year War. Enjoy the festival!" a guard said.

Both bowing to the guard, the guard bows back. Continuing to walk they reach the food section of the festival, ranging from all types of food within the Earth Kingdom. The food section had rows of food stands and a large area with tables. The food stands offer foods from Chicken to Lychee Nuts to beverages.

Walking to a food stand with a fat Earth Kingdom man behind it, Rong Yan points at roasted pork on a stick, Yong Ten uninterested walks off and walks up to stand with fruits and vegetables, and nuts.

Lychee nuts

Lychee nuts.

"Lychee nuts, cabbage, and I'll take an apple." Yong Ten said, pointing at the items, as an old woman places the food items into a small bag. Yong Ten walks off to a table in the table area. Looking back Yong Ten sees Rong Yan carrying a bunch of food, walking off side to side as he tries to balance himself with his tower of food.

"Ahhh!" Rong Yan shouts, as he falls off to the right side, his food topples over and there is all sorts of food that has scattered all over the floor. Still looking at him Yong Ten closes his eyes, places his hand over his face, and shakes his head.

Standing back on his feet, Rong Yan carries what little food he can, and walks over to the table. Beginning to eat Yong Ten sees a man handing out fliers, the man handing out the fliers walks over to them and hands them a flier.

Yong Ten reads the flier, "Come to the staging area! We recap on history of the Thirty Year War, and history on Avatar Ku Tei! At eight past night."

Fire Days Festival poster

The flier the man handed out to Yong Ten.

After about an hour, they each finish their meal and begin walking towards the staging area, the stage was close to the docks. There was a crowd of Earth Kingdom citizens, and Taku citizens at the staging area. They all began to cheer as a historian from Taku walks up the stage.

"My name is Chi-Fu, I am a historian here in Taku, and a history teacher as well. I am specialized in Earth Kingdom history and history on Avatar Ku Tei." Chi-Fu announced.

Chi Fu

Chi-Fu the Historian.

"The Thirty Year War started when the Water Tribes invaded the Earth Kingdom by destroying a set number of towns on the coasts and ambushing squads of troops. Decreasing our economy, and our imported or exported items that reach the different nations and decreasing our defenses. The late forty-first Earth King Ta Po saw it as a threat, therefore he declared war on both of the Water Tribes. It was not only for that it was because of that it was because, Ta Po executed a few people within the Water Tribe who decided to move into Ba Sing Se. They had diseased children who could not bare the cold weather of the poles. To protect his people he denied entry of any Water Tribe folk. The chiefs thought he was racist, in retaliation they did what they did. Therefore, that is what started the war. The Water Tribe army had trained their men really well in both arms and discipline, to never show fear. We did the same with our men. Years ago, a young man at the age of sixteen arrived for training. We trained such a powerful and potent earthbender, he went to war for ten years, we used him well on the front lines. While out on the battlefield we received word from the Earthen Council that the soldier we deemed powerful, was the reincarnation of Avatar Anana. He was always ready for battle, he was a war-born soldier. The Earth Kingdom army pulled him out of the war, halfway through his tour he returned home. And hours later the Earthen Council had arrived at his residence to reveal his identity as the Avatar. He trained hard all those years, he returned to Ba Sing Se as a fully-realized Avatar. Years had passed by as he ranked up to the general rank in the Earth Kingdom army. Ta Po used Avatar Ku Tei as a peace talker, since the Avatar could never choose a nation to side with. In secret a man that was always jealous of Avatar Ku Tei, he traveled to either of the Water Tribe cities and had discussions with the tribal chiefs, he gave them war plans-" Chi-Fu paused as his students brought in a straw filled dummy of General Senlin. Another brought a torch. Throwing the torch at the dummy, it began to burn real quickly.

"-his name was General Senlin. At a war meeting Ku Tei accused Senlin of treason, giving evidence to the Earth King, our beloved Earth King had General Senlin arrested for treason. The tribal chiefs had a peace talk with the Avatar and the Earth King they decided to the end the war and bring peace, but as a final battle must take place. The Avatar vs the Traitor General, the tribal chiefs never saw to it to use the plans of the Earth Kingdom to their advantage. They thought of it as a trap, the final battle took outside of the walls of Ba Sing Se, miles away from the walls. General Senlin, and the rebel Water Tribe soldiers who wished to join him, and Avatar Ku Tei and 900 troops of the Earth Kingdom army. Some of the Water Tribe troops were spared, and others were killed, the final battle ended with the Avatar victorious, he chose not to kill the traitor but instead throw him in prison for life. He made hist-" Chi-Fu was cut off as palace guards from Ba Sing Se walked up the stage, the citizens were confused.

Palace Guard

Captain Wei and his men arriving on the stage.

What was happening? The guard captain pulled out what seemed to be a scroll, he opened the scroll and it was a wanted poster then he began his speech.

"Whoever harbors this fugitive, would be accused of treason to the Earth Kingdom, and will be punishable by life in prison or even..DEATH!" the guard captain said, as he let that last word, roll on his tongue but also used an exaggerating tone on it.

"General Senlin, wanted for several crimes, war crimes against people during the Thirty Year War, treason, murder, and escaping prison. Yes you heard that correctly, General Senlin has escaped his prison facility, and has done several crimes with a gang within the Ba Sing Se, they call themselves the Mousha Quan. Any citizens welcome to Ba Sing Se next week for the big event in the upper ring. None like any other." the guard captain explained.

On top of a tower roof unseen by the crowd below, there hid a Water Tribe scout. He hid behind the roof eavesdropping on the speech, grinning he jumps onto another roof top, and soon disappears. Back on the stage area where the elite palace guards are reporting news. A man within the crowd raised his hand, the guard captain points at him.

"You." he shouted.

"How exactly, did General Senlin escape?" the man asked.

"I was just getting to that. You see citizens of Taku, General Senlin is apparently, one of those rare and unique benders..the prison cells in our prison are made out of metal. This seems impossible but according to a detective of ours he says the damage that General Senlin had done to the metal door was possible to be damaged in such a way. We believe that General Senlin is a metalbender." the guard captain replied.

"WHAT?! That is nonsense!" another man in the crowd yelled.

"Rest assured, we are in search of the traitor." the guard captain replied.

"Search? Shouldn't Avatar Ku Tei just confront him and end his life?!" a woman in the crowd yelled.

"Avatar Ku Tei, has passed. We've heard news that the Avatar right now is in the Southern Air Temple mastering Airbending." the guard captain replied.

The crowd goes silent. Then moments later Rong Yan runs onto the stage, "Get off the stage, firebender. You have no business in our political squabbles." the guard captain retorted.

"I am, the reincarnation of Avatar Ku Tei, I am Avatar Rong Yan. I have not yet traveled to the Southern Air Temple to master airbending yet. The air temple is a long days away. I will assure you that I promise to both the Earth Kingdom, and the citizens of Taku, that I will bring justice to General Senlin. I will begin my search for the General and I will end his life." Rong Yan shouted.

All of the crowd, and the guards except Yong Ten stared at Rong Yan with their jaws hanging, silence occurs and the crowd and guards bow down to the Avatar. Lifting his arms, Rong Yan says, "Rise." the guards, and the crowd cheer.

Then all of a sudden, one of the guards is struck in the chest by an arrow falling on his knees the guard pulls out the arrow, and the last ounce of life, he falls face first on the stage and dies. The crowd panics and they all run in different directions, one of the guards points into the air and yells, "Up there! Water Tribe rebels!"

Waterbenders attack

Some of the Water Tribe rebels that attacked Taku.

Three arrows fly in his direction, falling down with great speed, one of his comrades raises a wall crossing both of his arms. He peeks and notices there was a wall in front of him. Each of the guards jump and sink into the earth, Yong Ten flies into the air with his glider and lands on top of the roof.

Moving his arms in circles around himself he creates an air shield, strong and big enough to blow the archers off the roof. One of the archers falls and with his arm he quickly grabs onto a wooden beam of the tower and hangs from it.

A waterbender comes in from the docks on a giant wave freezing it as he rides on it. Unfreezing it, the second archer is blown off and the waterbender makes giant bubble of water to break his fall.

Pakku and Piandao

The wave that the waterbender makes.

Taking the water splitting it into two, he blasts both torrents of water, at the citizens. The Earth Kingdom guards emerged from the ground in rock armor, launching themselves on the rooftops with giant earth pillars. Landing on the roofs, warriors ambush a few of them, and from Rong Yan's view he only sees shadows.

An arrow is shot at Rong Yan's direction, shooting a torrent of fire in the direction of the arrow. By the time the arrow reaches within three yards of Rong Yan it disinegrates. Another two waterbenders ride on waves into Taku and launch torrents of water at Rong Yan, dodging the torrents. With his hands Rong Yan rises into the air with fire. Twenty feet into the air he lands on the ground with his fists hitting the ground, all of sudden a large ball of fire surrounds him and shoots out in all directions. Knocking the two waterbenders into walls, they get up and three more approach those three.

The guard captain yells, "Defend your city, citizens of Taku, any earthbenders should help fight off the rebels!"

Earthbenders who heard the call to arms from the captain of the guard, began stomping on the ground, raising boulders and fighting off the warriors on the ground that were terrorizing the citizens of Taku.

The five waterbenders all work together pushing and pulling the water, eventually they raise a tsunami of water, and drop it on Rong Yan. Being caught in the water, Yong Ten blasting air at some of the waterbenders yells, "NO!" creating a strong current of air blowing it at the rebels. Some of the rebels began crashing and smashing into walls breaking their spines on the walls, instantly killing them.

Hearing the voice of Yong Ten the water begins to glow, the water pressurizing rises to the sky about seventy feet. Rong Yan had entered the Avatar State. The waterbenders, and warriors invading the city of Taku stood in shock and were extremely frightened on what they had just done. They had angered the Avatar Spirit within the firbender, and now they were going to pay the price.

Aang conjures a water spout

Rong Yan rising in the sky in Taku, while in the Avatar State.

Still in the air, bending the water into a large ball of water. The water ball looked like the water within in it was highly pressurized. Clenching his fists, the large ball of water transforms into large spikes of ice. With his right arm circling clockwise, the spikes on the right side, begin to impale two waterbenders and several warriors. With his left he does the same, and the remaining spikes, fly down towards the remaining rebels. The rebels begin to flee, but not escaping entirely they each get impaled by the icicles.

Rong Yan exits the Avatar State and begins to fall, Yong Ten then creates a bed of air to break his fall. Landing safely on his glutes, Rong Yan faints. The festival ends early due to what had just occurred. Yong Ten carries Rong Yan onto Jippo.

"Yip, yip." Yong Ten said to Jippo.

The bison roars and flies off into the sky, flying southwest from Taku.

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