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The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 14, 2013

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Chapter 11: The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone

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Chapter 13: Kidnapped


The gang is looking for Sakana, and Sakana has a flashback of his past.

Chapter 12: The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender

Book 2: Water

Chapter 12: The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender

Sakana stood there, and thought of coming up with a trap. He fell to his knees and pretended to surrender.

"Oh no! There's too many of you! I surrender!" Sakana shouted, pretending to beg for mercy.

"Please give me mercy, Rong Yan," Sakana shouted.

"Tie him up, Unaraq!" Rong Yan requested.

As Unaraq walked up close to Sakana, Sakana rose his hands and began to bloodbend the entire group including his crew of fishermen.

"I-its a tr-trap!" Aloi said.

"Let's make this fair, Avatar," Sakana shouted at Rong Yan.

He closed his fists, and knocked out the entire group except Rong Yan. Everyone fell to the ground.

"What did you do?!" Rong Yan yelled at Sakana.

"I simply stopped the flow of blood to the brain for each person on the ground. I have a proposal for you. You let me and I spare your lives. If you don't I will kill you and then I will kill them. Your choice," Sakana requested.

"I choose-" Rong Yan shouted, shooting a blast of air at Sakana, sending him flying and hitting up against tree trunk.

"Wrong choice.." Sakana whispered to himself.

Bending water from out of the river, he sent to large water torrents at Rong Yan. Rong Yan took the water torrents and bent them into one and shot it back at Sakana, again Sakana had bended the water around him, and turned it into ice shards and shot them at Rong Yan.

Rong Yan, began to create an air dome, the winds of the air dome got stronger as the shards came, upon impact they shattered against the strong gusts of wind. Directing the air dome, he rose to the air in an air sphere and shot fire blasts at Sakana.

Sakana shot a large torrent of water at Rong Yan. Rong Yan fell from the air into the river. Sakana had a wickedly evil smirk on his face. The water burst up into the air, and Rong Yan shot out of the water in a large water spout. Sakana ran into the river and froze the water on which he stepped on.

Sakana shot an ice spike up to Rong Yan, who dodged the spike, letting go of the water spout, he surrounded his body in another air sphere, and shot down with the water at the same time into the river.

The water splashed creating large waves that swept Sakana away. Sakana again creates a wave of water, and freezing it along as he rides the wave to reach the river again. Rong Yan swims to the top of the water, grasping for air. Sakana freezes the part of the river of where Rong Yan is currently floating in.

Freezing around Rong Yan holding him, Sakana begins to cackle as he walks on the ice, making his new captive an easier kill. Unaraq wakes up from when Sakana knocked them all out except Rong Yan.

Rubbing his head, he gets up and sees the tree cracked in half, and gathers his weapons and things, and heads out to the shoreline. He grabs a small rock and throws it at Sakana.

Sakana rubs his head after the rock hit him, he turns around and sees Unaraq taking out his sword, and beginning to run on the ice. Sakana lifts his wrist into the air, and Unaraq floats in the air, and then slams onto the ice, and flies just a few yards and lands back on shore.

Unaraq even though wanting to help Rong Yan, gave him enough time for a distraction, during the time Sakana was bloodbending Unaraq, Rong Yan changed the temperature of the ice around him, melting the ice, he was able to climb up from the hole.

Rong Yan, ignited fire in his hands, and charged at Sakana, throwing a stream of fire, Sakana quickly rose an ice shield. Turning the ice back into water in the river, they began to both swim out.

Aloi jumped out of nowhere and began to blast Sakana with air, doing a leg sweep of air with her feet, she knocked Sakana off of balance. Rong Yan, bent the water out the river to trap the dazed Sakana in ice. As he was bending the water again, Aloi was sent flying across the ground. She created an air cushion under herself to break her fall.

Sakana quickly rose up, and bent the same water around Rong Yan to freeze him in place. He concentrated on Rong Yan, beginning to put a more stronger grip on Rong Yan. The ice melted into water quickly, still not losing concentration Sakana raised his hands as Rong Yan rose a little higher.

Sakana began to bend his arms in different directions, cackling once more. Rong Yan not being able to take control of his own body, began to struggle, and scream in pain. Tanaraq along with the rest of the crew had awaken.

Tanaraq had shot ice spikes out of her water skin, Sakana had risen a wave of water and froze it to stop the spikes in their tracks. She unfroze the wave and tried to knock Sakana out of balance.

Rong Yan's vision began to black out, he knew he was dying as Sakana began to attempt to kill him. He shut his eyes, and let out one more scream of pain, before his body was automatically out of Sakana's grip.

Around Rong Yan's seemed to appear a ring of fire around him. The fire gathered in front of him, through the fire Sakana could see glowing white lights, they pierced through the fire.

Sakana, tried to bend Rong Yan, and kill him while he was in the Avatar State. But he didn't budge. Rong Yan released the fire in the shape of himself, and it went into a great speed towards Sakana with no time for Sakana to dodge it.

The intensely hot fire blast had hit Sakana, and the next thing everyone knew he was on the floor. Burn marks on what was left of his clothing. Gyomo turned Sakana over, he was horribly burned with fourth degree burns.

Right then and there, Sakana let out his last breath looking into Gyomo's eyes, and passed away. Rong Yan, fell to the ground unconscious. Tako picked up Rong Yan and slumped him over his shoulder.

Gyomo, Unaraq, and Sake walk back to the shrine, and destroy it. So that in the future no bloodbender can give an offering to the bloodbending spirit Atshen. The statue was made of weak rocky material, it crumbled at their feet. They destroyed the candles, and with the spark rocks that they found beside the shrine, Sake burned the tome.

Just off the shore by their camp, they had carried the bodies of Kuma and Sakana off, and dug a hole large enough to fit both men inside. In the morning they had buried their old friends properly. Rong Yan had awoken from last night, and everyone had said some words for the two.

Gyomo, broke a tear for what had happened to Kuma, and another tear for Sakana and what had happened to him and how he ended up. This entire week had been kind of difficult for the crew to handle. Rong Yan, had killed another person, but he felt no guilt.

Sakana was an evil bloodbender, throughout his satchel, Tanaraq discovered a small journal that belonged to Sakana. She sat everyone down and began to read it. "If you find this you must be my mother, or a friend..since I was young my father Aipaloovik had taken me out on hunting trips. Though we did not hunt, he taught me an ancient art that his great grandfather had taught him. I didn't want to learn it, but he forced me to do so or else he would bloodbend me as punishment," she began.

"I obeyed my father, and did as he asked, if I failed to accomplish a lesson he would torture me with bloodbending. There came a time where my mother asked but I couldn't answer, or the consequences that came to hate would be worse that day. My father fought with my mother daily, about this. He never told her the secrets, or why he took me frequently out into the snowy wilds of the South Pole," Tanaraq continued to read.

"..There came a time just when the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom's tensions had began to disappear. So that we can all live in unity, my father and I traveled to somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. There he ordered me to kill a poor man, who was trying to survive in the wilds. He looked ill and he seemed homeless. I refused to hurt the man, than he already was..there as my father held me in a grip...I saw the man squirming trying to breathe for air, and only in a matter of seconds..he was dead..I was scarred even more from then on.." Tanaraq continued.

"..I came to the shrine of Atshen, just on a small island in the large river called the Yantai River..there we met a woman. She was there as well for the Blood Moon event. She was from the Northern Water Tribe, my father bloodbended me, and she bloodbended him to stop. She wasn't like my father. As she held my father in a grip, I-I turned on him and ended his life there..I was fifteen when I killed my first person..but he deserved it.." Tanaraq continued, as she wiped a tear away.

"..after that event I never saw my mother again..I was raised throughout the rest of my teenhood by the woman who had helped me kill my father her name is, Aumanil. She taught me that not all bloodbenders are evil. There are good ones and there are bad ones. She had studied in medicine and alchemy when she was my age. As of course, in the Northern Water Tribe women weren't allowed to use waterbending for fighting, only for healing. She told me, when she finished her studies is when she stumbled upon an old tome. From there she learned the various forms and ancient remedies of bloodbending. You see, bloodbending is actually a healing art if used properly. The bender can cause miracles, like cure the blind of blindness over even cure rare diseases. I had learned little of those remedies, but she told me it can also be used for harm, especially when the bender happens to be in danger. She had forbidden me from using it to murder people. The solution was to knock them out with my should know by now that I have either been arrested, or I have been killed..if my real mother is reading this..I love you. If Aumanil, is reading this..thank you for taking me were a great second mother..and a great teacher.." Tanaraq finished.

"...Wow, that was a very sad you think his past with his father might've caused Sakana to grow insane?" Unaraq asked.

"I think so, Unaraq," Sake replied.

"We have to head back to the Southern Water Tribe. You guys have a safe journey to the North Pole," Gyomo said.

"We will, Gyomo. You guys take care...and Gyomo, be strong for your daughters.." Rong Yan responded.

"I-I will..thank you.." Gyomo said walking off to the boat.

Rong Yan, whistled, and out of the bushes came out Shen lowering down on the ground for everyone to place their things on his back. Everyone mounted Shen, and Rong Yan snapped his reigns and they flew off.

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