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Ba Sing Se Upper Ring
"Back in the City"
Chapter information

Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Start (開始)



Written by




Release date

September 14, 2016

Last chapter

"Tyro's Apprentice"

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"The Young Masters"

"Back in the City" is the 12th chapter of Book One: Start (開始) of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

Back in the City

As the train arrived at the station, a dark haired girl came out of it, with her green outfit and a matching green suitcase.

Around her a twittering blue jay flew, excited of being in the city again.

A firebender came out of the train, followed by his non-bender younger brother.

After them a girl with a dandelion flower in her hair came out.

They were met and welcomed by a guide named Yuki.

"Hello, my name is Yuki. I've been given the great honor of showing Team Avatar to your house in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se," she said.

Later, they arrived at the house the group was going to live in.

"This place is great," Dandelion said. Everyone agreed.

"We're glad you like it. Oh, that's right; Avatar Miranda, Guardian Tyro has invited you for tea, he wants to talk to you before the meeting tomorrow. I think you should go visit him right now, to have that done before dinner," Yuki said.

"Well, I guess I'll go to his house right now then," Miranda said and walked. Dandelion joined her, as the brothers stayed in the house to get some rest.

Sitting around the tea table, Miranda, Dandelion, and Tyro were talking about everything else than guarding the Earth Kingdom. However, afterwards Tyro realized he should tell Miranda some important stuff.

"The meeting we're having with the other Earth Guardians and their apprentices tomorrow is to plan the guarding on the day of the opening of the Agrarian Park," he said.

"The Agrarian Park? What's that?" Miranda asked.

"You're joking, right?" Tyro asked.


"The Agrarian Park is your father's project; a paradise that will take place in the Agrarian Zone," Tyro explained.

"What? Is that what he is planning to do?" Miranda asked surprised.

"He isn't just planning to do it. He is doing it as we speak. Mir and General William have a bunch of earthbenders who are almost halfway done with the building process," Tyro said.

"Wow, that sounds pretty cool, don't you think, Mira?" Dandelion asked.

"Well, I guess, but..." Miranda said.

"Is something wrong?" Tyro asked.

"Well. I was just wondering... Is dad going to stay in the city to lead the park?" Miranda asked.

"I don't know about that yet. But I promise, everything is going to be alright," Tyro said.

"I guess you're right," Miranda said.

The next day, they had the meeting in the War Room. Everyone was there; Guardian Tyro with his apprentice, Miranda, Guardian Su with her apprentice, Guardian Bolin with his apprentice, and the guardian of the Si Wong Region with his apprentice. In addition to this, Earth Prince Kuei, General William, and Mir were there.

Tyro, being the oldest and known as one of the wisest Earth Guardians, stood and spoke to the others.

"It is a known fact that Lady Li-Hua and her assistant Pei Qi are on the loose. Now with the opening of the Agrarian Park upon us and everyone looking forward to it, I won't be surprised if Lady Li-Hua is planning to attack the city on that day," he said.

"Excuse me, Guardian Tyro, but I haven't heard that Lady Li-Hua has any other than Pei Qi by her side. Is it even possible for two humans to invade a city guarded by thousands of earthbenders? Avatar Miranda, you've faced Lady Li-Hua a couple of times. Do you agree with Tyro?" Earth Prince Kuei asked.

"Yes, I do," Miranda said as she got up, too.

"Lady Li-Hua is way more powerful than you think. Although she's not a bender, she is a master scientist. We even know she's planning to make a purple smoke which is dangerous for benders," she said.

"Well, what do you think we shall do then, Guardian Tyro?" Kuei asked.

"The Earth Guardians, our apprentices, and the military should guard the opening event and protect it from any threats," Tyro said.

"I agree with Guardian Tyro," General William said and smiled. Miranda smiled back to him. Mir and the Earth Prince smiled, too. Actually, everyone smiled, as they were all in agreement.

After the meeting was over, Miranda, Willy, and Myrdin wanted Mir to show them the building of the Agrarian Park, and while he took them there, the other Earth Guardians were talking to their apprentices.

"Nice work today, Pong. I'm proud of you," Su said to her apprentice Pong.

"It has been an honor to stay by your side, Guardian Su," he said and left.

When he went back to a corner, he proved to actually be Pei Qi in a disguise. However, no one knew that.

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