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Golden Tower no.5

Helen stood at the balcony of her apartment, smelling the scent of acrid plants and burning leaves, the sun burning strong on her neck, her teeny tiny red burnt toes, were all frazzled with freckles and blisters. She stared at her toes for some time, watching them twinkle up and down and out like when her mother flicked her fingers to show sparkling stars. She put her tiny fingers beneath her lip and wondered why it was so hot, when only hours ago the night was cool and dark clouds rolled along like smoke from the dragons breath, like all the creatures from her bed time stories. She leaned against the railing, staring down, down, down into the distance where she could see the little ant people running along next to the cars that looked like beetles. As far as she was aware, she was the only six year old she knew that was not afraid of heights, and it made her slightly proud. Although when ever she looked to far over her father would rush out shouting and grabbing with his pincers. He'd take her to her room and tuck her into bed much too early for a six year old, and when she reminded him that she was SIX years old, he'd only laugh and say "that didn't stop me from doing that" and walk off without leaving the lights on. She'd stay quiet as long as possible, try to not scream for him when the darkness finally got to her, and he wouldn't come till she ran out and tried her best to climb his bed. He'd lift her up and put her close, and then they would both fall asleep. She liked sleeping next to him, he wasn't very big and strong, but he still comforted her.

Helen was listening to the radio, a nice jazz piece was playing, a little static interrupted some times but not too often, she didn't mind as long as she heard, but when she got bored she switched it off and switched on the telly, a small black and white box with very few shows that offered any audible stories like the radio. But the actors were handsome and pretty and she loved it when her dad sat down with her and they ate snacks from the same bowl. She was watching a show called "Dark Hero", when her stomach began growling, like a turtle bear her mother used to say.

She pulled a bowl from under neath the crockery and placed it on the dining table. Then she pulled the chair towards the fridge and climbed up to reach the cereal box. She finally got back to her bowl and poured in some milk and slowly crunch, crunch, crunched her way through the sugary mix. Her father came in reading the news paper and scratching his dark stubble.

"Helen look at this!" he cried and slammed the tabloid in front of her bowl.

She turned her head and read the front page headline:

/Golden Tower no.5 finally complete!/

Her eyes widened with shock, she remembered when her mother had taken her to Golden Tower no.4, a golden shard in the north, identical to the south, west and east tower, so shiny like a magic wand. Her mother used to say it took 10 years to build each one, the last one, the middle tower wasn't complete two years ago. Her father knelt down and said, "Listen baby, I'm gonna go take you to see it...Your mother would have wanted to go..." his voiced had trailed off into a soft whisper.

. . . . . . .

It's not finished-___-

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