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Everything started one fateful day. Avatar Kanna fought against the forces of evil but on the battlefield something happened and Avatar Kanna died. The world was devastated and waited for the time when the next hero will rise and finally save them. This is the Legend of Kano.

"Nobody Mira, nobody," I answered, going back to sleep.

The night sleep was amazing. There were no more vision dreams or anything else. But unfortunately I had to wake up.

Cana was licking my face and it was an unpleasant wake up call. But at the same time refreshing.

"Well good morning to you too Cana," I stated.

"Okay Cana, you can stop licking my face now," I noted.

"Hey guys," I stated to them, seeing that they where already awake.

"Well, I see that Cana woke you up," Mira noted.

"I guess it was about time that you woke up," Han said.

The hot wind blew from the south, the grass was moving like the water in the ocean and the trees from the forest we were trapped in where moving with the wind.

The wind moved their branches and making beautiful sounds like they were talking to each other.

"So we left you some breakfast," Lea noted.

"Thanks," I answered.

Mira was looking at me like she wanted to say something.

"Mira, did something happen?" I asked putting fish soup in my mouth like an animal.

"Well, I heard you talking to someone last night" she answered, looking worried.

"Yeah, I had been hearing you talking to someone when we were traveling to Ku-yan," Han added.

"I think it's time to explain this Kano," Mira noted.

"What, maybe I talk in dreams, so what?" I lied.

"Okay then, we should go on the road now," Han pointed out.

We started packing our bags and then Mira came to me.

"Kano, if something is happening you can tell me," she whispered.

"Nothing is happening Mira. Go away!!" I yelled at her.

"Okay then," she noted.

"Mira wait," I stated going after her.

"Let me go Kano," she answered.

I returned to Cana and packed my bags. We packed our bags and climbed on our animals.

"Go Cana," I stated.

She ran through the grass valley as the wind blew. You could easily fall asleep as Cana was running gently.

"Kano!!" Han shouted to me.

"There is a storm coming. We should take cover in that forest," he said, pointing out to a forest that was in the base of a small mountain.

"Okay!!" I answered, shouting to him.

"Mira, go," I pointed out on the forest.

The storm was almost above us and rain was about to fall, but on our luck, we managed to get in the forest in the last moment.

We came down from Cana and the armadillo-lions.

"We should find some shelter."

We could see the dark cloud brewing above us, and the rain started to fall, but for some reason it couldn't fall into the forest.

"Okay, this is very weird," Lea stated.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked.

"Nothing, let's search this place a little bit," Han noted.

We started walking among the trees and looking for something interesting. I was thinking how can I even apologise to Mira. What was I thinking when I yelled at her.

I want to Mira so I can apologise.

"Mira, you know I didn't mean it," I apologised.

"I think I am going to take a walk and go away from you," she answered.

"Mira, wait!" I shouted.

"Let her go, she will calm down after a short walk," Han noted.

"I was wrong to say something like that to her," I stated.

"Yes, and now you know your mistakes and you can make them right," Lea answered.

"What should I do?" I asked Lea.

"Do what your heart says to you," she answered.

We heard a loud scream coming from Mira.

"Help!!!" She screamed.

I ran to her as fast as I could.

"I am coming Mira," I shouted to her.

I finally came at the place she was at when I saw a huge spirit holding her in his claws. The spirit was huge, his skin looked like it was made of rocks and earth.

"Kano, help," she stated.

"Spirit, let her go!!" I yelled to the spirit.

The spirit's eye and body started to glow.

"Kano, what is happening?" Han asked when he and Lea arrived.

"Spirit, please let her go," I stated one final time.

He was almost completely glowing in white.

"Okay, you made me do this," I noted, shooting a boulder at him.

He destroyed it with his hands and took a tree from its roots.

"Kano, look out!!" Han yelled.

The tree knocked me a few meters away. Han shot earth bullets at the spirit almost hurting him.

I stood up, making an earth spike and shooting it at the spirit. Lea froze his legs and completely covered his chest in ice.

He still wasn't letting Mira go.

"Spirit, LET HER GO!!!" I screamed jumping at him.

He just hit me with his other hand and knocked me on a tree.

He was transferring himself from one place to another running away from us.

"Oh no you don't!!" I screamed and entered the Avatar State instantly.

I felt like I was leaving my body and was transferred a few meters in the air, seeing myself going to the spirit.

The spirit turned around and seemed frightened to be in the presence of the Avatar. I shot ice spikes at him and immediately after that I launched a dozen fireballs.

I was happy that I didn't hurt Mira during the battle. I launched a huge boulder at him. He disappeared long enough to avoid the boulder, fortunately he didn't take Mira with himself.

My spirit returned to my body and I exited from the Avatar State.

I ran to Mira to see if she was okay.

"Mira, are you okay?" I asked her.

"I am okay Kano," she answered, standing up and heading to the rest of the crew.

"Mira, wait," I stated.

"I was wrong to yell at you," I continued.

"This Avatar stuff is just too much for me," I finished.

"Kano, it's okay, I know all of this is too much responsibility for you and I just want that you know that we are here for you," she noted.

"And that I am here for you" she finished.

"Thanks," I answered.

We returned to Lea and Han.

"Looks like the storm has passed," Han stated.

"Finally, we can leave this depressing forest," Lea noted.

"Yeah, but I guess these things will happen to us a lot," Mira stated.

"What things?" I asked.

"You know, these attacks and the adventures," she answered.

"Well yeah, but we still have the Avatar big lighty power and stuff," Han noted.

"You mean the Avatar State," I said to him.

"Yea, but I will still call it Avatar big lighty power and stuff," he answered.

"Oh Han, you are always the joker," Mira stated.

"I know," he said proudly.

We exited the forest, seeing Cana and the lions before us.

"Cana always knows how to find you Kano," Han stated.

"Yeah, I guess," I answered.

"Then go canoeing with her," he joked.

"That one was bad," Lea stated.

"The master never makes bad jokes," he answered.

"Like you are the master," Mira said sarcastically.

"Well I am," he noted.

"Hahahahahhahahhahah no!!!" We joked.


- Sorry if this chapter is a little short.

- This spirit is an example of evil wild spirits when Kanna was battling the Un-Che.

- The next chapter was posted on 22.9.2013.

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