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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 13, 2013

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Chapter 10 - Back to the North Pole

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Chapter 12 - Future Plans


The kids talk about what they want to do for the next Avatar. Aang is proud to hear his kids ideas and has a vision of something later in the night

Kya continues to looks shocked by what the stranger just said. After a few more seconds of being speechless, Kya finally closes her mouth and frowns. She closes her eyes and her head goes down

Kya: Look, I accept you're apology, and I'm flattered by what you just said, but I don't think I would date you. After the way you treated me, it's just not a good first impression.

The stranger looks down with a sad, yet understanding facial expression

Stranger: I understand. Good luck with whoever you'll end up with.

The stranger walks out the door and closes it. Kya walks up to the guest room she's staying in and slumps on the ground with a sad facial expression. Bumi walks into Kya's guest room

Bumi: What are you all gloomed up about, Kya?

Kya: I know I made the right decision earlier with that guy, but I didn't think breaking a heart would be this painful even if it's someone I don't truly like. 

Bumi walks over and sits next to Kya

Bumi: Yeah well, consider this karma for being the reason I didn't end up with Zuko's daughter. 

Kya: Oh Bumi, I'm so sorry I screwed it up with you and Zuko's daughter. If we ever see her again, I'll take full blame for everything and bring you two together again. I promise. 

Bumi: You don't have to do anything for me. I agreed to the bet, so I'm to blame too. I took part in it, and I should apologize too. Yeah, I wish she still trusted and liked me, but maybe she's just not the right girl for me, and that guy you dumped wasn't the right guy for you

Bumi stands up and makes a jokingly mad face at Kya


Kya's frown turns into a smile and her eyes start to sparkle

Kya: Bumi, you can be a pain in my butt, but you know how to make me smile.

Kya stands up and wraps her arms around Bumi's neck and upper back, hugging him tightly

Kya: You're the best little brother an older sister could ask for.

Tenzin walks into the guest room and walks towards Kya and Bumi

Tenzin: Hey what about me Kya? Aren't I your favorite little brother?

Kya lets go of Bumi. She sits down, picks up Tenzin and sets him on her lap

Kya: You Tenzin, are the best baby brother an older sister could ask for. 

Kya wraps her arms around Tenzin, hugging him tightly. Tenzin tries to fight out of Kya's arms

Tenzin: I am not a baby! And put me down!

Kya sets Tenzin next to her and nervously smiles at him. Katara walks into the guest room with a frown on her face

Katara: Kids. I'm sorry, but we can't stay for another couple days.

Kya: How come?

Katara: Well between us already getting what we need for your father and you getting into trouble for something that was completely wrong, I think it's best to leave. Pack your things for tomorrow.

Katara walks out the guest room and closes the door. The kids stay silent for a couple seconds

Bumi: Well this is sad, I kinda like it here.

Kya: Yeah, I just can't believe our father needs water to heal him for his possible future problem.

Tenzin: What's the future problem again?

Kya: He needs the spirit water to heal him so he can live longer. All that time he spent in the iceberg is going to drain his body someday. 

Tenzin: What do you think the next Avatar will be like?

Bumi: Obviously they'll be born in the Water Tribe, we just don't know which tribe or when. 

Kya: Or really anything else, honestly I'd love to know.

Tenzin stands up proudly

Tenzin: Well, one day I'm going to be a master airbender like daddy and when the time comes, I'm going to teach the next Avatar airbending! 

Kya: You also have to realize your other duty.

Tenzin: Which is?

Kya: Our parents aren't going to have any other kids, and since you're the only airbender, you have to have a family with kids to keep the airbenders around.

Tenzin: Wow, I have a lot of responsibilities to this world, I didn't even know it.

Kya: Maybe if mom can still waterbend the way she does now, she'll teach the next Avatar waterbending, but if not, I'll do it. I'm already a master!

Bumi: Well what can I do for the next Avatar?

Kya thinks about what to say next

Kya: Teach the to um...I'll get back to you on that.

Suddenly, the guest room door opens. Aang walks inside the room with a smile on his face

Aang: I couldn't help but overhear your futures when the next Avatar will be here.

Kya, in panic, tries to cover up her, Bumi, and Tenzin's conversation

Kya: Dad? Look it's not what you think!

Aang starts laughing and sits down next to his kids

Aang: No, I think it's great you're thinking about the future. You all seem to have some great ideas, I just wish I could be there to see them.

Bumi: We wish you were there to see us too. It's just we love you so much that we want to help the next Avatar anyway we can. 

Kya: And we want to help you get through your future last years of living. We don't want you to die dad. We wish you could live forever. 

Aang: I've already lived for technically 140 years, it's physically going to get to be too old in my body, I can't live forever, but I can live long enough to see you accomplish some other stuff. I promise I'll be looking out for you, and I'll try show myself within the next Avatar--

Bumi:*cuts Aang off mid sentence* But Avatar Kyoshi lived for 230 years! You can live that long right?

Aang: I don't think so. I don't even know how she lived that long, but she lived as long as she needed to. You know I'm going to miss you all equally so much. But I don't want you worrying about me everyday, that's your mother's job. 

Kya: We promise we'll help you in every way we can when the time comes.

Aang's smile becomes bigger

Aang: I appreciate that. And I know that the next Avatar is going to love each and every one of you, but not as much as me.

Aang stands up and walks out of the room

Aang: Good night, kids.

A few hours go by and it's the middle of the night. Aang and Katara are sleeping in their guest room. Suddenly, Aang sits up. His face is shocked at first, but then amazed. He shakes Katara's shoulder quickly

Aang: *whispers* Katara wake up!

Katara's eyes open as she awakens. She sits up and and looks at Aang

Katara: Aang, it's the middle of the night. Did you have a nightmare again? 

Aang: No, but I had the most amazing dream ever, and I have to tell you what I saw.

Katara: What is it?

Aang: I had a dream, but it was more like a vision in the future. I saw the next Avatar.


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