Jia Mei The Kira Bi
The Kira-Bi
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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September 22, 2012

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Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

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Rong Yan and Yong Ten reach a town that is being haunted by an urban legend.

Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

Book 1: Air

Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi

Scene appears.

Opening his eyes, Rong Yan finds himself laying on a bed, looking around he sees other men laying down on some beds. "Where am I?" he asked.

Yong Ten walks in and smiles, "You're awake, Rong Yan..that is good." Yong Ten replied.

Rong Yan lifts himself up from the bed, and begins to walk slowly holding onto Yong Ten's staff for support. Walking out of the infirmary he asks, "Where are we?"

"We're in the village of Liaoning, we're in the Western Earth Kingdom. We're staying for three days here, until you recover." Yong Ten replied.

Seaport village

Liaoning Village.

Beginning to walk, an old woman spots them she approaches them and then she asks, "Do you two men know about Liaoning's folklore?"

Shaking their heads, she signals them to follow her, she stops in front of her vendor stand, as she is a herbalist.

"Well the folklore here, is that there is a spirit here that haunts this village, this story was shared to me from three generations of my family. It's about a woman who cheated on her husband, he was a soldier to punish his wife he cut her mouth from ear to ear. He told her, who would think she is beautiful now, she eventually died of old age, but stayed hidden in her home growing anti-social because of her now mutilated face that her husband left her with. She became a vengeful spirit and goes by the name of the Kira-Bi, she only comes out at night. Children are told this story so that they stay indoors at night, there has not been any reports since the last generation that the Kira-Bi had intentionally kidnapped a child. Villagers had seen the Kira-Bi multiple times coming out homes or shops with either money or stolen items. No one knows where the Kira-Bi lives exactly. Though if you see a woman in brown robes, and a white bandana, run away. Legend says, that the Kira-Bi will ask you if she is beautiful, if you say no, she steals from you and takes you away, if you say yes she will remove the bandana to reveal her mutilated face, then she will ask you the same question again, if you say yes she will do the same to you, that her husband did to her. If you run away she runs at super human speeds, and she will kidnap you. If you do encounter her, and she asks you the question. Just tell her that she is about average or so-so. It will confuse the Kira-Bi which will give you plenty of time to run away. No one has ever fought the Kira-Bi until last week when two men from the Fire Nation visited our town, they encountered the Kira-Bi they fought her but she was stronger, she overpowered them and they disappeared. I assume they're probably dead, but you could try to face the Kira-Bi, you are the bridge between the mortal world and the Spirit World." the old woman explained and finished her long story.

The Kira Bi

This is what the old woman described the Kira-Bi looked like.

"Wait, how do you know I'm the Avatar?" Rong Yan asked.

"The Fire Nation men who came here last week told me that the new Avatar is named Rong Yan, they told me a little bit about you and what you looked like as I was preparing their herbs for some sick woman in the Fire Nation." the old woman replied.

Rong Yan thought that the woman in the Fire Nation was probably really sick, as to why his countrymen visited the Earth Kingdom for herbs. But the Kira-Bi either killed them or captured them. Either way he was going to find out and rescue his countrymen. If they're dead as the old woman assumed then he would just see to it that the Kira-Bi does not return to this town.

Leaving the old woman's stand Rong Yan and Yong Ten begin walking around the town. A woman heard that the Avatar was in town, they passed by her house she was sweeping her porch, and hanging up wet clothing out on the hot sun. She saw a tall Fire Nation man, and a tall old airbender the woman then approached bout men by walked up to them.

"Excuse me, are you the Avatar?" the woman asked, she looked middle-aged, she was short, and had her black hair in a bundle with chopsticks holding the bun on the back of her head and sort of skinny, as her aging face revealed high cheek bones, all the while she was wearing a light green kimono. Rong Yan looked down at the middle-aged woman.

"Yes, I am. Is there something going on?" Rong Yan answering her question and then asking what the problem was.

"My name is Muqin, my problem is that a few months ago my daughter Jia Mei, disappeared. I told her of the legend of the Kira-Bi, she is a disrespectful teenage girl, then when night came she disappeared. I need you to find my daughter, Avatar I know she's still alive, and if she is gone forever at least I could be at ease to be with myself." Muqin said. Continuing to sweep her porch, Rong Yan and Yong Ten began walking away.

That night Rong Yan and Yong Ten began to talk and walk down the streets late at night, walking down one of the long streets, in the distance of the street they see, a figure running out of a house. The figure cartwheels landing on its hand, with its hand it pushes itself up doing a back flip and landing on a roof.

Yong Ten speeding up in running speed, he sees a beautiful young woman, wearing a white bandana covering her lower face, due to the darkness Yong Ten was unable to see her upper face as well. She is running and jumping across rooftops, and on the side it appears there was a small sword dangling by her right hip.

She looks over at Yong Ten and speeds up faster than he does, looking at the long street then back at the woman, she was gone. She wasn't there, was it possible that Yong Ten had just seen a spirit? He was a highly spiritual man, not to mention being a spiritual mentor, and being an airbender added to it.

Rong Yan runs up to Yong Ten, catching his breath and panting, Yong Ten puts his hand on Rong Yan's shoulder looking down at him, "She's gone." Yong Ten said.

Next day comes, and somewhere within the eastern Earth Kingdom, Senlin is continuously walking pulling the same hay cart. Seeing a village at the top of a large hill. Senlin walks up the hill while pulling the cart, upon reaching the top of the hill village there were bags under his eyes he had lack of sleep, and his clothes that Haoke had given him were dirty.

Plains village

The village on the hill where Senlin stayed at.

Continuing to the pull the cart, he reaches the top of the hill and collapses on the ground. Attempting to stand up he fails and collapses again looking at the village. His vision begins to blur and he sees a figure running towards him, then all of a sudden everything goes black.

Senlin awakens, in a room getting up from the bed he looks around, he's in a small room with drawers, a small bed that he is laying upon and a window. The door of the room opens, and middle-aged woman walks in with a plate of roasted pork, and a wooden cup full of grind up mango juice, she then placed it on the counter.

Apartment room

The room Senlin was in.

"Well stranger, you're lucky I brought you to my home, what is your name?" the woman asks, looking down to see that he was wearing different clothing.

He looks around and sees his passport on the drawer, with a sigh of relief he answers to the woman, "Taofan." Senlin replied.

"Nice to meet you, Taofan. My name is Ling-Ling." Replying back to Senlin.

She then asks, "Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

"I'm just a lonely old man. No family. During the Thirty Year War, a group of waterbenders raided my farmhouse outside of a village, that I grew up in..I defended my home from of them had broken my leg, they left me alive..those monsters, extorted my family in front of me..I will never..forget their faces.." Senlin had a sad but also angry expression on his face, in his mind he thought to himself, what a great sob story he came up with. The lady will sure fall for that.

"I'm sorry, to hear husband was a soldier in the war, he was killed by a group of Water Tribesmen too. I know what you daughter is the only family, I have." She replied.

"Well there's your meal, you should stay here for the next two days. You still look weak." Ling-Ling said, leaving Senlin in his room to eat, picking up the plate of roasted pork Senlin began to eat it.

Standing up he sees a teenage girl, washing his clothing outside, he sits back down and continues to eat the food that Ling-Ling had made for him, grabbing the wooden cup of mango juice, he began to drink some of it and places it back on top of the drawer.

Later, night comes and the scene cuts to a blast of fire, the Kira-Bi runs through the streets and Rong Yan chases her. The Kira-Bi is carrying two large sacks of money.

Fire blast

The fire blast that Rong Yan shoots at the Kira-Bi.

Jumping over a barrel, Rong Yan is thrown into the air by a rising cube rock, hitting the ground, he watches as the Kira-Bi escapes, the Kira-Bi looks back at Rong Yan and then disappears.

On the ground in front of Rong Yan, there was something shiny. Rong Yan stands up and runs over to it, picking it up he sees that it is an Earth Kingdom pendant.

Holding it in his hand he places it into his pocket, and walks back to Muqin's home. Walking up to her house, the sun was beginning to rise. She opens the door before he knocks, with a startled look on her face, she jumps back.

"Oh, Avatar but you startled me. I was going for my morning walk." Muqin said, reaching into his pocket Rong Yan grabs Muqin's hand and then opens her hand only to place the pendant in her hand.

Muqin looks down at her hand only to recognize that it is her late husband's pendant, she tries to hold back the tears, but a tear drops from one of her eyes. Rong Yan hugs the woman as she speaks, "This was a gift to Jia Mei, from her late father for her thirteenth birthday. Please Avatar, do the best you can to find my daughter.." Muqin sobbingly says.

"I will.." Rong Yan replied, letting go of the woman and walking towards where he and Yong Ten are staying at.

Back at the hill village, it was morning and it was also the last day Senlin was staying at Ling-Ling's house. The next day he will move on from the village, elsewhere. Senlin is eating, there is a knock at the door. Ling-Ling answers the door, and it was her daughter, shaking she began to cry, Senlin looks at her.

"What is wrong honey, what happened?" Ling-Ling asked her daughter.

"M-mom..there's a group of waterbenders outside of our village, they killed one of the vendors..they're invading our village.." Ling-Ling's daughter replies in a shaking and frightened voice.

Song's mother

Ling-Ling was eating dinner with Senlin.

Senlin stops eating, drops his spoon, and stands up then a revenge sounding tone he says to himself, "..rebels.."

"What was that, Taofan?" Ling-Ling asked.

"Rebels, they're rebels from the Water Tribes, they don't want peace with the Earth Kingdom.." Senlin replied.

Looking to the left, he sees a cabinet holding two hammers, taking the hammers. He walks out the door as the Ling-Ling and her daughter stare in terror from hearing the frighting news, Senlin looks back at them and nods at Ling-Ling, as he walks out. Walking down one of the streets of the village, he sees a man holding a blade against an Earth Kingdom villager.

"Stop!" Senlin yelled.

Looking over at whoever yelled stop, he pushes the man down who then runs away screaming only to be tripped by another Water Tribesman. The man calls over two other men.

War hammer

One of the hammers that Senlin was wielding. They belong to Ling-Ling's late husband.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it..old man?" the young Water Tribesman asked.

"This." Senlin replied, slamming the hammers down, sending a landslide to the young man, the young man impacts with the landslide, and is sent flying. The man to his left, opens a waterskin, and pulls out water, splitting the water up into two he freezes it onto his arms as they form into sharp blades. The waterbender runs toward Senlin.

The one on the right from the man that was sent flying pulls out a whale-tooth sword, and runs towards Senlin as well. The ice armed waterbender reaches Senlin, he lunges at him, as Senlin moves off to the side, the other warrior from behind is heard roaring.

Sokka with war paint

The first warrior.

Senlin kicks back, as the warrior is knocked off balanced and falls on the ground. The one carrying ice stands up as Senlin, breaks the ice off his arms, picks him up and throws him back on the ground. The other man that he first flung, runs toward him, stomping onto the ground a boulder rises, with his left hammer Senlin hits the boulder as it flies towards the warrior. The warrior ducks, and the first warrior runs up to Senlin, and uses a club to trip Senlin, Senlin falls to the ground.

The waterbender rises up and forms a large pointy icicle around his right arm, with force he pushes the icicle off his arm, Senlin makes a pain expression on his face, and then laughs. The warriors and the waterbender in shock see as Senlin was covered in rock armor on the ground, and the icicle lodges into the rock.

Rock armor training

The rock armor, Senlin used to protect himself from a fatal blow.

Senlin smiles and winks at them. Sinking into the ground, the Water Tribesmen begin to look around. Appearing from behind on the warriors he kicks the ground, as a pillar rises throwing one of the warriors into the air as falls thirty feet from the air, and begins to run out of the village.

The other warrior rushes at him, stomping three times, three small pillars of earth rise, with the hammers twisting and turning Senlin smashes the hammers into them sending three small boulders to the warrior. Dodging each one he throws his boomerang at Senlin. Senlin blocks it with his hammers, as it falls to the ground.

Another stomp happens and Senlin with both hammers sends another boulder at the second warrior this time it is only larger. The large boulder hits the warrior, who then screams in pain, as his arm was broken. He begins to limp toward the gates of the village.

The waterbender looks to his sides, barrels begin to rumble, from each two of the barrels on each side of the waterbender, water erupts from the inside making a wave, he directs it toward Senlin.

The wave crashes on Senlin, Senlin begins to cough as the water around him freezes him trapping him. Picking up the water that had not froze the waterbender collects it and shoots a torrent at Senlin. Recovering from the torrent Senlin begins to cough out more water, the waterbender then walks up to Senlin.

Pakku and Piandao

The wave that the waterbender makes.

Senlin sinks into the earth, the waterbender turns around as Senlin emerges from the ground in front of him, reacting quickly the waterbender with a big water whip, hits Senlin under the chin, knocking him to the ground.

Senlin was greatly angered and kicks the ground with his ankle, as a landslide runs toward the direction of the waterbender, as a pillar rises and hits the waterbender, sending him flying and then rolling on the ground. The waterbender rises, and grabs another large amount of water, turning it into a torrent he begins to shoot the water torrent at Senlin, who raises an earth wall.

Aang creates earth wall

The wall Senlin used to defend himself.

Kicking the earth wall, it slides and hits the waterbender. The waterbender attempts to lift himself up but collapses on the ground. The first warrior who fled returns and drags the waterbender.

They flee on a polar leopard, Senlin looks back to see Ling-Ling hugging her daughter. Grabbing the hammers he walks toward Ling-Ling, he hands her the hammers from her husband. Ling-Ling's daughter hands him a ration of food, his clothing, and his identification card.

Ling-Ling looks at Senlin and nods, the villagers appear from their homes, and some from the alleyways looking at Senlin who just fought off two warriors and a waterbender.

Rong Yan and Yong Ten are walking outside the village and see a cave nearby. Inside the cave they could hear what sounded like muffled voices. They look at each other and run towards the cave. Upon walking towards the cave, they see the Kira-Bi.

"Am I beautiful?" the Kira-Bi asked.

"You're about average." Rong Yan replied.

Confused the woman begins to think about what Rong Yan said. During that time, with his staff Yong Ten slams it down sending a wave of air hitting the Kira-Bi sending her sliding across the ground to hit the earth of the cave.

Tenzin airbending

Standing up she screams, meanwhile back at the village one of the guards hears the scream coming from the direction that the Avatar and his airbending teacher had left walking through. The guard calls another guard, they then head towards that direction.

The Kira­-Bi pulls out her weapon and runs toward Yong Ten, attempting to harm Yong Ten, he had easily dodged every swing the Kira-Bi tried to throw at him. Rong Yan does a back flip kick of fire, the wheel of fire flies at the Kira-Bi as it hits her.

Turning her attention to Rong Yan, she runs at him, as he is kicking fire at her, she moves from side to side dodging the fire blasts. The Kira-Bi stomps on the ground as a small rock rises, with her blade she hits the rock, as it hits Rong Yan.

Earth column

The Kira-Bi is revealed to be an earthbender.

"Yong Ten, the Kira-Bi is an earthbender!" he yelled at Yong Ten who in the distance, sends another air wave at the Kira-Bi sending her flying again. The Kira-Bi again attempts to attack Rong Yan, who retaliates with a spin kick while on the ground as a ring of fire appears, making her back up, almost falling back as a pillar of earth stops her from falling.

The Kira-Bi again flies and hits the ground, as her bandana falls off her face. "Look at her face!" Rong Yan shouted at Yong Ten, again shooting another strong wind at the Kira-Bi this time the Kira-Bi blocks the air, with large earth wall. The earth wall sinks, and the Kira-Bi stomps again bringing a boulder from the ground, punching it to Yong Ten.

Yong Ten blasts another strong air current stronger than the speed of the boulder. The boulder then speeds towards the Kira-Bi who was hit by the boulder while she was distracted.

"The Kira-Bi is a person, spirits can't bend!" Yong Ten shouted at Rong Yan. The Kira-Bi flies and slams into the cave. Rong Yan creating fire on his finger tips runs into the cave, creating an even bigger fire when putting his arms together, shooting a torrent of fire at the Kira-Bi.

The Kira-Bi makes a loud scream as she collides with a wall within the cave, she knocks out unconscious as smoke comes off her body and char marks stain her clothing and skin.

Ozai in prison

The Kira-Bi was knocked out.

The mask falls off, to reveal a beautiful young girl with a couple of 1st degree burns on her face. Screams are heard deeper in the cave, Yong Ten runs up to the young woman and ties her hands and feet together.

Rong Yan runs deeper into the cave and to his surprise finds the men held in shackles. With a key lying on the ground, he picks it up and unlocks the shackles, to both of the men.

"T-thank y-you, A-Avatar." one of the men says with a trembling voice, as they run out of the cave, the guards appear towards the cave.


The prisoners the Kira-Bi held captive.

"Where is the Kira-Bi?" one of the guards asked.

Looking down at the girl, Rong Yan lies to them and says, "She's really a spirit..she's long gone. Yong Ten and I will take the girl back to her mother and you two will go into the back of the cave and gather all the stolen properties." the guards nod to Rong Yan in agreement and ran past them to the back of the cave. Rong Yan picks up the young girl and along with Yong Ten, he begins to walk back to the village.

After about half an hour they reach the village, Rong Yan is carrying the young woman in her arms. As they reach Muqin's house, they see her sweeping outside again.

Looking up to who approaches her, Muqin, sees Rong Yan holding her daughter. Running up she grabs her daughter Jia Mei and hugs her tightly. Jia Mei awakens and hugs her mother back.

Haru's mother crying

Muqin seeing Rong Yan carrying Jia Mei in his arms.

"Mother..?" Jia Mei asked in a soft toned voice. "Why? Jia Mei?" Muqin asked her daughter.

"You said, you wished I left mother, you were angry. So I left." Jia Mei replied.

"Sometimes when we're angry, we say things we don't mean, young earthbender." Yong Ten said.

"Thank you, Avatar for reuniting me with my mother, now I know the mother wanted me back and I will be a better daughter to her, I promise." Jia Mei said.

"You're welcome, Jia Mei." Rong Yan replied.

"Who was the Kira-Bi?" Muqin asked.

"Jia Mei was the Kira-Bi. I lied to the guards that the Kira-Bi had disappeared. So they wouldn't take away Jia Mei." Rong Yan replied.

Jia Mei stands up, and hugs Rong Yan. Rong Yan hugs her back and lets go of the young girl. The Fire Nation men are seen in the distance running and screaming towards the docks where their boat was held. "Let's get out of here, man!!!" one of them yells to the other.

Yong Ten, Rong Yan, Muqin, and Jia Mei all shared a chuckle. Rong Yan and Yong Ten then began to walk back to Jippo and they then fly off.

Meanwhile, the villagers cheer for Senlin, and one of them walks toward Senlin with an ostrich horse and hands him the reins. Grabbing hold of the reins, Senlin smiles, and places the ration and his clothing into the ostrich horse's saddle pack. Climbing onto the ostrich horse, Senlin begins to leave the town and stops at one of the vendors before leaving.

"May I help you?" the vendor asks, Senlin points at the sack of feed, the vendor places the sack of feed, into the saddle pack of the ostrich horse. Throwing some coin onto the vendor's counter, Senlin mounts onto the ostrich horse.

"Keep the change." Senlin says.

"Thank you, sir. I hope you know that the Avatar has returned." the vendor replied. The ostrich horse walks two paces, then stops Senlin dismounts the ostrich horse, and walks toward the vendor and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

"The Avatar has returned. He's from the Fire Nation." the vendor repeated. It took a while before Senlin could process it into his head.

Then the vendor says, "Avatar Rong Yan, is seen traveling with a bald airbending monk named Yong Ten." Senlin nods, and then grins wickedly, climbing onto the ostrich horse, and riding off into the sun.

Scene ends.

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