Zuko, Iroh, and June
The Bounty Hunter
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Chapter 11: The Bounty Hunter

I sat down with Uncle this evening for some quiet time to improve my mood.

"You see Prince Zuko? A moment of quiet is good for your mental well-being," Uncle told me. I was feeling really relaxed now. I began to drink some tea when I felt a thud. I growled in frustration and walked down to the deck.

On the deck, my Firebenders ran as a weird creature arrived on the deck. Riding the animal was a beautiful but deadly looking lady.

"Get back! We're after a stowaway!" the lady instructed. Stowaway? Who'd be dumb enough to hide on a Fire Nation ship?

"There are no stowaways on my ship," I said. The animal ripped open the deck and peered down. Right then, an Earth Kingdom peasant ran up. How the heck did he get onto my ship? The lady chased after him and the creature struck the man down with its tongue.

"He's paralyzed!" I said in shock.

"Only temporarily. The toxins will wear off in about an hour. By then he'll be in jail and I'll have my money," the lady said.

"But how did you find him on my ship?" I asked. The lady smiled and patted her creature.

"My shirshu can smell a rat a continent away," she said.

"Well I'm impressed," Uncle said. The lady rode away.

"Very impressed," he added. Don't tell me you like this girl! That's just gross! An idea came to me.

That night, we found the same lady in an Earth Kingdom tavern. She was arm wrestling with a buff man.

"Out of my way! Step aside, you filth!" I demanded. We approached the lady.

"I need to talk to you," I said. She turned.

"Well, if it isn't my new friends. Angry Boy and Uncle Lazy," the lady said. Uncle laughed. I just glared. She slammed her opponent's hand on the table. The people around them cheered.

"If your beast tracked my ship, you have to pay me back!" I said. She gathered the copper pieces that were being thrown.

"I'd love to help you out but I'm short on money. Drinks on me!" she shouted. So this is what a person would see in a seedy tavern. I grabbed her wrist.

"Money isn't what I had in mind," I said. We stood outside and I took out the Waterbender's necklace.

"We need you to find someone," I said.

"What happened? Your girlfriend run off on you?" she asked. This lady was dangerous and annoying. "By the way, I'm June," she said.

"It's not the girl I'm after. It's the bald monk she's traveling with," I said.

"Whatever you say," June said.

"If you find them, I'll consider the damage to my ship paid for," I promised. June laughed.

"Forget it," she said.

"Plus we'll pay your weight in gold," Uncle said. June walked over to Uncle.

"Make it your way, and we got a deal," she said.

"You got it!" Uncle said.

"Get on!" she said. June took the necklace and held it under the shirshu's nose. We boarded the shirshu and it took off in the direction of the scent.

Later on, we arrived in the ruins of an Earth Kingdom village. We approached an elder woman.

"Out for a bit of fresh air, are we?" the woman asked.

"We're looking for someone," I said.

"I hope it's not Miyuki. Miyuki, did you get in trouble with the Fire Nation again?" the woman asked the cat.

"The Avatar's been through here, let's keep moving," June said. We continued riding into another Earth Kingdom village. This time, it had people and was not in ruins.

"Why are we stopping?" I asked as we approached a better dressed old woman.

"Because the girl must have spent a lot of time here," June said.

"We have no time for this!" I said. I took the necklace and held it under the shirshu's nose. The shirshu sniffed at it and nearly struck me with its tongue.

"Hey, watch it!" I said in anger.

"Oh look, she likes you," June said. The old woman came towards Uncle.

"Care to hear your fortune, handsome?" she asked. I groaned in disgust. We continued moving on.

FInally, we approached an abbey. The shirshu burst through the doors, sending the people screaming. We were getting close. We left the abbey and we went into the woods. We finally cornered the Waterbender and the Warrior.

"So this is your girlfriend? No wonder she left. She's way too pretty for you," June commented. I ignored her.

"Where is he?" I asked. They ran but the shirshu struck them down. We took the brother and sister and rode back to the abbey. Then, the Avatar came flying down.

The shirshu tried to strike it down but while doing so, fell down. The bison then rammed into the beast and I approached Aang. We then fought for a while in the abbey. We were both blasted back into the roofs of two houses. We fought some more but I would not rest.

All of a sudden, perfume splashed in front of the shirshu. The combination of the scents caused the shirshu to strike me down and strike June down.

Half an hour later, we recovered and we went back to the ship. I ordered a course for the Northern Water Tribe. The Avatar won't get away this time.

Author's Note

I wanted to get this finished as quickly as I could.

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