Yakone and young Tarrlok
The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 14, 2013

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Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

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Chapter 12: The Blood Moon Part 2: The Bloodbender


The gang is looking for Sakana, and Sakana has a flashback of his past.

Chapter 11: The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone

Book 2: Water

Chapter 11: The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone

"Well I went to the Spirit World, my past life Avatar Anana wanted to speak with me," Rong Yan started.

"Avatar who?" Unaraq asked.

"Avatar Anana, the Water Avatar before Avatar Ku Tei, she was from the Southern Water Tribe. She reviewed her past with me, and she answered some questions about what we're facing. She was telling me how back in her day, there was a conflict going on, and they banned a sub type of waterbending and renamed it the Forbidden Art! C'mon we have to go find, Sakana!" Rong Yan replied.

"Wait? What's wrong with Sakana?" Tako asked.

"There's no time to talk we have to go now!!" Rong Yan shouted leading the way.

Sakana, approaches small island covered in a lot of vines, and a few bushes surrounding the shore of the island. He gently drops his satchel, and begins skulking around the bag, taking out three candles, a dagger, a tome, and a small bowl. He also pulled out some spark rocks. With both spark rocks he scraped both of them against each other, and let the sparks hit the wicks of the three candles he had set up on the slab of rock.

The slab of rock, had a small statue of a large cougar-bat, the cougar-bat though was said to be extinct. Back hundreds of years, they used to roam the wilds of the Earth Kingdom. They were definitely vicious creatures that can fly. They were small in size, and had the killer instinct of a cougar. Most hunters had killed them for their meat, as the meat was a delicacy in the small villages of the southwestern Earth Kingdom.

He set the bowl down, in the middle of the shrine, a dagger on one side, and the large tome on the other side. He once again looked up at the moon. Suddenly, a flashback hit him.

The South Pole, was always cold regardless of what time of year it happened to be. The cold wind swept by when a man, and his son where carrying their supplies and sleeping bags out deep in the wilderness. Looks like they were going out hunting, the cold wind would hit both the man and his boy on their ears. Making the blood rush to their ears to keep them warm.

"Dad? What are we doing out here again?" the boy asked his father.

The man looks over to his boy who had questioned him about why they had traveled into the wilderness.

"Today's the day, son. Today's the day I will pass down the same blessing that my great grandfather was willing to teach me. Today's the day, that you my son, will learn bloodbending," the boy's father replied.

The father had a flashback when he was just a teenage boy, his great grandfather pat him on the back, and whispered in his ear, "You can do this, Aipaloovik. I know you can."

"Yes, great grandpapa," young Aipaloovik responded.

The young man stepped up, and looked at the polar walrus bear. Aipaloovik, was thinking about the first thing he bloodbent, looking at his son who was about to do the same thing.

Sakana stepped up, and stared the polar dog in the eyes, the animal was viciously roaring at the boy. Sakana took a deep breath, and began to bend his hands in awkward positions but nothing happened.

"Bloodbend that polar dog, Sakana! Now!" Aipaloovik yelled at Sakana.

Sakana tried again, but nothing happened the polar dog rushed at Sakana, but stopped in its tracks, the polar dog began to squeal as it wasn't able to move a muscle. The polar dog suddenly flew across the snow, and slammed real hard on the snowy ground. With that the wild animal ran off fleeing.

"You disappoint me, Sakana," Aipaloovik shouted.

Aipaloovik, quickly rose his hands up, and then off to the sides, at the same time Sakana rose off the ground and then back on his feet before being bent backwards, with his arms going stiff. Screaming for his father to stop.

"You will learn to obey me, and as so I will continue to bloodbend you if you don't obey me, got it!" Aipaloovik shouted at Sakana.

"Now get up, garbage," Aipaloovik added.

Years had gone by, Sakana was deathly afraid of his own father, if he failed at a lesson in bloodbending his father would either beat him or just bloodbend him. Bloodbending his own son made him feel good, since he knew he had control of him.

Over the years, he had gotten better at bloodbending. The time came when Aipaloovik took Sakana to the Earth Kingdom. During this time is when the tensions between the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes began to fade away.

Aipaloovik and Sakana traveled around deep in some unknown grasslands in the eastern Earth Kingdom. Seeing the camp of a man, he looked very poor, and was just trying to do his best to survive the wilds of the Earth Kingdom.

They crouched and hid from the line of sight of the man, behind the tall dry grasses, Aipaloovik looks over and Sakana and says, "See that man over at the camp? I want you to bloodbend him!"

The man heard chatter but didn't know if it was just small animals running around, or he was going insane and hearing things. The grasses shook, and the man raised his fists in fear ready to fight anything that came out.

He let his fists down when he saw Sakana walk out of the grasses, the man then says, "Who are you?"

"I'm sorry but I have to do this. Or else," Sakana told the man.

"Or else wh-" the old man said before being in Sakana's grip.

He began to bloodbend the poor man, but then he stopped.

"I...I can't do it! I can't hurt this poor man!" Sakana shouted at the bushes.

The man stumbled on the ground, and quickly backed away, getting up to run, he ran not too far before being stopped not being able to move a muscle. Aipaloovik, came from out of the bush, and pulled his arm close to his chest, the man he was bloodbending floated closer to Aipaloovik.

"Poor? POOR?! He's from the bloodied Earth Kingdom!! I will teach you, what you must do to this...this wretched piece of vermin!" Aipaloovik shouted at Sakana.

With his other hand he bloodbent Sakana, and made him watch what he was about to do to the man. On a large rock, the fires of the campfire were reflecting on it, and you can a shadow and two other ones floating.

All of a sudden, one of them began to bend in awkward shapes, the man was screaming in agony before falling silent, Aipaloovik, threw him off to the side, and began to bloodbend Sakana. Twisting his wrist, Aipaloovik stopped the blood from reaching his son's brain and knocked him out.

Soon after, Sakana had awoken he laying right next to a shrine with a horrific monster standing on it. His vision was blurred, and he had a headache. Getting up to his feet he felt very light headed. He saw his father, preparing some kind of ritual.

There was another person there, a woman from the Northern Water Tribe. She walked up to Aipaloovik and asked, "Is it his first time?"

Aipaloovik stopped what he was doing and looked at the woman, "Yes. He needs to learn there's only one way that'll prevent us bloodbenders from going insane," Aipaloovik answered.

"Which tribe do you hail from, brother?" the woman asked.

"We come from the Southern," Aipaloovik responded.

"Ahh, I'm from the Northern Water Tribe. Mind if I go first?" the woman asked once more.

"Sure," Aipaloovik said.

The woman pulled out a dagger from her garb, Sakana looked in horror, what was this strange woman going to do? The woman, then cuts her hand slightly and lets the blood fall into the bowl. Grabbing some water from her waterskin, she healed her fresh wound.

Aipaloovik, then was signaled by the woman to go ahead and do it. He grabbed Sakana by his hair, and pulled him over. He pointed at the dagger, and Sakana grabbed the dagger shakily.

Sakana took too long to cut his hand for the offering to the spirit. Aipaloovik, snatched it from his son's hands, and cut Sakana's left hand, and drained a little out into the bowl, Sakana covered his hand in pain to stop the bleeding.

Aipaloovik stepped up, and cut himself, and drained some blood into the same bowl. All of sudden, the moon turned into a red color. Sakana was horrified at the color of the moon.

He muttered to himself, "The blood...moon.."

His body, and that of the woman, and his father began to shake a little. He noticed his veins had began to pop out of his body. He suddenly found strength within himself. The woman removed her hood, and let her dark brown hair flow in the light breeze.

Sakana, looked at his father, focusing he began to bend his arms in different positions, and held a grip on his father.

"Sakana, how dare you bloodbend me!" Aipaloovik shouted.

"Now you know how I feel when you bloodbend me, dad. How could you bloodbend your own..SON?!" Sakana retorted at his father.

"You will learn to obey my orders, boy!" Aipaloovik shouted, instantly the grip strength he just grew, he was let down and he began to grip his son, trying to shut down Sakana's vital organs. The woman shouted at Aipaloovik, "STOP! Leave him alone!"

The woman, then began to bloodbend Aipaloovik, Sakana fell to the ground, regaining his consciousness. He then yelled, "You tortured me! You tortured me throughout ALL THESE YEARS! You don't deserve mercy!"

Again adding his grip to that of the young woman, he began to bloodbend his father. Then suddenly, Aipaloovik quickly grabbing at his chest, and let out a scream. The woman dropped the lifeless Aipaloovik.

With the help of the woman, Sakana had killed his own father. Sakana fell to his knees and began to cry. The woman ran over to Sakana, and wrapped her cloak around him and began to hug him.

Rain fell from the skies, maybe it was the demon Atshen, who decided to drop rain from the skies because another one of his followers fell. Sakana was frightened. Sakana was scarred for life, and the fact that he killed his own father, he was not sad, he was sad because of the torturing he endured his entire childhood.

The recent death of Aipaloovik, gave Sakana a sign of relief. the woman and Sakana sat their in the rain, as she comforted the teenage boy. In the morning he woke up while the woman was cuddling with him to keep warm throughout the night. They were wet still but began to dry up just a little.

Sakana looks up at the white moon, and begins to slice his wrist with the new dagger. The blood began to poor out, and he immediately hovered his wrist over the bowl letting the blood drip into the small bowl. Bending water out of the other bowl filled of water to heal his wrist.

Sakana stood up, and yelled, "Atshen! I have returned! Give me your strength! And cleanse my mind from near insanity!"

All of a sudden, his veins began to pop out from Sakana's skin, he continued to stand there as he felt the surge of power going throughout his body, feeling more sane than ever that his mind was cleansed.

"Yes! Noth-" Sakana shouted before being cut off.

"Sakana! You're a bloodbender!" Rong Yan shouted from one end of the shrine island.

Sakana looked behind him, and whispered to himself, "You!"

"You're going down, Sakana. Bloodbending is forbidden!" Rong Yan shouted.

"No it is you, who is going down! Bloodbending has been forgotten and it should stay that way!" Sakana retorted.

"And I hope you came prepared, Avatar. Because, this is the last time that you and your friends will see this world!" Sakana added.

"STOP!" Kuma shouted from the distance.

Sakana looked off to the side and saw Kuma running towards him, Kuma ran in front of his friend.

"Sakana! This isn't you! You're not like this! Please st-" Kuma shouted at Sakana.

Kuma rose off of the ground, and began to scream, all of a sudden, he began to gurgle, something was in his throat, Sakana had tossed his fresh corpse off to the side.

"Kuma!" Tako shouted.

"He killed his best friend!" Sake shouted.

"Sakana, you monster!" Rong Yan shouted.

Instantly Sakana bent his arms, and shot a rushing wave of water at Rong Yan and the gang. Unaraq and his crew drew their weapons, Aloi and Tanaraq took their stances as they jumped out of the way. And Rong Yan stood in front of them all, taking his firebending offensive stance.

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