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March 24, 2012

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This is the eleventh chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of what happened after Mel and Hope woke up. It is told from Mel's perspective.

Chapter Eleven

I was awoken to a smell that made its way through my nose to my brain, killing all of its sense. It was nothing else, but the concentrated smell of ammoniac. I tried to move my hands, but the only that was moving were my vocal cords – I was screaming. I tried to stop, for I knew that someone would hear us, but my efforts just got me screaming louder and louder. In fact, they had been so loud that Hope, who had obviously passed out too, came back around. If I had been able to think clearly then, I think I would have envied her – no ammoniac for her. On the other hand, she did get her fair share, having woken up her way. Before her eyelids had fully cracked open, she was already making lightning. Unfortunately, her eye lids didn't fully open until after she shot the lightning. This resulted into a seriously overdosed smell of ammoniac. I was about to die. First thing that came to mind was the first thing I did – I ripped a piece of my shirt and put it over my mouth. Then I took a deep breath (through my mouth). At least there was some way to breathe and not be just speeding up your brain's death.

To get back to the action: As the ammoniac bottle exploded in to millions of glass pieces that melted before they met the floor, the lightning was now almost touching Azula's fingertips. But it never touched them. It just stopped. I looked at the scene. Everything had frozen – Azula, the lightning; even Hope wasn't moving. Then the lightning just vanished. Here is the one place and time it would benefit Hope to not be herself: She jumped at Azula, shooting fireballs. But before she knew it, Azula had dodged her attacks and smacker her on the back. Hope collapsed on the floor and did not move.

That was about it for me. I jumped up as fast as I could in my situation (which was not very fast), and I started to shoot air blasts at her. But she dodged them all. It was incredible to behold, but also scary. Just to think she was at least eighty, probably older. But that moment of thought was about to cost me everything – I had sent one weaker air blast, and she was already running at me. There had to be something I could to fast. And then I saw the pot of tea. With a move of my eye balls, the tea spilled all over her. She made a fire barrier and tea evaporated, but that one second of time was quite worth it. I ripped a big piece of rock of the wall and threw it at Azula. I thought that was done. She could not possibly hand that many attacks. But she did. The very moment there was dust everywhere, I felt her hit my back. I, too, collapsed.

"Dear, dear," she said. "Not very good manners, attacking you kind host." Manners? She was talking about manners? She just knocked us down and paralyzed us! And what followed was nothing, but being lightning-fried. I knew it! Yangchen, Aang, Korra, Roku, all of the other Avatars had betrayed me. But not just that – they had sent me to a sure doom. I was losing my mind:

"You attacked us!" I yelled.

"Oh no, dear. If you can remember what happened a minute ago clearly, which I would understand if you couldn't because of the ammoniac, you would know that you attacked me." Oh, I did not have a care who attacked first! She had poisoned with ammoniac, and then she knew that we would attack. That gave her an excuse to catch us unprepared. And she did... "Anyways, I would understand you. You are direct descendants of Avatar Aang's team. I know everything that happened; I was actually quite an obstacle... especially after my brother joined your ancestors," she said. She herself was proving me right this far. "I don't believe anyone ever told you, but I have a good side too." I guess he didn't tell anyone that because he didn't lie. "I helped save the world once. It was when my father had broken out of prison. He was making an army, but to make a long story short, I shall just say that I stopped him. On that journey I learned heatbending." That garbage again? "And this is what I will I teach you. We are starting today." then she hit both me and Hope simultaneously with a bunch of quick jabs again. A second later I could once again feel my body. Why hadn't she killed us? "Chi-blocking," she said. "Extremely useful when combined with headbending." Why did she give out her secrets?

I jumped on my feet. I still didn't quite believe her. But she didn't kill us when she had the chance, did she? Well she can always have a chance if we don't improve, but... something was telling me we had to listen to her. I looked around and saw Hope get up. She immediately took a fighting stance, but she looked very tired and worn out.

"Nice reflexes," Azula said. "But there are still some things to work on."

She smiled. I found it ironic. Hope found it threatening. Azula didn't care how we reacted, because she had already kicked our butts once. And she was at least a hundred years old!

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