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All Hail The Leader
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February 17, 2017

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Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.


Zhasha and Yurei were discussing some business in the table, in the Eastern Air Temple.

–I'm sorry about your divorce brother, you know, Amala could...– Said Zhasha.

–There's no talking about that again. We both decided it, especially me. The kids are getting the wrong influence by staying with that woman.– Said Yurei, very serious.

Zhasha looked bored while she held some kind of dead arrowed bird on her hand.

–You know brother, still though, I find it sad you had to finish your beautiful love story because of that.– She said. –You and her remind me of the perfect couple my husband and I could have made.– She placed the weird arrowed animal on the desk, a little bit sad.

–Ha! Sister, don't make me laugh, men were always chasing after you. It was you who killed most of them after having...certain affairs.– Said Yurei.

–For all men that are great in bed, why did those had to be royal?– Sighed Zhasha with a smirk as she played with the dead animal.

Zhasha Shows the Arashi

"For all men that are great in bed, why did those had to be royal?"

Yurei made a face of disgust.

–Oh, would you please take that out of the table? It's disgusting!– Said Yurei in disgust.

Zhasha smirked.

–Hahaha, brother, you're still that picky, aren't you? Chill down, it's not dead, it's just a defeated Arashi Spirit.– Said Zhasha. Then she pulled down the spirit, looking worried. –Are you sure about that? Doing that ritual with Aria?– She said.

Yurei laid back on his seat.

Yurei explains the Arashi

"I told her those ancient airbending secrets, about the fuse between a human and an Arashi spirit in those ancient times. There's the legend about Monk Xiang and Guru Donk joining one Arashi Spirit each, and becoming the most powerful Air Nomads in the world of then, entering in what they called "Curse Mode". Along the Avatar of the time, some unnamed Water Avatar, they brought peace and balance to the world."

–I told her those ancient airbending secrets, about the fuse between a human and an Arashi spirit in those ancient times. There's the legend about Monk Xiang and Guru Donk joining one Arashi Spirit each, and becoming the most powerful Air Nomads in the world of then, entering in what they called "Curse Mode". Along the Avatar of the time, some unnamed Water Avatar, they brought peace and balance to the world.–

Zhasha looked confused.

–Are you telling me that an airbender fused with this spirit unlocks some kind of Avatar-level power? That's what Aria wants?– She said.

Yurei was concerned, and he looked even more worried.

–Zhasha, I don't know what to do. I can't get the Avatar in line by myself; I need someone of his level, a human and a spirit fused in one, and this is the only chance we've got.– Yurei looked at the Arashi Spirit. –You said that was the last Arashi Spirit survivor after the spirit massacre of twenty years ago, right?–

–Yes.– Zhasha looked worried.

–Well it's now or never. And I really don't know what can I do. There's no one who wants to offer in the Red Lotus, only Aria, MY OWN DAUGHTER! I can't do her such a thing.– Yurei was hopeless.

–Dad.– Said a smiling fourteen-year-old Aria, who looked adorable without her red tattoos.

Yurei turned shocked to see his young daughter right next to the table they were sitting in the cafeteria.

–A...Aria! What are doing here? How did you know we were here?– Asked Zhasha, shocked.

–Hehehe! Auntie Zhasha, you are completely predictable going always to the same restaurant.– Laughed Aria.

–But Aria, did you hear what we were talking about?– Asked Yurei.

Aria turned to him smiling.

–Father, it's okay to be worried about this kind of things. Not everyday you fuse with a spirit. But don't worry I'll be fine.– She said. Yurei hesitated and relaxed a bit.

–Aria, just be careful, and think twice.– Said Yurei.

–You're sure? Once you and the Arashi are fused, I can't separate you, only the Dark Avatar can do it.– She looked at Yurei. –And we don't want to recur to that power, right?–

Yurei nodded.

–Dad, aunt, I've been thinking this for months, I DO wanna do it.– Said Aria determined, then she looked to the unconscious Arashi. –Is that dead?–

–Wha...NO!! Here in the temple dead animals aren't allowed.– Said Yurei.

–Yurei, it's a Spirit, not an animal.– Said Zhasha, looking at him serious.

Zhasha, Zeick and Deyek where looking at an unconscious Aria, whose arm was being healed by Zhasha. Aria started to open her eyes in a low whine.

–Aria! You're awake.– Said Deyek.

–Uuuuh...– She whined.

–Stay calm miss, you almost lose your skin in that fight. What did we told you about the Curse Mode?– Said Zhasha.

Taking care of Aria

"Stay calm miss, you almost lose your skin in that fight. What did we told you about the Curse Mode?"

–Guh...Hnn– Aria tried to speak.

–The Arashi could destroy her, right?– Said Zeick.

–Exactly.– Nodded Zhasha. –If only the Arashi would have been forced to fuse her, the ritual wouldn't have gone that wrong.– She said, as Aria went unconscious again. Suddenly, a team of doctors entered the room, and Zhasha stopped her healing for a moment directing to Zeick and Deyek.

–Zeick, Deyek, if you two don't want to see how does your sister look in the inside, her broken insides literally, I suggest you leave.– Suggested Zhasha.

Zeick grabbed Deyek by his arm.

–Nooope. Not in my list of things to do.– Said Zeick.

–Woah, easy there, I do want to see her insides.– Said Deyek.

–Shut up, you don't want to throw up inside our sister.– Said Zeick, as he went through the door.

–I'm a fan of gore y'a'know? Thanks to bloodbending.– Complained Deyek from the outside.

Meanwhile, Zhasha had dressed up as a doctor and placed her mask on, as a team of doctors accompanied her.

–Should we start?– Said one of them.

–Apply the anaesthesia.– Ordered Zhasha, rigid.

Shaila was sleeping in some kind of mattress; she was secured in some kind of important room of an important hotel. She started to wake up in the dawn of a new day, and all she could see was a big bedroom with luxurious yellow walls, and crystal spider lamps hanging on the ceiling. She could she through the windows she was still in Omashu, and then in front of her there was an open door where she saw Tan, Iruka, and some airbender who looked like a friend of them two, looking at the balcony, talking some business. Shaila, who felt weak, tried to incorporate on the bed. Iruka turned to see.

–Well my majesty, appears you've finally recovered.– Said Tan, who also turned to see her.

–How...long have I been asleep?– Asked Shaila, weak.

–We found you when we arrived, two days ago, we saw someone was falling from one of the water streaks that flowed out of the city.– Explained Iruka.

–Iruka waterbent the whole water to save that person.– Said Leo.

Shaila was confused.

–Aw come on, do we really have to say it? The person was you.– Said Tan.

Shaila, Iruka and Leo looked at Tan.

–I know, that was really obvious.– Said Shaila. –But, you three are the Tetramasters?– She said amazed.

–Well, three out of four, Toph didn't want to come and get involved in this Red Lotus business.– Explained Leo.

Shaila then remembered what happened.

–Where are my friends? Kensi, Bully and I were facing Zhasha, Kensi was knocked out and I was swayed away, it's the last thing I remember apart from drowning!– Shaila was nervous. Iruka calmed her down patting her back.

–Easy there, we have no idea where are they, and even though we can't just enter by the easy way, just like that, we need a plan.– Said Leo.

Shaila started to think alongside the masters, after a while Tan had an idea.

–You know, a huge explosion would help.– Said Tan.

–We're not into that Tan, we don't have that type of weaponry.– Said Leo.

–Explosion, explosion...oh!– Shaila remembered. –EXPLOSIONS, THAT'S IT!– She cheered.

–What is it?– Asked Iruka.

–I don't know if we told you about it, but we fought the so-called New Freedom Fighters, and there, I managed to control a huge explosion.– She said.

Tan, Leo and Iruka were shocked of what they heard.

– explosion!? Are you saying you controlled PLASMATIC FIRE!?– Exclaimed Tan.

–Yeeees?– Answered Shaila unsure.

The three masters looked at each other simultaneously and nodded.

–Shaila, that was not ordinary firebending, it was PLASMABENDING!– Said Tan amazed.

–Only a couple firebenders of the last century have known about this sub-style, it was discovered by firebender Gyozao during a battle with the Earth Empire Rebels, by controlling the super-hot plasma fire from an explosion.– Explained Tan. –It's similar to airbending in the sense the plasma is manipulated like air. The skill basically consists in controlling really really hot fire, specifically over 3000 °C, controlling the fire clouds. Although it could be confused with the classic firebending, the main difference is that normal firebenders can't control the ability of controlling such a light fire.–

Shaila looked at her hands, looking at the power she had.

–That means, I could create gigantic masses of plasma over 3000 °C? That's big power.– She said.

–Well imagine in five years when Sozin's Comet comes, you could be the most powerful firebender ever.– Said Leo.

–Alright, the plan it's settled, now we need to get information about the whereabouts of the Red Lotus Base.– Said Shaila.

Then, Iruka's phone stated ringing.

–Excuse me a moment. Hey cousin! Anything new?– Iruka stated to speak through the phone.

Meanwhile, in Ba Sing Se's Police Department, in the interrogatory room to be precise, Amala was holding her phone looking through the fake mirror the devastated look of Vona, being treated by agents Mr and Mrs Silverfox.

–Hey Iruka, we found Vona; she was left unconscious in a bench at the Ba Sing Se mall, drugged probably. We don't know the details, but they managed to leave her in a public place without being noticed.– She told Iruka through the phone. –She's been rescued and we've taken care of her. Sterkur is on his way here in the BSSPT, and agents Silverfox are asking her questions now.– Amala looked back to the interrogatory room, seeing Vona in front of her friend Kimyona. Vona had her hair messed up, looking tired and worried, and wearing the same hoodie she had when she was captured.

Crying Vona

"It was horrible! Everyone there hated me!"

–It was horrible! Everyone there hated me! They were threatening me constantly, just for being a royal descendant!– Vona was crying. –It's not my fault for being someone by blood, I've done nothing against them. NOTHING AT ALL!!–

Kimyona tried to calm her.

–Easy there Vonnie, we're here to help you. Just remember where they might have taken you, things like: the building, or the climate. Something that might help to find their location.– Asked Kimyona.

Vona looked at Kimyona with her wet and fault-of-sleep eyes.

–I didn't got out of the building, they maintained me inside a cell the whole time, but it was like a luxurious five star hotel room.– She said.

Takeyon, who was accompanying Amala at the other side of the fake mirror, stated to think.

–Indeed, Vona was a bait to bring Hikar to them, so they maintained her alive at all costs. Then I guess that she did no use of any of those benefits, because that would mean betraying her son.– Reflexed Takeyon.

–Betray Hikar? How?– Asked Amala.

–If you accept the offerings of your enemy, knowing that they want you for attracting someone you love, it's like you're accepting they want your beloved and you won't do anything about it. We the Silverfox family don't betray our family that way.– Explained Takeyon.

–I see.– Answered Amala.

–Hello!?– Yelled Iruka from the phone.

–Oh, sorry Iruka, I was listening to the interrogatory. Want me to leave in free hands so you can hear?– She asked. –Alright.– And she did so.

Vona suddenly remembered something.

–Wait! After I was drugged, I do remember something.– She said.

–AFTER you were drugged?– Asked Kimyona. –But how is that? Weren't you sleep?–

–I know Kim, it could be a dream, but...I think my eyes half opened for a moment...– Vona tried to remember. –They...someone had put me laying down in a van. I was tied up from head to toes. The door of the van was opened, I saw... Hnnn!– Vona was struggling to remember.

–Take it easy Vona, just calm down...– Said Kimyona.

–DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!! THEY HAVE MY SON!! THAT WATER TRIBE WOMAN WHO TOOK ME WAS STRONGER THAN STERKUR!!!– Vona was looking enraged, and her look with those no sleep lime eyes made her look more terrifying.

–Easy Vona, we're all going to help, just don't push yourself too hard.– Said Kimyona.

–I'll push myself whatever I need just for my son.– Said Vona determined. –Now were was I?–

Amala smiled looking at her.

–Look at her, she does all he can, even she lost sleep, to try and help her only son in anything she can. While I couldn't do anything for my three children.– She said.

Takeyon looked at her.

–Oh, no, Amala, you're a good mother as well.– Said Takeyon. –It's mainly Yurei's fault to have joined the Red Lotus.–

–All I'm saying is, Vona is a role model and should be an inspiration to all mothers. I admire her in the first place. For some reason she's the Avatar's mother.– Said Amala smiling.

–Hey could you please shut up? I can't hear clearly.– Complained Iruka from the phone.

–Sorry Iruka.– Apologised Amala.

Meanwhile, Vona and Kimyona had finished the talk.

–...and then my eyes went back to sleep.– Finished Vona.

–Thank you Vona.– Kimyona turned to the mirror. –We got a possible location.–

–Well hurry up there, they got, Kensi, Tao, Bully and Kosen as well!– Yelled Shaila from the phone.

–We know Princess Shaila. Thank you anyways.– Said Takeyon, worried.

Kimyona clenched her fists.

–If anything happens to my girls, I swear I'm going to KILL SOMEONE!– Raged Kimyona.

Suddenly, a very muscular man in his sixties with a funny moustache, probably a metalbending police captain given the uniform, entered the interrogatory room.

–Captain Tetsu, sorry for my...– Apologized Kimyona.

–No need to apologise for raging, I understand what you're going through, as a father.– He said calm. –Now tell me. Where is the Avatar kidnapped?– Asked the captain.

–From Vona's description, they are in the limits between the Eastern Forest and the Northern Mountains.– Said Vona.

Captain Tetsu turned around and got his walkie-talkie.

–Attention all units, we have a possible location, right at the northern system's first mountains.– He ordered as he walked out of the room.

It was dark, the place smelled metallic, too metallic for Hikar. His eyes were itching badly, his bruises were aching, specially his left hand, and his head wasn't helping, making him the worst ache between all the others he was feeling, and also was making him dizzy.

–Uuuuuuhhhh...– Moaned Hikar. – I?– He asked the question, but he couldn't open more his eyes to see where he was.

All he could see was that he had his wrists and ankles locked in the metallic wall, and the floor was also metallic. Hikar tried to move his head up, and all he could see was that he was, in fact, in a metallic lab, with a couple shelves filled with glass bottles, a table of operations, or as it seemed, of tortures. And then, he saw his feet in front of him.

–You're in the base of the Red Lotus, or what's left of it.– Said Yurei. –This is one lab of the many we have underground, connected to the secret underground tunnel web all over the Northern Mountain Range System.–

Hikar looked up to show his damaged face to Yurei. His eyes were red like he hadn't slept in days, the right eye was swollen in a black eye, and his three-day beard had blood coagulated, which looked brown.

–YOU! WHAT DO...HUARG!– Hikar tried to yell at him, but he threw up more blood from his mouth.

Hikar vomits blood


–For your own good, I wouldn't do to much severe movements or struggle.– Warned Yurei.

–Wha...caff! What have you done to me?– Said Hikar, in a lower tone.

–Nothing, we did nothing, it was you who damaged yourself. The question is, what have YOU done?– Asked Yurei, serious. –You have four broken ribs, your pelvis has a severe crack, the right humerus is broken on green stem, and six of nineteen bones of your left fist are broken.– Explained Yurei. –And that's just the bones, you have an internal bleeding, a cut in the esophagus and the spleen, the left lobe of your liver, and the intestines are damaged as well.– Yurei turned to Hikar. –I still can't believe you're still alive, but thank the spirits you are.–

Hikar had his head hanging down his shoulders, whining.

–Why don't you just kill me already? Apparently, you guys don't want the Avatar.– Moaned Hikar.

Yurei turned his head up with his fingers to look at his face, who looked sad.

–The fact that you were my student, I've always had an affective link towards you. From all my students, even if you weren't the Avatar, you were the one who caught my attention the most.– Explained Yurei. –You're like a son to me, I cannot kill you, I would never do such a thing.– Yurei left Hikar back as he turned on the lights of the lab. –I have never killed people; I might be part of the Red Lotus,– he turned again to Hikar and pointed his arrow tattoo on his forehead. – but I'm still an Air Nomad, I won't go against my philosophy, like former Zaheer. I do believe in the wisdom of certain Avatar.– Told Yurei.

–Avatar...Aang...– Muttered Hikar slowly.

–Exactly. I'm not one of his many descendants, like the acknowledged Masters Leo or Gemini, but I have inherited his Airbending, like many others. I believe in freedom, but in the Avatar as well.– Explained Yurei.

–If I'm like a son to you, and I have as many bones and internal organs damaged as you say...shouldn't you have treated me already?– Said Hikar.

–They're on their way, bringing the material necessary for the surgery, and of course, we first operated my daughter, who was in better condition than you, except her arm. And of course, they are bringing the mind-control helmet for the test subjects.– Said Yurei.

Hikar gasped.

–If you're going to be as stubborn as you're, we'll need to control, and we have some old Varrick Industries mind controlling technology. And we're going to try it on your friends first, just to see if it works well.– Yurei smiled as he got a syringe from a basin full of medical utensils.

Hikar, enraged, tried to firebend from his mouth a large flame to kill Yurei, but he only expelled an insignificant little flame and more blood.

–Easy there, Hikar, once I'm the leader of this world, there will just be peace, and no more different people who can ruin the order.– Said Yurei as he injected the serum in Hikar's blood.

–Aaagh.– Whined Hikar.

–Now, sleep tight, we're going to cure you.– Said Yurei as the doctors entered the room, and Hikar, once again, loses conscience.

Meanwhile, Bultina, Tao, Kosen and Kensi were locked in some kind of glass cells, separated one from each other in a corridor.

–We have to do something, they got Hikar and we don't know what they want to do with him.– Said Kensi pounding the glass.

–Could you shut up? I need my katanas so I can cut this glass down to pieces.– Complained Tao, looking around his cell.

–Tao you dumbass, why would they lock you up in a cell with the key inside? It's pure logic.– Said Kensi.

–I tried to find my bow earlier, and it's not here either. Kensi is right, it's pure logic.– Said Bultina reasoning, sitting down on one of the walls of her cell.

–Thank you!– Said Kensi.

–Except the part in which you insult my boyfriend you twerp!– Said Bultina angrily to Kensi.

–Aw come on.– Complained Kensi.

–HA! Loser!– Said Tao.

–Goes for you too Tao, don't insult my best friend.– Said Bultina.

–Hey, you're my girlfriend. You should be with me!– Complained Tao.

–Well, not when you're acting like a baby.– Said Bultina.

–OOOOOOOH!!– Kensi shouted, seeing how Bultina had ridiculed her boyfriend.


The three got quiet for a moment, watching Kosen in her meditating position.

–Uuuhhm...what are you supposed to be doing?– Asked Kensi, who was in the cell front of her.

–Shhh! I'm trying to unlock glassbending here. So I can break free these glasses, and we can escape.– Shushed Kosen.

Kensi and Bultina facepalmed hearing such a thing.

–Glassbending, sis? Are you kidding me? It's impossible!– Said Bultina, being realistic.

–Metalbending, alright, lavabending, I thought that was Avatar-only. But glassbending, I don't think such thing exists. That's just too...umm...improbable.– Said Kensi.

–Toph Beifong, the Greatest Earthbender Ever, discovered metalbending locked inside a metallic cage. Maybe applying the same method, given I'm a metalbender, I can unlock glassbending too.– Said Kosen.

Tao scratched his head.

–I don't know too much about it because I'm a non-bender, but I think there needs to be earth particles in the glass to be able to bend it.– Said Tao.

–CONCENTRATION!– Roared Kosen.

The four friends were tense for what was about to happen. Suddenly, Tao said.

–Come on Kosen, you can do it.– Cheered Tao.

Seeing what her boyfriend was about, Bultina joined.

–You go sis. Unlock that sub-style.– She cheered as she got up and pounded in the wall so Kosen could hear her.

Kensi was looking at her, right at his front. He got up as well and started to cheer Kosen too.

–You go Kosen. Do it, for Shaila!– Said Kensi.

–HnnnnnNNNNN!!!– Kosen was struggling, and she was sweating because of the strength she was applying. Suddenly, she quickly got up and moved her hands forward her. –GLASSBEND! HYA!–

She had her hands placed on the glass's surface, but nothing happened, there was silence.

Kosen cocked her head down and hanged down her arms in shame.

–I'm a shame to all Silverfox.– Said Kosen in shame.

Bultina sat down at her wall again.

–Huuuh...since the beginning we had told you glassbending it's impossible.– Said Bultina.


Kosen and Bultina looked at him in the eyesight.

–How are you going to do it?– Asked Kensi.

Tao walked backwards to the back of his cells, taking a run. Bultina looked at him horrified.

–'t.– She warned to him.

–FOR SHAILAAAA!– He charged with his clenched fist to the glass.

Tao ran to the glass, and when he impacted it, something cracked, or sounded like. Kensi, who was next to Tao, felt surprised, and he leaned to the glass to see what had happened.

–Did you broke the glass with just one punch?– Wondered Kensi.

Tao was sweating heavily, red, and crying, and he was paralysed in the position of the punch.

–That...wasn't...the glass.– Whimpered Tao weakly in pain, trembling.

Kensi saw his red swollen fist and felt the pain.

–Ouch! That must hurt! Looks you broke something.– Said Kensi.

–Yes, his pride, and probably all the bones in his hand.– Said Bultina, disappointed for her boyfriend.

–WHAT THE HECK, TAO! YOU DUMBASS!! THAT GLASS IS TWO INCHES THICK!!! NEITHER HIKAR COULD BREAK IT IN A PUNCH!!!– Roared Kosen. –I might be a disappointment as a Silverfox, but you, Tao Chiba Tenba, as a Tenba you're worse! How can a family of geniuses have a dumb asshole retard jerk like you as the official successor of that empire?– She roared.

Everyone was silent, except Tao, who had left to a corner to whimper about his fist. Bultina punched in the wall that separated her with her sister.

–You, miss Kosen Hanako Silverfox, are going to regret every single word you've just said, and you're going to erase them from your mouth NOW!– The look in her eyes was horrifying. –Or, I'll deal with you when we get out. And you know that, with or without bending, I always win you.– She said, in a way even Kosen frightened.

–It's okay, it's true anyway.– Said Tao. Bultina looked at him. –I'm useless; I made Kosen lose in her fight with Deyek, because I was a useless disturbance. I haven't been of help in other fights, or in this adventure, other than supplying the money for food.–

Kensi badly tried to turn up the mood.

–Well, you gave Bultina the satisfaction she needed in the last month.– Said Kensi, with a forced smile. Bultina gave him a killer look that made Kensi hide deep in her cell, scared of her. –But, what I'm trying to say is, even if you're not as strong as Hikar, you are still useful in a way, there are different way of being useful other than in fights.– Said Kensi.

Tao turned to his wall, hoping he could hear him.

–Well, thanks man for the warm up.– Said Tao, with his fist still swollen.

Then calm between the friends came again.

Aria was still recovering from the surgery, lying in the operations bed; her arm was completely covered in plaster. She looked like she was having a nightmare again, remembering things she shouldn't.


Aria, Yurei and Zhasha were inside an open room, surrounded by several Red Lotus guards, the place had just one ray of light coming out of a circular opening in the ceiling, and in the floor there were typical Air Nomad carvings, arrow shaped.

–Aria, are you prepared for the ritual?– Asked Yurei.

–One sec.– Said a cheerful Aria.

She got her skirt off, and also took her T-shirt off, leaving her underwear on.

–You don't need to get naked my dear!– Said Yurei alarmed.

Aria stopped right before se was going to undo her bra.

–It's alright dad, my breasts aren't big enough yet to be considered of a girl.– Said Aria, a little bit saddened by the seemingly small size of her chest.

–Don't worry about it, it'll probably grow someday.– Then Zhasha looked at her chest. –Unless you came out to me.–

–Alright, enough with the breast talk!– Groaned Yurei, uncomfortable by the talk. –Let's get back to business.–

The Arashi Spirit was held unconscious in a water container one two of the Red Lotus knights held. Zhasha waterbent it out of the container, and held it with her bare hand. She turned to Aria, who was knelt on a small Air Nomad rug. Zhasha looked at Aria with a sad face, wondering what will be of her niece. Aria returned a cheerful smile.

–Come on auntie! It's all going to be all right.– Then she turned to her father. –Go daddy.– She said.

Yurei sat down in a meditating position, inhaled, and started:

Spirit of the storm,

accept this body as new,

as you may enter.– Retailed Yurei.

The Arashi Spirit started to shine in red, as Aria left her back naked taking off her bra, which made the knights in front of her look another way because of the bother of looking a naked underage. That made Aria laugh.

–ARASHI! FUSE!– And Zhasha got the little spirit and stabbed it in Aria's back.

Suddenly, the whole room was illuminated in an intense red light, coming from Aria's back, and both of her eyes and her mouth were also glowing in red.

–RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!– Screamed Aria in pain.

–Something is going wrong.– Worried Yurei. –Stop it!–

Zhasha tried to take the spirit out of her body, but it was too late, it was half inside the body, and entering more into it.

–I...uhn...can't! It's getting fused, we can't stop!– Said Zhasha frightened.

The knights were blinded by the light, and were confused and frightened as well.

–AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!– Yelled Aria, whose irises were turning red.

Aria's skin was getting redder by moments, and from the circle on her back which had started to branch red arrows around the skin, and as they branched over the hair, it burned it.

–YUREI, I CAN'T STOP IT!– Yelled Zhasha.

–Hold it!– Yurei projected his spirit towards Aria and touched her forehead.

As Yurei's grey spirit placed his hand on her forehead, the arrows started to retreat to a normal position, and Aria's eyes went back to blue. The light ceased, and so did the screaming.

Aria collapsed forward, trembling and naked, as she snuggled herself in fetal position with a horror look on her face.

–AAAAAAAH!!– Screamed Aria, as she awakened panting in the operations room. –Oh, it was, just, a dream. UHN!– Aria winced in pain as she saw her plastered arm.

Aria was feeling a small but annoying pain on her abdomen and part of her chest for some reason, and then, she took part of her patient dress to see. She saw a long seam that went from between her small breasts to the umbilicus.

–Did they just, operated on me?– Said Aria.

–You and Hikar were damaged as hell, but your arm was the worst. Your aunt says it was damaged to cellular level, so you're going to need that plaster for a couple weeks.– Said Yurei, who was next to her.

–Dad?– She asked. Yurei looked so disappointed.

–What in the world were you thinking? Confronting the Avatar!– He roared to her. Aria snuggled herself in the blanket. –The plan was to let him come for his mother's safety, and if he rejected, let him go, and assault him in the middle of the dessert. But no, YOU DECIDED TO CONFRONT A POWERFUL ENEMY JUST BY YOURSELF!– Yurei's shouts made Aria cry again. –Now don't start crying again. You'll do as I do, and when I'm the leader of this world, making all unanimous. PEACE WILL BE BROUGHT, under my instructions.– Yurei directly looked in the eye at his daughter, with his face at a few inches separated from her. –Understood, Aria Jiyuma Sato?–

Aria was scared at what her father might do to her; she nodded with tears on her eyes.

–Yes...sir.– Said Aria

–Good.– Yurei went out of the room turning his cape out. –Once the Avatar is under control, I will take control of everything, and peace will be reached.–

As Yurei opened the door two rows of Red Lotus knights did an strange ninja-typical hand sign and yelled:

–ALL HAIL THE LEADER! YUREI OF THE NORTH!– And Yurei closed the door, leaving Aria alone.

The four friends were still bored in the cells, not knowing what to do. Tao was counting his fingers again and again; Bultina was rocking her head and bouncing it on the wall, Kosen was doing some push-ups. And Kensi was walking in circles nervously.

–I know Kensi...uhn, you need to get fresh air...hnn. Why don't you...uhn, make some...hnn, push-ups like me...hunnn!– Said Kosen as she did more push-ups. –Thirty-one, thirty-two...–And she continued counting at a low tone.

–You don't understand, I'm in a deep struggle!– Said Kensi.

–Is it about Shaila?– Asked Tao. –I don't think she drowned like that; she might have been a princess, but that's not the type of death she'll have, she's stronger, probably more than bully.–

–Heard that! But I do agree, she can resist it even being a firebender. Knowing her she could have avoided and stopped herself in the current by propelling herself.– Said Bultina

–Forty-five...Yeah, I do agree hat Shaila could be stronger that Bully, but anyway I'm stronger than you two together sis.– Joked Kosen.

–HEY! When I was little I always beat you, Kossie. Or you want a rematch now?– Said Bultina, as she stood up looking at the wall that separated her and her sister.

–Oh yeah?– Kosen stood up as well and faced Bultina through the wall.

–The first one who escapes and saves Hikar wins!– Subjected Bultina.

–DEAL!– Kosen punched the wall in agreement.


–Okay then, what is it man?– Asked Tao.

Kensi turned to everyone shaking, and dropped:

–I need to go to the bathroom.– He said holding his crotch.

Kosen and Tao facepalmed.

–There's not toilet in the cells?– Asked Bultina.

Kensi nodded. Suddenly, he thought of something.

–I've got a plan to get us out of here!– He cheered.

–What is it?– Asked Kosen.

–First, do me a favour and turn around, do not look for nothing, you too Bully.– He suggested still holding his crotch.

The two girls turned around as he said so.

–Alright, here's the awful part.– Kensi turned around to a corner.

–Why am I, the dumbass of Team Avatar, thinking this is a bad idea?– Said Tao.

Then Kosen, not fully trusting Kensi, peeked to see what he was about to do. And she was shocked about it, seeing Kensi in a peeing position.


–The fuck?!– Exclaimed Bultina turning.

–I told you not to see! I'm going to use this water to create a water drill and open the cages.– Said Kensi, holding it.

–No, actually, that's a good idea! Drill we out too!– Tao exclaimed.

Bultina turned to his cage giving him a deadeye looking, making her hair look diabolical and threatening as well.

–Okay Kensi, remember that trick you had of freezing someone's underpants?– Asked Tao, frightened about his girlfriend's look.

–Yeah, I'm about to wet mine if I don't do something!– Said Kensi, trying to hold it in.

Tao sat down in the opposite side of the cell crying.

–I just did, and it's worse than your technique.– Whimpered Tao.

Bultina and Kosen bleached looking at the yellow puddle. Kensi was imagining the situation from his cell.


Kensi belched as he thought of it, but then, his idea came back.

–Wait, I can bend YOUR pee and get you out with a water drill!– Exclaimed Kensi

–You mean a pee drill. You're really going to do that disgusting thing?– Asked Kosen.

–We have no choice.– Kensi began to waterbend Tao's pee, but suddenly, a green smoke came out from holes that suddenly opened in the walls. Kosen, Bultina and Kensi frightened about it.

–They want to gas us?– Asked Kensi as he dropped the pee again.

Kosen was nervous trying to hold her breath. Bultina saw Tao had fell asleep.

–If they wanted to kill us we would probably be dead by now. They want to sleep us!– She said as she tried to hold her breath.

Kensi forcibly tried to drill the wall with Tao's pee.

–– Kensi dropped asleep in the floor like Tao.

Bultina and Kosen were both struggling to hold their breath.

–Bully...I can't...uhn...– Kosen also fell in the floor.

–Kossie!– Screamed Bultina, covering her mouth from the green gas.

Bultina was struggling to find the biggest amount of pure air she could, everything was dazzling around her, and she dropped in the floor, weak, her eyes were closing, but she saw a couple feet at the other side of the glass.

–Well, I guess it's true what they say, Silverfox are persistent.– Said a young man.

Bultina tried to look up before she lost consciousness.

–– She said.

Hikar was awakened in a huge room, above him there was a tall ceiling, with 5 balconies seen from down, which meant there where five floors, and above all there was a window which was showing the half crescent moon. Hikar felt he had wounds over his body, and he could see, not only the sealed suture in his abdomen, with the stitches and everything, but that he was shirtless and both wrists and ankle immobilized with metallic handcuffs in some kind of operations table.

–Uuuuhhhh?– Moaned Hikar.

–Well hello Hikar.– Said Zhasha, who had taken off a doctor uniform spilled with blood.

–YOU!– Hikar roared. He tried to earthbend but it was useless.

–It's useless, this place it's full of metal, you can't earthbend here.– She explained. –And also you're chi-blocked by this table.– She said. Hikar groaned, and turned to her.

–Why do you keep me alive? Apparently you just want this so-called freedom-organised world. You know what? THAT'S TOTALITARIST BULLSHIT!! Everyone sharing the same freedom, isn't freedom.– Said Hikar.

–Yes it is if everyone wishes and does the same things.– Explained Yurei from his back. –Now Hikar, listen to me properly, to what I really want for this world.– And he started explaining.

Meanwhile, in the Red Lotus Base entrance, four guardians were guarding the door in the moonlight.

–YAAAAWN!! I'm so bored, I prefer seeing how are they doing the prisoners.– Said a blond guard.

–You know they're not prisoners, only test-subjects.– Said a black-skinned guard.

–Yeah, but it's more fun that guarding this door.– Said the blond guard.

–Besides, who's going to come and find this? It's supposed to be a secret base, right?– Said a brown-haired guard from behind.

–Yeah, like the typical super cool group of bender-hero's like the so-called tetra masters is going to appear suddenly from the back and make a surprise attack here.– Said a tanned guard.

–How's that going to happen? They need to know the base's localization.– Replied the black guard.

–HAHAHAHAHA!– The brown-haired guard and tanned guard heard an uncontrollable laugh from behind them, which paralyzed them.

The four guards turned shocked to see who was the laugher, and they saw a cracked up spiritual projection of Leo.

–Hahaha, haaa, you guys crack me up.– Leo couldn't hold his laugh for to much. –You're totally wrong: first, we discovered the base thanks to my spiritual projection near Hikar's soul; second, someone else was going to do the...– Leo's spirit pointed in front of him behind the guards, facing opposite the entrance, and they saw Tan.

–SURPRISE ATTACK!!!– He yelled with a maniac smile in his face as he shot two lightning to the light bulbs of the entrance. –Who said they didn't work by yelling?– He added

The guards were alarmed as they got out the walkie-talkies.

–ALERT!! THE TETRAMASTERS ARE HERE!!!– Yelled all through the walkie-talkies scared, but more lightning were shot to them. And water froze them in the entrance's borders.

–Third mistake...– Said Iruka as he immobilized them away from the entrance's borders, and the real Leo appeared in an air scooter. –We're only three Tetramasters, of four.–

–Nnng! I can't earthbend!– Yelled the tanned guard.

–I can't waterbend to defrost it!– Yelled the black guard.

–And I can't firebend to melt it!– Yelled the blond guard.

The three Tetramasters looked at the brown haired guard, who was silent.

–What about you? What do you bend?– Asked Iruka.

–You know what I'm going to bend when I get out of here? Your pretty face!!– Yelled the fourth guard. Iruka chuckled.

–I get it, you're a non-bender.– Said Iruka.

–Exac...– He said.

–You remind me of my husband.– Concluded Iruka.

The four guards got silent, and the three except the brown-haired yelled.

–BUUUUUURN!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!– They laughed hysterically, except the non-bending guard, who was groaning very pissed off.

–They are at a save distance right?– Asked Iruka.

–Yep, they won't get harmed this way.– Said Tan. –Including soil in the water to harden it was clever.–

–Wait a second.– Leo airbent a small whirlwind downwards, cooling the air. –This way will be more effective.–

–What will be more effective?– Asked the earthbending guard.

–Now my Lady!– Advised Tan.

Then, a big blast of whitish-red fiery plasma shot the metallic entrance, melting the metal instantly. The four frozen guards were shocked about what they just saw; they slowly turned their heads to the front to see the Fire Princess alive and having firebend that blaze of fire.

–You'd like to know I re-discovered plasmabending.– She said in a sarcastic tone.

–Alright, let's go.– Said Iruka, as he waterbent muddy water in his pouch.

Leo also airbent some dust into his pouch as the four got inside the building.

–Why am I getting dust here? Because we're the Tetramasters, that's why.– And Leo went inside. The four guards stayed immobilized outside, still don't fully understanding what had just happened.

–Those guys were pretty badass.– Said the firebender.

–Yeah, sure they are.– Answered the waterbender guard.

–We're going to miss a super fight.– Complained the earthbender guard.

–And I need to go to the bathroom.– Complained the non-bender guard.

Hikar was struggling to get out of there, as he saw the mind-control tiara approach his head.

–NnnnnNNRRRRGH!– He growled in fury.

–It's useless Hikar, they are made of metal.– Said Yurei firmly as two Red Lotus knights approached the tiara.

Shaila, Iruka, Leo, and Tan were running on the corridors.

–I feel Kensi's spirit over there at the right!– Said Iruka.

–Roger that.– Said Shaila, determined to go after her friends.

The four turned right at the corridor to a branch that leaded towards a huge room. In the center of that room they found their worst surprise ever. Shaila and Iruka were specially shocked.

–– Babbled Shaila, at what she was seeing.

–I'm sorry but I guess they can't hear you.– Said Zeick as he appeared from the right. –Their minds are under our control now.–

Right in front of the Tetramasters and Shaila, there were their four friends, looking unemotional with mind-controlling tiaras on their foreheads, and with their weapons ready. Deyek appeared at the other side riding a blinded Nikumi.

–And I guess that as long as I have this guy on my power, I'm unstoppable.– He said evilly as he kicked Nikumi in the butt to force him to go forward.

–NIKUMI!– Screamed Shaila.

She looked at her boyfriend's face, and to her best friend, Kosen and Tao, and back to Nikumi. Shaila bit her lip, angry. The air around her started to heat up, Tan could tell that.

–You controlling my friends?– Shaila's hands had heavy looking plasma spheres. –I'm NOT GOING TO TOLERATE THAT!!!– And she threw the spheres to Zeick and Deyek, as the confrontation between friends and mind-controlled-friends began.

–GRAAAAAAHHHH!!!!– Roared Hikar, uncontrolled, as he was forcibly trying to break free.

–Hikar, stop this non-sense!– Yurei said as the knights tried to get Hikar still to put on him the tiara.

–'T!!!!– And with that, Hikar broke free of the handcuffs, with his fist and eyes forcibly closed, making Yurei and the knights that were trying to place Hikar the tiara to back off.

And suddenly, the tiara started to move.

–Wha...WHAT'S THIS?!– Screamed the knight.

–The walls!!– Screamed the other knight.

The walls started to collapse inwards. Yurei was frightened to what was happening, and he looked at Hikar, who looked concentrated.

–Is this really...metalbending?– Asked Yurei frightened.

Hikar was looking angry, as the metal pieces came cover to his body.

–YES!!– Yelled Hikar in a doubled voice, like he and a woman shouted that, opening two frightening glowing blue eyes.

Avatar State Hikar Metabending




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