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Everything started one fateful day. Avatar Kanna fought against the forces of evil but on the battlefield something happened and Avatar Kanna died. The world was devastated and waited for the time when the next hero will rise and finally save them. This is the Legend of Kano.

Lightnings were hitting the ground and thunders brewed in the dark grey clouds.

A dream, I thought, but as I tried to wake up, I couldn't. I stood up, but Mira, Han, and Lea were not there.

Suddenly, Mira's voice spoke to me from the sky.

"Why Kano? Why did you abandon us?" Her voice asked.

"I would never abandon you," I answered.

"You traitor!!" Han's voice said.

"What have you become?" Lea said.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked.

Suddenly the voices went quiet.

"What is happening!?!" I asked the voices.

They weren't here anymore, I was alone. Then out of the dark grey clouds, a light came out. The light didn't come through the clouds completely. It was coming closer and closer to me making a metallic sound. I started running trying to escape, but I was too late. The light stopped right above me. Then I was suddenly on the empty arena where I was when I fought the Rock.

"Is there anyone here?!!" I asked, yelling.

But I was alone. I felt a presence near me, but when I turned around, I saw myself lying on the fence and the Rock coming to my fainted body.

"Hey stop!!" I yelled to the Rock but he seemed to not notice me.

"Now I will win, child," the Rock said to the past me.

Then the eyes of the past me started to glow and a tornado lifted me up in the air.

"You are called the hero of the town. But now you will suffer for your crimes!!!" The other me yelled with a thousand voices.

"Kano stop!!" I yelled to my other self.

I lifted my hand and with a single blow of fire, Rock was dead by my hand. Suddenly the world around me started to get smaller and smaller till it almost disappeared.

"You know, I had dreams like that," I heard Kanna's voice.

I was back in the real world.

"Avatar Kanna, can you explain what just happened?" I asked.

"You had a vision dream," she answered.

"What is a vision dream?" I asked her.

Her spirit came closer to me and she sat next to me.

"A vision dream is the state of the mind that shows you your future," she answered.

"But in that vision, my friend told me that I betrayed them. What does that mean?" I asked.

"The future is made by the actions you make in the present," she answered, disappearing in the wind.

Then I was pulled in another dream.

"Not again," I stated.

The room around me was made of ice and there was a crib in the middle of it. I came closer, seeing a little baby girl in the crib.

Then the time in that vision got faster and the crib turned in a normal bed.

"Kanna, come here!!" A woman yelled.

"Okay, mother," the girl said.

The girl reminded me of Avatar Kanna, but younger.

"Be good in school today," her mother said.

Then I was transferred to a Water Tribe school. Avatar Kanna was a student there.

I was in the school hall and hundreds of students walked through me, not noticing anything.

"Kanashwana!!!" A boy yelled to her.

"Stop calling me like that," Kanna answered.

"Listen to me. You are mine and I can call you with any name," the bully stated.

Kanna continued walking through the hall.

"Shwana, come back here!!" He yelled to her.

"I will hurt you in ways like you never experienced!!!" I shouted to that bully.

"What did you say?" He asked in anger.

I was surprised that it worked, but he really heard me.

"I didn't say anything," she answered, looking scared.

"I will teach you a lesson, peasant!!" The bully shouted, shooting ice spikes at Kanna.

Suddenly the spikes fell apart and Kanna's eyes began to glow. She rose into the air, destroying the whole school roof.

"Run!!" The bully yelled.

The time swooped into the future. I wasn't in the Water Tribe anymore, I was in the Earth Kingdom.

Kanna was sitting on the ground, crying.

"Why am I the Avatar? I can't even learn Earthbending," she stated.

"Don't worry, you will be great," I noted to her.

"Who was that?" She asked, hearing me.

I was transferred to an empty field.

"Stop!!" Kanna shouted, dressed in a warrior suit and riding an ostrich horse.

A whole army stopped behind her. Suddenly, on the other side of the field, there was another army. They were different, then I noticed that they had an whole horde of evil spirits.

"What is going on?" Kanna asked herself.

On the other side of the field, the leader of the opposing army was ready to release the spirits.

"Release them!!!" Their leader shouted.

A horde of evil spirits was heading to Kanna and the army that she lead.

"Do you hear that?" She asked the soldier next to her.

All of a sudden, a spirit jumped on the troops and started killing them.

"Battle positions!!!" Kanna yelled.

A spirit jumped next to her, attacking the soldiers that were next to her, almost killing her. The opposing army started running in the way of Kanna's army, attacking them along with the spirits.

The armies battled and battled, but in the end both sides suffered severe loss of lives.

The evil spirits were almost killed to the last one. The battle was still in progress, but it was very unclear who will win. Then, in the wake of the battle, Kanna decided to end this forever.

The troops that were still alive stopped as she went on the top of a hill.

"Soldiers, what are we battling for? This huge loss of life in unneeded. Many souls were lost today, and for what? For one piece of Earth Kingdom land. So I suggest that we end this with a conversation."

"The Avatar is trying to fool us so she can take the land," a soldier stated.

"You leave me no choice then," she stated.

She was planning to go in the Avatar State and end this conflict.

"No, this is not the way," I noted to her.

"What?" She asked in confusion.

A spirit jumped at her, but she got out of the way.

"Nooooo!!!" She yelled when the spirit grabbed her.

"End this," the leader of the opposing army said to the Yuyan Archer.

"Nooooo, this is not the way!!!" She screamed.

I turned my back and the archer shot the arrow and Avatar Kanna was dead.

"The Northern Kingdom claims the northern shore of the Cung river in the name of our King," the leader said.

The world around me disappeared and suddenly I found myself in my house. But it was not present day, it was the day I was born.

I heard a cry of a baby from the sleeping room.

I came to the door and walked in. I saw my mother holding a baby boy.

"What should we name him?" My dad asked.

"Kano. He will be called Kano," my mother answered.

I was brought back to present day. And Kanna appeared next to me.

"Avatar Kanna, I am very sorry," I said.

"Sorry for what, Kano?" She asked.

"Well, for being responsible for your death," I answered.

"Kano, that was my destiny. You were meant to do those things," she answered. "Remember this, Kano, we can't change our fate," she said, disappearing.

I was going to go to sleep when Mira woke up.

"Kano, who are you talking to in the middle of the night?!" She asked.

"Nobody Mira, nobody" I answered, going back to sleep.


- Sorry if this chapter is a little short.

- Kano is responsible for Kanna's death.

- I really hope you like this chapter.

- There will be more chapters like this one.

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