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Chapter 10

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This is the tenth chapter of my fanon, Fanon: Adventures of Li Hua. The main page for the fanon is here.

~What Happened Last Time~

Last time on Adventures of Li Hua: Li Hua, Jiro, Jiha, and Huan made it to Equal City. Li Hua becomes intrigued with Cheung. Cheung and Jiro got into an argument and fight. Li Hua, upset with the situation leaves with Jiha, and her new friend, Cheung.


I can't believe Jiro last night. How could he just start a fight like that? How could he act like I was his property? We just meet a few days ago. I knew we were moving too quickly. I knew I shouldn't have let him get so close to me. I should've predicted something like this would happen. It's my fault. I should've stopped the argument before it started. How could I just leave Jiro standing there?

I tried to get those remorseful thoughts out of my head. I don't regret what I did. I did the right thing by leaving Jiro. I know I did. He was acting possessive. I needed my space. I need to start fresh. He was only holding me back. Yea, that's right Li Hua; he was only holding me back. I'm glad I left him standing there with his jaw on the floor.

I burst into laughter, "Yea, I did the right thing. I'm proud of what I did and I wouldn't change it. Nope, I surely wouldn't." I walked over to mirror, cracked a smile at myself. "Hey gorgeous." I started to fix my hair and dance in the mirror with my brush.

A sudden knock rung threw the air. I spun around and opened the door before the second knock had time to finish. "Hey Jiha. What's up girl?"

She stared at me with a puzzled look on her face. "Uh... nothing? Are you okay? I thought you would be broken up about what happened last night."

I burst into laughter. Is she kidding me? Broken up? Me? Ha! "Girl no, I'm fine. Nothing wrong here. Actually, I feel the best I ever felt!"

Jiha rolled her eyes as she put her hand on my shoulders. "No Li Li, you're not fine. You're broken up. I know you are. This isn't you. What's wrong? Don't you miss Jiro? You too were getting really close."

I began to dance around Jiha, "No, I am not broken up. How many times I got to tell you that until you actually understand? This is me. This is the new me. The one that's so carefree. I don't miss Jiro. I hope I never see him again. He was a waste of my time. Yea, you're right about us getting close, but it was so forced. I feel like it pushed himself upon me. I was suffocating Jiha. Suffocating. I can finally breathe!"

I turned my attention back to the mirror. I blew a kiss at myself and winked. Wow, I never knew how pretty I was. I could get any boy I set my sights on.

Without warning, a splash of water hit me in the face. I whirled around and screamed. "Oh my gosh Jiha! Why did you do that? Now I got to do dry myself off. Dang. I'm suppose to hang out with Cheung today. In a few minutes. Now, I got to tell him that I have to be late."

"Sorry Jiha, you needed to be woken up. You're not acting like yourself. You're acting like someone that I don't know. You really shouldn't go hang with him anyway. You just got out of a relationship."

I patted my face and began to hang my clothes on the clothes line. "Actually don't need to be woken up. I'm already awake. This is the true me. This is the me that I been hiding because I was afraid. I was afraid that people would judge me. But thanks to Cheung, he told me to be my true self. To let go. He's a life saver. What's up with the nonsense. Why shouldn't hang with Cheung tonight?"

"Because you shouldn't. I don't trust him."

I rolled my eyes. "You don't trust him? You don't even know him. How could you just pass judgment on him like that? He has done nothing wrong. I'm going out with him. Whether you like it or not."

"Please Li Li, don't do this. I think you should take things really slow. Get to know him more; get to know what his intentions are."

"No, I'm going out with him tonight. How can I get to know him if I don't go? There's no other way."

A worried look ran across Jiha's face. "Li Hua listen to me. I think you should cancel. For your sake."

"No I'm not canceling. Actually, I'm going right now. My clothes are dry. So I'll be gone in a few more minutes." I began to put on my dress and I brushed my hair another time. Then I put my hair in my signature style.

I walked towards the door and slammed it.

Who do she think she is? She's not my mother. She knows nothing about Cheung. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. She doesn't know me like I thought she did.

~Cheung's Day~

"Did you meet her, son?"

"Yes father, I met Li Hua. You remember that girl that you gave that cake to? The one that I walked out the tent with? That's her."

"Excellent. We'll need her in the future."

"I know father. She trusts me. I feel it. I have her eating out of my palm."

"Great. When is the next time you will be seeing her?"

"Tonight. Well, actually, in a few minutes. She's late."

"Is she bailing out on you? Standing you up?"

"Of course not, she wants to see me as bad as I want her. I know what I'm doing father. Have some patience. Everything will work out in time."

My father, Hisoka, rubbed his beard as he sat in his favorite chair. He smirked at me, "Well then son, I know you wouldn't fail me. Go meet her now. Hurry. I don't got the time for these games. I want this done quickly."

I smirked back at him. "I never fail my missions father. I don't plan to start now."

We both began to laugh, a deep hard laugh. The type of laugh that sends chills up your back. I knew what I had to do. I plan to do it to. Li Hua doesn't even know what's in store for her.

I walked to my room and laid down on my bed, starting at the cold hard walls. The room was pretty boring for my taste. The walls were a plain stone color. All I had in the room were two things, a bed and a chair.

Well that's horrible. I need something for that chair.

I Earthbent a desk and a lamp.

There that adds a little something for now.

I suddenly heard a voice. An unknown voice. I opened my door to see an unknown man standing there. He turned around and ran. I Earthbent a wall to stop him.

"What are you doing here? How dare you trespass my house."

"I'm... I'm sorry. I... I didn't know. I'm really sorry. I didn't know who lived here. I would have never came if I knew."

I laughed, "Yea, you are sorry. At least you will be."

"Please, please don't. I got a family."

I chuckled, "Well I hope you said your goodbyes to them."

I began to Organbend and crush his heart. "You never meet someone as strong as I. And you never will." I let out a loud bellowed laugh as I heard him scream in pain. Then, there was nothing but silence. Peace and quiet.

"What was all that commotion I heard son."

"Oh nothing. This man that you see here, was trying to sneak up on us. Trespassing. I took care of him."

"My boy. You did good. Are you preparing for that date you have later? Make sure you look your best and charm her to a tee."

I fixed up my hair into the way that I knew would make her want to know more. She couldn't resist me. No girl can.

"Alright father, I'm about to go meet her. Wish me luck. Not that I need it."

I walked out the door in my black v-neck top with my black pants. I looked around and made sure that no one was following me. I looked up at the sky to figure out the time.


I turned slowly and smirked. "Li Hua? Is that you?"

"Yea, It's me. Why you tell me to meet you here?"

"Oh, just because it seems like a good place to meet. Private, quiet, calm. Don't you agree Li?" I spoke slowly, putting emphasize on the words private, quiet and calm.

"Oh... I guess I agree. I just think this place is a little eerie." She smiled weakly but kept her distance.

What's wrong with her? Why won't she come closer? I can not, will not, fail my mission. I refuse to.

I held out my hand, "Come closer. I want to see you in this beautiful moon light."

She came closer, I felt her heart beating faster and faster. Just a little bit closer. I waited. That's it. Closer. She stopped.

She smiled at me again and fluttered her eyes. "Let's go to a play or something. I think that's better."

"But I want to show you my house."

"I don't know about that..."

"I wasn't going to tell you. But.. I want you to meet my parents. I see a real future with us and I can't go any further with you unless you met my father."

Her face lite up and her eyes twinkled. "Of course I'll love to meet your family." She grabbed my hand and I began to lead her into my house.

If you only knew what you just gotten yourself into Li Hua. If only. It's too late for you now. I WILL complete my mission in just a few... more... steps.

~Authors Notes~

Cheung's day is written in Cheungs perspective.

Cheung's father, Hisoka, name means secretive, reserved.

I want to recognize TyLeefan421. She is the person who thought of the idea of Organbending. I suggest you should be on the lookout for her fanon Click Me. You know you want to.

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