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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 12, 2013

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After a few days, the family makes it to the Northern Tribe, but Kya gets into a strange situation...or two...

Its been a few days. Aang, Katara, Sokka, and the kids are starting to approach the Northern Water Tribe. Sokka lifts his head at the sight of the Northern Tribe and falls back out of exhaustion

Sokka: Well it's about time! I know I don't usually complain about stuff like this, but I remember Appa flying a lot faster last time we came here.

Aang: Appa's getting on in his years Sokka. All sky bison fly slower with age. Eventually, he'll only be able to swim short distances, right buddy? 

Appa makes and grunting noise back at Aang. Kya has a huge grin on her face while looking at the Northern Tribe

Kya: The Northern Tribe is incredible! I never pictured it being so magnificent.

Katara: I remember coming here for the first time when we were kids. Going inside the icy fortress was breathtaking. 

Bumi: So this is where you met Princess Yue Uncle Sokka?

Sokka: That's right. Maybe the current princess of the Northern Tribe will like you.

Bumi: Yeah, but right now, my heart still belongs to Zuko's Daughter. I'm still not completely over her yet.

Sokka: I understand.

Appa flies into the tribe and lands near the plaza. Chief Arnook, who now looks a lot older; gray hair, slightly longer, white, silky beard, and twice as many wrinkles on his face, is sitting outside the plaza smiling at them. Everyone gets off of Appa and walks towards Arnook.

Arnook: Welcome Avatar Aang.

Arnook bows his head in respect for Aang

Aang: Nice to see again Chief Arnook. 

Katara: How have you been?

Arnook: Good. I'm getting on in my years, so I'm not the fighter I was last time you were here, but that's okay.

Sokka: Hi Chief Arnook

Sokka wraps his arms around Arnook and gives him a quick hug. After a couple seconds, he lets him go

Sokka: How was life for you after we left?

Arnook: Well losing Yue was hard to get over, it still is, but I'm doing pretty well otherwise. Anyway, what brings you here?

Katara: It's kind of important. Kids, get ready for what I'm about to say. We don't exactly know if the facts are right, but Aang's life energy might eventually drain at a younger age then expected for him to die at. I need more Spirit Oasis water to heal him when it gets too serious. It helped him after he died once. I need to know if I can heal him spiritually.

Arnook: Healing someone as spiritual as what you're saying has never been done before, but if you think Spirit Oasis water can heal him so he can live longer, I guess you can try. Lets go to the oasis.

Everyone starts walking to the Spirit Oasis. Arnook opens the door to the oasis and everyone walks inside. They walk to the pond and look at Tui and La as they swim around each other, balancing their circulation

Arnook: How much water will you need?

Katara takes a necklace off her neck and holds it up for Arnook to see

Katara: I had the water in this amulet last time.

Katara bends a small amount of the oasis water into the amulet; the perfect amount of water inside it.

Katara: That should be enough. Thank you for letting me have this water. 

Aang: I really appreciate you doing this, hopefully it will work. 

Bumi: So this is where Yue died?

Sokka: Yeah, she fell and died right into my arms. Then she became the moon spirit, and well she's the moon now. 

Kya: *impatient* Okay, we got the water, can we go explore the Northern Tribe some more?

Katara: First we need to get settled into our place, Chief Arnook, you don't mind if we stay here a few days, do you?

Arnook: You can stay as long as you want.

Aang: Come on everyone lets get going.

The family walks out of the oasis, and walks to a small house nearby; the same house Aang, Katara, and Sokka stayed at the last time they visited. After a few minutes of getting everything unpacked, Kya stands up

Kya: I'm gonna go explore around the Northern Water Tribe, bye everyone!

Katara: Kya wait!

Aang: Let her go Katara. She's surrounded by water, her element. I'm sure she can get herself out of any situation.

Katara: I'm not worried about that, I'm worried that she's going to get herself into trouble in general. She's never been a calm, tranquil child. 

Sokka: Come on Katara. What's the worst Kya could do here?

Kya is sitting on the ground, bending a line of water out of the rivers around the tribe. Right behind Kya, is a member of the Northern Tribe, smirking at Kya

Stranger: So, you're a waterbender?

Kya is startled from the voice. She turns around seeing a tall, handsome, semi-creepy looking guy with an evil-like grin across his face

Kya: Who are you?

Stranger: Who I am isn't important, what's important is that women can't use waterbending unless your healing someone and well, you're just playing with it.

Kya: Yeah, well I'm not from the Northern Tribe, I'm from the Southern Tribe, and your customs don't apply to me.

Kya continues to waterbend a line of water from the river, ignoring the stranger

Stranger: But you're waterbending in the Northern Tribe. Unless there's a person to heal, don't waterbend!

Kya: I don't remember bending water for fun being illegal for women in the Northern Tribe unless it's healing purposes.

Stranger: Yeah, well it is.

Kya slowly stands up and faces the stranger

Kya: Well, I didn't come from my current home in Republic City to be treated like this! 

Kya starts waterbending octapus-like arms at the stranger, but in return, he waterbends the water away from himself, and waterbends the arms around Kya, making it impossible for her to bend. After an hour, Kya is in the plaza, handcuffed and sitting on the floor.The stranger is standing next to her. Aang, Katara, Sokka, Bumi, and Tenzin run into the plaza

Kya: Mom! Dad! Help!

Aang: What did Kya do?

Stranger: She waterbended here without a healing purpose.

Katara: I don't remember that being a law the last time I was here.

Katara walks up towards the stranger with anger in her eyes and a huge frown across her face. She starts pointing at him

Katara: You let my daughter free, or I will unleash waterbending on you so powerful, the healers won't know where to start!

Aang walks up next to Katara and places his hand on her shoulder

Aang: Katara, that won't be necessary. Listen, I'm the Avatar, and I know that you won't let our daughter go just because of it, but you will let her go because that rule is false. You can't force anyone to not bend when they want. That's more sexist than women not being able to teach here, and even Katara fixed that. You wrongly put my daughter to arrest, and I would like her released now.

The stranger looks down and sighs out of frustration. He looks back up at Aang

Stranger: Very well.

The stranger unlocks the handcuffs off of her wrists. Kya runs over to her parents and wraps her arms around them, hugging them tightly

Aang: I don't want to have to come back here and deal with you again.

The family walks out of the plaza. About an hour goes by, and Kya walks up to her parents and uncle with a guilty facial expression

Kya: I'm sorry you had to come get me.

Katara: It's alright Kya, it wasn't your fault. 

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door

Sokka: I'll get it!

Sokka runs to the door. He opens it and the stranger that arrested Kya takes at step inside. Kya looks up, seeing the stranger and makes and her facial expression becomes intense

Kya: What are you doing here?

Stranger: Well first off, I wanted to apologize for my actions earlier--

Kya: *cuts him off mid sentence* It's okay.

Stranger: Truthfully, the reason I did what I did, was well....

Kya: *cuts him of mid sentence again* Um, what?

Stranger: Kya of the Southern Water Tribe, and Daughter of the Avatar, I know we got off on the wrong foot and you could probably go the rest of your life without seeing me, but.... I love you. 

Kya's jaw drops and her mouth is hanging wide open, as if it is frozen


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