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March 22, 2012

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This is the tenth chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of who they meet and what happens them. It is told from Hope's perspective.

Chapter Ten

I didn't even think. I just got into lightning position. And then the thing I would have least expected to happen... happened.

"No lightning today, dear. They are going to hear us." I started observing the person. It was a woman, but an "it-woman". She seemed over a hundred years old – her hair was pure white, but it was also broken, it seemed. Her skin was as thin as paper and it looked crumbled, and in some places even ripped and glued back together. She seemed weak, but her eyes – the only part of her body that looked young, in a way – were creepy. I had absolutely no idea what to do, for I was both disgusted and amazed.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Mel asked.

"I don't want anything dear boy. You are the one who wants something. You want me to teach you heatbending. You are the Avatar."

"You are the one who Yangchen sent me to meet?" Mel asked.

"Yes, dear boy."

Surviving a lightning that transported me to a different place in less than a second was nothing compared to how shocked I was when I hear what she said. Why would any Avatar send another Avatar to a hundred year old woman (or older) to teach him an "ultimate firebending technique". I mean I doubted that this woman could even move fast enough to firebend anymore. And I was disproven the very next minute.

Her fire made its way toward us. I had no time to think, much less block it. Next moment we were at the entrance of a cave, completely untouched.

"Fire and lightning," she began. "Are very good forms of transportation... if you know how to control them well enough. Otherwise they are deadly. Especially lightning. Anyways... let's get some tea around here so we can have a normal conversation." There was a very creepy feeling when she said the world lightning. It felt as though she seemed years younger when she thought about it. But all my thoughts were ended by the unspeakably foul smell as we walked down the cave. I had never felt the smell before. Maybe it was just that I had been over-occupied.

She went away for a second (good thing there were holes carved at the top of the cave and that sunlight could reach it – the cave by itself was creepy enough). Neither Mel nor I spoke at that very moment. I was freaked out. And then she walked back in with a pot of tea. She led us to a small table. Then I saw three wooden cups float, literally, at her.

"That is heatbending," she said. "It lets you control the heat around in the air and control the air itself. When you can heatbend you can also control the temperature of your fire. This lets you control its color also." And here followed a simple demonstration: blue fire, yellow fire, red fire, white fire. My mouth fell open. And then it closed. Just like that! It felt like my brain decided close my mouth, but I didn't make my brain do that.

"That is also heatbending," the woman continued. "Controlling the heat in another person's body, thus controlling them." This was just enough. I was in the cave-house of a hundred (or more) year old woman who could control you and could practically airbend, mindbender, etc!

"I can also, in a way waterbender, metalbender and earthbender...through fire. When you melt the rock or the metal, you can control the heat and use it. And now since I doubt you'll be able to sleep the first couple of days around here, I'll help you pass out." I was about to do so anyways. But what she said next was like being smacked in the head with a hammer. "My name is Azula of the Fire Nation, once Crown Princess and a minute away from becoming Firelord." Utter blackout.


  • For more information on heatbending and Azula, please check the pages linked in this sentence.

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