Book of Clouds
The Forbidden Art
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 14, 2013

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Chapter 9: Into the Past

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Chapter 11: The Blood Moon Part 1: Gone


Rong Yan learns about the Forbidden Art.

Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Book 2: Water

Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Sakana, was left alone staring up at the moon. He knew it was almost time. Everyone would wonder why Sakana was keeping to himself all this time. Why he did not want to share his past and tell them that his past, was his business. Maybe Sakana is hiding something?

Rong Yan, was the last to fall asleep, while Sakana still sat on the same spot for another hour or so. Sakana, got up and began to collect his things, especially a large tome he carried in his satchel of belongings. After collecting his belongings, he walked the shoreline of the Yantai River, and away from the campsite.

Pulling out a map, the map showed of an area that the river ends out into a small pool of water. The pool of water had one small island on it. The island was covered by medium-sized trees and grass that had grown at long lengths. He looked back up in the direction he was heading and knew that he was very close.

Later that same evening, Rong Yan, during his dreams began to hear whispering. He had appeared in what seemed to be a temple. It was made of snow and ice, and was fairly cold from what it seemed like. There he saw a brown skinned, long black haired woman, in blue robes meditating by a large shrine, the shrine was decorated with Water Tribe ornaments, and some candles.

Rong Yan, walked towards the woman, and then he said, "H-hello?"

The woman, turned her face just a little just make eye contact with Rong Yan. She stood up from her meditative position, and then introduced herself.

"Ahh, Avatar Rong Yan. It is finally good to meet you. I am your past life, Avatar Anana," she said.

"You must be the Water Tribe Avatar, before Ku Tei right?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes, that is me," Anana replied.

"What seems to be the problem?" Rong Yan questioned.

"There is a great danger awaiting you in the coming days, young Avatar. We share a common enemy. Come with me, so you may see answers to your unasked questions, about your new enemy," Anana responded.

She grabbed his hand, and began leading him somewhere, they reappeared outside of the Southern Water Tribe, on the streets of the grand city. Walking to where waterbending classes were held. A group of students had just finished their class, and a little girl was walking away as she was soon followed by a boy a little older than her.

The boy grabs the little girl by her shoulder and turns her over then threatens her, "Give me your lunch money, Anana. Or else!"

"No!" Anana shouted at the boy.

"Hey! You leave the poor girl alone!" a man shouted.

Looking at the man off in the distance, the boy ran, and the man appeared to be a guard. The guard awaited with the little girl until one of her parents arrived. "Who was your bully?" Rong Yan asked.

"My bully's name, was Tuuluuwaq. He was a bright boy, but something in his life troubled him. Eventually he overcame whatever his problems were. He became very talented at waterbending," Anana said.

Anana took Rong Yan, to where her home used to be, there were a group of people, singing to a beautiful girl. There was a cake by a table, and there were a few people her age, those might've her friends. There was one familiar fellow that Rong Yan saw.

"Look, its your bully, Tuuluuwaq! What is he doing at your party?!" Rong Yan inquisted.

"Years went by, Tuuluuwaq, had apologized to me for terrorizing me when we were children. I forgave him, and we became best friends over time," Anana answered. There was a knock on the door, and Anana's father answered the door, to a group of men. One of them whispered in his ear, "It is time."

"Please, come in," her father suggested.

"Thank you," the leader of the group thanked him.

They walked in, and walked up to the table, the group of kids, and Anana's mother looked up to see the group of spiritual shaman.

"What is the occurrence for the visit?" Anana's mother asked.

"It is time. Anana of the Water Tribe, it is time to tell you, since the age of four we tested you to see if you were the reincarnation of the Air Avatar, Kwan Chun. The results of the tests were positive and you chose all four Avatar relics. Throughout, your life we have monitoring your training, and had chosen the best of the best to teach you Waterbending. It is a grand honor to be in your presence, Avatar Anana of the Southern Water Tribe," the leader of the shaman announced.

The shock that Anana had gotten from her friends, even her best friend who hadn't known of her status. He even felt weird to know that he once bullied the Avatar. With that immense power, how come she hadn't wiped him off the face of the earth. Anana, could not process the information she had received in her head, she fainted a few seconds later from the news. Later that evening, she had awoken to Tuuluuwaq sitting beside her bed.

"W-what happened?" Anana asked Tuuluuwaq.

"You fainted," Tuuluuwaq answered.

"Why?" she asked again.

"You fainted, because the shamans had arrived during your party to tell you that you are the reincarnation of Avatar Kwan Chun. Anana, you are the new Avatar. How amazing is that?!" Tuuluuwaq said excitedly.

"Oh forgot to tell you, this is our last goodbye. The shaman are below waiting for you to wake up," Tuuluuwaq added.

Anana walked downstairs, and saw the leader of the shaman was talking with her parents while enjoying a cup of tea. He had gotten up and walked to the young Avatar and said, "Great! You're finally awake. I'm sure you had enough time to process that information in your head. Trust me, my great grandfather was a visitor when your past life was announced, he too fainted. Well...gather your things we're heading off."

"Wait going where?" Anana asked.

"Well you're getting on a Water Tribe ship towards the Earth Kingdom, from there you will travel in a caravan to the city of Omashu, where your trainer awaits," the shaman replied.

She had run upstairs to gather her things.

"I grabbed my things, and journeyed the long trip to the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. Though during the time of my training, there was a heavy toll on the Air Nomads, which I will explain later," Anana added.

She had arrived at city of Omashu, a group of Earthbending soldiers, had bent the city's walls, and separated them to make a small opening for the large caravan to enter the city perimeter.

She was escorted to the palace where, a king was sitting on his throne. The king greeted her, and then introduced her to her trainer.

"Avatar Anana, please I want you to meet the son of farmhand, his name is Cuzhuang. He is fit to be the best earthbending teacher here in my city. I only looked for the best of the best to train the Avatar," the king said.

"You would have been training in the capital city, Ba Sing Se. But as of now, Ba Sing Se and its government are having a conflict. That Earth King is a very narrow-minded xenophobic, I denied to send troops for his meaningless war, against a nation will not strike back. I do not see interest in conquering an enemy who will not fight back," the king added.

Rong Yan looked to Anana, and then asked, "Why does everyone in the Earth Kingdom continue to mention something conflicting with their nation?" "I will reveal it soon enough," Anana acknowledged.

"I trained in the element of Earth, and mastered it in two years. My trainer Cuzhuang and I had become very good friends. He was the greatest earthbender who ever lived that I knew of. There was once a upon a time, where he dueled the King of Omashu, and defeated him in the duel. You should have seen the look on the guards faces including everyone else who worked in the palace," Anana added.

"From there, I had told my friend Cuzhuang, that I was heading towards Ba Sing Se, even though the king had forbidden me from going to the city still. I went on ahead anyway. Though disappointed in my decision the king, knew that I may be the solution to conflicting arising in the city of Ba Sing Se. Cuzhuang, had written a letter to his cousin who lived in the city of Ba Sing Se. A new letter had returned to him via courier. During that time, I had stayed in his apartment with him. He sent me off to Ba Sing Se. When I arrived, I met up with his cousin. She allowed me to stay in her home until my errands were completed there inside of the city," Anana began.

"One day, I sought audience with the Earth King. I got my request, when I had notified them that I was the Avatar," Anana articulated.

The Earth King sat on his throne picking his nose, when one of his royal guards had entered the throne room and announced, "Earth King Yao, there is someone here to see you."

"Who thinks they're so important that they can barge into my palace without having to schedule an appointment with me?!" Yao shouted at the royal guard.

"T-the Avatar, your highness," the guard replied frightened.

"The...Avatar! Oh not an another one! This one better not be an Air Nomad," Yao shouted.

Anana walked in, and knelt before the Earth King.

"Ear-" Anana sounded out before being cut off by Yao.

"You will speak, when I allow you to do so, Avatar. Now what is it that you want?" Yao said.

"With all due respect, Earth King Yao. I am here to serve your conflict," Anana said.

"Look around you, Avatar. Do you see any Air Nomads here?" Yao asked Anana.

"No, sir," she replied.

"Good, we're having a conflict with the Air Nomads. They come to my nation, to steal my land. The land upon which their temples rest on are my land. I did not allow them nor made any alliances with them to allow them to build their settlements on my land. Your past life had failed me in doing so," King Yao finished.

"Earth King Yao, those lands had belonged to the Air Nomads for thousands of years. You cannot, claim that the Earth Kingdom had owned those lands before the Earth Kingdom formed. The first Earth King, had made a treaty of land with the Air Nomads, and had allowed them to stay and build their temples of his land. They only wanted the mountains and the uninhabited islands off the coast of the Earth Kingdom. Even before then, the Air Nomads lived in tribes. That moved about the large landmass before it was known as the Earth Kingdom," Anana explained. "Stop! Do not tell me, about the history of my nation, I know very much of it!" Yao yelled at Anana.

"If you knew about your kingdom's history, you would know this by now. Your highness, you cannot wage war on the Air Nomads, they have done nothing wrong! Let alone will they ever attack the Earth Kingdom. The Air Nomads, are a peaceful people," Anana shouted to the Earth King in frustration.

"This is enough! You're just exactly like your past life! Guards escort the Avatar out of my palace! You are no longer welcome here within my palace! You may remain in the city, Avatar until your departure!" Yao said.

The guards had grabbed Anana and dragged her out of the palace of Ba Sing Se. Escorting her to the high tier of the city itself. Letting her go, she had walked back to the apartment. During her sleep, she was visited by, Kwan Chun.

"Avatar Anana, it is good to see you again," Kwan Chun greeted.

"Kwan Chun, I have met the most prejudiced person ever. Earth King Yao, wants to wage war on the Air Nomads. Your people," Anana said in frustration.

"Yao, had already wage war on my people. Killing me, was the only thing that has stopped him from continuing an all out assault on the temples. I know one thing about Yao, is that once he has gotten rather bothered by a certain decision he makes, he will take things to drastic measures to make another regrettable decision. There is something you have that Yao does not. And that is power. Though it would be an out of place decision for you to take the Earth King head on. You cannot defeat the Earth King with only having mastered two elements," Kwan Chun explained.

"How can I get Yao, out of the way then?" Anana questioned her past life.

"We will have the Earth King dethroned. I have monitored the world, from the Spirit World. I know that Yao is war hungry. His people are tired and annoyed by his decisions, they do not want another war. You will find like minded individuals such as yourself, and begin to gather in a group and rally against the Earth King and have him dethroned," Kwan Chun said.

"That should do the trick, after doing so, you will crown his son Wang to the throne. The boy is of age, and is nothing like his father," Kwan Chun added. Kwan Chun, disappeared and Anana had awaken.

"That afternoon, of the next day I had traveled to a tea shop to drink some tea. I overheard a man talking to another about planning a protest against the Earth King. I had approached the man and began to speak with him," Anana narrated.

Anana had gotten up from her seat, along with her tea and walked over to the two individuals. After she approached the man who was talking to the other, the other man walked away. She sat across the table from the man.

"I heard your conversation, about rallying against the Earth King. I'm in. My name is Avatar Anana," she whispered.

"It is truly an honor to be in your presence, Avatar Anana. I am Rari. Please, let us go somewhere else to discuss about this. Would you like to accompany me to my home?" Rari asked.

"If your home, is secure then yes," Anana said.

"Then let us go, Avatar," Rari suggested.

They walked to Rari's home, that was not far from the tea shop. They sat down by a small table and began to discuss about the rallying against the Earth King.

"Rari, and I discussed about rallying against Yao, and the things he has done to his people and the Earth Kingdom. Months came by, and more people had joined our cause, even some of his guards betrayed the king and joined our protest. We took the rally to highest tier of Ba Sing Se," Anana said.

"Eventually Rari, had found a book of laws, that were rules that a king must follow in the local library. Earth King Yao, had committed war crimes, and even broken most of the laws that an Earth King must follow," Anana explained.

"We took the book to our last rally, the Earth King attended only to have everyone arrested. Rari, was the one to show the book to Yao's advisor. Yao's advisor was shocked to see all the laws that Yao had broken. He had whispered to one of the royal guards, who had bended earth, and cuffed the Earth King on the spot," Anana finished.

"What are you doing?! You can't arrest me! I'm the Earth King dang it!" Yao shouted.

The protestors cheered, and Yao's advisor stood in front of him, and opened the book and began to read to Yao the laws he had broken.

"Earth King Yao, you are hereby, under arrest for committed war crimes against the Air Nomads, for extorting and executing Air Nomads who set foot on this land, for invading the air temples, for breaking laws within the city, breaking the rights that were given to the citizens. For murdering Avatar Kwan Chun," his advisor announced to him, in front of all the citizens.

"What?! I did not-" Yao shouted.

"Silence! You sent your entire armies to execute the Avatar. The man who executed the Avatar will be put to death, and you will be sent to the prison for life. Your son will take the throne," Yao's advisor told him.

Yao, was surprised about the events that were happening.

"A week went by, as they prepared the next Earth King to ascend the throne. After that coronation day came, and the people were finally relieved. Even the leaders of the Air Nomads were attending this coronation. Finally, the Earth Kingdom, had entered an era of peace!" Anana said.

A crowd of people saw a young man, on the top step of the palace, the entire city was attending the coronation of the new Earth King. Yao's advisor had put the crown upon the head of the new Earth King, known as Yao's only son.

"We now enter an era of peace! All hail the 40th Earth King Wang!" the advisor shouted.

The immensely large crowd of citizens roared as their new Earth King was crowned. Earth King Wang, stood up from the ground.

"Please. Thank you, for the coming of my coronation! I hereby, allow the Air Nomads, to enter the Air Nomads back onto the Earth Kingdom. I will have my scribes write a new treaty of land of each of the four air temples. Any whom, assault an Air Nomad, in attempts to hurting them on the entire cause of what my father had been brainwashing the citizens of this nation, those people will be dealt with as a first offense, and up to year in prison," Wang announced.

The new laws, had spread out throughout the entire Earth Kingdom, and the Earth Kingdom people were no longer hostile to the Air Nomads. Life had gone back to how it used to be before Yao had ascended the throne.

"After making history, and dethroning Earth King Yao. I traveled to the Fire Nation, upon arriving I had went to a restaurant to eat. There I met a circus ring master, who was on break before his next show in the nearby circus. The ringmaster's name was, Huan Zhu, he was the son of a noble," Anana narrated.

"We became friends, and eventually he became my best friend within the Fire Nation. He was a master firebender. Huan Zhu, was my firebending teacher. He taught me well, and wasn't a very kind teacher. He was strict but that was his teaching strategy. After three years, I had finally mastered firebending. Saying my goodbyes to my good friend. I had moved on to the Eastern Air Temple," Anana explained.

"There I met, my friend and teacher named Hwa. She was a kind, gentle woman. But you would expect that from any Air Nomad. Like many of the other friends I had during my travels, Hwa was as memorable as the others. Hwa was much older than I. After one and half year, I mastered the last element. I came to be the master of all four elements. A full Avatar," Anana added.

"I finally returned home to the Southern Water Tribe. Everything was different when I came back, only three people greeted me when I returned. Those people were my mother and father, and someone who I hadn't recognized," she finished.

Anana hugged her parents' tightly, and continued to stare at the approaching man. This man was tall, muscular, and he grew up handsomely. Opening his arms to her, he said, "Anana, buddy..don't you recognize me? It's me, Tuuluuwaq!" the man said.

"Tuuluuwaq!" Anana shouted excitedly, she ran towards her best friend and hugged him tightly.

"What happened to everyone else?" she questioned her best friend.

"Everyone else, got married, and had children. Oh, one of your other best friends which who's name always escapes me only because it is hard to pronounce, married the prince of the Tribe, and now she's the chieftess," Tuuluuwaq responded.

"Some of your old friends, have gotten great occupations. One of them is a healer, another had become the royal hunter. And me well, I'm the master waterbender instructor here. Unmarried and childless. But that doesn't bother me, I am dedicated to my class, and dedicated to what I do. I love waterbending and the different sub arts to it," Tuuluuwaq ranted on.

Anana thought to her, and to shut him up, she pulled him close and kissed her best friend.

"Wait..I am very confused right now. But I don't know what to think, maybe I should faint, just like you did on your birthday," Tuuluuwaq added.

Anana had lightly punched Tuuluuwaq on the shoulder, and said, "Shut up."

"Well ehm..see you tomorrow morning..I suppose.." Tuuluuwaq said in a low tone, before walking off.

"Goodnight, Tuuluuwaq," Anana shouted in his direction.

She waved goodbye to Tuuluuwaq as he walked off towards his house.

"Time passed by, that I fell in love with Tuuluuwaq, he lated carved a betrothal necklace for me, and we soon got married," Anana said.

"We were definitely meant for each other. He was a master of waterbending and its various sub arts, and I was the master of all four elements. I guess you can say we were a power couple. There came a time, when my husband left for a hunting trip. Only to return with a heavy tome, he had told me he discovered in a cave where they had killed game for food supplies for the city," Anana began.

"My husband, had already gone ahead and read a few pages of the book, and found out that the art was called Bloodbending. It was an ancient art, rarely anyone had practiced it. Sometimes, Tuuluuwaq would not attend his evening classes only to head out into the wilderness to practice bloodbending," Anana explained.

"Wait, what's bloodbending?" Rong Yan asked.

"Bloodbending, is an ancient art style of waterbending created thousands of years ago. A bloodbender was usually a master waterbender, since many non-masters would not understand the technique and practices of the art. The bender can bend anything with blood in it, since blood contains water within it, a master waterbender who has practiced in the art is able to bend said person," Anana finished.

"Sounds terrifying. Having somemone to bend your body, without you having any self control of it," Rong Yan said.

"You're right, Rong Yan. But Tuuluuwaq, was not that kind of person. I trusted my husband with his discoveries and practices, I was open-minded on the idea of bloodbending," Anana said.

"Being open-minded about it, he convinced to teach me bloodbending. Along with myself and others that were interested in learning Bloodbending. He taught an evening classes solely only for bloodbending," Anana added.

"Sometimes during festivals, Tuuluuwaq's students were part of an act. Where they would bend each other to use eachother as puppets and entertain the crowds. Then the chief had requested, my husband to teach some of his guards bloodbending. With the guards wielding the ability to bloodbend others. Crime rates lowered in the city, on full moons the guards would go on criminal hunts to bloodbend criminals and arrest them," Anana explained.

"So you see, Rong Yan. Bloodbending was working well for us, even the Northern Tribe had adopted what Tuuluuwaq was teaching the Southern Tribe. Later came a time, when the wielders of such power, had long term effects from Bloodbending. Each growing a little insane. My own husband held the chief and chieftess along with their guards hostage! The chief ordered me to kill my husband. But I couldn't do it. That same night, he gathered his followers and fled the city," Anana said.

"Why did Tuuluuwaq do that?" Rong Yan asked.

"My husband's brother, was arrested for theft. In anger my husband stormed out of the house, and reacted to his brother's arrest very violently by taking our leaders hostage," Anana replied.

"A few months had passed on by, and I had heard whereabouts of a madman and followers were seen bending animals and villagers who were attacking them. Their leader was injured and they fled. Others say, that they saw a large floating ice fortress out at sea, but it was never in one place, as it had traveled around the world," Anana claimed.

"What day, I was called by an unknown voice, the voice took me somewhere in the cold, dangerous wilderness of the South Pole. I was taken to a cavern. This cavern had old parchments on the walls, and some cave paintings. There was also a few carvings on the wall, depicting a legend," Anana proclaimed.

"I meditated on said area, and a past life of mine had manifested. You know this past life as Avatar Xi Tong," Anana added.

"I never spoke with Xi Tong, I had only seen him in a vision," Rong Yan said.

"Xi Tong, had many hardships during his lifetime, he took me along with him to review his life. He answered many of my questions with his life cycle. Eventually, came the time when he too had to face his main enemy. He was visited by an ancient creature, known as, a Lion Turtle," Anana began.

"This Lion Turtle, taught Avatar Xi Tong an ancient art known as, energybending. Energybending, is when the bender bends the energy within themselves and of their target. Before the time, of the Avatar, benders bent the energy within themselves, not elements," Anana explained.

"Xi Tong, had used this ability that only the Avatar now possessed to take away the bending abilities away from his enemy to render him a non-bender forever. Xi Tong transferred this knowledge onto me, and told me what I must do," Anana finished. "I can take someone's bending away?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes, but doing so wrongly, can cause you to be destroyed as well. I believe if you have a strong connection to a certain person you cannot end their lives because it will only affects you. If you valuable life as I did, and several other before as well did so, then Energybending is your final solution. But, you will shape your own destiny, not mine. You choose what you must do and seal the fate of people who threaten our world," Anana added.

"The lion turtle himself, had given me a vision of where the ice fortress was located. He also had noted to me, as the Avatar I am immune to the long term effects of bloodbending. And that if I see fit I may use it against my husband," Anana said.

"Traveled for weeks, in search of this ice fortress. It had crashed on the northeastern coast of the Earth Kingdom. Marshy environment, it was somewhere along several islands. I made it to the islands, and I was sure they were there. They had made a base camp of operations on the main island. It was there where the final confrontation was. I went through all his defenses, eventually reaching my husband. I fought tooth and nail against, him. The time came where he was in his weakened state, and I was going to execute him. When he had gotten up and began to bloodbend me. I saw my vision was dimming, and my body began to grow cold," Anana explained.

"This man was not my husband. My husband loved me, he wouldn't have tried to kill me. Tuuluuwaq, had grown insane and he was extremely dangerous. Everything began to dim out for me, all of sudden I tried one last time. This time with the power of all the Avatars before me and including myself. I had used the elements to root my husband to the ground, I then stood by him, and began to seal shut his chi paths to discontinue his use of bending for evil purposes. It was done, I could not kill my own husband, instead I did the right thing and took away his bending," Anana finished.

"What happened next?" Rong Yan asked.

"I brought my husband back, and the chief wanted to imprison him for life. But I pleaded with the chief to let him be under my custody. He gave me that opportunity. My husband, would not talk to me, nor our son. I decided to bring in his family. No one, he hadn't spoken or uttered a single sound to anyone. Tuuluuwaq, was deeply depressed. During that week, there had been a city meeting and everyone was to attend," Anana began.

"The chief and chieftess, had passed a law, where Bloodbending was illegal, anyone who spoke of the art or practiced it was to be fined and thrown in prison for up to a year. Later, word got out to the North Pole, and the leaders there had done the same. Those who did choose to speak of the art, had renamed it 'the Forbidden Art'," Anana explained.

"That same day, I had left Tuuluuwaq alone at home. When I returned there was a note on the our bed. I was filled with tears and quickly ran down the streets of the city. Just three blocks away from our home, he had committed suicide by drowning himself inside of the canal. I was devastated," Anana finished.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Rong Yan said to Anana in comfort.

"It's okay, my life is over. Yours is happening right now. After moving on, my son had children, I had four grandchildren, there came a time when I was at a venerable age where I accidentally fallen in the same canal where my husband had killed himself in. That night, I had passed away due to hypothermia," Anana added.

Seeing the old woman, lying in bed, he turned to look in Anana's direction but she was gone. He looked around but she was just gone. He looked forward at some light. Walking in that direction, he had seen a few caretakers place a baby in crib. The crib had the Earth Kingdom insignia on it, he then muttered to himself. "Ku Tei.." Rong Yan muttered.

Waking up, he walks back to camp, and sees everyone is looking for him and their friend Sakana.

Kuma had approached the area where Sakana had set up his tent, looking around the area nothing was there.

"Sakana, isn't here!" Kuma shouted.

"Rong Yan's things are here, but he's not here either! What's going on?" Unaraq shouted back at Kuma.

Rong Yan walks towards them and says, "Hey guys!"

Aloi runs and jumps in Rong Yan's arms, and yells at him, "Where were you?!"

"I was on another Spirit World journey," Rong Yan said.

"Where's Sakana?!" Kuma asked.

"I don't know, but I did not leave with him," Rong Yan answered.

"I need to tell you guys something," Rong Yan added.

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