41st Earth King Ta Po
The Escape Part 2: The Assassination
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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September 21, 2012

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Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

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Chapter 11: The Kira-Bi


Senlin, is still in Ba Sing Se. With his departure in the morning, he does something that no one has done in two or three centuries.


Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

Book 1: Air

Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

Scene appears back at the Dixia headquarters.

"..we want your approval.." Senlin said.

"What is it?" Baotu asked.

"Justice..I want to do a dangerous mission with Haoke..I want to assassinate the...Earth King.." Senlin replied.

Giving Senlin a wide eyed look, Baotu replies, "Are you crazy?! That's a high-risk move! That could get you killed! But, I like the way you think, Taofan!"

Yakone smirking

Senlin grins wickedly, as Baotu grants him his contract.

Senlin grins wickedly, grabbing Haoke close, he stomps on the ground hard, and a pillar shoots them both out the manhole, landing next to it, they put the lid on covering the entrance and/or exit to the headquarters. Running towards the upper ring, they only have a couple of hours to do what they needed to do.

Flashback appears.

Senlin sitting in the war room with Earth King Ta Po and the other generals devising a plan, Ku Tei walks into the war room pointing at Senlin, "General Senlin, how dare you?!" Ku Tei asked shouting.

Earth Kingdom war meeting

General Senlin, with Earth King Ta Po and the other Earth Kingdom generals discussing war plans before Avatar Ku Tei interrupts.

Senlin looks over at Ku Tei, as Ta Po rises his head, "General Ku Tei, what is the matter of this interruption?" Ta Po asked.

Standing up, shaking his head in disappointment Ku Tei, takes the scroll from under his belt and tosses it to Earth King Ta Po. Ta Po catches the scroll, examining it he notices the Water Tribe seal on it, taking it off he opens the scroll, and begins to read, Earth King Ta Po's eyes widened.

Throwing the scroll into a fire, the scroll shribbles up as it turns black, and burns into small ashes. The Earth King signals guards..

The flashback ends.

Upon the middle ring they reach a tunnel, opening the tunnel they run into it. After running through a series of tunnels, and an hour later they reach the tunnel's end, opening the lid they seem to be in a dark room.

Lighting a candle, they end up in the palace's weapon room. Walking around, Senlin finds a sword, on a sword rack, and walks over to it, and grabs it. He sheathes it in a sword sheathe on a nearby table, and places the sheathe around his belt.

Haoke, feels the wall, and sees little cracks on the wall, "Senlin, come earthbend this wall." Haoke said.

Walking over Senlin stomps on the ground as the part of the wall sinks into the ground to reveal another room. Walking into a large hole they end up in a green lantern lightened hallway, walking down they hear two voices speaking.

Walking up slowly to check who was speaking, Senlin sees two men in black uniforms in a room with a large fireplace in it watching green flames burn the wood in it.

One of the men looks into the hall and he whistles to the other one giving him the signal to check the hallway, Senlin walks back to Haoke, and brings up to fingers.

Dismissive Long Feng

One of the Mousha Quan, in the study room of the palace.

Nodding Haoke pulls out a throwing knife, the men turn into the hallway, out of nowhere a throwing knife strikes one of them in the head, "Uh." the one who was stricken with the knife let out a grunt, the other one, pulls out an axe, as he walks he stops moving he looks down, and sees his feet rooted to the ground by earth.

A thud sound is heard, the man looks behind him then blacks out, Senlin brakes his neck, and releases the corpse's feet.

Haoke bends over to one of them, "These uniforms belong to members from the Mousha Quan-" pausing she removes the black bandana off the one she struck with the knife, as Senlin did to the other, "-they're Xinxians de rous' of the Mousha Quan, they don't have crow tattoos. They receive the tattoos when they're Bings of the Mousha Quan gang." Haoke finished.

Leaving the corpses in their spots Senlin, and Haoke run into the large room with the large fireplace. Apparently, it was a study room since many of the shelves had books, the shelves of books were all around the walls of the large room. It also had a large stone table with a stone chest Haoke opens the stone chest, and in it there is a note.

Haoke examines the note, and sees a seal of a crow.

"Mousha Quan note, I think these Xinxian de rous, were here for a dead drop," she said.

Zuko opens a scroll

Opening the Mousha Quan dead drop scroll.

Opening the note she read, "Xinxian De Rous, on the wall behind you look for a brown book with a gold ribbon, its on the seventh shelf, pull the book out of the shelves and the shelf that the book sits on will open, run up the stairs, and do the job."

She gave the note to Senlin, who began reading it, handing the paper back to Haoke who puts it in her pocket, walking toward the wall behind them.

"I think the Mousha Quan, wanted to assassinate the Earth King." Senlin said.

"If they were, their Xinxian de rous are dead, they shouldn't have sent fresh meat, for a high-risk task like this. Good thing I am a master swordswoman, and you're a master earthbender." Haoke replied jokingly.

Haoke looks at the shelves, then points at the ladder by the other shelf on the right, Senlin walks over to grab it and places it by the short old woman. Haoke climbs the ladder and begins to search for the book, looking through the seventh shelf, with no avail does not find it.

"It's not here, it's a tra-wait hold on," she said, removing a green book.

In the back of the shelf was a small lever, pulling the lever a medium-sized dusty and beaten brown book with a gold ribbon falls out of the secret shelf compartment.

Climbing down the ladder, the shelf creaks, and slides to the right side. Haoke and Senlin walk into the large secret tunnel that reveals stairs, and several spiderwebs, Senlin looks around the tunnel and find a torch.

With the torch he burns away the spider webs, walking up the stairs Senlin looks back at Haoke who's slowly walking into the tunnel. Pulling a rope, the shelf closes and the dark tunnel is only lit by small torch, reaching the top they stop at a dead end, hitting the wall of the dead end, the wall sinks into the earth which appears to be another hallway, only this one is dark.

At the end Senlin could barely see two men, standing on each side of a door.

"I see two guards guarding the door over there..we should kill them." Senlin suggested whispering to the old woman.

"Throw the torch lightly down the hallway." Haoke whispered back, making the sound of stick hitting the stone floor of the palace, a soldier looks over, and nudges his comrade.

They both stare at the torch, and lightly walk towards the torch, on the other side which is only dimly lightened by the torch. Haoke pulls out her dual swords, and Senlin stands ready.

One of the guards stands facing the other guard, as the other guard turns off the fire. Senlin bends a small rock and shapes it into a sharp point weapon, placing it on the stone floor, the men still having a conversation.

Slowly walking away, they hear a stomping noise, as Senlin punches the pointy earth object, the point part lodges in the lower part of his head, where his brain stem is located.

The man falls over dead, in horror his comrade, reacts fast and stomps onto ground and launches a boulder down the hallway, a crumble of earth is heard, and Haoke jumps out of the dark hallway only to stab the guard in the stomach with both of her swords.

The man coughs and begins to gurgle blood Haoke begins to shh him and hug him, pushing the swords in deeper. As the man grunts and his eyes roll back. She kicks the guard off her swords, and kneels over to close his eyes.

Taking the keys from his pockets, Senlin walks out of the hallway, Haoke tosses the keys to the chambers of the Earth King. Senlin catches them and walks over to open them, unlocking the door they slowly open the door and sneak in. Earth King Ta Po was sound asleep.

Flashback appears.

The Earth King stands from his throne in the war room, looking at Ku Tei, then signaling at the soldiers present, Senlin smiling, then Earth King Ta Po points at General Senlin.

"Soldiers, arrest General Senlin for treason!" Earth King Ta Po yelled.

One of the soldiers stomps on the ground and out from the ground come earth gauntlets that attempt to wrap around Senlin, who counters them by kicking backwards, lifting an earth wall, as the gauntlets crumble as they hit the earth wall, Senlin look at the open view in the war room, Senlin makes a run for it and jumps out the large window, and escapes. Ku Tei enters the Avatar State and chases after him.


Ku Tei enters the Avatar State, and chases General Senlin.

Flashback disappears.

Ta Po wakes up, as he begins to open his eyes due to feeling of a human's presence. Haoke muffles his mouth and begins to shh him, looking into the eyes of Senlin, the Earth King begins scream but the guards outside of his chambers were dead they could not hear his muffled cries.

Senlin nods at Haoke, Ta Po looks into Haoke's eyes, "Justice, for my child.." she says, as Ta Po let's a small tear out of his eye, the scene is cut to the wall, where the shadow of Haoke pulls out a dagger, and muffled scream is heard wiping the dagger on the Earth King's robes, the blood that leaks out of the king's body stains the robes.

The blood began to pour out rapidly staining the robes of the assassinated Earth King, as well as his bed sheets, and his floor. Senlin and Haoke walk to the window of the Earth King's chambers, grabbing onto the old woman, Senlin jumps out the window, making the sound of earth crumbling, and jumping down the wall of the upper ring. Into the middle ring they began running back to the Dixia gang headquarters in the sewers.

Three hours pass by as they reach the manhole to the headquarters, they open it and climb down the ladder, and jump off of it.

"Done." Senlin said.

Looking at Baotu who's eyes widened as he stands up from his throne, pulling out a green card, with the name "Taofan", handing it to Senlin, and throwing a sack of gold at him. Senlin catches the sack of gold, and looks back at Baotu.

Lightning Bolt Zolt

Baotu smiles, hearing the good news from Senlin.

"..thanks." he replies in a calm tone.

Baotu makes a gang sign at Senlin. Senlin moving his arms in a circle once, then moving them upwards a pillar rises as it launches Senlin out of the manhole. Lightly landing on the ground, he grabs the hay cart, and begins to walk toward the walls of Ba Sing Se.

Upon there he walks up to the guards, "Halt! Passport please!" the guard asks.

Reaching his hand into his pocket Senlin takes out the identification card, looking at it the guard yells.

Earthbender captain

The guard yells to the other earthbenders to open the gates.


Looking at Senlin, he gives him the card back.

"Safe travels, Sir Taofan." the guard finishes.

Senlin waves goodbye to the man and walks out with the cart, walking over a hill and out into the outer Earth Kingdom.

Morning arises, Senlin is long gone far from Ba Sing Se.

Meanwhile, at the Ba Sing Se prison another jailor opens the metal door, and walks in with a brighter lantern, walking down the hallway he steps on something that makes a clanking sound he looks down and sees the dented metal door, not believing what he sees he runs over to the hidden room, he stomps down to have the wall sink to reveal the room, he sees the latched metal door open, putting the lantern in the darkness he sees the corpse of the other jailor. Covering his nose due to the stench of the dead body, he runs and trips on the metal door, as his eyes widened.

He runs out of the prison as fast as his feet can take him, running up the ramp of the palace, the guards open the doors to the palace. Earth King Ta Po's advisor awakes, walking into the washroom he washes his face and walks to the Earth King's chambers, looking to his left, he sees the corpses of the guards that were guarding the chamber door.

His eyes widen as he barges into the Earth King's chambers, only to find the corpse of Earth King Ta Po, in pool of blood, his room wreaked of blood and death. The jailor runs in to the throne room, as a scream is heard, running to the sound of the scream, the jailor and couple of guards run to the scene of the crime.

Discovering the corpse of the 41st Earth King, they each cover their mouths. They all run out of the chambers, leaving the advisor behind with the Earth King's corpse, they run out of the palace, and hit drums to alert the whole city.

Everyone is freaking out, the guards try to calm down the jailor.

"What happened at the prison?!" one the guards shouted at the jailor.

"Sir, General Senlin has escaped!!" he replied shouting back, the guard shaking his head.

"No, no its not His cell is made of full metal!!!" the guard shouted in the jailor's face.

"This might sound crazy and impossible, but I believe General Senlin, metalbended out of the cell." the jailor shouted back.

Running at the other crime scene at the prison, the guards check out the cell, one of them checking the damage on the metal door. He looks up as in the background other guards are carrying a person on something covered up.

Looking up at the guard captain he says, "Captain, the damages on the is a rare ability, General Senlin, is a metalbender. There is no other explanation." the guard said.

Another man ran into the cell hallway.

"Captain, we believe General Senlin, was working with the Mousha Quan gang of the northern lower ring..we have found corpses of two men in the initiate uniforms of the Mousha Quan, what do we do?" the guard asks.

"Mobilize the entire guard force, I want to find every single Mousha Quan member, and arrest them, if they refuse..kill them..find their leader..and bring him justice by ending his life.." the captain replied.

"Sir, the leader of the Mousha Quan is just a myth, he's an urban legend.." another guard said.

"He's alive..he's out there somewhere..I want him dead, send a letter to the university's librarians I want them to make wanted posters for General Senlin." the captain said.

Scene disappears.

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