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March 9, 2013

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Chapter 9: Republic City pt 2

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Chapter 11: Impressions

So Far...

Republic City port

Lu ten and his family went about preparing for their long overdue visit to the Tao village/Massive town. Asami and Yamato were trying to adapt to life in Republic City, but with nothing they found they had to turn to darker deeds to last the day. .



Yamato was sitting up against a creaky bed post, his back leaned unto a slightly soggy pillow which he assumed he had drooled on. His burly back hid the yellow smokey stain. He wiped of the liquid from his dry, some what crusting lips as his eyes explored the dark carpet for the hundredth or hundredth and fifteenth time that morning. Their makeshift bed cover which composed of two kimonos did a terrible job, his throat itched, his chest struggled with a mucus cough and his nose clogged from which a tiny drop of mucus hung, feeling like it would drop any second but remained inactive. His arms were cold, layered in goose bumps from his wrists up to his shoulders. Assuming he had forgotten to turn on the radiator he rose with a stiff back and stumbled blindly as his eyes still hadn't focused, his mind still remained docile. But his feet knew the way, in no time he was trying hard to focus on the boiler in their medium-sized kitchen. His bulky hand of honey colored sausages scratched away at his eyes, as if trying to persuade his eyes to work. When they finally focused, he found he was right, the dial was turned right down. He switched the dial and made his way back. He took a glance at his wife, she seemed to have not been effected by the cold temperature; her skin was full of color. He picked a grey and blue silk embroidery jacket and trousers, tied the strings that acted like buttons and clasped onto each other. When he was sure the straps were secure he pulled out a pair of flat soled shoes and put them on. He went to the bath room and brushed his teeth with the powder and blasted his face and easily accessed areas with water like his under arms, he then went to the door. The closet that stood by was full of hats and scarfs. He wrapped a blue scarf around his neck and placed on an old styled grey hat and left. He walked his way to the station, and from there he half sneaked half ran his way to the same restaurant he had been stealing their break fast, lunch and dinner for the last three days. He knew all the different foods the chef cooked and wondered what he would treat Asami to this time.

While he had fantasied about the food he had not realized he was already in the grimy alley looking back at the street. The road was wet and squelched beneath his toes, layers of grime and dirt streaked across the road, like the garbage disposers had slid in the muck for fun. It ruined the scene, the skies were dark blue turning white, a parallel vision of their first night. It wasn't brilliant, but the clear image relaxed him, the fluffy clouds gently swayed by, the sun was a golden essence, barely shining but there it remained glistening upon the city like a giant spot light, the beautiful building shined with oil lamps and multi colored leafs could be seen floating in the air current. He moved in and like for the last three days he sneaked under the window. The wonderful aromas made his mouth twitch. He sniffed up, then up again. He licked his lips and his ears perked up.

"I have 15 wontons up for order!...Just sitting there...all alone on a ledge..." an off voice said.

Yamato had grown accustomed to his strategy, and had paid no attention to the man shuffling by the window.

"Spicy Wontons! Full of Beef Turkey!"

Yamato stiffened, ready for the snatch.

"Steaming, just fried, the meat in a sweet pecking sauce, the vegetables chopped finely, a crispy case full of flavor, invigorating tastes! A hard shell, with soft tender meat, just waiting to be ripped-"

Yamato pounced for the dish, his heart rushing, teeth gritting, lips no longer dry from the constant licking, and just as his body relaxed when his hands landed on the packet a large wooden broom smacked down, lashing his fingers. Yamato jumped up, shocked at the sudden defense. He looked up to the man who confronted him. An angry old man twitched with his broom, wielding it like a javelin over his shoulder.

"What? Steal from me 10 times in a row and think me so daft I wouldn't realize?"
Fire Nation train conductor

He picked up a pot and held it like a shield.

"I dare you to try again!" he stood at the ready, his old body tensed.

Yamato simply couldn't believe it. He stood there, dumb founded, amazed both at his brash, impulsive, less than rookie mistake. He growled within, more at how lazy he had turned in such a short period than at the old man protecting his business. He stepped forward and lifted his leg.

"I'm sorry" he replied.

He smacked the earth with his foot, a large rock lifted into the air and he jabbed forward, blasting the rock at an alarming speed. It catapulted the old man, embedding itself into his stomach.

"HOAAAAARGCCCCRR" The old man squelched from his teeth as a THWACK rang after contact. Yamato's senses lit like a light bulb. Everything was clearer, more focused and brighter, the lamps were a dark sapphire blue, spraying violet rays of light, there were two doors at the end of the kitchen which was a mountain of unprepared dishes, some dirty, some clean, others were smoking hot with a cloud formation conjuring from the boiling sauces, misting and watering as it came into contact with the cold steel of the pans which hung above. He jumped, and as he landed multiple rocks came forth to create to boots, perfect for bending, multiple holes dug themselves as their neighboring stones disappeared.. He quickly calculated possibilities, and decided to just take some food and quickly propel himself out of the alley before any law enforcement could intervene. But by the time his boots were made a large male had already reacted to the deafening crash. He was tall and broad, but his belly hang down like a giant sack of potatoes, his sweaty chest heaving in an out as if he was a helium balloon, or a hot air balloon with a struggling flame, like those few meters were a marathon. Yamato tread down again, and quickly hopped onto his left leg, his right pistoned to the side, toes just touching the ground. He bent low, his knees close to the dirt as he rotated his arms, left, right, left, right over his shoulder. His feet alternately rotated . Five consecutive pillars launched into the balloon man like conjuring stone steps only to freeze in movement, the fat man had his feet shoulder width apart when he pushed out both palms and exhaled, two fiery forces of nature, like his own personal comets erupted from his hands, obliterating the pillars. From within the doors came screams and the sound of haste shuffling, a just reaction to the quake. The man was forced back a step, but he barely needed to recover. Yamato quickly moved his hands, forging his iconic gloves. He inhaled, stepped back and launched one rock glove like a missile. He had expected to make a direct hit. But the fat man used his burly arms and clapped the rock with two palms, a flame sparked into life, reducing the glove to dust. The fat man had his right foot perched behind his left, knees bent and toes pointing diagonally. Yamato was shocked that the balloon man could have such an impeccable stance, his legs held up a massive mass. The large beast made two lithe steps forward, his right foot in front now and popped two fire balls. He turned, lifted his left leg in a curve and round house kicked a ship's mast of fire. Yamato embedded his fingers into the bricks of the ledge of the window, he pulled back and created a new sliding door. He sealed the opening, embedded his fingers above the new sliding door, lifted his body up and launched himself, feet first into the wall. The whole wall shifted forward from his insane force and shot forward. Leaving only dust in the air, the fat men had been hit by the moving wall and sat there, looking very confused.
Train engineer

Fat man

Yamato grabbed several packs of food that had scattered across the floor and bolted down the path. He ran, faster than he had in a long time. He kept moving, past the station, past the cafe and up to his apartment. He stopped, took a long breath and composed himself. He stared for a bit at the cracks in the red door. When did that happen? Was that always there? He fought as he unlocked the large door. He stepped in to an apartment full of warm air, the air sang and vibrated along with the songs from the radio. He followed the music, stroking the grainy wall paper as he went, he undid his scarf as he reached the living room in which he could hear not one voice...but three gossiped, giggled, remarked. They were the voices of women. Huh, I've been running around for three days, and I know no one, Asami leaves for the first time and she's already made some new friends."

Mrs Horihito, Ling and little Yoko

He sneaked forward, his breath all ready under control so made no large noises, he pushed the wooden door with his finger and cautiously pushed his head through, his eyes staring upon the peculiar scene of Asami and another slim, black haired, moon faced women, moving, dancing like beasts to outrageous noise. Singing incoherently to the lyrics of the song. And in between, nesting in the deep carpet dressed in a casual outfit, hair pulled into to curly pig tails as she sat against a low cut table covered in steaming dishes was a tiny adorable moon faced girl. That tiny ball of mush couldn't be the third voice. He's eyes continued to analyse the scene, looking over the table, the usual furniture, back down to the brown carpet and up, to the second sofa. A younger moon faced girl than the women, maybe in her mid teens sat there combing her hair. She looked up, caught his eyes and lunged forward, ready to protect those around her from, what to her must have been a strange pervert. He simply flicked his wrist and the sofa's rock skeleton flexed to hold her down. The music stopped in answer to her high pitched scream, all the other girls turned towards his direction. The lady lunged for her baby, who playfully revolved three rocks in the air. She's an earth bender? he fought as Asami released a hearty laugh. The laugh didn't stop there, in fact it went on, she doubled over trapped in a hysterical fit. By the time she showed any sign of stopping her face was red, tears were pouring down her cheeks and down her neck. She buckled over a second time, Yamato had already unlatched the girl from the sofa and taken a seat. She rolled over, breathed and announced

"Our assailant! is my husband!"

Their faces did not change, they calculated the idea during the fit but kept silent till confirmation. The younger teen jumped up and bowed her head, a new respect for her elder.

"I apologize for our rude introduction. Please forgive me! If I had known it was you I never would have tried to attack....emphasis on Tried...hehe!"

"No, I apologize for latching you onto the chair, I hope I did not hurt you?"

"No I'm fine!" she quickly replied. "My name is Ling Hirohito, this is my mother Haruko and my little sister Yoko."

Yamato exchanged words with Haruko and then looked down at the little girl with big black eyes and the moon face of perfect skin. She looked back at him with wide eyes, interested in him, like she was studying a new specimen under a micro scope. She poked his toe, and looked back up, he was a giant to her and when she realized that there was so many things to do with a giant her lips curled in a smile. Her eyes narrowed and caused the rest to wonder what trick she planned to do. The rocks were still rotated above her fingers, spinning faster into a blur then slower to just fade. Sometimes it slowed right down, as if imitating the speed of her fought process. Her smile disappeared, and from her lips came.

"Play with Yoko!" as 4 little rocks missiled in his direction. They hit his nostrils, he dropped in pain down to her level.

"Yoko! What are you doing?" Haruko fretted and grabbed her. Yoko looked at her with pure innocence, a dangerously dissembling smile and said.

"He's to high up to play with Yoko, so Yoko made sure he sat down...To play with Yoko!" she said with an adorable giggle.

Ling was first to react.

"How dare you! Your such an evil child sometimes! No you have to be punished!" With that said, ling slid her foot across, causing two holes to dig themselves where Yoko stood. Yoko dropped in, a full inch shorter. The earth molded her in.

"Stay! You're now in temporary detention!"

"Yoko hates detention! Stupid teachers give Yoko too many, expect a six year old to memories 2500 facts for a stupid exam!" Yoko cried .


Yoko had sat there for a full 30 minutes. Yamato sat on the sofa, his abs appeared somewhat softer and Asami appeared to have gain some healthy weight, which he did not mention. She sat back gossiping with her new friends. The room was hot, they were all sweating both real sweat and meat sweats. The room smelt of pecking sauce and the radio was still on. The three women sat close in, glued to the radio, listening intently to some story.


"Johan, Please stop! I still love you!" said a dramatic voice.

"Really? do you really?" a deep voice replied.

"Yes, put that knife down! He meant nothing to me, it was just a stupid fling!"

"The walk with me, along this moonlit path and let the world stop spinning, for just a moment, for us...For a sweet kiss..."


Haruka gasped with teary eyes "This is so beautiful! True love prevails once and for all, how it should be in every good story." she claimed with a nodding head.

"No, it's cheesy, she and that prick should have been killed! What a horrible cliche."

"Totally, absolutely terrible ending!" Asami agreed with Ling.

"But there is nothing more pure than true love! Courting, moon lit strolls on a beach-"

"Mother, what's the difference between love and hate? very few things!"

Yamato rose to enter the bathroom. He rinsed his face and dried off as he made his way back. He was hit by the heat like a barrier as he fell back onto the sofa. He contemplated about falling slowly asleep or asking them questions, how they met or if there was a male in the family. He preferred at that moment to sleep in the soft skin of sofa rather than give these overwhelming girls more reason to chatter, giggle or sing for that matter. And just as he was about to embrace the warmth of deep sleep, his escape was interrupted by dark beady eyes, big eyes staring hard at him. Yoko was sitting down with her feet melded in the earth. The girls were distracted by the ongoing shows on the radio...So unawares to them was that Yamato the giant was completely vulnerable to Yoko the giant slayer.

She smiled a crooked smile. His eyes turned, goose bumps appeared all over his arms and he began to shake. He quivered harder under her gaze. Never in his life did he think he'd be afraid of such a cute ball of mush, but she scared him. She scared him bad! She was giggling with mischievous eyes. She pulled up a tiny hand, and beckoned. She beckoned. She beckoned again. She was still beckoning! Please stop! he found himself moving towards her, in her corner of mayhem.

"Psss....Psss Yamato the giant! Come play with me!" she said with a tiny voice.

"Yoko? What are you?" he asked her.

"I'm your new best friend!"

"No, please I don't want to be your friend!" he wined.

"Aww, you think I care about what you want! Please, could you get me out?"

A sudden impulse came over him. He screamed to himself Don't do it! but she had control over him. She was free, and crawling on all fours towards him. She...Grabbed him! He tried his best to not scream as she began using him as a make shift jungle gym. Up, down and around. She was perched on his shoulders and pulled on his ears. And she whispered -

"Listen, Over there..." she pointed to the darkness outside of the living room, away from the protection of Ling, Haruka and Asami...

In the darkness

He slowly inched towards the darkness before him, his throat gulped deeply. His fingers trembled as he felt her tiny fingers tug on his ear lobes. He stared into the chasm, a lonely chamber, the lion's den, he was the antelope and she was the lion who just turned his peaceful home to dark play grounds. She tugged harder and he quickly made some distance. He froze at the very edge of the room, a single line between him and pure shadows. He went in...ignoring his fear of losing himself to this sadistic child's fantasies.

He was left in a little corner to listen to her stories. He sat with his legs tucked in to his chest, staring hard into her eyes. She wouldn't let him go, but all she did was talk. Maybe now and then she would show him a little trick with her rocks, but other than that the evening was far less pain full than he predicted. It was when she used him as a jungle gym for the tenth time that he was exposed to a more girly side to her. She was swinging back and fourth from his head. She spun on her feet, pulled in her hips and then gave an almighty shove. He weighed so much more than her, the only effect rebounded unto her tiny body. She fell right off, face down onto the ground. He jumped up with his hands out to grab her and lift her up. She looked up at him with watery eyes, a little purple bruise appeared where she landed, she was staring at him with her big eyes when she said

"Why didn't you catch Yoko?" thus she began crying. Like rapids and torrents her tears spilled out and she grabbed his clothes to get in close. She was latched to him, crying on his shoulder as he patted her back. She cried for longer, her weeps drowned out by the blasting radio. He stroked her hair and wiped her tears away, she yawned and tired from the water works she fell into slumber, her weight in his arms. Now that she was asleep, she seemed less scary.

Her silence made the atmosphere more comfortable. His body relaxed against the cold wall. Yoko was still asleep in his arms. Her little breathing pattern threw him into a state of pure thought. I can't continue to steal...I need to find real work...a stable work front to make some decent money. Or at least the bare minimum, tommorow I'll go to the job center, there must be something for me...

Runner Boy

The city was in a good mood. The mass of life continued on their daily duties, everything working as they should be. By the Fire Lord monument near the station, a large sweaty crowd surrounded a group of tables. At the center was a mobile job center, scouts set their markers and searched for capable workers, many of their jobs required more brawn than brain, so naturally a large mass of unemployed citizens stalked the city for those mobile scouts, hoping to make a living. Yamato stumbled along with the crowd, listening to little auctions, requests, auditions and random gossip among the huddles.

Among the background he heard numerous words, names used for those mobile centers. "Runner boys, hunters, scouts". He hoped this runner boy would provide him with work. The issue was, so did the many other tough guys, rippling with muscle, standing in ques, starting fights and randomly punching who ever was in front. One man even picked up a boy and threw him into the monument. Gasps turned into murmurs, murmurs turned into arguments, arguments turned in to fights. In seconds they had a growing pride, ripping at each other. The first fist brought down a man to his knees, blood pouring from his nose. Another man smacked a citizen across his face, received a deadly kick in return and crumpled to the ground. The crowd erupted. Screams and shouts went off like fire works. Random suited men appeared, snapping photographs, asking incoherent questions. The runner boys looked scared, all except for one man who sat calmly behind the front line. Yaku, with his suit and blonde hair recognized Yamato and waved. Yamato observed the terrified looks of the runner boys and decided to intervene. Luckily, he knew how to deal with riots.

He bended his way out of the crowd, leaving a little trench behind him. He took a position, studied the riot and identified the two strongest rioters. Burly men with beards encouraged the violence while randomly pummeled any man unlucky enough to end up in their paths. He took his position, a strong ram stance. One, Two; breath and sustain He leaped forward Three, Four; Take control, hit the target full on and implement your will He landed on the ground, feeling the vibrations sweep through the earth particles. He focused his ripples on one focal point, it temporarily matched the ripples of the first rioter eight meters away. Five, Six; Manipulate the earth, force it to bend, and do your bidding. He pulled his fist in and smacked the earth, a giant pillar broke out directly under the leaders foot. He fell and screamed in pain, his foot limp and broken. Yamato inhaled and wrenched his arms, then pushed down. Just beneath the man, a large square cut itself around his legs, and then dropped five meters into the dirt. He was stuck in a cuboid hole. Yamato quickly turned around to see the second strongest presence. He straightened, clicked his fingers and fell backwards into the dirt, his whole entity disappearing. Just behind the remaining leader, yamato's body sprung from the earth like a spinning torpedo, his fist impacting the jaws, answered with a sickening crack. The leader buckled backwards as his body folded over. The crowd stopped and froze. All unaware of what to do, they dispersed. Yamato approached Yaku on the other side, who was still sitting calmly on the side.

"Most impressive Monkey socks, this old BearRam was wondering if your thorny pineapples would be interested in manual labor monthly rewarded by most significant quantities of shining rainbows?"

"I still don't like the way you speak."

"Good, I hate it my self but it's become a rather unpleasant and most unfortunate habit, I face quite the conundrum with this peculiar predicament...In simple words, I was asking you if you wanted a job?" He said with his strange voice.


  • Recently I had taken part in a comedy workshop, in which I based my work on the experiences of a depressed lawyer who rented a space from two brothers who were members of a strange cult. Their dialogue was a weird, seemingly random way of talking, where each object represented something else....
  • This was the ethos of Yaku Yoru Umareru!
  • You was not told, but his second name is that of above, Yoru Umareru translates into Night Born in Japanese.
  • I'm now an official member of this aspiring writing club called "Ministry of Stories".

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