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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and almost didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

As the "Führer" of what once was the USA, Lloyd F. Johnston, declares war on the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, the Air Nomads and the URN, the Fire Nation allies with him, attacks Republic City alongside his troops and later stretches its troops into the Earth Kingdom, resistance, not only in the other of the Four Nations, rises.

Back at home

The huge ship Sozin streamed into the Fire Nation Capital's harbour, being followed by five of military-coloured passenger ships, loaded with fifteen thousand soldiers, each of them a part of the 101st Airborne division, the most powerful division in the Fire Nation Army, led by Crown Princess Arzowa herself. She stood at the bridge of the Sozin, watching over her unit arriving at home. She herself had grown up in Ba Sing Se, in the Upper Ring, but was taken to the Fire Nation when her uncle, Olizon, took the throne. She looked at the docks, where a regiment of domestic soldiers had set up a small parade. Republic City had fallen - after an assault lead by her. She remained silent and stood there for an hour, until the regiment had given up on her coming out of the ship. She jumped off the bridge and propelled herself through the air using her legendary firebending. Just as she had landed in the ship's shadow, a messenger hawk landed on her shoulder. She took the letter the bird was carrying and recognised the handwriting at first sight, this was from her uncle.
"... mh... mh... okay... and therefore, you shall stay here, at home, in the Fire Nation to lead the armies from here. Also, I need you to observe a few commanders, such as Admiral Fusu, from whom I suspect treacher," she read aloud, before burning the letter and saying sarcastically, " home... sure... home... "

In the Fire Lord's War Room

She flew on like a rocket, entering the Caldera City and landing right before the palace's gate. The two guards there saluted and opened the gate, not daring to look at her as they feared the consequences. She walked on through the structure, passing soldiers, who did as the guards at the gate, then and now, before finally reaching the War Room, where the highest officers of the Fire Nation were gathered here to discuss how they should continue in waging war against the other Nations. She walked, seemingly disrespecting them, past the officers and over the map, just to bow to her uncle right in front of him.
"You summoned me, Fire Lord Olizon?"
"Crown Princess Arzowa, take a seat. This meeting is of high importance and requires your - actually, everyone's - full attention," Olizon answered his niece.
She seated herself, as instructed by her uncle, to his right as High General Muto, an old-school officer who never really supported the nationalist government of Olizon, began to speak, "Your Majesty, High Generals and Admirals, I don't want to protract this meeting unnecessarily, therefore I start right now. Enemy defences - mainly the URN 2nd Tank Division - are concentrated here, twenty kilometres east of Republic City. The USA's forces are taking the southern flank, so we must defeat them on our own. I highly recommend the 101st. They're trained elite soldiers and could eliminate this possible threat. Also, the Earth Kingdom's forces are a danger to ours, as they are moving westwards as we speak. The strength of their - well, let's call it expeditionary force - is about one million men, an entire Army group! My suggestion is- "
"Quiet, High General. I also want to hear other officers today," Olizon said bored.
"Well, I'd recommend that we defeat the United Forces as soon as possible so we can deal with the Earth Kingdom using all our forces. But as I'm an Admiral, I believe nobody will listen to me anyway," Fusu, one of three nonbenders in this room, stated.
Everyone looked at him full of expectation, so he continued, "The United Forces' 2nd Tank Division is a powerful unit as far as I know, therefore we need a huge commando to destroy it, something like the 101st. After it's defeated, the remnants of the United Forces are a bunch of fleeing infantry and artillery units, and therefore defeated. The Earth Kingdom's army is despite its equipment a powerful enemy, not only because of their size, but too because their soldiers - mostly - know the terrain they're fighting in, so we must concentrate our full force against them. Without them, the fall of the Water Tribes and of the Southern Air Temple is only a matter of time. Also, it should not take one-hundred years again, so we need to bomb their industry and great cities, such as Gaoling, Omashu and, of course, Ba Sing Se. Speaking of which, a few Dai Li agents have been sent here as a gift from Earth Kingdom Crown Prince Rong. Whatever."
Although he finished his sentence rather unconventionally, the other officers, including Olizon, applauded for a minute. Now began the longer and boring part of the meeting, discussing the details. Arzowa didn't really pay attention, as she was staying in the Fire Nation whether her unit was or not. After an hour of debating, she, Fusu, Muto and a few other, lower-ranked officers left the War Room, their difference being their target: while Arzowa went for a walk, the others left for a smaller, less known war room. Half an hour later, when Arzowa arrived before the throne again, Olizon whispered into her ear, "Arzowa... I need you... to... spy on Fusu. There's something about him and the other officers I don't like at all. What if they're conspiring?"

Spying on fellow countrymen

Arzowa followed the sound of the traitors' voices, which lead to another room than she had first thought, which caused her to take another, longer way on which she could have been spotted with ease.
"The palace really is a riddle nowadays! All these minor war rooms..." she said to herself.
The room the few high-ranked officers had gone to was in sight and separated from the corridor by an arch. As she got closer, she ducked and ran fast but silent from wall to wall, before she jumped into the air to hold herself in the sectioned ceiling. As she stood there, she could hear Fusu speaking, "We have to end this war as soon as possible, at this planet at the very least. We may be from the Fire Nation, but we, the Four Nations, are one people. Attacking the others is treachery to them as it is to us, our own nation!"
Arzowa's expression softened and she felt, the first time in years, regret. She decided to jump down as silent as possible and applauded to them, as the other officers did. As everyone was talking to Fusu about how they were going to do it, Arzowa walked in with her ordinary, cold expression, saying, "A good - but a little short - speech, Admiral."
As expected, everyone turned around frightened, only Fusu being able to ask, "Why the heck are you here? How did you get- "
"Don't be afraid of me, I'm on your side!"
The officers looked at Arzowa, who stood there, awaiting what they were about to do, as they turned around to discuss what to do now. Arzowa looked at them, remembering every single time she killed an Earth Kingdom or United Forces soldier, recalling the sequences with every detail. She showed the great control of her emotions she possessed, she didn't let a tear escape watching these sequences in her mind again, she only regretted it. But ending the war would have meant more bloodshed, as it would have meant being victorious over the Aryan League on the battlefield. However, her thoughts were disrupted as Fusu said, "We gladly accept you, Crown Princess Arzowa, within our humble organisation, but yet... We can't trust you, but what choice do we have?"
Arzowa nodded and suggested, "You should really have chosen another room, you can be heard through half of the palace. I'd suggest something down in the bunker."
"What will you tell your uncle? You obviously were sent by him."
"Nothing. I'll just keep quiet."
"Very good."

The group walked through the underground corridors of the huge bunker which spread beneath the caldera of the Fire Nation's capital, headed to a specific room in the structure's heart, deep beneath the surface. As an unguarded metal door appeared before them, Arzowa stepped in front of the group and called four other firebenders to aid her, adding, "This is like the sanctuary door in the Fire Temple! It only can be opened by five firebenders working together!"
The huge metal door swung open, revealing a huge room, a map table in its centre. The officers seated themselves around it, while Arzowa stood guard and listened, spotting a familiar noise after just half an hour. Its source soon revealed itself as a Dai Li agent, one who seemed familiar to Arzowa. She pretended not to see him until he was only two metres distant from her, so she could hit him with a lower chance of him getting away. She struck him into the chest using a fire blast of her unique blue fire. The blast threw him back, but he got on his feet again by spinning back before running to engage Arzowa with his earthbending. She went after him less than a second later, soon facing him again and knocking him down with another fire blast into the chest, but again he got up as before, so she went after him, propelling herself by her firebending. She appeared right in front of him and striking him down with an, as before, fire blast into the chest, a fire whip knocking him off his feet following and another fire blast knocking his helmet off, revealing his identity. To prevent him getting up again, she seated herself over him, her left hand grabbing his throat, while the right one held a fire dagger. The agent seemed to blush and said, "Well, Arzowa, it's been a long time... but so we meet again... "
Arzowa thought where she had met him before, just as the officers arrived, Fusu asking, "Have you two... lovers met before?"
Arzowa shot him a deadly look, just before she remembered the agent's name, "Agent Seon Jong. Wait... Seon... I didn't know you made it to the Dai Li! But, nonetheless, you witnessed our... meeting. How can we trust you?"
Seon looked at her thoughtful before finally answering, "Let's say it like You are only centimetres from ending me, but we both know you would never do it and... Blah. You know what I mean? I could work for you as an undercover agent... "
Arzowa got up and looked at Fusu and Muto, who both nodded, so she helped her childhood friend up and welcomed him in their group, which was named Black Sun after a suggestion of Muto. She cleaned her armour, before she went to eliminate every signs of their presence. After a few minutes more debating in the secret war room, the Black Sun walked out of it and eventually, out of the bunker. Their plan was to assassinate Olizon using a US sniper rifle, after which Arzowa, supported by Fusu, Muto and the others, should take the throne and blame the assassination, due to the weapon used, on Johnston, which was planned to end the war on Avatara. Each of them knew it wouldn't be easy, almost impossible to be accurate, but walked out of the building confident. Overconfident.

The Calm before the Storm

Arzowa leaned over the ship's railing as the waves collided with the wooden and metal hull of the vessel. Seon came from behind, the Dai Li agent asking, "You alright?"
Arzowa first looked at him and later past him, to the other Black Sun members, who now were about to get to Ember Island on vacation, ordered to do so by Olizon himself. As she looked around, her sight fell on Seon again, whose question she answered, "I just don't get it why I need a bodyguard. I mean, I'm the Fire Nation Crown Princess, from whom you can expect some level of - at the very least - self-defence."
Her childhood friend smiled at her softly, something rarely seen, but this was near Ember Island, a place everything was quite different. Warships patrolled around the island, like they did with every of the Fire Nation's, although they only were destroyers which would have had little effect to the heavily-armoured battleships of the United Forces and the Earth Kingdom. But this was none of their matter for now, they were about to enjoy a week of vacation, of isolation from the total war the Fire Nation was waging. The small vessel they were aboard passed the loose blockade around the island and soon thereafter, the ship had reached the harbour. The group of officers, the Crown Princess and one Dai Li agent walked off the ship before a few taxi cars arrived to take them to the Fire Lord's residence on Ember Island, technically a second palace. As the cars drove over the paved ground, Arzowa witnessed soldiers marching on the road's edge, making the war obvious even in the vacation paradise of the Fire Nation, which, not counting the roads and cars, almost like two-hundred years ago. As they arrived at an almost untouched part of the isle, the cars broke all of sudden and the drivers opened the back doors, offering their guests to get out of the vehicles, revealing themselves as a part of the Royal Procession, which was changed from a royal guard to a special unit comparable to the SS. Leading the confused group through the dense bamboo forest to a small palace, which seemed to appear out of nowhere. The Royal Procession members, who had carried the guests' luggage at the same time, placed it on the stone-paved floor in front of the palace's gate, leaving the high-ranked officers, the sole Dai Li agent and the Crown Princess alone at the place. After they had chosen their rooms, they met in something that could be considered a throne room, where they decided what to do next in the warm rays of the setting tropical sun.
"I'll go to the beach then," Arzowa decided.
"But... The plan! What do you want to-" Fusu started, being interrupted by the former, "I want to think about the plan! I just don't know if I want to rule the Fire Nation, which had caused so much pain in history and still does it!"
Everyone kept quiet as she walked off into the east, all but Fusu, who instructed Seon to follow her. The agent ran after the girl who once was his childhood friend, only wanting to help her.

She ran away from the palace onto the open beach, seating herself at a smooth rock, thinking about where she was headed as a human being, watching one of Johnston's military transports descending and flying just a kilometre above the sea's surface, delivering troops to the Fire Nation's Capital, as Seon walked up behind her, mumbling inapprehensible words before finally asking her, "What... What're you thinking 'bout?"
She didn't reply in any way and sat there silent instead, barely moving. He moved up to her and grabbed her by her shoulder to turn her around, which her body unwillingly followed. He asked her the same question again, but this time she answered it, "About everything. I don't know where I'm going with my life, I don't know what to do. I'm just a part of a plan, like a puppet. I know we have to bring my uncle down, but I think that's a job for the Avatar. I just- "
She was cut off mid-sentence by Seon pressing his lips onto hers, which made her pushing him away immediately using her firebending and asked, "What the heck- Why the...?"
He stood up again, looking at her and answering, "I thought... I thought I could help you by... "
"Kissing me? No. I want to have order in my life, and love definitely comes later, war and such comes first. Do you understand, agent?"
He nodded in response and apologized for his behaviour like soldier should before walking off to the palace. She kept sitting there, thinking about, well, about everything.
"Well, at least he's not a bad kisser..." she sighed before walking off to the palace again. As she turned around one last time for this day, she witnessed dozens of Johnston's transports flying to the Capital. She turned around immediately and began to run, while the Fourth Reich's forces were occupying the Fire Nation. No place could be assumed to be safe from now on.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Black Sun organization is a reference to the group involved into the 20 July plot, while its name is a reference to the Day of the Black Sun.
  • This is the first appearance of Arzowa and by far not the last.
  • The beginning occupation of the Fire Nation by Johnston's troops can be compared to the occupation of Northern Italy by Nazi Germany in late WWII.

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