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Curse Mode Activated
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January 19, 2017

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All Hail The Leader

Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

Hikar and Aria were facing each other standing one in front of the other in the crater. The sky was grey full of clouds. Hikar was badly hurt and horrified at the same time, he couldn't stop thinking what the hell were those red arrows, that made Aria that fast and scary now.

–Who...the hell are you!?..UNH!!– Screamed Hikar as his fist badly ached again.

–I hoped I wouldn't recur to this power again...but apparently, you're not just a simple Earth Avatar, like Kyoshi.– Said Aria as she was looking at her arrowed right arm.

Hikar looked at her like she was stupid, but horrified at the same time. Hikar didn't know what to do, it was the first time in years he had ever felt that scared of somebody, the last time was scared of...her father in their first meeting...


Hikar had arrived to the Western Air Temple, his amazing inverted architecture amazed Hikar very deeply.

–WOW! AMALA THIS IS AMAZING!– Said a sixteen-year-old Hikar. He could see many young airbenders on their air staffs flying around.

–Well, glad you liked it, because you're going to stay here for the whole year.– Said Amala as two White Lotus knights carried Hikar's heavy luggage. Hikar turned and saw they were having difficulties.

–It's okay, I'll carry them.– A smiling Hikar grabbed the two heavy suitcases one in each hand above his head, like nothing. The knights and a couple airbenders and acolytes that were around dropped their jaws at the amazing strength of the teenager.

–What...How...When...HOW?!!– Asked a young airbending teenager who seemed who have received his tattoos recently, given his very short hair.

Parker's Cameo 1


–My friend, you're looking at the Avatar, you shouldn't be that surprised.– Said Hikar with a smirk passing by, as the teenage airbender was still amazed.

Amala was smiling from the air fleet that had left Hikar in the platform.

–He's getting stronger very quickly, and this young, reminds me of...– Amala's smile vanished instantly. –Aria, my baby, where are you?– A tear slipped through her eye.

–Miss Sato. Should we escort you to Hikar's room?– Said one of the knights. Amala quickly wiped her tears.

–Yes...yes, of course.– She replied as she walked towards Hikar. –Hikar wait, you don't where are you going to sleep!– She advised to him before he got more far.

Hikar was walking with Amala and their escort through the elevated passages and bridges of the elevated city. Hikar couldn't believe still those buildings were built half a millennium ago, with that complexity, and at that height. Oh, the heights, Hikar still had a thing with heights, of course.

–How could Air Nomads don't be afraid of building at this height? They didn't thought they could fell.– Asked Hikar.

–Well, Air Nomads had their bison and their staff, and of course, their Airbending abilities.– Said the airbender Hikar had encountered before. Hikar turned to see him flying with his staff beside them on the empty free fall.

–Are you following me?– Said Hikar.

–Actually, I'm going to my class, which is this way. You can still carry those that easily?– Asked the airbender.

–Yurei has a class?– Asked Amala.

–Um, no, I'm going to Gemini's class.– Said the airbender, the he turned to Hikar again. – By the way, I'm Parker, nice to meet you.– Said Parker as he tended a hand to Hikar.

Hikar looked at Parker's hand and then to him like he was dumb.

–I would give you the hand, but...– He moved his suitcases up.

Parker's Cameo 2

"OH! Sorry!"

–OH! Sorry!– Said Parker as he left to the building in the right of the passage.

–He looked nice.– Said Amala.

–Yeah, looks like he recently won those tattoos.– Said Hikar.

Moments later, Hikar and Amala arrived to the place where Yurei was training. Yurei was in an open room without walls, just the floor and the wall with the door.

–My men will take care of the luggage to your room, meanwhile you and Yurei can have a presentation, you know, he's your new instructor.– Said Amala

–Okay, seeya!– Said Hikar as Amala closed the door behind her, leaving Hikar and Yurei alone.

Yurei seemed to be very concentrated, sitting in his meditation position, facing the open skyline and the cliffs surrounding the old Air Temple. Was Yurei in the Spirit World maybe? There was an uncomfortable silence for a couple seconds, Yurei didn't talk to Hikar and he was starting to feel confused.

–Um...Hello? Yurei is your name, right? I'm Hikar, the new Avatar, and they said you're going to be my Airbending instructor.– Said Hikar in a positive tone.

Yurei didn't move.

–Um. Hello! I'm talking to you! You're just gonna ignore me that way?– Said Hikar irritated.

But still, Yurei didn't move.

–Okay, you're going to turn around right now and obey me as your Avatar, or you'll suffer consequences, like earthbending your butt to the cliff, understood?!– Said Hikar totally annoyed. Hikar prepared a fireball.

–Turn to me and greet me in the count of one...two...– Started counting Hikar. But in the blink of and eye, Hikar received an airwave that pushed him to the wall. Hikar was knocked in the floor, and when he opened his eyes again, Yurei quickly airbent an air blade to Hikar. Hikar, terrified crossed his arms in front of him to stop it, but then he heard how the air blade crashed the wall behind him: right above his head there was a big crack that would have finished with him instantly in the moment.

Yurei's lesson

"And you're apparently the typical stubborn impatient student that wants to finish instantly. And of course, careless about what others do."

–Nice to meet you Hikar. Sorry for not having answered you before, it was to see what type of person.– Yurei turned to Hikar serious. –And you're apparently the typical stubborn impatient student that wants to finish instantly. And of course, careless about what others do.– Yurei walked towards the border of the platform facing the landscape. –I could have been in the Spirit World meditating, and killed me instantly without thinking, that is very irresponsible and careless from your part. You don't have what it's needed to be the Avatar at all. The Avatar has to learn to intermediate in delicate situations,...– Yurei paused for a moment and looked at Hikar serious.

Hikar was still frightened about that man and his previous actions. Yurei suddenly smiled.

–Well, we have a whole year and probably more to teach you all I know, apart from Airbending. I think we're going to be good friends after all.– Yurei tent his hand to incorporate Hikar again, who was still nervous. –Calm down, that thing of before was just an advisory, I shoot above you on purpose to don't hit you. I'm going to treat you like a son, don't worry.– Yurei got Hikar back up.

–Tha..thanks, Master Yurei?– Said Hikar doubtful.

–As long as you follow my instructions you have nothing to worry about.– Said Yurei.

–What?– Asked Hikar.

–Just follow my lessons.– Said Yurei as he lead them both to Hikar's room.

Back in the desert, Hikar, badly hurt, was attempting to sandbend to get Aria, but she seemed to avoid easily every move of Hikar, she was faster than before. –ARIA, NOT THAT POWER AGAIN!– Screamed Zeick.

–What...the actual...?– Before Hikar could finish he was suddenly airbent with a strong air blast. –UNH!– He winced in pain.

Hikar was punched several times with various air punches, so many he could fell them like real physical punches. Aria was angrily throwing air punches to Hikar, so fast her arms were a blur. After a couple hundred of punches, Aria stopped and left Hikar standing in front of her, weak, with deep wounds and bruises, both his nose and his lips were bleeding, and his right fist was so damaged it looked he had something but a fist there.

Thousand Punches


–BLAGH!!– Hikar vomited more blood as his legs trembled and felt in knees to the ground. –– Said Hikar weakly.

–I'M ARIA Sato, THE RED AIRBENDER! I'LL BE THE ONE WHO BRINGS THIS WORLD TO PEACE!– Yelled Aria as she looked at her hands. –And thanks to this power, thanks to the Curse Mode, appears that not even the Avatar can defeat me.– The look in Aria's face was maniac, as the arrows kept slowly extending over her left side of the body, and her right iris was completely red without her pupil, while the other one kept in her blue tone.

Hikar stared at her like he did when then Yurei explained something in class two years ago.

–What? Curse Mode? Just what the dark spirits is that.– Said Hikar, trying to stop the bleeding in his fist.

–This? It's a great amount of power I was granted by Tenki, the Storm Spirit, who was defeated by my aunt herself.– Said Aria As she looked at her arrow in her left hand. –The foolish spirit went to the material world in a summoning, and he entered directly into my body, absorbing him!– She looked directly at Hikar. –But it's a long story anyway.–

Hikar was kneeling, holding his stomach, but after a few moments, he looked downwards and started to laugh.

–What's so funny?– Said Aria.

Hikar looked up to her with his messy hair, and his damaged face with a wicked look in his now brown eyes.

–Nothing, I was just wondering, which way should I KILL YOU!!! HA!!!– Shouted Hikar. His eyes looked feline and his smile looked wild and crazy, like a complete maniac killer.

Dark Hikar injured

"Nothing, I was just wondering, which way should I KILL YOU!!! HA!!!"

Kensi and Shaila weren't exactly having the time of their lives either, that Spiritbending witch was pretty tough for her age. She controlled the spirits like they were puppets, moving her hands and her fingers back and forth. Kensi and Shaila were trying to evade as much as they could all the attacks from the creepy Dark Spirits.

Kensi leaped over the millipede-looking dark spirit he was facing and with the water of his pouch, started to spiritbend the water around him in a golden tone.

–Got him!– He cheered.

–Great Kensi!– Cheered Shaila as the pulled another fire dagger to the dog-like dark spirit.

But when Kensi almost had it, Zhasha sneered.

–You're still not good at it.– She said as the dark spirit dissolved his water prison, hitting Kensi back.

–GAH!– Winced Kensi as he landed on his butt. –For Yue's sake! How are we going to defeat spirits if I don't know Spiritbending well enough yet?–

Zhasha the Witch

"For Yue's sake! How are we going to defeat spirits if I don't know Spiritbending well enough yet?"

–Let's try this then. KYA!– Shaila shot a huge lightning to Zhasha, but she moved the millipede-spirit to protect herself, and after the lightning hit it, it vanished. –So you sacrifice your Spirits to save yourself huh?– Said Shaila serious.

Zhasha let a smirk be drawn on her face.

–You know nothing about spirits I see, they can't be destroyed physically, only by Spiritbending, you only sent him back to the Spirit World.– As she said that, she waved her hand from a side and a huge dark spirit appeared. –And I always have some backup prepared.– She said arrogant.

Kensi was starting to get frightened by that woman, and Shaila was so furious she was clenching her teeth very hard.

–DRAGON SHIT!– She cursed.

–Dolphin piss!– Cursed Kensi at the magnanimous creature.

–ATTACK!– Screamed Zhasha, and the creatures went to attack them.

Kensi and Shaila were preparing a big waterball and fireball each, but then they were interrupted by two sizzles. Then they saw two arrows landing one in each creature's eye. Both of the dark spirits hissed in pain.

–What...? Who...?– Said Zhasha, shocked.

Kensi and Shaila, with their elemental spheres still in their hands, turned amazed to see Bultina in the alley entrance, preparing another pair of arrows to shoot.

Bultina back in time

"I guess that the "World's Best Waterbender" needs a hand from his non-bending friend."

–I guess that the "World's Best Waterbender" needs a hand from his non-bending friend.–Joked Bultina as she got back with her friends.

–Hey Bully!– Cheered Shaila. –Yeah, we're having some difficulties here, a help will be good.–

–Um...girls...– Kensi and the two girls looked back at Zhasha and saw she had like a dozen angry dark spirits surrounding her, including the other two Bultina had just shot, and they seemed to be partly dissolving. The three friends were shocked.

–I guess we're in more trouble than Hikar.– Said Shaila.

–Alright my spirits, GET THEM!– Zhasha screamed as ten dark spirits charged through the alley to the three friends.

–We have to get out of here.– Bultina looked at an old blanket, and she pulled it to Shaila –Burn this.– She said to her. Kensi looked estranged.

–Right.– And clicking her fingers she firebent a small flame. Bultina threw it in the air to the dark spirits.

–Kensi, waterbend it.– Ordered Bultina. Kensi looked too surprised.


–QUICK!!!– Ordered Bultina anxious.

–Alright.– And Kensi waterbent some water to the blanket creating a giant smoke screen.

–Stupid colleagues, my spirits can look for them all over the city. Now GO!– And the dark spirits went to the street before the alley, five to the left and five to the right, frightening the people of the streets. Meanwhile, Zhasha walked patiently out of the alley in a smirk. –They're not easily going to scape from me.– She laughed.

Kosen and Tao were still in the earth chute in a rail, rushing all around the city. Kosen earthbend the chute in the directions needed while Tao sightsee all around the faces to find Hikar, who was really kilometres away.

–Seen anything yet?– Asked Kosen as she turned the chute to the right lane in a rail.

–Nope, I still can't see Hikar's ugly face.– Said Tao as he looked over and over again to the people's faces.

Kosen suddenly stopped the chute in the middle of the rail, like a fastened brake, which caught Tao out of guard.

–Woah!– Said Tao –Why do you sto..?– And he was interrupted, being grabbed by Kosen.

–Repeat that! How can you?– Said Kosen angrily. –Hikar is the most gorgeous, beautiful face in this world! That dark hair, that pointy nose, that two week beard he's leaving, and those eyes...– Kosen had loosen Tao and was starting to daydream. –...those beautiful eyes, I don't know what colour they are! Sometimes they look lime green, olive green, sea green, those infinite shades of green; and the blue in his eyes...– Said Kosen in a sweet tone.

–Blue? Does Hikar have blue eyes?– Said Tao.

–It's called hazel eyes for a reason, of course he has blue, and brown, one in the outer ring and the...– Explained Kosen, but she was interrupted by a water jet that blasted the chute out of the rail, and made Tao and Kosen fall.

–AHH!– Shouted Tao.

–I got this! YAH!– Kosen earthbent an earth slide to fall softly to the ground. The two friends slid down the small slide, and ended in the street, with people watching. Tao was still recovering of his landing in the hard slide.

–Oh, hello people.– Said Tao uncomfortable.

–What the heck do you think you're doing troublesome teenagers?– Said an old man.

–You can't earthbend like that in the city, someone could get hurt.– Said a woman.

–Yo! Easy there no-one's hurt, and we did that so WE couldn't get hurt.– Said Kosen, annoyed.

–I object.– Said Tao, who was rubbing his butt.

–NOOOOOO!– Screamed somebody. Kosen turned to look and saw a cart crashed by her slide and the owner at its side crying. –MY CABBAGEEEEESS!!!–

Kosen looked uncomfortable.

–Oh. Sorry about that.– She said uncomfortable.

Cabbage merchant returns

–You two have business with me.– Said a boy's voice from the crowd.

Tao and Kosen turned to see who was that, the people started to open the circle, and a hooded teenager came near the two friends.

–You must be one of the Red Lotus I suppose.– Said Kosen seriously. People started to get frightened.

–The Red Lotus? O my spirits!– Said Somebody in the crowd.

–That's right people, for your own good, you better leave.– Said Tao advising the people.

People panicked and left the place, leaving Kosen and Tao facing the hooded guy.

–Indeed, we meet again, metal-girl.– Said the teenage hooded.

–Again?– Asked Kosen.

–Last month, in the Republic City pub.– And Deyek pulled his hood back.

Kosen and Tao gasped.

–It's the bloodbender! OH NO! I CAN...FEEL...THE...GRIP!!– Said Tao as he struggled down in the floor. Then he realised. –Wait a minute...YOU'RE NOT BLOODBENDING ME!– Said Tao as he saw the bright sun. –Of course, you can only bloodbend in full-moon nights!– Said Tao.

Deyek and Kosen facepalmed.

–GENIUS!– They said simultaneously.

–Which means you're easy peasey! YAAAH!– Tao charged to Deyek.

–TAO NO!– Advised Kosen.

Suddenly, Tao was frozen from the water below him, he didn't realise there was a water stream, and he was frozen to the neck along some pentapox.

–YIKES! This is cold!– Complained Tao.

Frozen Tao

"YIKES! This is cold!"

–YOU were easy peacey.– Said Deyek annoyed. –Such a shame to be a short battle.–

–Well defrost me and see what I can DO!– Said Tao angrily.

–Tao, you really are a dumbass.– Said Kosen.

–Break the ice, will ya?– Said Tao.

Kosen leaned to him to the ear.

–'ll interrupt me, plus, the pentapoxes will takes care of you.–

–AW COME ON!– Said Tao as Kosen and Deyek started to fight.

Aria was in full Curse Mode, punching Hikar on and on from every direction, Hikar couldn't predict from where it came from.

–WHY...DON'T...YOU...JUST...GIVE...UP!!!– Shouted Aria with every punch she gave Hikar.

Hikar was looking down, like he didn't care; he was like a sleepwalking man that he got punched like a sack and he didn't move a single bit.

Suddenly, Hikar just grabbed one of her punches, and stayed still, his hair covering his down-looking face. Aria was shocked.

–I told you before, and I'll tell you one more time if necessary.– He turned up and looked Aria in the face, and when Aria looked back she was frightened as never before, looking at those frightening glowing red eyes. –You don't mess up with the Avatar!– Said Hikar in a cavernous voice.

–UH!– Screamed scared Aria, before Hikar blasted a huge fireball to her. –ARGH!–

–Now, you're going to die.– Said Dark Hikar.

Aria tried to get back on feet, as he saw the monster coming. She got her fists in meditating position. Zeick who still had Nikumi above him growling, saw the scene from up there, and by looking at Aria's red arrows covering all her body, he panicked.

–ARIA, DON'T DO IT, YOU'LL BE OUT OF CONTROL!– Screamed Zeick in worry for his sister.

–I'm sorry Zeick, I have no other choice!– She shouted, as her left iris was covered in red.

Aria's Curse Mode Eye

"I'm sorry Zeick, I have no other choice!"

Then her irises and arrows glowed in red all over her body, and a red whirlwind covered her all around from the darkened sky, and a hurricane wind rushed around her.

–RAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!– Roared Aria. Dark Hikar, in the Dark Avatar State, grinned.

–Now we're getting serious.– Laughed Dark Hikar.

The two powerful benders created a sand spout and an air spout under their waists, and charged again with all their strength, that they collide making such an expansive wave that enlarged the crater. Nikumi and Zeick flew away to land at the sand.

–AAAAAAAAAHH!!!– Shouted Zeick. –UNH!– And he landed in the sand.

When he felt in on his skin, he felt the sand unusually wet, and started to feel the smooth rain.

–Rain, in the desert? Oh my spirits Aria, you have to stop!– Begged Zeick. And he heard Nikumi growl behind. –You won't get me this time, kitty!– Zeick firebent to Nikumi, but he made himself a ball and spanned to protect himself from the fire.

Meanwhile, Cursed Aria and Dark Hikar clashed again, on and on, air versus earth. Hikar tried to shoot more fireballs to Aria, but somehow they didn't manage to get even to half way. So he earthbent an earth blade on his arms from the rocks of the crater, which they were leaving kilometres behind by each second; apparently spouts made distances seem small, and travel faster. Dark Hikar clashed his earth blade with Aria's air blade, and the air blade cracked the earth blade, it made a wound in Hikar's right arm, the one of the bleeding fist.

–UNH!– He winced in pain, before the two collided again, and again, in direction to the mountains.

Bultina, Kensi, and Shaila were running below the streets, in the underground collector system, trying to get back to the main entrance of the city.

–This place stinks!– Said Kensi, as he got his nose covered with his fingers.

–Will you stop complaining? We're being chased by a Spiritbending maniac, we have no choice.– Said Shaila. –I'm a princess and I'm not complaining.–

–Well, sorry for giving my opinion. You're not the only one who thinks that woman looks like a total spirit-witch-freak.– Said Kensi.

–Would you two stop it!– Said Bultina, before she turned her head round the corner to the tunnel. –All clear over here, go.– She said as she waved her hand in signal to follow her.

The three ran down the long corridor to the exit. Suddenly, before they had arrived to the exit, Kensi had stopped running. Bultina and Shaila turned to see what was with him.

–Kensi, stop joking we... Huh?– Said Bultina before realising he was looking scared.

–Ken, what's going on?– Asked Shaila, worried.

Kensi was paralyzed, sweating, and his eyes weren't looking at Shaila or Bultina, but to an infinite point behind them. He started babbling something.

Shocked Kensi


–!– He screamed and Kensi fainted. When he fell to the floor, the girls were shocked; he had some sort of a suction cup stacked to the back.

–What the heck? KENSI!– Screamed worried Bultina. Then a big dark spirit appeared in front of them, and several more ugly spirits came through around the walls, surrounding them. A dark spirit showed an image of Zhasha in front of them.

–Well hello girls, I saw that attaching a sleeping spirit to the back of your friend would do.– Said Zhasha's projection. –Now surrender peacefully, and you won't be harmed.– She said.

Shaila pulled out a large fire blade before she stroke at the dark spirit.

–This is for Hikar!!– And she destroyed the dark spirit in a second. –And this is for knocking out my boyfriend!!– And she stroke another dark spirit.

–Shaila, be careful.– Bultina shot an arrow to a spirit that was going to strike her from behind. –There are too many! We have to stop, there's nothing we can do!–

–Non-sense. HYA!– She tried to get another two dark spirits in one fire shot. But suddenly she was caught in mid-air by a tentacle in the hips. –ARGH! Let go!–

In the spirit's face Zhasha's face appeared.

–I bet your boyfriend taught you how to swim.– She said evily.

–LET GO!– She screamed as she firebent another fire blade to cut the tentacle, but another one held her arm.

–SHAILA!!– Bultina prepared to shoot another arrow, but a dark spirit snatched her bow. –HEY! GIVE IT BACK YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!!–

–GRAA!– Shaila was struggling to get herself loosen from Zhasha's spirit.

–Bye-bye, the Red Lotus doesn't need any royals anymore!– And Zhasha threw her into a strong water current in a side corridor.

–AAAAHHH!!– She screamed as she fell into the water, swallowing her.

Bultina tried to run towards her, only with her pocketknife making herself a way through the spirits.

–SHAILA NOOO!!!– She screamed desperate, but tentacles tied her up her arms and her feet making her fall. –UNH!–

Zhasha's figure appeared again in front of her, but this time she seemed real. She knelt in front of her with her arrogant sick look on her face.

–You Silverfoxes are persistent, aren't you?– She said.

Bultina was with all her force trying to punch her ugly smile, but she had to admit that she looked pretty good to be a woman on her fifties.

Facing the Devil

You Silverfoxes are persistent, aren't you?

–You BITCH!! FREE ME AND I'LL SHOW THE MOST HORRIBLE SIDE OF A SILVERFOX!! THEY ALSO CALL US DARK FOXES FOR A REASON!!!– Bultina was enraged trying to break through the tentacles.

–Indeed, and you seem to be defeated very soon, like your sister.– She said smirking.

Bultina was shocked.

–Yes honey, Deyek has taken care of your dumbass boyfriend and your Avatar-fangirl little sister.– She showed an image of Tao and Kosen knocked out and tied up legs and arms, and next to them Deyek seemed pretty harmed with some stitches, which cause more fear and anger deep in Bultina. –And now, sleep.– She did a gesture with her hand that made her sleep, for a long time.

–Hi...kaaarrrrrr....–She said before she fainted.

Far from the horizon, in the rainy dessert, there could be seen two tornadoes, one of air and another one of sand, rushing and colliding like pinballs. In them, Aria in Curse Mode and Hikar in Dark Avatar State were on and on fencing with an invisible air blade and a cutting sand blade, which made both contradictory elements just repel each other's blades. In another clash, Aria blocked the sand blade to maintain Hikar right at her side, without charging again to her. Hikar, with those terrifying orange eyes he had, smirked.

Battle at High Speed

"You think you got me!?"

–You think you got me!?– He said, laughing.

–YEAH!– She said as she pulled an air sphere she had from behind. –TAKE THAT!!!–

But Hikar also had something behind him, a fireball of the same size that directly shot them both in opposite ways. The two powerful benders landed in the beach of a big river, they had arrived to the Great Divide.

–Pant...pant...You, monster!– Screamed Aria, panting.

Hikar earthbent a giant boulder right in front of her, and he started to make it spin at a drastic speed. Soon, the raindrops, and part of the river's water started to accumulate in a ring around the boulder, then an air bubble covered it, and finally a fire ring; it had turned into a massive elemental sphere. Aria gasped.

–Now, prepare to di...– Hikar was interrupted, his dark toned voice had shut. –AAGH, NO! Raava STOP!!–

Hikar was grabbing his head in pain, making the elemental sphere drop by itself. Aria looked at him closely and saw his eyes were changing from orange to blue like a dying light bulb.

–NO Vaatu!! YOU'LL STOP TAKING THE CONTROL!! NOW YOU SHALL BE FASTENED, YOU CANNOT WIN!!!!– Hikar was screaming with a female voice to a side, like he was talking to someone else, and his eyes were blue.

–I'M GOING TO KILL HER NO MATTER WHAT!– Said Dark Hikar, looking at the other side with orange eyes.

–NO YOU WON'T!!– Shouted female voiced Hikar to the right side with blue eyes again.





Hikar's bipolarity was starting to annoy Aria, so she started to move her hand upwards.

–You...Vaatu, cannot exist!– Aria's skin in her right hand started to get more red with her arrows branching more, and more, but the red weren't just the frightening tattoos, no.

They were blood.

–I'm going to run out of control, after this, please forgive me, dad.– She said to herself as she waved her red hand to the sky.

Then, the started to spin above her hand, faster and faster, and suddenly, a big thunder shot to Aria.

–RAAAAAAA!!!!!– Screamed Aria.

Hikar was still arguing with himself, he couldn't stop changing his eye colour. Then he got down on his knees, holding both of his ears and screaming in agony. Both his eyes were back to the normal hazel green of always.

–WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP THE TWO OF YOU RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?!?!– His voice was heard in all the Great Divide.

Aria's arm was all red now, and she moved it to Hikar.

–Destroy...– She said softly. But suddenly, a grey arm stopped it, and the other one placed his hand on Aria's head. –OH!– She said surprised.

Aria's arrows went back to the normal shape they had before, going back to their original place, but her right arm stayed red. Her arm was a disaster, all covered in blood, there couldn't be any skin left there in any way possible. And finally, Aria's red irises went back to the blueish tone of before.

–Aria.– Said Yurei's projection. –I told you not to use Curse Mode again, even versus the Avatar.–

Aria got down on her knees as she saw how Hikar fell on by himself, drooling.

Broken Aria

"You're such a disappointment, Aria."

–He already had a very strong psychological battle inside his mind. All that mental stress had became physical, and that is what has definitely knocked him out.– Yurei looked at her wounded bleeding arm. –Now some Red Lotus agents are coming to get you, they'll heal and you'll come back to the base. Meanwhile, Aria, take Hikar down with you.– Ordered Yurei.

Aria was shocked.

–But dad, my arm.– She wimped.

–DO AS I SAY SO!! Do you know what could have happened if you had fully activated the Curse Mode? Your arm is the least that you should worry, because if it had got through all your body...– Yurei hesitated. –You're such a disappointment, Aria.–

Aria was feeling broken inside, like everything she had done had been in vain.

–Dad?– She said in a really soft voice, with tears in her eyes. The pain she was feeling in her heart was way bigger than the pain she felt in her arm. In fact, she wasn't feeling her arm at all.

–We'll talk later.– And Yurei vanished, leaving Aria near Hikar's body. The clouds had cleared the sky, and were now showing the open summer night, a night Aria will never forget.



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Beginning [1]

Flashback in the Western Air Temple [2]

Back to the Battle [3]

Kensi and Shaila vs Zhasha [4]

Kosen and Tao in the rail and attack [5]

Underground [6]

Hikar vs Aria Battle again [7]


  • The cabbage merchant returns.
  • We meet the adorable pentapoxes again.
  • Kosen vs Deyek and Nikumi vs Zeick were scrapped given the length of the chapter, but they can appear as flashbacks.
  • Bultina uses her pocketknife for the first time.
  • Zhasha finally makes her physical appearance to Team Avatar.
  • The Author, MetalbenderParker, makes a cameo here.

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