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Child of the Woods
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Child of the War



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December 9, 2011

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The Life of an Orphan

"Child of the Woods" is the 1st chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Jenju awoke to the smell of a wood burning fire in his family's small cabin on the frontier. He opened his eyes and saw his mother, Kin. She was a relatively short woman with rosy cheeks and brown hair, just like Jenju's. In a sleepy voice, he muttered, "Where's dad?"

"He's out chopping the wood that you collected last night."

Jenju thanked his mother and yawned as he headed out the door. He stepped out of the cabin and saw his father chopping wood near the house. His thick black hair was filled with wood chips. He finished chopping through one of the immense logs and greeted his son.

"I'm going to go out hunting today," Jenju said looking into the woods.

"Oh," Jenju's father's expression went blank. He had never enjoyed going out into the woods. He was originally from the city of Omashu. "Well son, I'm afraid I won't be joining you."

"Okay," Said Jenju trying to act surprised. He rolled his eyes as he walked away, wondering how someone could not love the wilderness as much as he. Jenju walked inside and put on a fresh pair of clothes. He grabbed his spear and machete and walked towards the door. On his way out, his mother handed him a piece of bread. He said goodbye, and stepped out door. His father was busy chopping wood, so he did not bother to talk with him.

After just a few paces, Jenju stood upon the treeline. The territory that was west of him was no man's land. Jenju knew it better than anyone. As he stepped into the thick timber of towering hardwood trees, he felt a transformation come over him. He had just stepped from the frontier, to completely undiscovered ground. The forest was so thick that is obscured the view of everything; however, Jenju was accustomed to that. He walked further into the woods, and picked up a steady but slow run, he knew that more game would be found deeper in the forest.

Jenju had been running steadily for about a half hour, and he had not seen anything that would bring meat to his family. He sat down and began eating the bread his mother had given him. He tried to wrap his mind around the situation, but he was perplexed. Normally he would have encountered more game than he could carry home, but this time, he did not see anything.

After finishing his bread, he saw a Fox Antelope graxing on the edge of a ridge. Jenju inched backwards, and soon maneuvered his way to the back of the creature. He prepared to confront it, but his eye was caught by quite a sight. His jaw dropped as he stared into a broad valley with rocky ridges surrounding points on either side. At the valley bottom a sparkling clear running creek could be found. He saw many Fox Antelope drinking from the creek, as well as a few huge Dragon Moose roaming around. Turkey Ducks also lurked the ravine. "Wow," said Jenju.

After his mind contemplated the beauty of the virgin ground, Jenju smelled an awful odor in the air; a smoke smell mixed with something else, something that he could not put his finger on. He coughed on account of the smell, and then descended into the valley where the intensity of the odor decreased greatly.

Three hours later, Jenju emerged with a dead Turkey Duck in his arms. During the long endeavor, he had broken his spear. It was mid-afternoon, the sun was high, and he was drenched with sweat. He climbed the ridge, grasping his catch tightly. After returning to the normal height of the land, he again smelled the putrid odor he as he had before. He estimated that he was about two miles from his home, which was far enough away that the smell would not be so intense if it had came from there.

An hour or so later, Jenju was very close to his settlement. The smell had grown in intensity, and it worried Jenju that there may have been a fire, and the additional odor was possessions burning, or worse, flesh burning. Jenju accelerated into a slow run. He knew that his father would still be chopping the huge logs, or tending to other outdoor things. Jenju dashed to the treeline and shouted, "Dad, look what I've..."

Jenju looked around. The settlement he had once called home, was now completely burnt to the ground. In the center of few houses as a Fire Nation flag, indicating that his home had been destroyed by the Fire Nation. He collapsed to the ground, and his mind went blank.

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