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The Desire for Honor



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November 1, 2016

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Chapter 1: Chill of the South

This is the prologue, which is meant to be very vague.

We see Azula, the Fire Princess, and we get a glimpse of her troubles, as well as her inner pain.

Author's Note

This is my first story that is outside my Kun: The New Avatar storyline. It's also the first one that actively involves ATLA only characters.

I intend to make this into a series, but I will update this very infrequently. This is more of a hobby to fill my time when I'm bored with Kun.

This story is told through Azula's perspective, and only references the other characters sporadically. I hope that I can write this well going forward.

I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 0: Prologue

Azula pressed the cold ice to her eye. She leaned back in her chair, and exhaled, watching her breath steam into the air. Even the fire within her could not stop the chill that was creeping into her bones, and slowing her movement.

"Princess Azula! A glacier, up ahead!"

Jerked out of her trance, Azula looked forward, to see the looming block of ice no more than 100 meters away. Kicking the ice to her side, she leaped out of her chair. "All hands on deck! Firebenders, prepare to protect the ship!"

Thunder boomed overhead, although there were no dark clouds in sight. Over the ship, clouds swirled together to create a fantastic sight: A reversed tornado, its peak bearing down on the ship, directly over Azula.

Lightning crackled down the length of the tornado, and connected with Azula's outstretched left index finger. It traveled through Azula, exiting out of her right hand and towards the base of the glacier.

Connecting with a sharp crack, the glacier tipped forward, directly onto the ship, with the force of a thousand Fire Nation ships. Every firebender on the ship sent a stream of fire towards the glacier, in hopes that their intense fire blasts would remove the threat of the hundred ton block of ice.

Over their heads, a new, invigorated stream of fire erupted from the hands of ex - Admiral Zhao. A powerful firebender, one of the Fire Nation's greatest, he melted down the glacier in an instant and broke it into a million shards of ice, pelting the crew.

Fortunately, they had come prepared. The firebenders created walls of fire to protect themselves and Zhao, while those without bending used their shields. A good number ran to Azula, using their shields to block her body, as she was unprepared to deal with the ice.

But it wasn't enough. A slight gap between the shields, and one ill - fated speck of ice made a beeline towards Azula. Escaping the wall of metal that was the Fire Nation armor, it struck Azula directly below her right eye, on the exact contact point of a firebending mishap three years earlier.

"Ahhh!" Azula clutched her eye, and cowered on deck. Groping around near her chair, she located the block of ice and placed it on her eye again. Zhao jogged over to her, and removed the ice from her grip to examine the damage. "Don't worry, Princess. The damage is slight. I'll have someone attend to it immediately."

Blood trickled down the right side of Azula's face as she sighed. "No, don't worry about me. Focus on the ship. It might have taken some damage, and we need all the strength we can get to move through this minefield of a sea."

Zhao nodded. "Of course, Princess." He turned around, and barked the orders to a junior officer, who turned and ran into the control room to relay the instructions.

Azula turned onto her side, away from Zhao, and let a tear slip through her eyelid. She remembered with striking detail the last time she felt such a pain...

The towering figure of a man over her kneeling figure...

Tears streaming through her eyes...

Her head looking up, and with almost exact precision, a fireball leaping into her face...

Zhao looked at Azula. "Are you all right, my Princess?"

Azula wiped away her tears, mixing them with her blood. She gazed down at her reddened hand. "I will never be all right until I capture the Avatar. This isn't about me anymore; it's about my brother."


Author's Note

Let me know if you enjoyed the prologue; the first chapter will come out sometime this week, Saturday at the latest.

They might not be as long as the other stories that I write, simply because I don't need to explain as much, but they will probably still be lengthy.

See you in the next chapter!

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