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Korra's the Leaf with no Wind
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The Gaang Watches The Legend of Korra





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September 17, 2012

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Korra's the Leaf with no Wind is the second chapter of The Gaang Watches The Legend of Korra Written by Chilary.


Katara woke up the next day not knowing how to feel. Yesterday was just too overwhelming for her. She had basically seen her future, and it was to be shared with him. Should she be happy, sad, or mad? All of these questions ran through Katara's mind as she stood up and got ready. She went to the kitchen to start breakfast when she saw Aang on the couch staring at the T.V.

"Good morning, Aang," Katara said.

"Oh, good morning."

"So, what did you think about yesterday?" Katara asked, knowing that it was the right time to ask since they were alone.

"It was... uhh..." but he suddenly got interrupted by Zuko, who had just walked in.

"Hey Aang, we should start training."

"Okay," Aang looked at Katara. "See you later."

Katara waved at him as they left, and then turned toward the kitchen. Stupid Zuko, stupid training, stupid, stupid! Katara sighed; she was not looking forward to later.

"Sokka, stop chewing so loud," Suki demanded.

"I'm sorry...but..these...are!" Sokka said while eating his blubbered seal jerky. The Gaang was on the couch waiting for the show to start as commercials appeared on the T.V. None of them cared for most of the commercials, but one caught their attention: an advertisement for Twinkle Toes.

Immediately, a strange laugh-scream combination emitted from the box and a weird looking girl with brown hair shot herself onscreen next to the word 'SKETCHERS'.

"Here come Twinkle Toes, new from Sketchers!" Shoes were scrolling past on the T.V. screen, each gleaming and shining. "Sneakers that dazzle. 1, 2, 3, 4! Twinkle, twinkle, Twinkle toes. Everything sparkles, and glows. Give me fashion, give me cool. Twinkle toes say 'rock and roll'! Twinkle Toes: All the fashion and fun that sparkle like the sun! New, from Sketchers."

Everyone exploded out laughing except, of course, Aang.

"Wow, Twinkle Toes, you even have your own theme song!" Toph said, still laughing unbearably.

"Yeah, Aang. Instead of being the Avatar, you should go into the shoe-making business," Sokka said.

"I'll pass," Aang said in his "not in the mood" kind of tone.

"Guys, really. Come on, it wasn't that funny," Katara said to her laughing friends, trying to cheer Aang up.

"Says the one who snorted while she laughed," Toph replied.

"Okay, it was funny, but everyone quiet down. The show's starting," Suki said.

"Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world."

"Republic City welcomes a new citizen into our arms: Avatar Korra! After years of seclusion in the South, this master of water, earth, and fire seeks to add airbending to her list of skills. And under the tutelage of Tenzin, Avatar Aang's son, she should go far. But will this cool, calm, collective master of air be able to tame this hotheaded teen?"

"Hmm, hotheaded... sounds like someone we know," Katara said, blinking and referring to Zuko.

"All right, just because I'm a firebender, doesn't mean I'm hotheaded..." the Fire Prince stated, glancing at the waterbending Master.

"Yeah, right. So all those times we escaped you in the winter, you weren't angry that you failed to capture the Avatar?" Katara inquired.

Zuko simply put his hood up over his head.

"And, in the final round, the Buzzard Wasps won with a decisive knockout!"

"What do you say we go to the arena tonight; catch a few pro-bending matches?"

"Pro-bending? What's that? Well, it does sound interesting," Sokka smirked.

"That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending."

"Twinkle Toes, your son is way.... too strict and boring, he needs to lighten up," the earthbender said.

"Yeah, 'cause you're not strict yourself? Because when you were teaching me earthbending you were totally calm and gentle," Aang said sarcastically.

"Is that why you're keeping the White Lotus sentries around to watch my every move?"

"Yes. In order to learn airbending I believe you require a calm, quiet environment free from any distractions."

"White Lotus? White Lotus...?" Sokka said thinking "Mmm... Oh!" Sokka stood up and ran to his room, he came back with a tiny bag.

"Remember when Master Piandao gave me a White Lotus tile? Does that mean he's a member, too?" Sokka asked to the group.

"Possibly... my uncle is a member and he says that White Lotus is an organization, so maybe. Anyhow, you guys will find out all about them in due time," Zuko stated.

"Right, just checking. WAIT, WHAT?! How do you know this?" Sokka questioned, sitting back down.

"Umm, well...last night I was tired, so I turned the magic box on and it was showing Sozin's Comet arriving, Aang defeating the Fire Lord, etc.," said Zuko.

"I defeated the Fire Lord?!" Aang asked. "Bu-But how?!"

"You'll see," Zuko replied.

"Please... tell me!!" Aang said, begging on his knees.

"No. But don't worry so much," Zuko said.

"Okay..." Aang reluctantly sat back down and continued watching the T.V.

"So, my mother informed me that you've never been able to airbend before."

"Yeah, but I don't know why. The other elements came so easily to me, but every single time I've tried airbending – pbbbt – nothing."

"Airbending isn't THAT difficult," Aang retorted.

"That's perfectly alright. You just need to be patient. Often the element that's the most difficult for the Avatar to master is the one most opposite to the Avatar's personality. For Aang, it was earthbending."

"Wait?! Did he just call you Aang?" Suki asked, surprised, turning toward Aang.

"Yeah? What's wrong with that?" Aang asked back, looking at Suki as if she was crazy.

"Its kind of, you know ...weird. Shouldn't he call you father or dad?"

"Yeah, Twinkle Toes, he should call you father or something. It's like you were a stranger to him," Toph replied.

"It's like if he called his mother Katara. Wouldn't that sound weird?" Zuko asked Aang.

"I guess you're right," Aang said, finally agreeing with the statement.

"Korra's gonna airbend! Korra's gonna airbend!"

"What is that contraption?"

Aang was shocked. In front of him on the television laid the airbending gates that he himself had used when he had to learn airbending.

"OH MY SPIRITS, IT'S THE GATES! AIRBENDING GATES!" Aang said, throwing his hands in the air.

"A time-honored tool that teaches the most fundamental aspect of airbending. Jinora, would you like to explain this exercise?"

"The goal is to weave your way through the gates and make it to the other side without touching them."

"Seems easy enough."

"Jinora forgot to say that you have to get through while the gates are spinning."

"Airbending gates...?" Sokka questioned. "...more like the Gates of DEATH!"

"The key is to be like the leaf. Flow with the movement of the gates. Jinora will demonstrate."

"Airbending is all about spiral movements. When you meet resistance, you must be able to switch direction at a moment's notice."

"Wow, she's good. I thought that was impossible," Katara said.

"Let's do this!"

"She's going to fail, isn't she?" Suki asked.

"No doubt about that..." Aang said.

"Don't force your way through!"

"Ow, that's gotta hurt," Katara said. All of the Gaang except Toph grimaced as they saw Korra colliding with every panel she came across.

"Oh, believe me. It does." the Avatar replied.

"Can someone fill me in?" Toph questioned, crossing her arms.

"Lets say that Korra is getting beaten up by some wooden gates that spin around," Zuko told Toph.

"Aww, the Avatar can't handle some wood?" the Blind Bandit said sarcastically.

"Dance! Dance like the wind!"

"Be the leaf..."

The Gaang watched as Korra exited the gates, spinning around and falling on the floor.

"And, KNOCKOUT!" Sokka yelled, moving his hands around like a referee. "Wood beats Avatar!" he added.

"Airbend! What is wrong with me? Airbend!"

"There's nothing wrong with her, but burning pictures of Lin isn't gonna make it any better," Katara said.

"What?!" Toph yelled back.

"Nothing!" Katara quickly said back.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I'm coming to you live from Republic City's Pro-bending Arena, where tonight the best in the world continue their quest for a spot in the upcoming championship tournament. Grab your snacks and grab your kids because this next match is gonna be a doozy!"

"This Mako's got moxy! He advances, fires two quick shots. Yomo is hammered back to zone three! Clock is winding down, can Yomo hold on. He's teetering on the edge of the ring now. The Fire Ferrets line up to strik-"

"Korra, come down here please!"

"You shut it off at the best part!"

"I thought I made myself clear. I don't want you listening to this distracting nonsense."

"But it's their radio. And technically you said I couldn't watch a match; you didn't say anything about listening to one."

"Ouch," Toph said.

"You-... You know what I meant. Anyway shouldn't y--Shouldn't you be in bed by now?!"

"I was waiting for her to use the 'But I'm your father' card," Sokka said.

"But she's not-" Aang started to say, but was cut off by Zuko.

"Spiritually, she pretty much is," Zuko added, "I know how creepy it feels 'cause you're my great-grandfather in a way." Zuko immediately stopped and looked at an confused Aang.

"What do you mean I'm your great-grandfather?" Aang confusingly asked.

Zuko sighed. "Avatar Roku was my great-grandfather, so spiritually, we're related," Zuko awkwardly smiled.

"Now, that's creepy," Toph said.

"There's nothing to do. Let your mind and your spirit be free, for air is the element of freedom. Is something funny?"

"Yeah, you're telling me to embrace freedom, but you won't even let me listen to the radio."

"Double ouch," Toph said.

"Please, Korra. Look at Meelo, he's able to meditate peacefully."

"Actually, I think he's asleep."

"What?! Well, at least he has the relaxing part down."

"Whatever. None of this airbending stuff makes any sense to me."

"HOW DOESN'T IT MAKE SENSE?! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SIT DOWN AND DO NOTHING!" Aang was now frustrated with Korra's 'excuses'.

"Yeah, it's not sinking in yet. I'm gonna go get a glass of lychee juice."

"SHE DOESN'T EVEN TRY! FOR SPIRIT'S SAKE!" Aang rubbed his temples.

"Korra, the meditation's not over yet!"

"Like father, like son," Toph said, smirking.

"Daddy, can I have some lychee juice, too?"


They watched as Korra sneaked out from her room and reached the end of the rock that made up the island. She jumped off it without hesitation, and softened the impact of her fall by raising the water with her waterbending. Korra elegantly cleaved through the water, heading toward the brightly lit Pro-bending Arena.

"She must not have ears, 'cause it doesn't seem like she uses them to listen," Katara said, visibly upset that Korra choose not to listen to her son.

"Hey, what're you doin' in my gym?"

"Uh, I was just looking for a bathroom when I got lost."

"Ugh! Not that excuse, it never works!" Sokka said.

"How do you know that? It could work," Suki replied.

"Because the kids back at the Southern Water Tribe do the exact same thing! The 'I gotta pee' excuse doesn't work!" Sokka said.

"Snoozles, maybe the kids just don't like you," Toph replied.

"O-O-OF COURSE THEY LIKE ME!" Sokka yelled.


"Ooh, right this way, miss."

"I thank you, sir. Seriously, thanks."

"Whaddya think? Best seats in the house, huh?"


"Wow! Unbelievable! This place is even more amazing than I imagined!"

"Name's Bolin, by the way."


"Psst, Bolin."


"I told you, you have to stop bringing your crazy fangirls in here before the matches. Get her out of here."

"Come on, Mako! Right, look. I kinda promised her she could stay, but man, I got a good feeling. There's somethin' special about her. I know it! Come here, I want you to meet my brother, Mako."

"Oh, if only he knew that she was the Avatar," Zuko said.

"Mako? Wow, I- I heard you playing on the radio."

"Come on, Bolin, we're up."

"What a jerk!" Suki stated.

"I know right, he completely ignored her!" Katara replied.

"Or I could meet him later."

"Yeah, sorry about that. My brother just gets real... focused before a match. Okay, I gotta go, wish me luck. Not... that I'll need it."

"Good luck. Knock 'em out!"

"Introooooducing the Fire Ferrets!"

"Aaaaaah! I love you, Bolin! Aaaaaah!"

"The rookie Ferrets came from out of nowhere and have made it further than anyone expected this season. But tonight, they face their toughest test yet, folks."

"And they're off!"

The Gaang watched as the Fire Ferrets and the Tigerdillos faced off. They were amazed at the agility the benders had. Aang noticed that the benders of the future were fighting differently from the benders now. Aang looked at everyone; he saw Sokka literally pulling his hair out from the excitement, Katara and Suki watching Sokka and giggling, Toph trying to listen carefully, and Zuko sitting there with no excitement. He looked back at the T.V and saw that the match had already ended.

"It's a knockout! What a wingdinger of a hat trick, folks! Mako pulls off the upset of the season, winning the match for the Fire Ferrets!"

"OH MY YUE! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!" Sokka said, jumping up and down.

"I know! Their fighting style was very different than what we do," Katara said.

"I guess bending changed over the last seventy years," Suki said.

"Anyway, I've been immersed in bending my entire life, but I never learned how to move like that! It's like there's a whole new style here! Think you could show me a few tricks?"


"Right now? Come on, Bolin."

"Just ignore him. Yeah, I could show you the basics. I'm just not sure how my earthbending would translate to your waterbending, but we'll figure it out."

"Won't be a problem. I'm actually an earthbender."

" I'm sorry, no, no! I didn't mean to assume! 'Cause I, you know, I was just figuring... with your Water Tribe getup... that you are... a Water Tribe... gal."

" No, you're right. I'm a waterbender. And a firebender."

"Mm. Mm-hmm. I'm very confused right now."

"You're the Avatar, and I'm an idiot."

"Both are true."

"Wow, it sure would be nice to tell people you're the Avatar without them trying to kill you afterwards," Sokka stated.

"Yeah, no kidding."

"Patience, Korra!"

The Gaang watched as Korra was thrown against more gates. As she was knocked to her knees, she lost her temper and bursted into a violent firebending tantrum, burning and breaking most of the gates.

Everyone instantly looked at Aang, who looked like he was about to 'glow it up'.

"Aang?" Katara said.

Aang's face was red, and he looked like a bomb that was about to set off. He stared at the T.V. for what felt like forever, but eventually got up from his seat and went outside. Everyone looked at each other, and they were startled when they heard Aang yelling from outside.

"That was a two-thousand-year-old historical treasure! What... What is wrong with you?!"

"There's nothing wrong with me! I've been practicing just like you taught me, but it isn't sinking in, okay? It hasn't clicked like you said it would!"

"Korra, this isn't something you can force. If you would only listen to me..."

"I have been! But you know what I think? Maybe the problem isn't me! Maybe the reason I haven't learned airbending yet is because you're a terrible teacher!"

"Okay! THAT'S IT, she's gone too far. I swear if I was in the future right now, I would of slapped some sense into that girl!" Katara said out loud.

"Yeah! You're a terrible teacher, daddy!"

"And her influence on the kids is bad."

"Okay! Everyone here? Wait. Where is Korra?"

"Honestly, Pema, I am at my wit's end with that girl! I... I don't know how to get through to her!"

"Dear, the best thing you can do right now is to give Korra some space."

"You must promise me that your teenage years won't be like this!"

"I will make no such promises."

Aang opened the door to the house, visibly upset. He sat back down in his seat and sighed.

"Aang, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Aang replied.

"I can tell you're lying," Toph said in a musical tune.

"Nah... The rules say you can only compete on one team."

"Well, then... How about me? I'm a top-notch waterbender, if I do say so myself."

"But... you're the Avatar. Isn't that cheating?"

"It isn't cheating if I only do waterbending."

"Instead of airbending training, she goes ahead and joins a team?! What's wrong with her?" Katara shouted annoyingly.

"Looks like the Fire Ferrets have ferreted out a last minute replacement waterbender. Let's see if she's another diamond in the rough like the brothers from the school of hard knocks!"

"Don't do anything too fancy or aggressive. In fact, don't do anything. Just try not to get knocked off the ring."

" You got it, captain.'

" Players! Are you ready?"

"Woohoo! Man overboard!"

"Aughh! Does she even know how to play?" Sokka said while seeing Korra throw someone off the side.

"Do you know how to play, mister I-know-everything pants?" Toph said.

"Yes, actually. Yes I do."

"Aaaaand she's in the drink."

"Oh, hey, Tenzin! I thought you didn't like coming to these matches!"


"Once again, you have flagrantly disobeyed my orders. You were to stay on the island! Let's go."

"No! I'm kind of in the middle of something."

"I have tried my very best to get through to you by being gentle and patient, but clearly the only thing you respond to is force! So, I am ordering you to come back to the temple right now!"

"Why? So I can sit around and meditate about how bad I am at airbending? You know, I'm beginning to think there's a reason I haven't been able to learn it! Because maybe I don't even need it!"

"WHAT?!" Aang yelled.

"What?! That is a ludicrous suggestion! The Avatar needs to learn airbending! It's not optional!"

"No! This is what I need to learn! Modern styles of fighting!"

"Being the Avatar isn't all about fighting, Korra! When will you learn that?"

"I have a match to go finish."

"WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!" Aang yelled out loud.

"Umm... the Avatar?" Sokka answered.

Aang growled at Sokka, but then Katara quickly took his hand to calm him down. "Aang, calm down, she'll learn it...just not right now. But she will. I was mad, too, but you really need to calm down."

"But she doesn't even try," Aang said sadly.

"It's only a matter of time before..."

All of the Gaang except for Aang (and Toph) watched as Korra began to dodge the three opposing players' attacks in the method she was taught to pass the gates in her airbending training, changing direction at a moment's notice.

"Wow, she's amazing!" Sokka yelled, grabbing Aang's attention.

"Now you think she's amazing," Toph said.

"Hold the phone! Stop the presses! She's still in the game, folks! And she's moving like an entirely different player! All of a sudden, the Platypus Bears' strikes are only striking air!"

Aang watched as Korra moved around, completely untouched. He felt a smile come on his face. She will learn it...just not right now. But she will. Katara's words echoed in his thoughts. Yeah, she just needs time.

"How about that?"

"The Platypus Bears have no juice left, but Mako and Bolin are still fresh and juicy!"

They continued watching as Mako, Bolin, and Korra attacked their opponents. Mako was throwing fire blasts, Bolin was hitting them with his earth discs, and Korra was waterbending with a swift rhythm.



"Woohoo!" Aang said simultaneously with Tenzin.

"You seem happier," Katara said to Aang.

"Like you said, she will learn it... but she just needed time," Aang said, smiling.

"Hahaha, yeah! Yes!"

"Korra... What can I say? You really came alive in that last round. The way you dodged their attacks... You are a natural."

"Thanks, but I can't take all the credit. Someone else taught me those moves."

"I'm really sorry... about everything I said. I was really frustrated with myself, and I took it out on you.'

"I think I owe you an apology too. I was trying to teach you about patience, but I lost mine."

"No hard feelings?"

"Of course not. By the way, you were really good out there tonight. You moved just like an airbender!"

"Wait... You stayed and watched?"

"I did. Pro-bending turned out to be the perfect teaching tool for you."

"I'll see you tomorrow for airbending practice, bright and early. And, by the way, I kinda permanently joined the Fire Ferrets and we're playing in the tournament in a couple of weeks!"

Korra was smiling toward the arena, and Mako was staring at Air Temple Island.

"Wait! Don't tell me she likes Mako. I mean he's a jerk for crying out loud!" Suki said.

"I don't know, but you at least have to give him a chance. Not everyone's perfect," Katara stated.

"Fine... but she's wasting her time," Suki said back.


"Calm down, Snoozles. Can't you wait until tomorrow?" Toph said.


"Maybe the next episode is going to be all about him," Suki said to Sokka.

"Okay, but this is the last time I'm going to listen to you." Sokka pointed at Suki and stomped back to his room while Suki followed slowly behind.

While everyone was in bed, Aang sat on the couch thinking. She is going to just have to give her time. At this, Aang smiled and was proud of Korra... for trying.


  • Suki is right about the next episode being all about Amon since it's about his revelation.
  • Suki is a Borra/Masami shipper while Katara is a Makorra/Bosami shipper. However, it's unknown how they both know about Asami, while the referred character didn't appeared thus far.
  • This chapter was released one month and & one week after the first one. (Yes, it took me that long, don't judge me. XD)
  • Aang and Tenzin are very similar.
  • Zuko watching Sozin's Comet before everyone else was editor TechFilmer's idea. (Thanks!)
  • I love reading your comments.

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