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Everyday Part 2
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July 29, 2012

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A Day with Uncle Sokka

Aang was worried, worried that Tenzin had gotten physically hurt. He hated seeing his children cry. Tenzin was finally calming down when Aang asked,

"Tenzin, what's wrong, are you hurt?" Tenzin looked up at Aang revealing his teary gray eyes.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Tenzin whispered.

"For what, Ten?" Aang was kneeling down to Tenzin to give him a hug.

"For...for," Tenzin whispered, "being born." Aang was so shocked, he stared at Tenzin with a saddened face. But, before Aang could say anything Tenzin whispered,

"...I didn't know that I would be a bother or even a... mistake." This made Aang vulnerable. Aang hugged Tenzin and said,

"No, Tenzin you're not a mistake or a bother, you're a blessing."

Then Tenzin replied with new tears escaping his eyes, " No! I'm not a blessing......" Tenzin turned and ran away leaving Aang. Aang started to follow but as soon as he reached the door Tenzin had been long gone. He walked through the hallway with a sad look on his face. He thought Why? Why does Tenzin think he's a...mistake? Not knowing where he was going he bumps into someone. Aang looked down and saw Kya staring at him.

"Hi, Daddy!" Kya says while hugging his leg.

"Hi sweetie," Aang says, forcing a smile as he wasn't in the mood to be happy.

"What's wrong Daddy?" Kya asked.

"Nothing's wrong, sweetie I'm fine," Aang replied.

"Don't lie to me, Daddy I know when you're sad," Kya said as she let go of his leg.

"Kya..." As he was about to finish the sentence Katara came running down the hall yelling Aang's name.


"Katara what's wrong?"

"Aang... it's Bumi, I can't find him, and it's already nighttime."

"Did you send a search party?" Aang said worriedly.

"Yes, I did but... what if we don't find him?" Katara was now in tears.

"We will." Aang held Katara as she cried.

"Mom," Kya said, "I know where Bumi is."

Katara stop crying and looked at Kya. "Where...where is he?"

"On top of the temple tower," Kya said.

"WHAT?" Katara and Aang said in unison.

Aang was running as fast as he can to grab his glider. Katara and Kya following quickly behind.

Aang reach his glider, opened it, and flew.

Aang made it to the tower and saw Bumi's figure.

"BUMI!" Aang yelled worriedly.

"Dad! What are you doing up here?" Bumi said. Relieved Aang sat next to Bumi and said, "I should ask you the same thing." Bumi sighed. "I was just...thinking."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Aang asked.

"No...I don't." Bumi looked away.

"Please, Bumi tell me..." Aang added, "I don't like seeing you or Tenzin like this." Bumi was startled when Aang mentioned Tenzin. Aang notice his sudden change so he decided to try to settle things.

"Dad, I don't want to talk about it, why can't you just respect that?"

"Okay, I will respect your decision...also I wanted to talk to you about Tenzin," Bumi prepared for the worst. "He came to me today, saying that he was sorry...for being born." Aang whispered.

"Oh, well... it's what he deserves," Bumi whispered back.

"Bumi! How could you say could you tell your brother that he was a bother or a mistake?!"

"I didn't say that!" Bumi yelled.

"Then what did you say Bumi... what did you say to him that made him feel like that?" Aang replied.

"Tell me. Please."

No longer could Bumi hold in the rage. "I TOLD HIM THAT IF HE WASN'T HERE THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY!" Suddenly it started to rain. Bumi was now in tears covering his face with his hands as the raindrops disguised his tears.

"Why Bumi...? Why would you say that?" Aang had returned to his soft voice.

"Cause... I was jealous. I was jealous that Kya and Tenzin were special enough to be benders, and I wasn't ... and after Tenzin found out that he was an airbender, I became jealous that you and him spent most of the time together and from that point on I knew that there wasn't going to be anymore Dad and Bumi bonding time."

"I'm sorry, Bumi... I didn't know you felt that way... But you know what?" Aang said hugging Bumi.

"What?" Bumi said in sorrow.

"You will always be be my son, and I love you just the way you are. If you were a bender or if Kya and Tenzin weren't benders I would love each and everyone of you for who you are," Aang said.

Bumi sniffed and said, "Thanks, Daddy, I love you too." Bumi looked up at his father still in tears, which Aang wiped away. He hugged him. "Do you know where Tenzin is? Bumi questioned.

Aang nodded. Then he stood up and signal Bumi to grab on to his glider. They flew off the temple and saw Katara and Kya standing in the rain with water shields over their heads. When Aang and Bumi landed Katara went to hug Bumi.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? Why were you up there? Don't do that again, you scared me half to death. You had me so worried," Katara said in one breath.

"Mom, calm down, I'm fine, and sorry," Bumi said.

Tenzin came from behind Aang and looked at Bumi, Bumi noticed and walked up to him.

"Ten, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean anything I said. I love you. And I'm glad you're my brother. Please forgive me," Bumi said.

Tenzin looked at Bumi and hug him.

"I love you, too. And I forgive you," Tenzin said. "...And I'm glad you're my brother." Hugging him tighter and after they let go Aang said, "We should get out of the rain, before we get sick."

"Agreed," they all said in unison, and started to walk to the house.

"Race you home," Bumi said.

"Okay," Kya and Tenzin said.

They ran toward the house giggling and laughing in unison, making Aang and Katara smile.

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