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July 22, 2012

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Everyday, Part 2

For Bumi, everyday was a normal day. He watched as his mother trained with his sister or his father trained with his brother. But sometimes he felt like if his inability to bend an element made him worthless. He sat on the highest temple looking toward Yue Bay. He listened to the wind around him. He thought "wind...air...airbending," something that he couldn't do, unlike his brother, Tenzin. He felt like he let his parents down, no, even worse, he let the whole world down 'cause he wasn't an airbender. Then he realized it was ten times worse 'cause he wasn't a bender at all! Then out of nowhere he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up. He saw a figure with a shaved head, wearing airbender clothes. It was Tenzin.

"Bumi what's wrong?" Tenzin asked.

"Nothing." Bumi replied.

"No, something's wrong cause your being 'unbumilike' today, if that's even a word." Tenzin chuckled.

"No, it's not a word and it's nothing." Bumi said.

"Bumi I know you, your usually pulling pranks on the air acolytes." Tenzin replied.

"Well maybe I don't feel like doing that today!" Bumi replied.

"Oh, okay I'm sorry for bothering you, but are you sure everything's okay?" Tenzin said.

"Everything would be okay if you weren't here!" Bumi yelled. That had done it. Bumi turned around and saw Tenzin in tears. He saw him open his glider, and take off heading toward the dining room.

Bumi felt horrible, instead of making people happy like he always did he made someone sad, but even worst him made someone cry.

He sat there thinking and crying himself.

Tenzin flew toward the kitchen and ran inside. Not looking where he was going he ran into someone. He looked up and saw his father.

"Tenzin what's wrong?!" Aang said worriedly. Tenzin didn't reply he just held on to Aang's robes sobbing away.

To be continued.

Author's Comments

After seeing "Out of the Past" I got an idea to make this fanon.

I know it's short but 'Part 2' will be longer.

'Part 2' will come out soon.

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