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Chaos in the Skies
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War of the Worlds


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Guns and Roses


As Korra and her friends were crossing the tundra back to the Southern Water Tribe, Mako made his way over to her with a smile on his face.

"I'm proud of you Korra, that was amazing!" Mako said, referring to the lights that now danced across the sky and gave the landscape a greenish, almost ethereal glow.

Korra smiled proudly from her boyfriend's comment, and replied, "I know! I didn't think I would've made it if it wasn't for the Avatar State. I don't know why Tenzin doesn't want me to use it. I can beat anything with it!"

Mako shrugged "I can't say, maybe he doesn't want you to rely on it alone? Or maybe it's dangerous?"

Korra frowned and looked over the horizon of the frozen marches in front of them "Maybe...but I have control of it. What can possibly go wrong?"

A Dark Blessing

The waves crashed against the cliffs as Michael's gauntlet sparked with electricity. At the cliff edge, the old man Michael had been chasing fell to his knees with tears in his eyes.

"Please, don't kill me! You can have my airship, my money, anything! I have grandchildren to see and love! Please, by the Spirits above, spare me!"

Michael sighed. "You almost blabbed about me to the cops. I can't just ignore the fact that you will do it again. I'm sorry."

Before the old man could plead more, Michael grabbed onto the man's face with his gauntlet and looked away as the electricity did its work. Once the man's spasms subsided, Michael let go and watched as the body fell to a watery grave below.

"Well, well...I didn't think you would have the gut Michael." a voice from behind him said in a sinister glee.

Michael turned around sharply with his gauntlet up, only to breathe a short sigh of relief when he saw who it was.

"Kotei, what are you doing here?" Michael asked, not wanting to deal with him longer than he needed to.

"A spirit keeps his word, doesn't he?" Kotei said with a jagged smirk, as the tendrils coming out from his back glowed with a soft purple. "I promised if you had the stomach to consider my methods, I would help you. You have proven your end of the bargain. Now it is time to provide mine."

Before Michael could protest, Kotei outstretched his hand and pierced the young man's chakras with his back tendrils.

"It is time to awaken the power dormant within you..." Kotei remarked as his tendrils glowed with unearthly power and Michael began to scream. Suddenly, Michael's veins began to glow as Kotei smiled. After a few moments, Kotei's tendrils pulled themselves out of Michael.

"So Michael, has my end of the bargain been filled yet?" Kotei asked, looking at Michael as he weakly got up.

Breathing deeply, Michael could feel power coursing through every fiber of his very being. Opening his eyes, they revealed a fire in him that wasn't there before. Hearing Kotei's question, he replies, "Yes, by a thousandfold. I feel like I could rip a new entrance into the Spirit World right here and now!"

As Michael answer Kotei, he began exerting his power. The island he and Kotei were on began to shake violently and the ground underneath them began to crack as Michael smiled.

"With this power, I will force those other spirits to free me once and for all!" Michael exclaimed, as Kotei looked on in surprise and delight.

Aurora Borealis

As Stonehenge was being monitored, a large multicolored flash shined across one of the ancient earthen pillars. Before the scientist accompanying Brandon could even ask, the youth had rushed off to his father's tent. Entering the cozy pavilion, he shuffled past all the dogeared books and made it to his father's bed. His father was currently pouring over one of his personal books, evident by his name 'Henry' written on every page corner.

"Dad, do we have any more notebooks?" Brandon asked his father loudly, as he had a tendency not to hear him while studying his books.

"They're in the brown suitcase..." Henry replied almost incoherently, still buried in his books.

Brandon rolled his eyes and laughed a little at his father's absorption into his books. He was about to grab a notebook when gasps and surprised shouts were heard outside. His father looked up from his book with an extremely confused expression.

"What's going on? Did something happen while I was reading?" Henry asked his son urgently while getting up from the bed. Brandon shrugged, almost as confused as his father.

"Not when I was outside..." Brandon replied, heading over to the entrance and holding up the tent flap for his father. "Let's see what's going on."

Henry nodded grimly as he slipped past his son and stepped outside before Brandon did. They were both amazed to see a tall pillar of light shooting up at the sky, originating from the meeting place of several streams of light flaring out of the tops of the rocks that made up Stonehenge. As they watched the pillar of light flickered and disappeared within a few moments, leaving behind a bright red aurora.

After a few moments of stunned silence, Henry remarked "This does not bode well..."

With the scientists looking at the mythologist in confusion, Henry replied, "In the myths of many European countries like in Greece and here in Britain, auroras are never a good sign. But it's the color that worries me..."

"Why so?" A scientist remarks, the same one that Brandon had been with.

Before his father could answer, Brandon darkly replies, "It's because red auroras are a sign of of bad omen...a sign of war."

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