Siege of the North
The Second Siege of the North
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Chaos Resparked


Chaos Resparked



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Chapter 2: The Silence before the Coming of the Tide

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This is the third chapter of Chaos Resparked, written by Moodle.


Hachiro raced to the front wall. The Fire Nation had started their bombardment of the city and explosive shells and flaming boulders were raining down everywhere. IHe looked at the high southern, western, and eastern walls. The Fire Nation soldiers were sending in shock soldiers consisting of Komodo Rhino Cavalry down the walls on either side of the city and behind after they'd blasted through the city walls. Suddenly the front city wall exploded and Fire Nation tanks and soldiers burst out attacking. Master Katano suddenly appeared and said with a determined voice, "Go to the Spirit Oasis and guard the Moon and Ocean Spirits. We don't want them to strip us of our powers!" He was about to argue when he gave me a desperate look and I knew he was right. We had no Princess Yue to save us if the spirit was killed. I raced to the Spirit Oasis, wondering if we could hold out.

Meanwhile, Fire Lord Ayano was having the time of his life. Using the fire from the flaming boulders, he blasted Waterbenders here and there. He focused on the burning flames of a nearby boulder and intensified them. Suddenly, there was a huge wall of fire in front of him. He then turned it into the form of a gigantic whip and slashed the Waterbenders and soldiers in front of him. There was lots of steam and when it cleared, he saw a single Waterbender standing adamant against him. As the soldiers and Waterbenders fought his soldiers and Firebenders, he prepared to battle me. The Fire Lord gathered lots of fire around himself and propulsed himself at the Waterbender (Master Katano) and hurled a fire disk at the Waterbender at the same time. The Waterbender bent water into a shield and he blocked the disk. He then turned it into multiple whips and sent it towards the Fire Lord. It hit him with full strength and the Fire Lord was sent hurtling back. He hit an ice wall with a sickening crunch and was grabbed by his soldiers and dragged back towards the Fire Nation ships. The Fire Nation soldiers, seeing their commander-in-chief wounded, yelled and charged at the defenders.

Hachiro was at the Spirit Oasis, watching Tui and La swim in eternal circles around each other when Master Katano came in, breathing heavily. He told me, "Go to the Earth Kingdom, tell their king we need their aid."

"But I'm the Avatar. You can't possibly hold out.."

"Hachiro. Please trust me.. If we do no hold out then we'll fight to the death."

Hachiro was about to speak when he said in a tired voice, "Go!!!!!!"

"No! This is my place, with my people! I can't abandon us to die and the Earth Kingdom is too far."

With that he raced off. As soon as Hachiro left, Master Katano sighed and with a silent prayer, he prayed to the spirits of the Spirit World that they could hold out until nightfall. Meanwhile, Fire Yord Ayano struggled to his feet. Enraged, he shook off his soldiers who were assisting him and he proceeded in bombarding the enemy. As the waterbenders and warriors of the Water Tribe fell to him one by one, the last thing they saw was the fury in his eyes kindled by flames.

Meanwhile Hachiro raced to the front lines, where the action was. Slowly, the warriors and waterbenders of the Northern Tribe were being forced back to the palace. Anzai fought none-stop, encasing firebenders in ice, summoning water to drown tanks and soldiers. Despite his efforts, the

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