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Chapter 3: The Second Siege of the North

This is the second chapter of Chaos Resparked, written by Moodle.


(2 Months ago)

Fire Lord and Supreme Commander Kazene Ayano stood in the war room, looking at a map of the Northern Water Tribe. As the rest of the generals filed into the room, he spoke, "In The War, Admiral Zhao attempted to capture the North Pole. Tell me, how did he fail."

", my lord, he attempted a frontal assault on the city. The Waterbenders drew power from the moon at night and counter-attacked whilst the moon was up in the sky and even when Zhao tried to destroy the Waterbender's power by killing the moon spirit, the princess got in the way and intervened by sacrificing her life and thus, with the Avatar's help, our forces were repelled."

"Correct. But this time we will do things differently. They assume that we will attempt another frontal assault as did Zhao but instead we will surprise them by encircling the city. We will mass ballistas armed with explosive shells and catapults on all four sides of the city as soon as possible. We will separate our forces into four Army Groups: Army Group North, Army Group West, Army Group South, and Army Group East. The Southern Army Group will be the one that will do a frontal assault. Two generals per front and I personally will command the Southern Front. Once we have massed all our forces for the siege, give orders for all artillery to blast away at the walls to create holes. Then we'll send in shock troops, tanks will be reserved only for the Southern Army Group (as there are high walls behind and on either side of the city), then Komodo Rhino cavalry, and then send in Firebenders and infantry to support them. They will be caught off guard and once we secure a foothold, we proceed to do what Zhao did, kill the moon spirit. Thus, the Waterbenders will be stripped of their powers and they will surrender. Also, there is no Princess Yue to save them once we finish off the moon spirit and the Avatar, if the rumours are true, only knows how to Waterbend."

Fire Lord Ayano continued, "Set up and fortify positions around the city, then when we amass the proper forces for a sufficient siege, then, and only then will we commence with our plan."

"How many soldiers do we have for this assault?"

"We have amassed a total of 10,000 soldiers."

The generals looked at each other and murmured things like "Do you think it'll be enough?"

"It'll be enough. We are conserving soldiers for other assaults."

They each bowed and then left the room. I stared at the maps before heading to my private quarters for a well-deserved rest.

2 Months later... (The Present)

Meanwhile, Hachiro was about to engage in a water duel with one of my favourite Waterbending Masters, Master Katano. He made the first move and summoned multiple water whips to attack me. He bended them and moved the water behind Hachiro, just as it was about to hit Hachiro and Hachiro quickly changed it into a waterspout. As it was raised higher and higher above the ground, Hachiro jumped on top of it and in midair, used more water to create water rings and hurled them at him. He bent water and froze it to become an ice shield. He then turned the shield back into water and shaped it into a knife. With alarming speed, the Waterbending master sent it hurtling at my waterspout. I jumped just as it destroyed the waterspout. Hoping that my inner Avatar was ready, I summoned all the water I could access with all the strength I could muster and bended it to hit him from all sides. The master was caught off guard and he gave up. We both bowed and he came up to me and put his hands on his shoulder and said with a smile, "I always knew you could one day beat me, I always knew you could."

"So have I-?"

"My boy, you have mastered Waterbending. And just soon enough. The Fire Nation has already massed their artillery on all 4 sides of the city. The battle is about to begin."

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