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This is the first chapter of Chaos Resparked], written by Moodle.


Hachiro woke up in a cold sweat and looked out of the window. It was morning and the sun had risen high in the sky, signalling the start of a fresh new day. He rushed out of bed and then went out the front door. He knew he had slept in and that he would be late for the first day of school. He rushed through the streets and eventually reached the school gate. As he walked quickly across the courtyard to the front entrance, a gang of teenagers older than him blocked the way.

The leader said, "Hey kid, are you new?" Hachiro ignored him and started to walk away when the leader grabbed his shoulder and forced him to turn around. He said again, "Hey kid! I was talkin' to ya!" Hachiro dropped his bag and quickly seized the leader's arm and pulled it towards him. Just as the leader was about to slam into Hachiro, Hachiro kneed him in the stomach. He pushed the leader away from him hard and then levitated some snow and compressed it to make a solid bar.

He then made it slam into the leader's followers as they rushed at him. Having dealt with the gang, Hachiro picked up his bag and continued walking towards the entrance, amidst the groans produced by the leader's followers. I had just entered the building when one of the school's teachers told me to follow him. He went into a room and he said, "We salvaged the toys used by the Airbenders to tell who would be the next Avatar and it just so happened that when you were a young boy, you chose those 4 toys. My boy, you are the Avatar!" Hachiro stood there, stunned. "That's impossible!" he thought. Avatar Aang had just be recently killed a few years ago.

As Hachiro thought this, he said, "We also have terrible news however. The Southern Water Tribe has been eradicated." I was stunned even more so when he said that. He continued, "We already evacuated most of the people but all the villages were destroyed by the Fire Nation."

"And what about-"

"They are on their way here now."

The sudden influx of news perplexed and baffled Hachiro so much that he thought he'd been punched in the stomach. The teacher struggled to speak in a calm and soothing voice, "Don't worry. We've watched over you and we've seen you Waterbend. You are one of the most talented Waterbenders I've seen. "

"They will be here when exactly?"

"Within a fortnight. We must train you to become a master in Waterbending first."


"The world is depending on you Hachiro, if you do not succeed and this city falls, it'll be the end of Waterbending and all you hold dear. Please, take a little time to consider that."

I looked down at the floor and thought. All that the teacher had said was correct. The world was in his hands. So he looked up at the teacher and asked tentatively but confidently, "When do I start?" Now was the reply.

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