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Chao Feng
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Presumably dark

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Katana, Stilettos

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Brother Memnon, Brother Zhang Sang, Sister Joo Dee


Aang, Kaddo, Team Avatar

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Unknown organization member


Unknown organization member


Unknown organization

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A New Journey

Chao Feng is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He first appears in Book Three: Atonement.


Book Three: Atonement

Hunting the Avatar

How Chao Feng first became a member of the unknown organization is not known. At some point, he became well-acquainted with Brother Memnon, a superior member of the unknown organization. When he completed his supposed "training" and was given his first "assignment", Brother Memnon summoned Chao Feng before him. Brother Memnon said that even though Chao Feng had shown promise, he was still hesitant to send him on such an important mission so soon - for that mission concerned the the Avatar. Brother Memnon questioned Chao Feng aggressively to be certain he would not hesitate or show fear. Chao Feng passed the test, but Memnon reminded him of the "penalty for failure" before he left.

Chao Feng tracked Avatar Aang to the Northern Water Tribe. Aang was in the process of teaching Waterbending to his son Kaddo. Chao Feng attacked them soon afterwards. Even though he did not use any bending, he was able to hold his own in a fight against the Avatar. When Aang shot a fire blast at him, he blocked it with his katana, which absorbed the fire, creating a "flaming sword." He focused most of his efforts on Aang, since Kaddo was not a target.


  • Although they have similar last names, Chao Feng is not related to Long Feng.
  • Chao Feng will appear in the Hunger Games-based fanon The Blood Bath of Fanons, alongside characters from other fanon series.

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