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"I don't want to leave my family. But, the time has come for me to leave them. But, I felt proud of them."
— Chanxu to Kuo

Chanxu was the first daughter and the first child of Genzon and Fouha. Chanxu was born and soon known as the Avatar.


Early Life

Chanxu was born in the Air Temple Island. She had a brother, Buzen and a sister, Nase. Chanxu was so happy so she could play with someone.

Avatar Training

Chanxu went to the world training. She trained in Airbending first. Then Waterbending in the South Pole. After she mastered it, she went to Ba Sing Se for he earthbending training which is so hard for her. Next, the last element, firebending. She went to the Capital to learn with her close friends.


Chanxu's siblings are so generous to her. She loved them. Their siblings planned that they will search a man for her to marry with. She married Nohuan. Chanxu was really happy and she had children. Hono and Kai.


Chanxu's death is so sad because she is very wise and nice. She loved Air Temple Island but she had to leave it because her death. Her successor loved Air Temple Island too.


Chanxu was really wise and calm. Her family was so kind to her. She either. Chanxu was adventurous.


As the Avatar, Chanxu could bend all 4 elements easily and also energybending.

Avatar Spirit

As the Avatar, Chanxu could connect her past lives. She connected it easily.

Preceded by
Unnamed Fire Avatar
1617 AG - 1700 AG
Succeeded by

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