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22 October 2011

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Not Your Typical Days

Changing Weather is the prologue of "The Weatherbenders", and is set throughout various locations in the late Summer of 102 AG.


This is the beginning of our story. Team Avatar is scattered throughout various locations, on seemingly normal days. However, deviations from average begin to take place, prompting some concern but it is lightly brushed off. Little does anyone know the roots for a devastating revolution are in place.

The Story

Fire Nation Capital

A beautiful late summer day, with temperatures near 30°C, was halfway completed in the Fire Nation. Taking a day off from his duties because of a time of peace, Fire Lord Zuko elected to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend, Mai. The couple made their way to one of the beaches on the shores of the Capital, allowing themselves to relax.

"You have been pretty tense lately, Zuko," Mai addressed her boyfriend. "I'm glad you have taken a day off. Why are you so nervous?"

Zuko looked back at her with a slightly concerned look. "It is peaceful, yes, but I can't help but feel that, sometimes, there is something brewing. It just seems to happen here. We were at peace for thousands of years, then came Sozin, and then the War. You just never know..."

Mai leaned over, gazed into his amber eyes, and kissed him on the cheek. "Zuko, you need to stop being paranoid. What could be wrong? You and Aang stopped the only revolt there was. Calm down, will you?" She hugged him snuggly, closing her eyes and giving a relaxed feel.

"I suppose you're right," Zuko said, and he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "Azula's still locked up, there haven't been any revolts as of late, no murmurs—"

"That's it. See? It will all be okay. Now, go buy me some ice cream," Mai asked.

Zuko smiled and made his way to the ice cream booth. Suddenly, he felt a chill come on. "Sea breeze?" He wondered out loud. However, it was more than a mere sea breeze. Suddenly, it was like heat itself was being drained out of the atmosphere. Temperatures had quickly dropped down to an unusually chilly 16°C, chasing people from the water. Zuko shivered slightly as he was only wearing his bathing trunks.

He went back over to Mai, clad in her red bathing robe, now holding it tighter against her. "Z-Z-Zuko, I'm cold," she shivered and spoke.

"What's going on?" Zuko asked to no one in particular. Regardless, with temperatures dropping, Zuko went back to the Royal Palace, hand-in-hand with Mai.

No one suspected that the heat indeed was being drained.

Southern Water Tribe

It was not going to get much warmer than that day in the South Pole. Temperatures hit -4°C, the typical summer time temperature. Still, at the very least, not a cloud appeared in the sky. It was an astonishing day.

Avatar Aang, who had just moved here a year ago, donned his parka and prepared for his afternoon with his girlfriend, Katara. The two had begun their relationship nearly two years ago, and remained deeply in love with one another. As he stepped outside, he took in the chilly but crisp air with a deep breath. He then made his way to his girlfriend, the lovely Waterbender waiting for him near her home.

"Aang!" Katara exclaimed, excited to see him again.

"Katara!" the Avatar returned the favor.

The two hugged and kissed, kicking off the day they had to themselves.

Aang and Katara did not get as much time together as they had pleased during their first year, with Aang frequently having to set off on peace meetings and even having to quell a revolt. Their second year, however, with them both constantly at the South Pole, was going much better. There was no shortage of time they had spent together.

The two settled on the outskirts of the village, looking at the ocean before them.

"It's so peaceful..." Katara murmured, gazing deeply into Aang's stormy grey eyes, resting her head on his shoulder. "I remember when it was always like this when I was young, and me and Sokka would tease each other, and I would have snowball fights with my friend, Kaibi," she chuckled at the old memories. "Me and her used to chase after Sokka."

"Sounds like you still had a lot of fun in your youth, Katara," Aang chuckled too, looking deep into her crystal blue eyes, a pure blue, just like the ocean before them.

"Yeah...I wish we could have had more...but, that's what you helped bring me, Aang," Katara said. "I know people have said you act like a child, but, I don't mind. I consider it a gift, considering after what happened to my mother..." her look changed to sadness.

"It's okay, Katara," Aang whispered, giving her forehead a light kiss. "That's over, now. We can do whatever you want. Besides, I know your mom would want to see you have a little fun instead of just being downbeat."

"You're right," Katara's smile returned. Behind her back, she bended out snow into the shape of the ball. The ball leaped over her head, and with one wrist flicker, before Aang could prepare, she sent it into the Avatar's face.

"Hey!" Aang said jokingly. "You cheated!"

"Oh, did I?" Katara asked with jest. "Or did I just...catch you off guard?"

The two then found themselves engaged in a snowball fight, laughing and whipping snowballs back and forth with their Waterbending moves. Midway through, however, storm clouds began to black out the sun.

"Katara, wait," Aang said, noticing the suddenly stormy sky.

"What, you scared of—" Katara looked up to see the gathering storm, her eyebrows arching up in curiosity. A light snow began to fall on the South Pole, but it quickly strengthened into a snowstorm. Before they knew it, a heavy snow was starting to cut off visibility.

"Aang, let's go!" Katara yelled, reaching for his hand.

"Right," he replied.

The two ran hand in hand, back towards their respective igloos, trying to find shelter from the sudden snowstorm. They decided to stick together, going into Aang's igloo. They made their way to the floor and hugged tightly. Aang used his Firebending to get his fireplace going, as the snowstorm raged outside.

"What's going on?" Katara murmured. "Where did this come from?"

"I don't know," Aang answered. "Whatever it is, it can't be good. There's no reason for a sudden storm like this." All Aang could do was hold his girlfriend tight as the storm carried on.

Little did anyone in the Southern Water Tribe know that they had just fallen victim to a manipulator of the weather around them.

Earth Kingdom

Contrary to the day in the Fire Nation, while it was sunny, temperatures hanged on the cooler side. In Ba Sing Se, a temperature of 22°C was being observed just after midday.

Earth King Kuei fancied a walk on the nice day, and went out with his servants on a procession ride around town. He was about eighteen months restored to power, and was greatly enjoying actually doing something, after being stripped of all his power by Long Feng and the Dai Li during his first reign. With almost two years having gone by since peace set in, the King's rule was becoming easier.

About halfway through his walk, the King started to sweat.

"Your majesty," one of his guards spoke. "It is getting a little warm."

"Very warm," Kuei said. "Does it feel like it keeps getting warmer, as in, by the second?"

He was right. Temperatures were surging fast in the Earth Kingdom Capital. Within five minutes, it had warmed to an unbearable 35°C. No one knew what was happening, or why. With heat exhaustion quickly setting in under his heavy robing, the King ordered his servants to return the palace.

On the terrace of the Jasmine Dragon, customers began to sweat as well. Iroh, the retired Fire Nation general, quickly took notice to this. "This is not usual..." he said to no one in particular. "Almost as if someone is using fire and blasting it right in front of us. The spirits may be disturbed."

A nearby customer laughed. "Oh come on Iroh, this happens every so often. Maybe a little warmer than normal, but no big deal."

The Dragon of the West knew that spiritual matters were no laughing matter. He looked up and suddenly saw a blue figure going across the skies in a hurry.

"Something is very wrong."

Unknown location

One day after these events, three figures walked backed in to a building on the outskirts of the Fire Nation Capital.

An older man, in his middle age, stood tall in the middle of the three. He revealed himself to have brown hair, and eyes of amber. A curious look appeared in his eyes.

"General Ezan, your report from Ba Sing Se," he asked.

A similar-looking man looked straight to him. "Temperatures in Ba Sing Se are up to over 36°C by now in my estimation. The move worked as I felt the sharp temperature increase within seconds, General Zorro."

Zorro nodded his head and turned to the other figure in the room. "Kianna?"

A woman, nearing age 40, with bright blue eyes and brown hair, turned to him. "The Southern Water Tribe experienced an immediate blizzard. If I am right, they have to be up to their knees in snow by now."

Zorro again nodded. "Very well. As for me, the Fire Nation Capital is now experiencing a cold snap. With temperatures below 10°C during the day and below 0°C at night, their crops will be killed. People will revolt quickly against Fire Lord Zuko. We will draw the Avatar and his friends out of their hiding places, and mount our attacks. All it took was a small alteration in the weather. We have achieved great success. The world will soon remember...the Meteorologists."

Author's Notes

Welcome to the show.

The idea of where a revolt against Zuko may start borrows form "Energy Saga", where a famine led to the eventual Civil War in that story.

This is the first round of some wild weather you will experience.

I know there is likely no formal temperature scale in the Avatar World, but I have chosen degrees Celsius as it is a formal scale throughout the world, although not in the United States.

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